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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Quick Hit: Facebook Bans White Supremacists. ( Bout Time!)


Friday, May 4, 2018

Celebrating The April Unemployment Report While Losing A Debate

Unemployment dips to lowest rate since 2000

The US unemployment rate dropped to a 3,9% while adding 164,000 jobs; the lowest unemployment rate since Bill Clinton Administration gave way to the Bush Years.  The continued job growth mark seven-plus years the US economy has added jobs. 

The steady economic progress is well beyond simply notable; it is phenomenal.

Wouldn't you know the great economic report has provided an impetus for conservative rebel yells like we have read nor heard in years?

During a morning point-counterpoint with a conservative who says he finds Trump less than a stellar character, I was hit with this Facebook post:
Funny, unemployment is below 4% first time since 2000, stock market is up, up, up, peace may be coming to Korea, prisoners may be released, taxes down, government regs. being reduced, businesses hiring, and all you got is Stormy.
"....and all you got is Stormy." 

Stormy Daniels is providing the icing on the cake of Trump's utter sleaziness. Nothing against Ms. Daniels and her professional career choices, the issue with Trump is his utter promiscuity and related sleaze.

I digress, let's consider the debater's use of today's unemployment statistics.

First, the Market indices are up without question.

Today's Dow Jones (DJIA) 323 point gain was very impressive. It would have been much more impressive if today's gain hadn't been preceded by DJIA drops a few weeks back which settled with the indices dropping 500 plus points. Yet is it really "fair to claim today's market indices as solely that of Trump's first 16 months in Office?  There is actually only one answer and that answer is "No" for the rational mind and the deep thinker.

Let's take a high information perspective on the Dow. The three embeds below totally refute any prospect the conservative debate could simply claim stellar market growth without recognition of the Obama economic success.

How about the Standard Poor's Index from Obama's Inauguration till April 30th Vs Trump's S&P performance?

The Washington Post

Basically, it is impossible to build a building by starting the foundation on the third floor.  No, the foundation is laid well before floor three. Trump supporters claiming today's markets are only celebrating the fact the markets did not collapse upon Trump's inauguration. 

The conservative Trump supporter mentioned taxes are down. Yes of course taxes are down via the Trump/Ryan tax cut for the nation's wealthy. For point of reference, I am not seeing nor hearing large numbers of income taxpayers praising the impact of the tax cuts. I have read about chagrin from older taxpayers who itemize their tax deductions. Ryan took away the personal exemption for age 65 or older.  Well, those are Boomers and pre-boomer age groups (a Trump and GOP voter haven)!

"Businesses are hiring." the FaceBook poster stated. Yes, businesses are hiring but did the hiring start on January 21, 2017? 

The chart denotes business hiring with significant drops in the nation's unemployed over the curse of Obamas years. 

On a daily basis, we hear or read conservative talking heads or Trump speaking about the Obama years and how his months in office have been different (than Obama's)  and record-breaking.  

There is one area of separation between Obama and Trump. A quick look at their first months in office is quite revealing.  

Image result for obama bs trump lies

But, the conservative debater would never go there.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Russian Trolls Anyone? (VIDEO ONLY)

Putin's Cyber Army..and Trump's cadre of fake news troops.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Reality Of Progressives And Their Protest Votes (Or Non Votes)

Did you fall for the media hype against Clinton? 

Image result for fake anti hillary bot campaign Related image

Related image  Related image
Did you fall for this stuff?

In early 2016, I opened my Facebook page and ran across a notification from someone in a "Closed"  Bernie Sanders supporters Facebook page. As I perused the dialog related to the notification I ran across a comment that was total startling.

The post which generated the comments was so obviously out-of-the-park ridiculous in its criticism of Hillary Clinton was stupefying. Actually, the post was cognitively comical and associated comments posted on the post were equally stupefying and almost appear teenage-like. One comment was as follows:
"Hillary supporters are like people with the Stockholm Syndrome........."
And therein lies the essence of the Trump win along with a few campaign strategy mistakes via the Clinton camp.  Mistakes happen and it should be noted after all the vote dust settled, Clinton's vote count exceeded Trumps by 2.84 million votes. That seems to show the Electoral College has not received any level of process attention since the Continental Congress.  How about technology, poor voting processes in some states and the calling of elections by cable news hosts to facilitate ratings? Did the Crafters of the Constitution (they were not Founding Fathers as a humane father is generally not a slave owner) ever imagine the vote for US President would be settled within 24 hours and before bedtime; like a football game?  I suspect not.

The essence of the Trump wins is favored with potential voters who cast protest votes. People who actually believed Trump could not win, so they smugly cast votes (like children taking their ball and glove and heading home). Many of those protest voters voted for third-party candidates or, heavens forbid, they did not vote at all. The latter is a sorrow lot as their no-vote was an existential vote for any winner. Thus, they became Trump voters.

As time past during the 2016 Campaign, I often wondered how so many could so vehemently hate the liberal (Progressive) candidate they appeared to be headed towards personal and national Hara-kari. How many went beyond the surface hatred of Clinton ("Predators"  et al) to belief in what now seems Russian "bot" warfare and Right wing media fake news.

A few days after the Trump election win The Daily Beast published a piece which has come full circle and landed squarely on target. The social media news site published in reference to  Oxford University Professor Philip Howard, regarding a 5:1 cyber war win which without question worked to damage the Clinton brand. 
.....numerous examples of pro-Trump accounts  incorporating pro-Clinton hashtags as a means of spreading the message to a wider audience.

Twitter Bot


There were some accounts that were even personalized with human-seeming names, spewing out the same tweet verbatim. As Howard’s fellow researcher Samuel Woolley described one instance: “Pro-Trump bots that looked like Latino voters were launched after Trump’s primary win there and disappeared the next week.” This seemingly also happened with less frequency with pro-Clinton bots.

Twitter Bot


Howard described a similar social-media campaign that took place in the leadup to Brexit, a referendum with which Trump tried to associate his surprise win. As Howard and his team analyzed the data, he determined that the pro-Trump accounts were more successful than the pro-Clinton ones due to the negative nature of their messaging and the “offensive pictures with strange captions” that can so easily get passed around. 
He, however, did not think that was the work of the campaign itself.
Within the past 48 hours, MSNBC has broadcast what seems quality reporting regarding the level of scope of Russian "bot" warfare and its cousin right wing media fake news.   

Here are snippets of such broadcast reporting via the Rachel Maddow show.

One Facebook page Administrator alerted page members of her observations.

“The pattern I’m seeing is if a member is repeatedly posting articles that are only from one URL that person is just there to push advertising,” Aleta Pearce of Malibu, California wrote. “They probably have a sock account with little to no content. They are often from Russia or Macedonia.” 
She urged other Sanders supporters to “chase the mice out of the hen house.”
I know a few members from the page with which I started this post shared many memes like those posted in the lede section above.  

If you fell for the subterfuge and hyperbolic social media postings regarding the Queen of Evil Hillary Clinton and abstained from voting or voted third party, consider the nation's 45th President.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Facebook Used As A Weapon?

During the run-up to an "almost" attack against Syria via the US and what appears as a forming coalition, the amount false and misleading memes and posting from Syrian loyalist operatives was stifling.  I personally recall working to calm the angst of a few Facebook friends who bought into false meme messages, edited video tape and posts that were so ridiculous they appeared insane. Fear is fear and a war weary America was fertile ground and ripe for manipulation.

Apparently, Assad loyalist are very adept at manipulating social media. It appears Facebook is a targeted weapon as indispensable as Assad's past use of chemical weapons.  The following piece from Tech Dirt is based on a The Atlantic article speaks volumes Facebook's Terms of Service. The social networking company policies not only offends millions of progressives in the United States, the policies may also serve one of the world's most undesirable despots. 

Thu, Feb 6th 2014 

When Facebook's Terms Of Service Decide What Kind Of 'Speech' Is Okay, Activists Get Silenced (via Techdirt)
The Atlantic is covering the fact that Syrian loyalists have been able to abuse Facebook's "abuse" policy to make various Syrian opposition Facebook pages disappear based on very questionable means. A number of activist pages have simply been wiped…


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Missouri State Fair Rodeo Exhibit...And The Right Thing Happens!

ABC News
I want to share an interaction experienced on a Facebook page. Mind you the people who keyboarded the comments below are not seething foaming at the mouth conservatives. They are symptoms of complacency in the nation which contributes to increasing acts of over racism and they are perfect enablers.  In both cases, the comments are noble efforts to place a cushion on the deplorable acts at the Missouri State Fair.  

It is really sad to think, but sentiments expressed below are the exact type of sentiments that facilitated hundreds of years of Jim Crow with all associated horrors. Indifference and rationalization is as dangerous as any person in WW II Germany as they turned their heads to Hitler's horrors. 

Face Book posts....

American Exceptionalism? 

White Privilege is very ugly, and at times reminds of a cross breed between the Third Reich and Apartheid South Africa. Oh, lets not allow the words "White Privilege" to turn you off. It takes a major dose of such to perpetrate the Rodeo thing.

The reality is........if we are not focused on extinguishing such acts, we are enablers.

In response to the visual embeds above a couple of writers keyboarded as follows. 

Comment One

Yeah, but in 1983 you could do this with Reagans mask and just get a chuckle or a tsk tsk. We don't need to be outraged EVERY day. Stupid people laugh at stupid things.

Comment Two

What those people did was wrong. I believe there is such a thing as "white privilege". When a white man, Black Man, white woman or Black woman applied for a job the preference does not go to the white person. White woman get a preference over a white man every time. Black man gets a preference over a white man every time, same with black woman. Black woman takes preference over a black man. So where do you get the preference at here?? 

Comment End..

What we have in the comments are perfect examples of how people via their indifference feeds such disgusting exhibitions. 

Allow a couple of comments, before I close this screed with a late night summary from Lawrence O'Donnell (with interview of the guy who took the video and reported the racist acts). 

Comment One. Well, meaning and I really feel that way. However, I do not recall one time when Reagan's face was masked and worn at a rodeo with a clown/bull act.  Also, I do not recall anyone ever mocking Reagan's lips while placing a broomstick up his butt.  Indifference regardless of reason is dangerous. 

Comment Two: OK, a fair start, "....those people were wrong." I am still wondering how the writer moved from the racist rodeo acts to the writers personal comments about what appears as slam against affirmative action. Factually, the writer spoke form a perspective of numerical impossibility.  If blacks and women got the jobs, the black unemployment rate would be markedly less. Moreover, if the comments included any level of veracity (vs. emotion) there would be far more whites out of work.  

One last point, why would the writer move so far away from the rodeo in his remarks. It seems the writer has latent hatred of something, I just cannot figure what. And, that is exactly what I call "White Privilege." If women really think that the GOP will stop at squashing the rights of minorities (specifically black and Latinos),  they had best review world history. 

 Lawrence O'Donnell's, The Last Word


Interesting the guest on the O'Donnell show was obviously not a flaming Left-wing viewer of MSNBC. He completely blew O'Donnell's last name (McDonnell???). 

What we have here is yet another case of human beings allowing poor judgment and their perception of "Privilege" to push them into unemployment. The clown pictured above can never again contract with the Missouri State Fair. of course, that does not mean unemployed. It does mean severance from a long-term gig. Thus, he suffered a job action by offending at least one person in the sparse audience.

"Privilege"?  The thought and act based in the wrong perception that all who observed the racism would find it palatable or humorous.

American Exceptionalism!

Thursday, July 4, 2013


I have been known to reference experience and knowledge related to one aspect of my professional background: diversity workshop facilitation and inclusive/interpersonal  management  development. 

The following graphic illustrates the need for conscientiousness and focused efforts to  alleviate vestiges of "oppression". "Oppression" in the minds and psyches of people who are not denizens of the top level of the diagram. The top level is, simply and tragically all in one,  the domain of conferred privilege which without conscious effort tends to osmotic(-ally) evolve to "oppression." Even more simply stated, "If you are part of the top level of the diagram you are granted privilege at birth and there are times when said privilege is packaged with lessons in hatred, contempt and intolerance."
Imagine a world when your young life was infiltrated with all images of "Jesus Christ" as a Caucasian. My layman's knowledge of the Bible left impression the Christ figure was born in a geographic region where features as the depicted below would be treated with scorn, if the prospect of such features was even remotely possible. 

If you did not click the link under the Fabric Of Oppression diagram, click it and see how Forrest Whitaker, Academy Award winning actor, found out about "privilege" and the lack there of.

Now, for the promised treatise.

The following was written by a FaceBook friend, and it echoes each and every point about race based privilege that I labor to impart via writings, lecture, and existentially as part of my personal life "on the daily."

The following will capture the essence of our point. A point that has no relation to an effort to induce "guilt" among any group or person. We at the TPI do not involve in guilt trips. Our mission is to provide information that might induce thought and contemplation by some; those who are not too far gone down the path of sitting in the back seat as "Thelma and Louise" take their last ride.

We are "...from where we came." If we do nothing to question or challenge aspects of our lives handed to us via birth and socialization, and things we personally feel are wrong (or questionable), we are driving towards a cliff.

I’d like to share my thoughts on racism. 

We aren’t racist by choice, at least most aren’t. From the age of understanding we are conditioned toward white. I can’t remember a nursery rhyme or even a learning to read book with a picture or even a thought of a black person. Imagine trying to grow up black in a white-washed world. The same learn to read books, like See Jane Run, were taught in white schools and black schools. We’ve literally been programmed from birth to trust and accept anyone white, and fear and loathe anyone who isn’t.

Now for a few moments lets adjust the color on our lives. Imagine you were a white child and everything in your world were black. The people in every nursery rhyme and the people pictured in every learn to read book were black. Would that have made us proud to be white? Literally everything we learn as we grow was geared toward the black children. Imagine the pain and the anger that would build inside each of us had this been our learning environment. I believe had this been the case, the numbers of prison inmates would be exponentially skewed in the opposite manner that shows today. Whites would far outnumber blacks had the pain of being raised in the opposite occurred.
Our black brothers and sisters were raised in the environment where every break, literally every book was about white people. They in-turn learn that white is special and being black has varying effects, but can be seen in the eyes of everyone. The internal struggle caused by such skewed manner of learning has to have terrible consequences on many lives. This is what a wonderful race of Americans has had to live with. Is it any wonder the prisons show such high percentages of blacks compared to whites????
There’s nothing we as a nation can do about the past, we were raised this way and must accept this. However, the future is ours to change, we must give our young black and white children more to be proud of. Equality means we need to rewrite the nursery rhymes, rewrite the learning to read books, and make the children understand the beautiful color filled world we live in. Please remember EQUALITY = QUALITY ANYTHING LESS IS UNACCEPTABLE!!!
End Facebook treatise.

Really? With all due respect!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Facebook Flubs Up Again!

Facebook has again admitted to security failures which may have exposed 6 million sets of privacy information of its users.  Is it too much to wonder why such a social media giant which consistently tinkers with our information and various (information seeking) gadgets would do a much better job in the realm of technical security competence?  

Huffington Post.....

On Friday, Facebook admitted that a bug made the private contact information -- either email addresses or phone numbers -- of 6 million users accidentally accessible to Facebookers who downloaded their account histories onto their own computers. Compared to Facebook's over 1 billion total members, 6 million isn't much. But any security flaw has the potential to frighten people away from a website.
A bug allowed "some of a person’s contact information (email or phone number) to be accessed by people who either had some contact information about that person or some connection to them," Facebook wrote in a note on its security page.

Read more

Facebook and other technicality advanced Internet media really should give their engineers a few weeks hiatus. Almost weekly Facebook and other social media are announcing changes in platforms, widgets, gadgets, and other features which often become irritants for many people.

Facebook, give it a break!

Friday, May 24, 2013

House Republicans Vote Against Students Seeking A College Education! A National Threat


Do you every wonder why top social network (e.g., Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder) and high tech software corporations are so much in favor in making employment opportunities more streamlined and factually easier for foreign nationals. 

Have you ever read or heard about how our nation has dropped from leading the world in education to fighting to hold middle ground to avoid lapsing into the basement of an aggregate of countries around the world? 

Help us Learn Don't Obstruct!
Your House of Representatives doesn't have the heart nor brain to provide lower interest rate for student loans. Why would the House do such a thing? Answer: it is infested with Republicans!

Technology industry leaders are looking to ship highly trained and highly educated foreign nationals onto their employment roles to offset needs this country cannot fulfill. is one such example of the increasingly scrutinized 501(c)(4) organizations with a primary mission as follows: WIKI is a 501(c)(4) lobbying group based in the United States that aims to lobby and advocate for its version of immigration reform, changes to the US education system to improve science and technology education, and the facilitation of scientific breakthroughs with broad public benefits. It is primarily supported and funded by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. The initiative is led by principal Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and its president is Joe Green, a close friend and confidante of Zuckerberg. The group is non-partisan and aims to build a bipartisan consensus around its proposed policies.
The United States no longer turns-out a tens of thousands of educated future professionals to provide a technological framework for our future. If we are not leading in technology we cannot lead in other ares of business and industry.

With recognition that all things educational evolve from science and technology in some form, let's view a 2:24 minute video that is delineates the extent of the problem. 

The National Math and Science Initiative: STEM Education Statistics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Challenges Facing STEM Education Today

  • U.S. students recently finished 25th in math and 17th in science in the ranking of 31 countries by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
  • The U.S. may be short as many as three million high-skills workers by 2018. Two-thirds of those jobs will require at least some post-secondary education. 
  •  The competitive edge of the U.S. economy has eroded sharply over the last decade, according to a new study by a non-partisan research group.
  • The prestigious World Economic Forum ranks the U.S. as No. 48 in quality of math and science education.
  • 25 years ago, the U.S. led the world in high school and college graduation rates. Today, the U.S. has dropped to 20th and 16th.
The problem is serious and nation threatening.  If our dwindling education levels place the nation at the mercy of droves and droves of foreign workers who often do not become citizens and remain in the US, we are literally creating a threat to national defense.  "Nation threatening" should escalate the congressional action to that national concern.

It seems the US House of OZ (Representatives) do not agree with the national threat. 

House GOP Throws College Students Under Bus: Loan Interest Rates Higher and Variable

The House is laden with a majority of GOP Members of Congress.  Yet, the GOP votes to reduce funding for public schools and voted to pass Smarter Solutions for Students Act, HR 1911. They vote against keeping student loan rates at a lowered level, and they consistently speak against public school systems.  Such acts from the Right sends a message they hold no value in education people. Let's look at how the House does a disservice to its own constituents by comparing most educated states with less educated states.

The least educated states voted for the GOP

We have already done an article on the fact that the “red” states are the real freeloaders and take in more federal dollars than the blue the states.  But let’s take a look at education ranking of states compared to which way the states went in this last election.
The Science and Engineering Readiness Index (SERI) measures how high school students are performing in physics and calculus — based on publicly available data, including Advanced Placement scores, National Assessment of Educational Progress reports, teacher certification requirements by state and physics class enrollment data.  Based on SERI, the states that ranked at the bottom of the barrel are (and how they went in the last election):

  1. South Carolina – RED
  2. Oklahoma – RED
  3. Nebraska – RED
  4. Nevada – BLUE
  5. Arizona – RED
  6. New Mexico – BLUE
  7. Alabama – RED
  8. Louisiana – RED
  9. West Virginia – RED
  10. Mississippi – RED

8  out of 10 of the LEAST educated states are RED!!
Now let’s compare the top 10 most educated states with their voting record:
  1. Massachusetts - 
  2. Minnesota – BLUE
  3. New Jersey – BLUE
  4. New Hampshire – BLUE
  5. New York- BLUE
  6. Virginia- BLUE
  7. Maryland – BLUE
  8. Connecticut- BLUE
  9. Indiana- RED
  10. Maine – BLUE

Of the 10 most educated states, 9 went blue in this last election.
Empirical evidence the GOP southern geographic stronghold is not the realm of most educated states. Yet, the southern states voters  always vote GOP candidates in office.

Now, how about a visual of unemployment and the earnings case for education high school level and beyond.

People with higher levels of education beyond high school earn much more and experience very low unemployment rates. The graphic shows the direct opposite for the less educated. 

If the southern, southwest states (except New Mexico) and plains states place social issues beyond education of their young, the problem does not remain within their regions; it is  a national problem.  The problem spills across the US like a plague.  Personally, I have no interests in the southern vote setting the path for the United States.

PBS has published an infographic that might surprise some while opening the door for the reality of our penchant for entertainment over mind nourishing and mind building education.

PBS Dot org

AMERICAN GRADUATE -- August 13, 2012 

Education Olympics: How Does the U.S. Rank?


The United States left the 2012 London Olympics with 104 medals in tow. But how do we stack up against the world when it comes to education? 

According to this infograph by Certification Map, the U.S. -- which leads in gold medal count -- is ranked seventh in high school graduation rates, trailing countries like Germany, Japan and Great Britain.
Read more

The US also has the highest paid CEOs, highest paid professional athletes, and the highest paid entertainers.  Two if those three groups relate to entertainment along with gold Olympic Medals. Entertainment is such a short-term endorphin-like experience.

The beat jobs in America require education well beyond a high school diploma (Click for larger view). Even for those with no interest in these jobs, there has to be a recognition that these jobs are foundational jobs.   The set the foundation for all jobs in the nation.

The point is clear. GOP obstruction to attainment of education for people who cannot afford college, is unfathomable and is yet another example of typical GOP short-term ideology. We received a solid reminder of the lack of GOP support for attainment of higher education from none other than one who certainly received the benefit of "parent paid education" all the way through his Harvard MBA.

I wondered how many of those kids standing behind Romney had parents who could afford to LEND them money for college tuition, room and board and other expenses.  Romney's paradigm is so fixed on nonsupport of higher education he cannot twist his brain mention federal student loan programs. In fact, some in the GOP want to stop all student loans.

H.R. 1911 passed the House of OZ. It will never past the Senate nor receive the president's signature to become law.  Why not spend time and effort on a jobs bill? But, "no" a favorable unemployment rate helps the Democrats.  Votes from the House, at times, makes me wonder if they are  putting bills up for vote to show financial supporters they (Congress) is earning its funding from those groups. Read that again southerners.

One last look at the long-term impact of an under-educated society.

 Most Education Countries Infographic

We have to know these same sets of information are available for House Republicans and their staff.   Question. Do you think there are elements in the nation that want student loans at a higher, not lower, rate?  "Bet Your Bippy" there are such entities.  Ask your House of Representatives.