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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trayvon Martin Case progresses

Alas, the Justice Departmnet announces investigative intevention into the Trayvon Martin murder; suddenly the Local Police Department issues a statement.

Huffington Post- Crime reports.

The officials made the admission to ABC News after revealing that Zimmerman can be heard on a recording of one of the 911 calls made on the night of the shooting saying what some people think sounds like "f***ing coons" under his breath.

"F***ing coons!" Well, the article indicates the possibility of "F***ing punks".  Now does that take it outside the realm of a hate crime?

Many years ago a citizen with a hand-held camera video taped a beating that was viewed internationally. The Rodney King beating would surely have been logged away as a non-issue involving a drunkened motorist who resisted arrest, had the citizen left his camera in the off position.  His 'do-the-right-thing' action provided irrefutable evidence of the value of observation, recording and 'coming-forth. It is too bad there is no video of the Trayvon Martin killing.  Well, no video has been revealed but there are dynamics related to this case that will lead to a conviction of the murderer.  The 911 call and my strong suspicion that people saw the slaughter will prove telling. Of course, the latter will have to wait for federal investigators. The aforementioned 911 call and evolving revelations from a cell phone conversation between Martin and his girl friend, should lead to the murderers arrest.

After the local television station "analyzed" the audio, the possibility of a racial slur comes into question. As Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC indicates, we may have a police cover-up in the works.

While I indicated a desire to leave this story for major developments vs. day-to-day comment, it seems major develops are coming to light after the Justice Department announced an investigation. Those developments are hitting on a daily basis.

Jonathan Capeheart of the Washington Post has published a series of questions related to the case that truly deserve contemplation and answers.

This case will not go away soon.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

MegaUpload goes down....... with Mr. Dotcom hiding in his mansion

Dude, did not miss any meals.

Kim Schmitz, AKA Kim Dotcom, was arrested this past week. His arrest a came within days of a now failed set of bills in the US Congress which would theoretically combat Schmitz's business model.  This piece in no-way purports to take sides on the arrest, but it appears  Mr. DOCTOM was living the life of a 'ultra uber' wealthy mogul.

Kim Dotcom
I wonder who in the Klan drove the pink Cadillac?

It is reported by multiple sources the FBI led the arrest teams this past Friday.  Apparently, DOTCOM was as adroit as Saddam Hussein at surrounding himself with mechanical security measures.  One, difference, Dotcom did not have a village to which to run and he certainly had no 'spider hole' in which to intern himself.

Hufttngton Post reports......