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Friday, April 21, 2017

‘Immature, Childish, Foolish’, Palin and Nugent Mock Clinton

The Trump Administration has moved to declare it will no longer publish, or make public, the list of visitors to the White House. The supposed "openness" policy started with the Obama Administration and ended after eight years with approximately 6 million names on the list. Of course right leaning surrogates and pundits criticize the Obama Administration based on cases of reacted names, but nonetheless, the names were published.

Trump's handlers have offered no reasons for the change in policy.  The lack of openness regarding the change fuels suspicion the Trump cabal wants secrecy regarding their interactions. Trump's cabal has total secrecy regarding interactions and meetings when Trump jaunts to his South Florida resort and that very secrecy has lead to revelations. The Koch brothers apparently coddled with Trump at the resort a couple of weeks ago. While the Kochs have previously been reported to golf at the resort (possible members), the recent meeting took place awful close to Trump's authorization the KXL Pipeline. Trump reversed an Obama administration policy. If reports of the pipeline yielding billions via the Koch-owned Canadian Tar Sand fields (reported to be over $80 billion) to the Koch P & L Statements).

We are also hearing reports of two past leaders of Colombia also met with the "secrecy-laden" US president.   

I digress.

The Sidewalk in front of the White House will be permanently closed to tourists who value the opportunity to pose for pictures in front of  America's "House."  

Close off access to the sidewalk to the public while closing off access to public viewing of who is visiting the Whtie House.

And, we should have imagined the first set of national Duck Dynasty like guests would include dinner for Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, and Kid Rock. All far right conservative bottom-dwellers Nugent has a history of public obscene gesture while performing on stage, obscene language regarding Obama and Clinton and an ugly history of fraternization with underaged girls (at one point in his life).  Nugent really is one of the nation's "ultra-deplorables" (racism and anti-Semitism

Palin? Well, here is the deal with Plain.  We are certain hobnobbing with Plain offers Trump an opportunity to fed his ego He can sit and talk with a person who when cognitively compared makes him feel super intelligent. 

Image result for nugent palin ns rock clinton picturesNow take a look at what happens when a president authorizes garbage in the White House.  We don't expect any level of class from the Trump administration. We do, however, expect respect for the sanctity of the nation's "House."   The image of Clinton is an archived picture based on her past as First Lady.  what happens when some on the Web take the picture and transforms it as such?
Image may contain: 3 people, people standing
  It is important to note the developer of the photoshopped picture removed or made oblique specific bodies parts of the subject.

The White House image of Trump's friends isn't going over well for some.

CNN contributor and republican pundit, Anna Navarro, spoke about the classless exhibition.

Or this....
Image may contain: 3 people, people standing

But of course, most rational minds wouldn't have allowed the likes of Nugent in the White House and a lesson for all for inviting the nation's number one dimwit: Paln.

CNN ‘Immature, Childish, Foolish’

We really don't expect better from the likes of Palin, Nugent and Kid rock. We feel the direct opposite of managers at the White House. StumbleUpon