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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Those Are Projection Numbers! "Man that is dense as fruitcake."

The following exchange occurred between me and this African American Conservative Stanley (last name omitted by The Pardu to avoid over exposure) on my friend Madge D. Owens Wall in regards to the following chart. Seriously, you can't make this stuff up! 
Stanley XXXX- Man your "facts" even have problems. You show a chart of projections, not actual numbers. Man that is dense as fruitcake. 
Eric Smith- So these numbers are "projections", huh Stanley? You are saying that these numbers are projected to occur in the future (that's what a projection is Stanley) even though these men were presidents in the past and you accuse me of being dense? Damn! ROFFLMAO!!!!!!!!


The Pardu

Do you see the problem with shallowness? What we have here is a person so immersed in conservative ideology and so consume with differentiating himself from others who see through GOP B/S, he makes a super stupid flub. Of course, we have to consider that person was moving fast and paid little attention to that to which he commented.  OK, if it makes you feel better for me to go there I will do so, but I will do so only with you agreement of considering the following.

Why not accept my premise that these people live in a shallow world where deep thinking and information supported knowledge simply does not exist.  They thrive off the quick hit, surface half-assimilation of information often handed to them by "playbook"/"lockstep" marching orders from GOP operatives.   

Even if the person (Stanley above) only had a second of two to assimilate the images above, he surely should have recognized the faces of past US presidents!  If Stanley was over consumed with Obama Derangement, he should have noticed the object of his scorn (President Obama) was not depicted. 

Now, what you have here is typical GOP ignominious. These people are the very reason Fox News has such high viewership and Rush Limbaugh continues to fulfill the performance requirements of his multi-million dollar contract. The person is the epitome of why we have media now speaking about the GOP taking over the US Senate.  They are people who allow others to fill their brains with mantra, B/S and propaganda.  And, then they traipse to the voting booths and vote for people like McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan. Or, and much more obviously they troll around social media seeking opportunity to throw "poop" on all things Obama. 


Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Fabric of Oppression!

The time have come for people to work at reversing increasing and instances of bigotry and racism spreading through every fabric of the nation.

Eric Smith blesses us with a timely and relevant screed!  Images added by The Pardu and linked to sources via  click ing the the image.

Eric Smith
The beauty of our time and yes there is beauty in our time in spite of all the prevailing ugliness is that while there are those who would divide us along the lines of race by way of racially oppressive laws and practices, that there are still many more who are uniting across racial lines in a shared hatred of the injustice inherent in all racist laws & practices; serving as a stirring reminder that our common humanity will ultimately prevail over all barriers erected out of human fear, bigotry, and ignorance.

The same is equally true of oppression based on gender, sexual orientation, and religious Faith. All across America people of every race, gender, sexual orientation, and Faith, are uniting as one people in a concerted effort to collectively turn back the clouds of darkness and forever shine the light of equality & justice upon this great and noble land. 

Let us never never lose sight of that fact and let us never lose faith in the inherent goodness of humankind; that our love of beauty and all things good and decent will ultimately overcome and forever conquer those forces of darkness that continue to slow our march towards progress; towards creating the just nation and world of our dreams.
It matters not if we see it, if our children see it, or our grandchildren see it. What only matters is that our united front against injustice remains united; that we never allow personal despair to cause us to fragment and to give up just because final victory does not seem near at hand. 

Final victory over racism, sexism, homophobia, and religious intolerance may neither be near at hand nor as close as we wish but make no mistake, it is far closer than we think. Our coming together across racial, gender, and sexual orientation lines is proof of that and as such there is nothing wrong with acknowledging our fellow warriors in arms with a nod of the head, a smile, and two words which should be foremost in our hearts "thank you." Thank you for being there for me and thank all of us for being there for each other.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

The "Founding Fathers", The Pauls, The US Constitution

Eric Smith has a page on the TPI

We are posting this here for a few days prior to posting on "Eric Smith' Comments and Screed" Page.  I must address the phraseology "Grounding Fathers' prior to the Eric Smith read.  If you have visited here and read other pieces related the Constitutional Convention,  you know the TPI does not use the phraseology "Founding Fathers". The words are commonly accepted and easily understood, so use of the phrase is a personal aversion when I write. We more often refer to the the Continental Congress and its 79 actual crafters of the US Constitution as "Crafters of the US Constitution". Some prefer to refer to the "Crafters" as "Framers". It should be noted one of the nation's worse presidents prior to ascension while serving as a US Senator is responsible for the words "Founding Fathers". Warren Harding coined the phrase as Keynote Speaker for the 1916 Republican National Convention. 

Why does the developer of the TPI not used the phrase?  No civilized father would sanction human  bondage (the 3/5s persons) nor would such a man practice slavery.  The Constitutional Convention was comprised of 70 state and territory representatives, 55 were active in the Convention, 39 actually signed the US Constitution. 

Sixteen owned slaves,
Twelve presidents were slave owners,
Eight owned human beings while serving as president,

Thus my contempt for the phrase "Founding Fathers". 

Re- Posted from Eric Smith's Notes

Eric SmithThe Founding Fathers as Frauds or the Great Libertarian Lie. By Eric Smith  

by Eric Smith (Notes) on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 1:42pm
There is a great lie being told to the America these days.  In fact, this lie is one of the whoppers of all time.  It is a lie being told by Ron Paul and his son Rand.  The lie they're telling us is that the Libertarian Party is for Liberty.  It is not  for  the "Liberty" that the Libertarian Party is speaking of is the "Liberty" of White Supremacy; it is the "freedom" of a Master Race to do with all other races & peoples as it see's fit; their individual freedoms be damned.

The Libertarians say they want to return America to the days  immediately following the  American Revolution; to have our national Constitution interpreted as our Founding Fathers interpreted it.  I've got news for you, when it comes to Liberty, our Founding Fathers were frauds.  They didn't believe in freedom so much as wanting to be  free of being oppressed by the British government.  They objected to being treated by King George III the same way they treated everyone else who was not white, Protestant, or male.

Our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, came about because the white males in the American colonies wanted freedom for themselves and only for themselves.  If it were otherwise then the words "All men are created equal" would have read "All people are created equal" instead.  If creating a Land of Liberty had been our Founding Fathers true intent, then the slaves would have been immediately emancipated and all the former slaves and women of voting age would have been given the right to vote.

If our Founding Fathers had not been frauds; if they had been what they said they were, then subsequent Amendments to our Constitution freeing the slaves and making the elective franchise universal for all people regardless of race or gender would not have been necessary for they would have been included in our original Bill of Rights.  If the Founding Fathers had not been frauds and been what they said they were then the United States would never have needed to fight a Civil War.  There would never have been a need for a Woman's Suffrage Movement or a Civil Rights Movement.

Why, because these issues would have been settled when this nation was originally founded.  They would have been settled if our Founding Fathers had not been frauds.  They would have been settled if, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the night of April 3rd, 1968 America had been what "it says it is on paper."  We can say we are for anything but our words  mean nothing if our rhetoric is not equal to our reality.

If you are for Liberty then you are going to do whatever is necessary to ensure that everyone is free; even if it means denying the freedom of some to deny freedom to others for the only ones who are unworthy to be free are those who feel that others are not as worthy of being as free as they are.

The Pauls and the Libertarians argue that they are for Liberty and that they believe that people should have the right to deny those very Liberties they say they are in favor of to others because of their race, their gender, their religion, and their sexual orientation.  How else can we take their argument that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was an overreach of Federal authority and that the Voting Rights Act of 1965 was a "racial entitlement" other than proof positive that Ron & Rand Paul and the Libertarian Party are the very same thing those Founding Fathers of ours they so revere were; frauds?

Don't repeat this nonsense that our Founding Fathers were merely acting in the spirit of their times.  The full humanity of people of color and women was just as "self evident" in their time as it is in ours.  They, like the Libertarians of today, simply chose to ignore that reality because that reality did not jibe with their feelings of racial and gender superiority.  If these people really believed in Liberty; if they really felt that women and people of color were not their inferiors, would they have denied them their human rights?  No, because they would have rightly seen these denials as a direct contradiction of that Liberty  they said they were for.

Constructing our Constitution in such a manner so as to make it possible that these rights they were denying to people of color and women could be given to them at some future time through Constitutional Amendments was a tacit admission by our Founding Fathers that they were frauds; that they were wrong not to include  these  universal rights in our nation's founding documents.  What's more they were smart enough to realize that if they did not include in our founding documents mechanisms to give those rights they were then denying to people of color and women, that everyone around the world would see right through their lies and recognize the fraud they were perpetrating upon the globe.

The many freedoms our nation now enjoys came about not because of our Founding Fathers but in spite of them.  They came about because if they had not made it possible for future  generations of  America's  oppressed to be made free then they themselves would never have been freed from the yoke of British tyranny; the French would never have fought on our side and the American Revolution would have been crushed before it even really began.  The Founding Fathers proclaimed Liberty for All but they did so with the fingers of one hand crossed behind their backs because they knew that that was the only way they could secure Liberty for themselves.

The Founding Fathers were frauds, period.  They lied to the world and the world fell for it.  We just lucked out in that Dr. King was right when he said "truth crushed to Earth shall rise again for no lie can live forever", that lie of course being that Liberty can exist where some some people are more free than others.  It can't, no matter what Ron & Rand Paul and their Libertarian Liars would have us believe.  There is simply  no such thing as Freedom for the Few.  Freedom can only Freedom can only exist where there is Freedom for All.  It is as simple as that.

Eric Smith also publishes on We Demand That Democrats Fight Back and Bag The GOP Facebook pages

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Eric Smith: The True Meaning of the American Flag

Reposted w/permission from Eric Smith (see Eric's "Notes" link Posted)

by Eric Smith (Notes) on Saturday, April 6, 2013 at 2:36pm
      On the night of April 3rd, 1968, in what would tragically be the final speech of his life, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said the following:
     "All we say to America" said Dr. King is 'Be true to what you said on paper.' If I lived in China or even Russia, or any totalitarian country, maybe I could understand some of these illegal injunctions. Maybe I could understand the denial of certain basic First Amendment privileges, because they hadn't committed themselves to that over there. But somewhere I read of the freedom of assembly. Somewhere I read of the freedom of speech. Somewhere I read of the freedom of press. Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for right."
      Today, forty five years after Dr. King uttered these words, far too many Americans do not understand the true meaning of our flag.  They do not grasp the uniqueness of what it is to be a real American patriot.  To them freedom applies only to themselves.  To them the benefits of our Democracy  is theirs to enjoy alone though they expect everyone else to gladly fight along with them to preserve their rights even though they would deny those same rights to others.

     They have the audacity to actually question the patriotism of those of different races, creeds, genders, and sexual orientation who to dare fight for those very freedoms and opportunities that they regard as their birthright.  They behave as though such rights are theirs to give and accuse those who are not satisfied with the pace of expanding the reach of Liberty with being ungrateful;  as if those who are denied those rights they are entitled to at birth, should show gratitude towards who those who had no right to deny them these rights they are now enjoying in the first place.

     These white people  in the Republican Party and of a Conservative mindset are always railing against us African Americans of  being lazy and greedy.  They use the term Affirmative Action as the rest of us use an expletive, forgetting of course that they themselves are the beneficiaries of the greatest, most generous Affirmative Action program in the history of this nation; that Affirmative Action being their white skins.

      If you are born white in general and a white male in particular in this country, no one ever questions whether or not you will have the chance to rise from poverty, to get a good education, to work at a well paying job, or even become President of the United States.  If you are born white and male in this country then you don't have to worry about your rights being denied at all.  You don't have to worry about your legitimacy and your qualifications being questioned for a certain university or a particular job because of the way you look.

     If you are white in America then you don't have to worry about being followed around by the proprietor of some store assuming you're a criminal who's about to rob the place.  If you're white in America you don't have to worry about being stopped by the police while walking through a good neighborhood who suspect by mere dint of your skin's pigmentation alone that you've committed or are about to commit, a crime.  If you're white in America you don't have to worry about being shot by a self appointed  neighborhood vigilante even if you are  wearing a hoodie and what's more you can be walking around carrying a gun, to say nothing of a bag of skittles, and still have little to be worried about.

     If you're white in America, no one automatically assumes just by looking at you that you're uneducated, illiterate, on Welfare, a drug addict, or an ex con regardless of what kind of clothes you're wearing. It has always been that way in this country but only now things are really beginning to change.  More and more people are waking up to the fact that this state of affairs runs counter to the true meaning of this flag; that it  just isn't right.

     Yet these folks  in the Republican Party and the Far Right  I've mentioned above are now raising hell because all of a sudden they have to share their freedoms, rights, and liberties with everybody; freedoms, rights, and liberties  that they never had any right to hoard for themselves in the first place.  They are screaming at the top of their lungs that their rights are being taken away.  That they're going to take "our country back!"  Excuse me  but this country doesn't belong just to them.   It never has.  It has always belonged to all of us have played a key role in sustaining it, protecting it, and making it great. These people don't get to claim exclusive ownership of that which they hijacked stole and wrongly denied to others.

     This discrepancy was pointed out in a speech President Abraham Lincoln gave at the Sanitary Fair in Baltimore MD on April 18, 1864 when he said the following:
     "The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty, and the American people, just now, are much in want of one. We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor. Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name———liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names———liberty and tyranny.

    "The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s throat, for which the sheep thanks the shepherd as a liberator, while the wolf denounces him for the same act as the destroyer of liberty, especially as the sheep was a black one. Plainly the sheep and the wolf are not agreed upon a definition of the word liberty; and precisely the same difference prevails to-day among us human creatures, even in the North, and all professing to love liberty. Hence we behold the processes by which thousands are daily passing from under the yoke of bondage, hailed by some as the advance of liberty, and bewailed by others as the destruction of all liberty."

    Needless to say, the wolfs of President Lincoln's time are the Republicans, Tea Party members, Libertarians, and Conservatives of today.  They are the ones raging because they are not being allowed to exercise what they believe is their right to deny rights to others because they happen to dislike the color of their skin, their gender, their religion, and their sexual orientation.  They assert their right to do to others as they please while at the same time claiming that others do not have the right to do to them as they please because it would be a violation of their rights.  

     This is the root of their problem.  They are finally being forced to play by the same set of rules as everyone else and they are collectively  throwing a national temper tantrum as a result.  All it really proves is that these people never really cared about this country or its flag  in the first place.  I mean the heart of true Americanism is generosity and tolerance.  Without both of these things you can't say that you are really a patriot for these are the foundations of our freedom; these traits are what makes us unique among all the nations in the world.

     Our flag has meaning that is true but that meaning only counts for anything if it has the same meaning for everybody.  As Jackie Robinson himself once said "There's not an American in this country free until every one of us is free."  That is what these Republicans/Conservatives refuse to see and find impossible to accept and so therefore if any one's patriotism is to be rightly questioned it is theirs because the rest of us, through  our embracing of diversity and fair play are living the true meaning of the American flag while they, through their hostility to diversity and opposition to fair play, are not.  It's as simple as that.