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Monday, April 17, 2017

When The Journalist Lauds War

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I can recall a time when I considered Fareed Zakaria a viewable and palatable TV host (entertainer). I frequently viewed his CNN Sunday morning show, despite never once having read an article Zakaria had written and published developed as media opinion and column writer.  It was a time before his 2015 outing (bust) for plagiarism.

Since his uncovering as a somewhat less that impeccable "journalist" his Sunday morning CNN has been a non-view. Yet, I frequently found myself agreeing with his infrequent appearances as a CNN subject matter contributor. Zakaria was often willing to opine in agreement of the Obama international doctrine and frequently spoke out against what I considered US jingoism (regarding the Middle East).

During the weeks of Trump's "fireworks" show for Syria's Assad, Zakaria went to a place that can only be described as mystifying.  "Trump became president of the United States."

Mere weeks earlier Zakaria sat with CNN's Don Lemon about Trump's claim of Obama wiretapping, and spoke in an intriguingly different manner: Trump as a "bull shitter." Doesn't that CNN weekend show host recognize bull when it comes in forms other than the spoken word?

Even if we accept Trump ordered the attack to send a message, we question the wisdom of encouraging a president who has proven less than stellar in cognitive acuity with consideration of the long term impact of his actions.

Well, Zakaria too to CNN's airways on Sunday with what seemed  threats against what he calls "Trump Derangement Syndrome."

If the CNN weekend host does not find cause for any accelerated attention to Trump (including the level and scope of his insanity), he may fail to fully understand the level of self-inflicting (professional) wounds. From another perspective, what will people like Zakaria do when Trump and his administration goes belly-up? The disappointing aspect of his words of praise regarding the missile attack will flourish and dissolve into written word and weekend hosting with face shaving blabber.

Rather than lash out at liberals (progressives if you prefer), Zakaria should pay close attention to the words of a credible journalist. Dan Rather on the blabbering ooze some in media lavished on Trump after his missile strike against Assad. 

CNN's National correspondent, Jon King, also spoke about ordaining the president as "presidential" based on a missile attack.


Thursday, January 12, 2017

The TPI Gazettee: "You Are Fake News!"

" are fake news. No, I am not going to let you ask a question. "...

While CNN's evening broadcast was 100% Trump VS CNN and "fake News", The meeting between Trump and the US INTEL Chief, Clapper,  was a stoke of reality for the strangely motivated Trump.  Fareed Zakaria spoke on CNN's Tonight with Don Lemon. The segment was particularly newsworthy as Zakaria validated Trumps obvious ploy to whip CNN into his future Administration's model for censorship and non-questioning news reporters; basically favorable news only as Trump gets from Fox News.  (Zakaria interview follows after Media Matters)

When do we accept the signs of developing variations of fascism from the Trump administration?  It i obvious Trump doesn't believe in freedom of the press and it is also obvious he employs total lackeys who aren't successful at pushing back when their boss goes fascist.  

As he story unfolded all matters seem to indicate a strategy.  What is the old football axiom: "the best defense is an effective offense." How better to shape CNN into a Fox-like communications division frequently visited by highly compensated White House propagandist and information shapers.

Theatrics!  Trump is all about theatrics as he is the consummate reality TV show circus managers.  Theatrics is an indication of trouble to come from the Trump clan; attempts to censor and shape broadcast media is a much more serious problem.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fareed Zakaria Nails Maher, Affleck and Sam Harris


After the widely publicized and viral Bill Maher segment (Ben Affleck, Michael Steele, Sam Harris), I have scouted around for the perfect segment to close the matter for the TPI.

My thoughts on the matter is Maher blew it by hosting a panel that would touch upon Islam and Jihadist without scheduling one person of the Muslin Faith. While we should be able to discuss an criticize Jihadist terror without indicting all Muslims, Maher and his guest spoke s some call it: "inarticulate." By hosting the segment Maher allowed one of his guest, Affleck, to claim the liberal high ground via pointing to comments that actually came across as bigoted. Both Maher and his learned guest spoke about a relevant topic, but their impromptu participation in the (not so well planned Maher) format  (segment) stuck them in them rear.

I wonder about the relevance of booking Michael Steele as he added nothing at all to the specific segment. Was his ethnicity and race of utility to the Maher production team. I hope not because Steele is a far cry from a viable talking head on individual rights or for that matter anti-bigotry. Let's face it, he is a Republican. 

In fairness to Steele, and his earnings opportunity, maybe he added value to other segments in the hour long show.

The segment I chose ran this past Sunday on, of all networks, CNN. Fareed Zakaria offer a non-Muslin, non-white and only quasi-progressive view of the Maher segment.

We all know that Maher and Harris are far from racist. However, there slip into impromptu dialog launched what can only be considered bigoted kerfuffle at a minimum.

Maher is a comedian who has garnered significant success in the political arena. He often skirts the perimeter of 'the uncool" but manages to ride his history of liberalism out of harm's way. His contempt for all religion may have led to the ill-fated segment. A mistake for which he will suffer little, but a segment that leaves a bit of a sour taste in the mouth of some who abhor any vestige of racism or bigotry. I certainly left the segment with have such a bad taste.

I also admit to deep consternation with Maher's recent comments about voting for Rand Paul over Hillary Clinton. I am not fan of the Clintons, but Rand Paul is a disgusting counter opportunity (or quip object) for anyone who claims to be a progressive.

We can only hope Maher doesn't repeat the path of this Fox News comedian hit-man who frequently joins the network to spew anti-Obama garbage and share silly quips.
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