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Friday, October 18, 2013

Generation Opportunity: Beer and Tacos For College Kids


Do you remember these Anti-ACA advertisements? The first, ad shows the extent to which the Koch brothers and their paid operatives devalue women, especially young college aged women who may be inclined to enroll for the ACA.  The young college aged woman is also a target voting bloc that is far less likely to vote republican.  

The advertisements were developed by a Koch sponsored PAC/501 (4) (C): Generation Opportunity. Take another look!

Published on Sep 18, 2013
Empower yourself by opting out of Obamacare. 
Visit for more information 
Good news: you are not required to purchase health insurance through an Obamacare exchange! There are cheaper, better options for young people.
Published on Sep 18, 2013
Empower yourself by opting out of Obamacare. 
Visit for more information 
Good news: you are not required to purchase health insurance through an Obamacare exchange! There are cheaper, better options for young people.

Generation Opportunity is included in a Fox News Brett Baier "Special Segment" (2:43 minutes) that is nothing less than an advertisement against the ACA. You will also see and hear a National Review speaker who has the "low information" gall to even mention ACORN. It is well document ACORN was a significant community service organization with strong progressive ties. ACORN also registered voters in the millions during the scope of its existence.

While, ACORN investigated and reported wrong doing by couple of hourly paid contract employees, the organization became a bounty for Right-wing operatives.  Andrew Breitbart and the felon James O'Keefe "did a job" on ACORN.  Fox News served  as the public front for the O'Keefe/Breibart anti-ACORN subterfuge. You may recall the fake ACORN Pimp video form O'Keefe.

I. Maddow....

II. Media Matters....

III. Breitbart on O'Keefe's Fake ACORN video....
The National Review speaker knows as well as Baier and Fox News managers and editors, any comments about ACORN as a surge across the US are typically Fox News false. Yet three years after Breibart himself admitted to being duped (I suspect he lied and was culpable in the subterfuge) Fox News allows a paid propagandists spew more lies and red meat.

We digressed to illustrate a point. Let's get back to Generation Opportunity and the Kochs.

Generation Opportunity is about to embark on a college campus blitz with beer and taco enticement for attendees. The first blast in the strategy was a recent gathering with 100 students at Sharkey’s, a bar near the campus of Virginia Tech.

Read more here:
"Lured by free beer, gift cards and the chance to win an iPad, 100 students heard a pitch from the young staffers of a group named Generation Opportunity: Obamacare is a bad deal, and you should opt out. 
With enrollment in the insurance marketplaces under way, and tens of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on a public-awareness campaign, critics are aiming a provocative counter-effort at a critical population: millennials, age 18 to 29, who may not feel the need or have the money for insurance. 
Because if too few young, healthy people sign up, Obamacare will be denied the financial blood to support older, more needy participants. So the race is on for the attention of 2.7 million people deemed necessary to enroll in the first year for Obamacare to be successful. 
Generation Opportunity, which formed in 2011 and gets funding in part from the conservative Koch brothers, is about to embark on a tour of 20 college towns nationally, including a Nov. 9 stop at the University of Miami. The pitch is that you shouldn’t feel compelled by the government to buy insurance, and that it may be cheaper outside the marketplaces. 
A blueprint for an upcoming tailgate calls for games such as beer pong and cornhole, free Taco Bell and beer. Pictures of people signing petitions to opt out would be sent over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram."

ad more here:
The level of desperation associated with 20 college visits for purpose of influencing young people against their own medical protection is disgusting, yet typically Koch. Of equal disgust, the level of effort from the Kochs in killing any form of healthcare reform when they sit as the two of the nation's most wealthy people with no need for any medical coverage. 

The Kochs are reported to have spent (donated, facilitated or handed-out, your preference) $200,000 million in support of efforts to either repeal or defund the Affordable Care Act. People who following the Koch money wagon are also responsible for significant "hits" to the US economy as follows: Standard & Poors Shutdown cost US $24 billion, The TPI and 40 Repeal Votes at $58 million total cost.

When will the waste stop and the sanity set-in?  The Kochs will never stop sprinkling money across people to advance their plutocratic agenda.  But, how long will it take for one of the young college students to do something catastrophic and dangerous to someone or themselves after including in Koch sponsored beer parties? It doesn't take consumption of many beers to induce inebriation.

USA Today

Twenty Four Billion ($24 billion) wasted on a 17 day GOP Shutdown 
Critical Information:
 Interactive Government Shutdown Facts
The Political Score: Did anyone benefit from the shutdown?
The Shutdown's Financial Damage (Scroll down and mute advertisement)


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Eric Wattree: "Beneath The Spin"

Cross posted from The Wattree Chronicle

An Irrefutable Truth About the GOP

An Irrefutable Truth About the GOP

A gentleman by the name of James W. Lewis recently commented  no my article,"Who’s In the ‘Dark,’ the Black Community, or Dr. Ben Carson?" In his comment he posed a question which under ordinary circumstances would seem to be very reasonable, and one that seems to currently be on the mind of a surprising number of younger Black people. He asked the following:

"There’s one thing that has always bothered me about black folks. We constantly battle trying to prove we’re not all the same, especially what’s portrayed on television. We come from a variety of backgrounds, and our unique upbringings shape our beliefs, including political beliefs. If that’s the case, why do we ALL have to be Democrat (or even Independent)? The Democratic Party was once pro-slavery with obviously no, to very little African American support. The shift began in the 1940s with FDR’s New Deal. African Americans have been generally pro-Democrat ever since. If African Americans can change the face of the Democratic party, can’t the same be said for the Republican party?"

So James, in a word, no.

People often suggest that I tend to advocate for the Democratic Party over the GOP.   In response to that, first, I'd like to make it clear that I'm not a Democrat, and I haven’t been since my early twenties. I’m a independent progressive thinker, as oppose to a liberal or conservative. There is a difference.

Liberals and conservatives are both ideologues, and as such, tend to be different sides of the same coin. They both have a propensity to give ideology priority over unadulterated truth. So when truth fails to conform to their particular ideological position, they both have a tendency to try to bend and contort the truth in order to mold it into a more comfortable fit within their political philosophy.

Progressives, on the other hand, are non-ideological. We believe in following truth wherever it leads and regardless to who’s ox it gores. Truth is our only constituent, so we tend to look upon the political landscape as though we’re observing an ant farm, rather than from a partisan perspective.

At this point it must be granted, however, that progressives do generally come down on the liberal side of the ledger, but there’s a reason for that, and since we believe in truth, that reason should be obvious. The current Republican Party has become a refuge for scoundrels for some, and a refuge from reality for many others. So while I’m not advocating FOR the Democratic Party, I routinely and vociferously advocate AGAINST the Republican Party with my every keystroke, because the current GOP is filled to the brim with some of the most dangerously malevolent people in this country.

Simply ask yourself, when was the last time a party had to, literally, hide their last president and vice president during an election? Granted, I’m not a historian, but I can’t think of another time in our history. But the Republican Party had to do it twice - in both the 2008 and 2012 elections - and with good reason.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney spent their entire eight-year reign enriching their cronies. In addition, during their time in office they didn’t do one solitary thing to help the America, or the American people, and that’s been the Republican record for nearly ONE HUNDRED YEARS. The GOP has a clear and irrefutable one hundred year record of swindling the American people, which I clearly lay out in the following link. 

Thus, the GOP has clearly become the domestic enemy of the United States. So to even try to be nonpartisan with this group would constitute colluding with the enemy against the American people.

Am I engaging in a hyperbolic rant? I don’t think so. Let me prove it: Who was the last Republican president who didn’t drag America under a bus? That’s a real brain teaser isn’t it? Now try to name one good thing that the GOP has done for the American people in the last 30 years. Let me answer that for you - Absolutely nothing.

Rush Limbaugh said it out loud,- "I don’t want Obama to be successful" - and as everyone knows, Rush speaks for the Republican Party. Thus, Rush gave the Republican Party their marching orders at the very beginning of President Obama’s administration - that GOP should do everything in its power to prevent America from succeeding, regardless to the level of suffering that the American people had to endure. That is the literal definition of a domestic enemy.

The History of the Republican Party
The modern Republican is a coalition between fiscal conservatives, or big business, and social conservatives, or social bigots. Even though these two factions don’t even like each other, they have one thing in common – they both have a vested interest in undermining Black people.

Big business has a vested interest in not only lowering the standard of living of Black people, but the entire American Middle class in order to become more competitive in the global market against countries who pay their workers less per week, than the average middle-class American spends on lunch per day. And the great American bigot simply hates Black people in general. The most benevolent of them think that Black people should be relegated to shining his shoes.

But it is true that most Black people used to be Republicans immediately after the Civil War up through the Civil Rights Era – Martin Luther King was a Republican. But the Republican Party was different back then. They represented the business community of the North, and the Democrats, or Dixiecrats, represented the farmers of the South. That was one of the reasons for the Civil War. The Civil War wasn't actually about freeing the slaves; it was actually a dispute between the big business Republicans of the North, and the Southern Democrats that represented the farming interests. Black people just happened to benefit from the dispute, and during the industrial revolution big business could use the additional manpower.

But during the Great Depression the two parties began to change their alliances dramatically. After Democrat president, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, turned on big business to help the poor and middle class with his "New Deal" for the American people during the Great Depression, working-class people began to gravitate to the Democratic Party. Then during the Civil Rights Era of the sixties when John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson began to support Black civil rights, Black people migrated to the Democratic Party, and southern racists began to move to the Republican Party. So, essentially, a complete shift took place in party alliances.

So when you hear someone from the Republican Party saying that it was the Democrats who kept Black people in slavery and formed the Klan, they’re trying to play on your ignorance of history. A much better way of keeping track of those who victimized Black people is by following political philosophy. It was conservatives who victimized Black people, and those conservatives currently reside in the Republican Party - and as we speak, they’re desperately trying to obstruct our right to vote.

But the Republican Party is currently in a state of turmoil. Every since social conservatives sought out refuge in the GOP subsequent to the Civil Rights Era, there’s been an uneasy alliance between the corporatist conservatives like Mitt Romney, and social bigots like Rick Santorum.

So once again there’s a dispute between the interest of fiscal conservatives, or big business, who benefit from a more practical approach to social policies - and who would love to bring in as many undocumented workers as possible as potential customers, and to lower the cost of wages; and social conservatives, the social bigots - who, if they had their way would send all undocumented workers back to their respective homelands. So a second Civil War is brewing, but this time it’s going on within the Republican Party itself, and it’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.

But the bottom line is this - the bigots within the Republican Party hate Black people even more than they do undocumented workers, liberals, and gays; and the corporatists hate the entire poor and middle-class population. You heard Mitt Romney talking to his homies – he thinks nearly half of the American people are scum – Black and White.

Thus, any Black person, regardless to who he or she is, who think that Black people can find a comfortable fit in the churning  cauldron of Republican hatred, bigotry, and self-interest, has got to be a fool - a damn fool.
Eric L. Wattree

Religious bigotry: It's not that I hate everyone who doesn't look, think, and act like me - it's just that God does.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stock Performance: GOP vs Democrats (Video)

For many years it has been apparent stock performance while Democrats are in the Oval Office far surpasses (positive) performance of Republicans.  Bloomberg-Government illustrates the point in the following chart.

Bloomberg government- Stock Markets Perform Much Better Under Democratic Than Republican Presidents

An image for all time...

Let's take a look at a 1:36 minute segment from the Rachel Maddow Show. The TRMS Staff and Maddow took Bloombergs linked analysis and visualized the results.