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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Chris Matthews Challenges Ron Christie's Lame Punditry

Chris Matthews, MSNBC Hardball is an enigma, He is a documented progressive and in many ways he fits the model of the classic "liberal." Liberal if one ignores his occasional forays into fits of frustration when President Obama fails to 'saber rattle" or war chant when an adversary strikes out against the US and its allies. He is the one television journalist who will call it as he sees it.

Matthews and GOP voter suppression.

Exhibit One: 

Chris Matthews Schools RNC Chairman Reince Priebus

Exhibit Two: 
Real Clear Politics

Exhibit Three:

Matthews: Voter suppression destroys legitimacy

Matthews is the only American television journalist, post Martin Bashir, who will call as it exists. 

Before we view the latest examples of Matthews standing tall against GOP dogma (and tired time worn talking points), I remain convinced Matthews has some hidden agenda for his "take it easy" position on all things Rand Paul. After Paul's personal outing on the Rachel Maddow a few years back, the inimitable Kentucky Senator has strategically avoided appearing on MSNBC. Yet, Paul accepts interviews with Matthews shortly thereafter. I do not recall Matthews once question Paul on his comments to Maddow nor do I recall Matthews questioning Paul about his penchant for plagiarizing text and speeches. 

Paul also has DNA (from his upbringing) that has evidence of overt racism via his father. While a racist father does not mean a racist son or daughter, it certainly is an item of concern if the son or daughter wants to be the nations 45th President. Of course, querying Paul about his fathers 1990's newsletter wouldn't be politically correct, however, questioning Paul about matters of Civil Rights, open food counter service to all and "state's rights' should be a matter of coverage form Matthews. Yet, Matthews sits with Paul and the issues do not come forth.

That said, I move to a piece from Egberto Willies, this copy from The Daily Kos.

Chris Matthews did what few journalists do these days. He immediately slammed a politician spewing misleading and false talking points. This is important because political talking points have a tendency to metastasize into a new reality after they are repeated over and over and broadcast by a generally willfully incompetent traditional mainstream media.

Republican spokesperson Ron Christie and Democratic spokesperson David Axelrod appeared on Chris Matthew's hardball to discuss President Obama's historic agreement with Iran. David Axelrod stated that the punishing sanctions imposed on Iran by President Obama was responsible for bringing Iran to the table. Axelrod said that the agreement if realized will help America avoid a military conflict with Iran.

Chris Matthews then asked Republican spokesperson Ron Christie to chime in. Ron Christie was ready with some of the most vile Republican talking points. He attempted to equate the agreement with British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's capitulation to Adolf Hitler by ceding Sudetenland to Germany. Chris Matthews accused Ron Christie of a fundamental misunderstanding of that history. Moreover he accused him of completely contorting history to attempt to give his comparison some sort of relevance.

Matthews did not stop there however. He excoriated Ron Christie and the neocons. "I hope all the people who make these Hitler comparisons which are never apt, never apt, you should just stop doing that, these Hitler comparisons," Chris Matthews said. "Five years from now, six years from now when this deal holds will come back and say 'I said a lousy thing back in 2015. I compared this President to giving away Europe to Hitler. I will totally regret that the rest of my life.' Like you guys ought to have been embarrassed about the Iraq war. And never apologized for that. You are wrong, wrong, wrong, over and over again and you never get ashamed of it. And you keep making the most outrageous things. Comparing this President to being in bed with Hitler is disgusting."

David Axelrod then went on to tell Ron Christie that he neither understands history nor the Iran agreement. He told Christie he was just spouting Republican talking points.

Recently Republican Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson laid out why GOP operatives are making the rounds maligning the Iran agreement. "But I know what my political party wants," Wilkerson said. "My political party, at least some of them — the 47 for example who signed the letter to the Ayatollah — they want war.”

This was refreshingly different from the lack of push-back during the ramp up to the Iraq war. Few journalists in the traditional mainstream media then would challenge the fallacies.
If you have interest in viewing the full MSNBC video, I have embed the segment below.

Ron Christie is a GOP pundit who can best be described as Bush Administration ERA robot. Punditry is one consideration, completely idiocy when spewed as part of a panel to an audience with far more than a modicum of discerning common sense leads to Christie standing out like a Dandelion of the The Third Tee in early summer. 

Christie's rarely if ever a panelist on Fox News, but his posits seem to failed on the much smaller MSNBC news audience. Moreover, he induces vision and images of childlike punditry. The MSNBC host and his audience is a far cry from people who sit each night and watch Fox News Obama derangement.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Media Matters: Fox News.... Doocy's Deficit Lie!

You Betcha!!!

Media Matters has provided insight into the deviate minds of Fox News producer/propagandist. Earlier this week Fox and Friends ended a segment with the nation's least credible TV morning host babble a lie about how President Obama has increased the deficit.  

Everyone knows that early morning news is a huge revenue magnet for the big three cable networks and the big three non-cable networks.  Most know early morning viewing demographics especially for males over age fifty. Hence, the heavy dose of "COUCH legs and thighs" on Fox and Friends.  If Fox News viewers had only Doocy and Kilmeade to entertain with anti Obama "red meat", the network would certainly lose market share.  

While Hasslebeck starts to open-up (pun unintentional)  with more leggy shots in the AM, her male co-hosts have the task of spewing inane drivel and lies to viewers. Viewers who we do not believe for the most part actually buy-into the morning "doocy-doocy." There is another sector of Fox News "low information" viewers who may actually believe each strategic lie from the Fox and Friends hosts. And, that leaves remaining viewers who without doubt run-off to work with a daily dose of Doocy, Klimeade and "Legs"...Excuse me, Hasselbeck. 

Media Matter explains how Doocy's Andrew Breitbart -like comments came from Fox News producers and writers.

The 137.7 percent deficit increase cited by Fox is ostensibly calculated by comparing the 2012 deficit to that of 2008. This figure, however, completely misrepresents deficits under the Obama administration, by picking erroneous start and end dates.

Two points. 

As President Obama took office in January 2009, he faced a veritable, Moby Dick Great Recession, that was close to a second Great Depression. Major infusions of Stimulus dollars were applied to the worsening recession like huge DC-10 aircraft dropping hundreds of thousands gallons of  (lake drawn) water on a forest fire.

Media Matters addressed the phony Fox News reporting very effectively.  I must ask a set of  important question. 

What is the current state of the Obama Deficit?  How did the president show such a pronounced jump in spending between 2008 and 2009?   What contributed?

The Deficit is decreasing!

Obama's spending seems to have fallen in a few critical areas.  

I. Stimulus to combat the Bush Great Recession and ward-off Depression
II. Unemployment payments resultant from the Bush area collapse (2007 - 2009)
III. War Debt and Obama escalation in Afghanistan . (an Obama expenditure no doubt) NO CHARTED AGAINST OBAMA BELOW
IV. The Affordable Care Act (an Obama initiative for certain) NOT CHARTED BELOW
V. Tax cuts

Wouldn't it be more fair and balanced to admit that Obama's sharp increase in spending in 2009 was majorly influenced by the state of the economy after Bush?  We only ask for fairness in reporting. 

Fairness at Fox is a form of misnomer.

FOX 2011 "Playing the numbers with Unemployment 2011"

On Monday, Fox News displayed a chart illustrating changes to the unemployment rate during 2011:
Note how the 8.6 percent unemployment rate in November looks higher than March's 8.8 percent rate, and about the same as the 9 percent unemployment rate in October.

More According to Egberto Willies, "Caught Lying Again....."

Department of Labor 2009 unemployment rate (7.8%) compared against unofficial unemployment rate of 14.7 per cent.  The Dept. of Labor unemployment rate never exceeded 10 percent.  (See Bureau of Labor Statistics chart Q4 2009)

Additional Media Matters analyses of Fox News lies and misrepresentations. The representations from Media Matters are not examples of an incompetent newsroom intern. You will see are stark efforts to manipulate the minds of those foolish enough to tune-in.

Of course, Media Matters nor this webpage, has a Hasselbeck to "COUCH Leg" you through the data. 

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ed Schultz and John Fugelsang, Kenneth Copleand And Childhood Measles

Ed Schultz

Religious dogma gone astray! Measles among the congregation and false prophecy from a military Chaplin. 

We are not writing to malign those who worship God and certainly are not blanket criticizing all religious leaders.  But, some place among far too many cases of child abuse and lavish riches from congregations and other means of garnering revenue, something has gone terribly wrong.

Dogma gone wrong and children suffer.....

Vaccinations work to eliminate diseases.  There can be no argument with the statement as there can be no logical argument against immunizations, from childhood through Pneumonia vaccines for older citizens.  Anyone who disputes facts related to immunizations has to either suffer from a mental disorder or the person is railing from a motive perspective.

Leon Ferranti has published a great inforgraphic (with associated ) data related to disease elimination and vaccinations.

We at the TPI understand the allure, the good the faith,  and the bad associated with organized religion. We get it comprehensively! Spirituality and worship of "heavenly perceptions" have been as much part of mankind as has the development of weapons for hunting game and tilling the soil for agriculture to feed the family unit. We get it, we really do get it!

Our reticence comes full blossom as we watch from afar. We see faith based leadership as church members obviously cannot see them or they simply do not care. Exhibitions of overwhelming opulence and irrational dogma from the pulpit causes a great deal of consternation and questions of just how dangerous and opportunist are some of these ministers. Could faith and devotion be so blind such opulence is not viewed comparable to the money-brokers allegedly roused from the temple by Jesus Christ? Maybe, complaining against the minister could summons the wrath of the church, or worse yet, in their minds, the wrath of God. 

Would you like to take a journey through Corporate Ministries? Our brief journey will end with a look at the lavish life trappings of the minister who preached against immunization and vaccination: Kenneth Copeland.

Opulence (tax free mind you) Gallery
Joyce Meyer's Compound (Click link for full  tax free opulence)
Photo: from Obscenitease Apparel

Tax them and TAX THEM NOW!
Olsteen's Mansion
The Bishop Eddie Long's Tax free opulence
         The Rev. Creflo Dollar Jr. Sliver Coud Rolls Royce

Kenneth Copeland's spread! (Click for larger view)

Let's get back on task after a few peeps at purely obscene opulence, in part, at our expense. These entertainers do not pay taxes. 

How about religious dogma which contributed to a congregation with full disdain for immunizations? Disdain ordered from church leadership with full expectation of compliance with fear of violating a man or woman's preaching. Violation of mankind's preaching with unwritten doctrine including sins against the minister's lord and savior. You know what lies ahead, correct?  Of course, you know.

We start with an almost incoherent backtrack from Kenneth Copeland's daughter. A measles outbreak has infested 21 church members; mostly children. Did I again keyboard Kenneth Copeland? How about another look above at the last mansion posted above? 

Copeland's daughter (minister)

Kenneth Copeland, as a sickening wealthy minister,  is culpable in an infestation within his congregation that did not have to happen. Could it be the unwitting victims of Copeland dogma and entertainment actually, in a way, paid for their loved one's to suffer with the measles.  

The political operative who serves as Chaplain

Egberto Willies published a screed based on a segment form MSNBC's, The Ed Show.  How Ed Schultz and his staff located a charlatan zany enough to avail himself to the knowledge and cognitive abilities of Ed Schultz and John Fugelsang, is amazing. The alleged Chaplain appears to have a script from which he annoyingly reads throughout the interview. He raises his head only to spew anti-Obamacare talking-points. His talking-points are typically "GOP false" and his forays into scripture appear to be nothing more than lies.  The chaplain may have great success with low information people, but his notes failed him miserably. 

Egberto Willies Dot Com
Ed Schultz: The Christian faith is very clear, feed the poor, and heal the sick. Is it really Christ like to take healthcare away from Americans that should have healthcare that could save their lives? … 

Chaplain Klingenschmitt: Obamacare takes healthcare away from, a half a billion dollars was taken away from old people, from Medicare to fund basically a slew of people who refuse to get jobs.… 

John Fugelsang: You know Jesus never asked a leper for copay. And in Matthew 10:7-8 commands his followers to heal the sick. Now every option of healthcare on the exchange allows for a woman to choose a provider that will only allow abortion in cases of rape or incest. Where the chaplain is being disingenuous is that the only time that this will ever pay for an abortion is in the case of rape or incest or if you believe as the chaplain does that contraception is the same as abortion. So I’d like to ask the chaplain if I could, Jesus never at any point in the gospels condemns abortion even though people were terminating pregnancies at the time. He does however come out quite frequently against killing the sinner through the death penalty. So have you sir ever once protested your tax dollars being taken to fund state sanctioned killing.… 

Chaplain Klingenschmitt: Jesus said in Mark 15 that if anyone disobeys or dishonors his mother or father he should be put to death. Jesus said in Luke 17. 

John Fugelsang: No sir. He did not say that. He is quoting Leviticus. He is throwing that back in the face of the Pharisees. Some of us know that story sir.

Egberto offers compelling points regarding The Ed Show interview. If you are truly a high information reader, you might want to visit Egberto's site (linked above). We offer one last look at how some practice their ministry.  Is it a stretch to think acts such as these are staged? 


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Romney Ad Businessman Agrees with President Obama?

When campaigns are based on lies and misinformation one never knows when truth will raise its angelic head. Mitt Romney, a use to be moderate Republican not too dissimilar from President Obama in his values (less his propensity for vulture capitalism of course) had to remake himself by flipping and flopping many times over.
He reconfigured President Obama’s excellent speech about the government and others being instrumental in any entrepreneur’s success. After-all, it is government , we the people, that built the roads, airports, water plants, Internet, and other infrastructure businesses are dependent on. Taxpayers, we the people via teachers and other professions provided the knowledge that allowed the entrepreneur to innovate.
The snippet below shows with speedy efficacy, President Obama’s team rebutting Mitt Romney’s attack ad with a fact based narrative provided by Romney himself. Romney rebutted Romney.
What is most interesting is that the business man in the commercial, Jack Gilchrist ultimately agreed with the President. Neil Cavuto interviewed Jack Gilchrist on Fox. Jack agreed that his teacher was instrumental in his life. He agreed that government building of interstate highway and Internet was instrumental as well. See the video below.
Creating an alternate state of reality that remains consistent is difficult. The Right Wing has been able to do it for north of 30 years. Let us hope that truth becomes the disinfectant this election cycle. For this we need an engaged electorate.

Thank you to Egberto Willies for sharing.....

"The strengths of the whole is stronger than its individual components!" The Pardu