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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Trumpism: False Patriot, The Shame And The Predictable (YOUR GOP)

Let's dispense of the lede introductory words and just let this one rip.

The patriot as 45 who doesn't know the National Anthem.

Trump's recent pardon of admitted and convicted felon Dinesh D'Souza points to the reality of a president who no longer serves the good of the nation. He pardoned an admitted criminal for sake of facilitating his futures strategy of pardoning inner circle operatives (including family members) once the US legal system runs its course on the Russia investigation.

The following CNN segments are a bit long, and I realize time is valuable, but if we do to follow the opportunity to educate ourselves o those who Trump finds "good people on both sides", we will fail to cleanse our Executive and Legislative Branches of Federal governance. 

Two segments, and frankly I skipped the first few minutes of each segment. Watch as two CNN hosts reveal the shallowness and hypocrisy of one of conservative America's literary heroes. The man is also a racist who seizes every possible opportunity to disparage former President Obama. And yes, some of his remarks about Obama have been an utter and, guttural racist.

Segment A (8:43 minutes)

Segment B (11:40 minutes)

We report you decide

Rather than opting for another opportunity to remind you of growing Trumpism and all things ugly from the GOP, I will just lay this Facebook embed here.

Deny service based on skin color? You had to know the time is right (excuse the necessary pun or better yet, the double entendre) for such. USA TODAY linked.  The racists Facebook post has been deleted, Seems he isn't proud of his racism. 

If you believe that GOP politician is alone in his sentiments, you might be a candidate for a RED MAGA cap.

Watch this twominute clip.