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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The First 2018 Salvo Of GOP Dog Whistle Racial Politics

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Last night as the Florida election results came-in, I like most of the nation received a major surprise as the African-American Mayor of Tallahassee, Florida (the state capital) won the Democrat Party nomination for the fall 2018 gubernatorial race. Once the results were final a visit to social media led to a personal comment as such.
"Well, we will have to work and recognize GOP dirty tricks, lies and racially inspired campaigning. it will surely flow. Work to do!"
It took less than 245 hours for the first salvo of dog whistle politics oozed from the mouth of Andrew Gillum's (Donald Trump) supported opponent Ron DeSantis.
“Florida elections are always competitive, and this is a guy who, although he is much too liberal for Florida, he has huge problems with how he’s governed Tallahassee, he is an articulate spokesman for those far left views,” DeSantis said. “The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda.”
While some will simply write-off DeSantis's comment as a matter of vernacular or personal speech lexicon, I vehemently disagree. Granted he may have uttered a Freudian slip. If it was a Freudian Slip, that in and of itself is equally revealing. Personally, I will not excuse the use of a metaphoric slur so commonly used by some conservatives regarding Barack Obama and family as well as a common slur among some regarding black people.
Image result for obama family as monkeys      Image result for obama family as monkeys      Image result for obama family as monkeys

Photoshops are but a single example of how conservatives and racists manipulate the psyche of inclined viewers for political and social advantage. It is also important to recognize and consider the coming of Trump and the reality of buoyed white nationalism (racism) and its exponential growth since Trump declared himself a candidate for the Oval Office. Yes, there is a constituency among conservative white people who readily ascribe to promulgation and dissemination of racist depictions. There is an even more expansive reality (of people) who knowingly or unknowing sit as fertile fields for such racism and remarks as uttered by DeSantis. 

What he heard or read from DeSantis is yet another form of the GOP Southern Strategy which has effectively cordoned off geographic swaths of the nation as safe GOP vote zones based on white fear. prejudice, bias, and racism. I personally offer an example of a learned Ph.D. A chemist who also played the violin for a major US city symphony, actually speaks to a small group and in my presence of waiting to see how "minorities vote" before he casting his vote.  

MSNBC's Ali Velshi offered a morning guest who also shares his thoughts of the racist metaphor from DeSantis. 

Herewith is a piece from The Raw Story.

The GOP candidate for governor in the State of Florida has a history of affiliation with people who preach and practice what they call white nationalism

UPDATE:  Even Fox News mgmt. found issues with DeSantis use of the: "monkey up" phrase. Linked here.

UPDATE II: Fox News's Laura Ingraham joins in the racist rebel yell fest:


Friday, July 19, 2013

President Obama Speaks To The Nation And Receives Appreciation From Trayvon Martin's Parents

Last weekend a jury of six Florida state residents returned a verdict of "Not Guilty" in the trial of the killer of an unarmed 17 year old high school student who happened to be African-American.

We at the TPI did not report weekly on the Zimmerman murder trial, as we felt the state judicial system should take its course.  The state judicial system includes decisions to charge offenders, decision to prosecute (or not) those arrested, and actual prosecution with counter alleged offended 'defense.'  Since, we have written extensively about the case since last weekend, we are moving slow but surely back to normal operations. We are doing so with a curious eye on information leaks related to the case.  We also await decisions on civil charges from the Martin Family and a decision from the DOJ about federal civil rights charges.  We do not feel federal charges will be filed.

Of course, we have awaited reaction from the White House and President Obama.  Why have we awaited such remarks? Basically, we do feel Zimmerman factored race into his confrontation with young Mr. martin. We also have complete contempt for Florida law. We feel those laws have been handed to state legislators by organizations such as The American Legislative Exchange (ALEC). Finally, we know that Jeb Bush signed the Florida "Stand Your Ground" Law into Florida Law.  There is little doubt, armed with knowledge of that law, Zimmerman exited his vehicle (with one in the chamber) to track-down a frightened teen.  Yes, we join millions who are astonished with verdict and disappointed with a Florida legal system that appears to prop-up 'privilege' for some and forms of oppression for others.

President's must lead and the leader must do so regardless of constituency. African-Americans and millions other minorities and non-minorities have awaited comment from Obama.  On the opposite end of the spectrum there is apparently an element (who predominately find the verdict satisfying) who are upset the nation's top executive spoke out.

Now, if you have a few minutes to listen to the entire Obama conference, it is linked here with full transcript.

Trayvon Martin's parents respond to President Obama's remarks.

The Blaze

“We are deeply honored and moved that President Obama took the time to speak publicly and at length about our son, Trayvon. The President’s comments give us great strength at this time. We are thankful for President Obama’s and Michelle’s prayers, and we ask for your prayers as well as we continue to move forward.
We know that the death of our son Trayvon, the trial and the not guilty verdict have been deeply painful and difficult for many people. We know our family has become a conduit for people to talk about race in America and to try and talk about the difficult issues that we need to bring into the light in order to become a better people.
What touches people is that our son, Trayvon Benjamin Martin, could have been their son. President Obama sees himself in Trayvon and identifies with him. This is a beautiful tribute to our boy.
Trayvon’s life was cut short, but we hope that his legacy will make our communities a better place for generations to come. We applaud the President’s call to action to bring communities together to encourage an open and difficult dialogue. Our family is committed to this dialogue through the work of the Trayvon Martin Foundation.
We seek a future when a child can walk down the street and not worry that others see him as dangerous because of the color of his skin or the clothes on his back. We seek a future where our children can grow up and become the people God intended them to be.”
As we close this piece you will find a few links from right-wing news media.  One segment escapes our ability to post or link it for your purview.

I was unable to find a specific response from a call-in to CNN from Ari Fleischer, former Bush Administration spokesperson. Fleischer fulfilled his role as  GOP operative in literally calling the CNN newsroom and using his CNN clout to speak on camera without interruption without prior scrutiny from CNN On-air producers.   The very fact the Fleischer could call into to CNN and get on the a live broadcast within seconds of the end of the press conference speaks volumes about CNN Management and ownership.  The network knows full well Fleischer will find no redeeming qualities in anything President Obama says.  Why give the demagogue a forum? Unless, and of course, CNN management has joined Fox News in advancing conservative dogma well beyond a news model of fair reporting.  

Fleischer's remarks appear to have caught on-air personality Brooke Baldwin and panel member Candy Crowley by a bit off guard. 

We will seek to locate a video of the call from Fleischer. Rest assured the increasingly political CNN will not provide a archive of the segment.  I ask once more, what Administration did Fleischer serve so dutifully? The answer to the questions should speak to Fleischer's credibility and place his rhetoric in perspective.

Hannity Radio Show

"Obama connect with Trayvon Martin because he smoked pot and id a little blow." A man who never uttered one word about George W. Bush's open exhibition so intoxication.
Fox News Chris Wallace
Fox News' Chris Wallace: No, Obama Isn't Stoking Racial Tensions With Trayvon Remarks


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Daily Show: John Oliver Does Florida!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trayvon Martin An American Tragedy: Julie Driscoll Laments And The "Old Guy" Exclaims! (VIDEO)

Re Post from Smoking Hot Politics' Julie Driscoll (Friend of the TPI). we are also posting a video that is rapidly moving around the internet. We call it the "Old Guy!"


Posted  by  
We're sorry, Trayvon

We’re sorry, Trayvon

I would give anything – anything – if I could have bequeathed to Trayvon Martin, on that dark night in Sanford, Florida, the white privilege I’ve enjoyed all my life.

If only Trayvon would have had, that night, what I have.  I could have walked down that street in a hoodie, kicking back, talking on the phone, and as soon as Zimmerman saw my white face, he would have moved on.  I’ve never been randomly stopped because I’m a white female, and he wouldn’t have dared do it that night – my white face, and its attendant privilege, would have stopped him in his tracks.  I could have walked down that Sanford, Florida, street totally unimpeded, and I would have made it to that home and I wouldn’t have been shot and killed.

If only Trayvon would have had, that night, what I have, he wouldn’t have had to feel the thrill of panic when he realized he was being followed.  He would have known – arrogantly, maybe, but as the result of a lifetime of taking white privilege for granted – that he had all the right in the world to be wherever he wanted to be.  Had Trayvon had what I have, he could have confronted Zimmerman in outrage – as I would have – and Zimmerman would had to back down in the face of an authority far greater than even his own.

I live in a diverse, largely urban, community; we share this community with other whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians.  I’m so accustomed to young black males at my house, walking down the street with friends, playing music, behaving as all young kids do everywhere, that it’s not a blip on my radar.  I live in this community, but I’m separated from it too – I’m white, and I’ll never know the black experience.  Not really, not ever.
Our hearts are sick and sore at the “not guilty” verdict rendered by a largely white female jury; we rage at a faceless society that would allow an unarmed young black man to be shot and killed and not require anyone to be held accountable for it; we realize that it’s never going to make sense to those of us who are, truly, color blind in our dealings with other human beings.  And part of my rage and pain and anguish is because it occurs to me that if only I could have bequeathed to Trayvon Martin what I have, what I take for granted every damn day as “Wendy WASP,” he would be alive today.  If only he could have morphed into me, for ten fateful minutes, he would have turned and gazed at George Zimmerman, and George Zimmerman would have likely driven off into the darkness.
I want to live in a country where young black males don’t have to be me – a white person – simply to survive.

End Julie Driscoll

We are going to end this with a rather brash but apropos video of a guy who held a camera and told George Zimmerman what he feels about the developments since the night Trayvon Martin was stalked and killed.


Martin Bashir Speaks: "Clear the Air!"; MHP Laments An unprivileged World

No words necessary!


Friday, September 21, 2012

VOTE! National Registration Day 9/25


Voting is a Constitutional and an American Right! 

It is one of the most cherished freedoms and rights in any society.  Only human beings have the mental ability and behavioral opportunity to cast an individual preference for people who will serve as political leaders.  As many as a billion people across the globe may have not official or formal opportunity to cast a legitimate vote.  Millions may have opportunity to vote, but they vote in elections that are not tamper free and, or, often fixed.   You have an opportunity; and it is truly your responsibility to your country and your community to exercise that right and opportunity.

Do you think voting isn't all that serious? Do you think, "my vote don't count"? If you are one who feels you would rather entertain your brain with momentary activities vs. educate to the point of an educated vote, you should speak with the spirits of people such as:
  • literacy laws,
  • poll taxes and
  • outright threats against exercising one's right to vote.
If those thoughts do not help, think about people who are literally passing Voter ID Laws and restricting voting processes to eliminate you from the ranks of people who might vote Democratic in the upcoming elections.   Do you think they purse such unconstitutional and unAmerican acts because they do not like the Democratic Party Donkey?   They do so for pursuit of policy that allows the Right to regress our nation back to a time when equal rights were not discussed publicly and women were 'bare foot-kitchen dwelling-baby machines'.  All said, that alone should anger yo to the point of taking a few basic  steps to get registered and show-up for voting this November.

The privilege of the vote starts with registration.  The following is a critical announcement for people who are not registered to vote. For that matter is is critical date even if you are registered to vote; help someone else get registered!

If you are not certain of your voter registration, you should check here. Simply enter a few very basic pieces of information after indicating your state of residence.

NOTE: Provisional Ballots...worth exploring if all else fails!


If you should have any problems voting, you can still vote. You must ask for a provisional ballot at the polling place. Federal law states they must have them there in case a person has a problem voting. You still cast a vote but that vote goes to the board of registrars, and you must submit proof to them you are and was eligible to vote at that time they turned you away because you didnt have the proper credentials on election day. Once you submit proof your vote will then be counted. Even after election day the count isnt official until all provisional votes are thats very important if you should get turned away for any reason. DO NOT walk away until they provide you with a provisional ballot...its a Law, Federal this applies to anyone and everyone no matter where you live

Thursday, September 20, 2012

We Ask America: Round 2 Pennsylvania and Florida

Cross post w/permission from . We find the sites emailing alerts very interesting and consider their survey process and results reliable

Posted: 20 Sep 2012 05:13 AM PDT

We Ask America continues a second dip into our “Big Ten” states by revisiting Florida and Pennsylvania. Of the two, Florida clearly is viewed as the more pivotal region, and that’s where’s we’ll begin.

It may be a blinding glimpse of the obvious, but Medicare looms large in Florida. One of Republican VP nominee Paul Ryan’s first stops after being nominated was to visit seniors (including his mother) in central Florida. There, any change in senior services–especially health care–are measured as seismic events. But, like the rest of the nation, the debate currently isn’t about health care or even the economy in Florida. Instead, a big chunk of the Sunshine State’s population is counting themselves among the “47%” who receive help from our government–the very segment Mitt Romney inartfully mentioned in his candid camera appearance at a fundraiser. The after gaffe (new word alert!) did as much damage as the gaffe itself–at least among the cable gabfest crowd. But how will the VOTERS react?
Tuesday night, we asked 1,230 likely Florida voters how they planned to vote. We included Libertarian Gary Johnson to see if a third-party candidate may have an effect. Since we hadn’t polled the race for U.S. Senate yet (Florida had a mid-August Primary), we asked our participants to also choose between Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson and Republican challenger Connie Mack. As always, the responses are weighted to correct for over-/under-sampling in a number of criteria:
Poll type: Automated Date: Sept. 18, 2012
 Participants: 1,230 Likely Voters 
 Margin of Error: ± 2.82%

PRESIDENTBarack ObamaMitt RomneyGary JohnsonUndecided
ALL VOTERS49.1%45.5%1.3%4.1%
GOP ONLY14.7%80.9%0.8%3.6%
DEM ONLY82.0%13.5%0.5%4.0%
IND ONLY43.7%45.6%3.3%7.4%
SENATEBill NelsonConnie MackUndecided
ALL VOTERS46.7%41.5%11.8%
GOP ONLY14.7%69.7%15.6%
DEM ONLY81.3%11.6%7.1%
IND ONLY41.7%40.4%17.9%