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Friday, January 29, 2016

FBI Released Oregon Roadblock Video

“There are things more important than your life, and freedom is one of them,” he said at the time. “I’m prepared to defend freedom.” Lavoy Finicum.

Last night we published a piece regarding the killing of the Oregon anarchist spokesperson and exhibitionist: Lavoy Finicum. Finicum was killed in an FBI/Oregon State Patrol roadblock as the and other group leaders journeyed to a nearby town for a meeting. 

After the shooting Right-wing social media and right wing You Tube poster filled cyber space with martyrdom stories about Finicum dying with his hands-up and some stories claimed "on his knees."

An 18 year old woman from Kansas has gone public with her recanting of the story and it does not match (in any way) the FBI 26 minute video that follows.

Victoria Sharp says Finicum was shot with his hands raised while exhorting law enforcement to "shoot me." The video that follows clearly shows Finicum lowered his hands and appeared to reach for a holstered hip weapon. While facing one law enforcement officer, Finicum apparently failed to consider the full field of danger. An officer was stationed outside the road block feet away from the side of the road. Finicum had exit the vehicle without knowledge of the zone in which he chose via racing away from the initial law enforcement stop. 

The key point in the video is at the 9:25 minute mark. Prior to that point, the vehicle Finicum was reported to have driven sped away from the initial stop.

Complete, Unedited Video of Joint FBI and OSP Operation 01/26/2016

FBI on 01/28/2016.

This is the complete video footage of a joint FBI and Oregon State Police traffic stop and OSP officer-involved shooting of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum on the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. This footage, which has only been edited to blur out aircraft information, was taken by the FBI on 01/26/2016.

Why hasn't Right wing social media and right wing media learned that technology no longer allows unfettered propaganda and outright lies?

Finicum had indicated to MSNBC and other media he would taken action if anyone held a gun on him. If we reflect on reality, when has law enforcement ever approached a person they knew possessed weapons, and threatened to use the weapons, without guns drawn. Also when is the last time you observed anyone pull away from a "cop stop" and not have law enforcement guns drawn when the chase ended?

Finicum actual foretold his on death.