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Monday, December 9, 2013

More Right-wing ACA Stories That Fizzle

Ed Schultz, The Ed Show
Eric Stern Salon Dot Com's
one man ACA Inspector Clueso
At the 2:45 minutes mark of the video embedded (below) you will find the most recent version of conservative Beck/Fox News Anti-ObamaCare propaganda.  Eric Stern of Salon Dot Com is making an investigative name for himself via simply calling people who allow themselves to go on conservative news sets with super sad stories of ObamaCare woes.

An intriguing aspect of these broadcast is the extent to which Fox News and Beck show disregard for the mentality of their audience.  After keyboarding that thought, I realize that my thought represented the essence of propaganda: feed the listener either what they wish to hear or scare them with stories that reach deep into the inner psyche.  Since, the Right-wing demagogues are not finding evidence of Sarah Palin and Chuck Grassely's "Kill Grandma," the propagandist focus on stories of children with severe medical conditions.  The stores are truly sad, yet always accompanied by either uninformed or "Do not wish the be informed" parents.

If Eric Sterns phone calls to the complaining parented yields easily discernible gross lack of knowledge or a general disregard for seeking knowledge, we can easily see how the propagandist use them as subjects.

Watch Ed Schultz, The Ed Show, and Eric Stern again shows the extent to which Right-wing media manipulates its viewers and listeners. (GOP refuse to stop criticizing health care)

Do you recall how the concerned father reacted to Sterns questions about how he ended up on Fox News and other broadcast,  Did the guy actually say, he did not know?

After Sterns reports do yo recall seeing anyone from Fox or from Beck's organization go back on camera and retract their faked reports.  The answer is clearly, "no."  A fact that drives us to only one conclusion: the propagandist are developing 
the stories as thoroughly and effective as Breitbart News and James O'Keefe fake their ACORN pimp stories.

The propagandists deal is purely fabrication. And, they do so without any regard for the millions upon millions who are and will derive life sustaining benefit from the ACA.

Even you could reach that millions dollar cap on health insurance policies formerly promulgated across the health insurance industry.

Can someone tell me why these people are standing or propped up in protest? 

Do you think the likes of Beck and Hannity have time convince Congress is exempt from the ACA?  Question for you, do you think these people are covered by most provision of the ACA? Hint: Age 65 is the eligibility age for Medicare. Do you think they know the ACA could save the elderly 8 billion as it closes the Bush Pharma Donut Hole?

The questions are rhetorical.... no need to answer. 


Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Las Vegas Review Journal Joins Other Media.....Publishers and Broadcasters of Misinformation

Seriously Review-Journal.....?

Media in the United States is critical to a uninformed, change resistant and non-learned population. The information entity provides information unattainable for the vast majority of the population. Information leads to knowledge, knowledge is a basis for educated decision-making.  

Knowledge is key during times when mega-moneyed power -brokers, corporatists, and anti-democratically (small 'd') inclined forces seek every opportunity to squeeze the life from our free and open society. When contemplating those who would welcome a US plutocracy,  I often think in terms of the species of Boa Constrictors who gain and exercise a death-grip on its prey via sensing prey exhales that induce tighter predator grip to deny natural breathing functions (oxygen) to the doomed prey. People who are uninformed, misinformed and easily manipulated via social paradigms are Constrictor prey for entities backed by plutocrats who seek an American oligarchy.  We do not posit the alignment with plutocrats is in ever case intentional but if you think about it the ultimate outcomes the same: misinformed people and voters who act against their best interest.

Over the past few weeks we have witnessed a veritable tsunami of news broadcast developed around outright lies about the Affordable Care Act. One glaring example from Fox News was astounding. Misleading new segments from Fox News is not astounding. Astounding in the context we posit relates to the extent Sean Hannity and his producers developed and broadcast an unbelievable exhibition of broadcast lies as propaganda

Salon Dot Com writer, Eric Stern, appeared on CNN Reliable Sources spoke about his investigation of the show's content  after digging into Hannity's "lying" panel.  While the actual video of Hannity's misinformation game show couples has become scarce and not readily available for viewing, know that Stern proved each couple wrong. One couple discontinued communication after being questioned about their false testimony. The entire show could be considered nothing less than a Hannity show setup replete with lies and misinformation. 

Media Matters has published yet another case of media misinformation. Apparently, The Las Vegas Review Journal recently published an article that joins the "cadre of purveyors of misinformation." The article sits as a prime example of the level to which real journalism now takes a back seat to ideology. If The Las Vegas Review Journal expended significant effort in developing the piece, the author and editors could also have expended time validating its veracity. As I read the Media Matters piece, I found the Three Tier (ed) Myths astounding in its level of inaccuracy. 

We are posting one 'Myth" and encouraging a read.

The Las Vegas Review Journal

Myth 2: Young People Are Not Signing Up For Health Care

LVRJ: Obamacare Will Fail Due To A Lack Of Young Healthy Enrollees. According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, young Americans are not willing to sign up for coverage under the ACA, which will lead to failure of the law:
And that leads to a big problem: For Obamacare to survive, more than anything, it needs millions of young, healthy people to sign up for insurance. Their premiums are supposed to offset the costs of older, less healthy people. Instead, as insurance broker Phil Randazzo told Ms. Robison, he is "really only seeing unhealthy people calling. We're not getting calls from the 31-year-old guy who just wants to buy health insurance." [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 11/8/13]

REALITY: Young People Support The ACA And Their Enrollment Is Expected To Accelerate

HHS: "Half Of Single Young Adults Eligible For The Health Insurance Marketplace Could Get Coverage For $50 Or Less." According to a press release by the Department of Health & Human Services, 46 percent of single young adults could access coverage through the exchanges for $50 or less:
A new report released today by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) shows that nearly half (46 percent) of single young adults who are uninsured and may be eligible for coverage in the Health Insurance Marketplace could get coverage for $50 or less per month.
Today's report examines data from the 34 Federally-facilitated and State Partnership Marketplaces and finds that out of 2.9 million single young adults ages 18 to 34 who may be eligible for coverage in the Marketplace, 1.3 million (46 percent) could purchase a bronze plan for $50 per month or less after tax credits.   In the 34 states, a total of 1.9 million young adults, representing nearly 7 in 10 (66 percent) of the potentially Marketplace-eligible uninsured ages 18 to 34, may be able to pay $100 or less for coverage in 2014. [Health and Human Services, 10/28/13]
Gallup: A Majority Of Young Americans Support The ACA. According to Gallup poll numbers, 51 percent of Americans aged 18 to 29 approve of the ACA:
Young adults aged 18 to 29 are more likely than middle-aged and older Americans to approve of the healthcare law. They are also the only age group more likely to approve than disapprove. Young adults are more likely to be uninsured than those who are older, and their willingness to get insurance is crucial to the law's success.
[Gallup, 10/23/13]
The Atlantic: Massachusetts' Health Care Reform Enrollment Started Slow, Accelerated Over Time. According to The Atlantic, Massachusetts' health care reform law, which the ACA is modeled after, had very slow initial enrollment, but saw enrollment levels spike as the penalty deadline approached:
"To my friends in the media, I have one message: please take a chill pill. You won't see 7 million enrollees for a while, and that's not failure, that's real world," John McDonough, a professor at the Harvard School of Public Health who was deeply involved in the passage and implementation of Massachusetts' 2006 health reform law, wrote of the new Obamacare program in mid-October. In Massachusetts, getting people signed up "was a slow crawl, not a sprint."
Data from the first full year of enrollment in the Commonwealth Care plans in Massachusetts shows that the number of people who purchased premium plans was minuscule at first, with a rate of increase of only 123 people in February 2007. That surged to 3,645 in April and then remained fairly steady all year, before spiking to 7,783 in the month before the penalty deadline for remaining uninsured kicked in.
[The Atlantic, 10/24/13]
Young Invincibles: Young People Are Likely To Put Off Signing Up Until The Last Minute. According to a blog post by the Young Invincibles -- a national organization representing young people -- young Americans are likely to delay enrollment in health care plans until close to the penalty deadline:
But backers of Obamacare -- and some experts on online consumer behavior -- say it's too soon to panic. Lots could change between now and March 31. Young people are likely to treat enrollment like a term paper -- they'll do it, but at the last minute. After all, according to one online insurance broker, that's what a fair number of their grandparents shopping online for Medicare plans do: wait until they're smack up against the deadline.
And e-brokers point out that shopping for insurance isn't like buying a book on Amazon or a plane ticket on Kayak. Sam Gibbs, president of eHealth Government Systems, said people take their time to understand insurance options and may visit a site repeatedly. It can be a "several weeks or up to a month process," he said. "This is not a one and done type process."
When Massachusetts did its own health reform, people typically had 18 interactions -- website visits, phone calls or email -- before they signed up. The big surge came in the last two months before the state's individual mandate kicked in. [Young Invincibles, 11/7/13]
CNN Money: In Massachusetts, Only 6 Percent Of Young People Remain Uninsured. According to CNN Money, despite a slow start to enrollment in Massachusetts Commonwealth Care plans, only 6 percent of young people are uninsured, down from 18 percent pre-reform:
The mandate, along with subsidies that make policies more affordable, has brought the Massachusetts uninsured rate down to 3%, the lowest in the country.
Now that firms with 11 or more workers are on the hook for insurance, small-business employees are less likely to go without. More low-income workers are covered. And the hard-to-persuade healthy 18-to-34 crowd has been brought into the fold: Only 6% of these "young invincibles" lack insurance today, according to the state's Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA), down from 18% pre-reform. [CNN Money, 6/4/13]
We have published a number of pieces on anti-Obamacare derangement and misinformation so we will end this piece without additional posit.

If you have time and want a deeper perspective on the extent to which the media is failing the nation on a critical medical coverage benefit to millions, check out a few TPI pieces.

The Affordable Care Act

Rash of Lazy Reporting

Fox News Goes Intern for the Uninformed 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fox News Caught Misleading Viewers AGAIN! Why Does This Happen Most With Hannity?

I happened to turn on the Hannity show on Fox News last Friday evening. “Average Americans are feeling the pain of Obamacare and the healthcare overhaul train wreck,” Hannity announced, “and six of them are here tonight to tell us their stories.”  Three married couples were neatly arranged in his studio, the wives seated and the men standing behind them, like game show contestants. Salon's Eric Stern.

Hannity again pulls a complete lie! 
FoxPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) 
Fox News as a propaganda network is nothing new.  Fox News on the Right is at times compared to MSNBC on the Left. The comparison is false equivalence without equal.  Yes both network has its audience of liberals and conservatives in face off camps.  But, Fox, never to be outdone, also appeals to a populace that relishes red meat such they accept any lie broadcast on the network. The latest episode of "derangement feed" comes in the form of a group of business people (small business) who claimed (alleged) to have changed their business model to avoid the "grip" of the dreaded Obamacare.

We are unable to provide a direct link to the segment. MSNBC has changed its video-posting formats and so far direct links seem non-existent. I am also unable to reduce the length of the video as the ability to produce sub-clips appear to be a thing of the past.  

Salon Dot Com broke the story on Fox New lies regarding the people depicted in the segment. We are unable to provide any information from Salon beyond this link.  The piece is as revealing a piece on Roger Ailes's Fox News as I have ever read. 

The Hannity episode places Fox in another universe well beyond false editing of tape with Los Angeles palms tress in a Washington DC segment. The piece appears as staged as a fake game show. It wouldn't have taken much effort by Fox researchers to determine suspect aspects of their guests as credible witnesses against the ACA. Of course, I took the liberty of assuming Fox News has research teams; little evidence exist of such teams.

Once the network turns its air-time over to evening propagandist, what comes across in the various shows as unbelievable (to high information viewers/people). The Obamacare piece embedded above should draw the attention of the FCC.

Is there any wonder so many people voted for the very flawed Romney/Ryan ticket? Forty-Seven percent of 2012 voters voted for Romney/Ryan. Those voters fit the following syllogism like a wet leather glove.

Major premise: Fox News delivers false reporting
Minor premise: Most people get their news from television; Fox is the has the largest  cable news audience
Conclusion:  Most cable news viewers are misinformed by the most watched cable new network 

Former insurance industry executive, Wendell Potter, commented on Politics Nation on GOP misinformation in the form of scare tactics on Obamacare. 

Biased reporting is one thing and a sad reality of television cable news. Outright and consistent manipulation of a viewing audience sheds light on the perpetrating network as that of a propagandist.