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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Rallies, Records And FOXPEN (Video)

The meme which follows while accurate will clash with other aspects of this post. The meme simply addresses Trump's record-setting short time in the Oval Office.


A couple of days ago we published a piece regarding Trump's carnival barking and entertainment rallies. The piece included a few pictures we ask you to consider viewing (quickly) before viewing the graphic below. 
As Trump 's World Turns:  Rallies, The Strange And The Hidden Ones
Since we didn't suggest viewing the piece videos, take a sample of how Trump has rallied his supporters to the point of pure hatred of US media (especially CNN).

Trump supporters filmed hurling sustained abuse at journalists ...

How did the nation get to a point of total fondness for Russia, overt exhibitions of whacked-out people, hatred of credible media and a president who cannot speak the truth as a matter of pathology? 

Answer: year after year of GOP Southern Strategy via Richard Nixon (Kevin Philips) and Ronald Reagan (Lee At Water and Karl Rove). A political strategy to wind southern votes as a voter bloc. Actually, a successful political strategy which has race at its core and nucleus.  As time passed the southern bloc has grown exponentially as deep-rooted forms of basis from whites who now seem convinced they retreated as a social minority. In a few words, the strategy is basically a ticket for: It is OK to embrace and show one's prejudices. The best way to do such? Vote religiously for social candidates from a party which now openly courts white bias, accepts white nationalism (white supremacy and associated hate groups), and embraces policy which many GOP leaders have successfully laid as a blanket over African-Americans and Latinos (e.g., "welfare queen" and recent indifference to natural disasters in Puerto Rico).  

All said we should not underestimate the power of Trump's number one rated cable network Fox News (FOXPEN Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network).  Take a look at how Fox covers Trump's insane rallies vs. CNN and MSNBC 

Image result for trump toilet head Propaganda really isn't a beautiful thing.

The Raw Story published a piece this afternoon which exemplifies the full measure of how right-wing propaganda works on the minds of some Americans.

 Image may contain: 1 person, standing

Image may contain: 2 people, text

PS: There is something very wrong when US politicians are running over to Russia and cuddling with politicians who serve a leader who is alleged to have killed journalists and has annexed a nation. 

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, text


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fox News Hypocrisy...Jon Stewart Style

Via Media Matters....

The Daily Show host needs no introduction except refer to his address Fox News.

The Daily Shows Master performer,news orator and opine impresario at his best. Now let's take a look at yet another example of the hypocrisy at Fox News.

Since well before President Obama took office in January 2009, Fox News has been "syllable deep" in to criticism of the nation's 44th President from every Fox News host including the dweeb hosts over on Fox News Business Channel. Despite the success of the Obama Administration ad his re election to the Oval Office, Fox News has continued its Gatling Gun (oratory and propaganda) firing against Obama without allowing a day to pass for taking a deep breath of fresh air.  

Watch O'Reilly go after the Obama daughters on December 4th, 2014.

Fox News contributor criticizes the First Lady. It is seriously shameful Fox pays contributors for 'hatchet job" attacks on FLOTUS, but will not hire (full-time) these guest attack agents on the full-time Fox payroll. In the case of Angela McGowan, maybe Fox would not hire based on the expense in replacing and updating Ms. McGowan's hair pieces.

We don't have the time to address the many anti-Obama segments of Fox News. Lets suffice ti to say, as conservative America's television (metaphorical) Rush Limbaugh. The network has exponentially increased its revenue base via Obama election to the Oval Office.

Jon Stewart's piece is a real as it comes and here is an example of the shallowness and hypocrisy of Fox News management. Megyn "White Santa; white Jesus" Kelly was given the helm for a segment for the ages.


Megyn Kelly Is Sick and Tired of Obama Continuing to Swipe at Fox

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.19.09 PM
President Obama got lots of attention today for dropping the n-word in his interview with comedian Marc Maron, but he also made a fairly innocuous comment about how people who watch Fox News have a very different worldview and set of facts than people who read The New York Times.
But this remark really set off Fox’s Megyn Kelly, who made it clear she’s getting sick and tired of the president taking all sorts of shots at Fox News. She said, “He can’t seem to get over the fact that we are here.”
Marc Thiessen agreed, while Robert Zimmerman said Obama had a point about people consuming news to be informed versus having their views reinforced.
Kelly said Fox is clearly a “constant irritant” to the president and basically just chanted, “We’re here, we’re clear, get used to it!”
She said Obama simply “doesn’t want to accept there is a channel that will criticize him,” and liberals do whatever they can to discredit Fox.
Watch the video below, via Fox News:

(Link added by The Pardu) Mediaite and Megyn Kelly
[image via screengrab]
— —


Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Fox News continues its "Tin Hat" coverage of EBOLA. 

As part of a piece we published yesterday, the following survey data directly attests to both Fox News and CNN's obsession with imparting the prospect of EBOLA spreading across the United States like this year's Influenza.

Washington Post-ABC News poll 

While 65 percent of the respondents say they are concerned about a possible “widespread” U.S. epidemic, nearly 8 in 10 with a high school diploma or less education say they are very or somewhat concerned. Among respondents with advanced degrees, about 4 in 10 say they are concerned. Just over 6 in 10 white respondents say they are concerned, compared with 74 percent of nonwhites. And while majorities of all partisan backgrounds express concern about a U.S. epidemic, Republicans express significantly more worry than Democrats.
Ratings, ratings, ratings! This past Sunday CNN's Candy Crowley relieved John McCain of his standard "drop bombs and attack" President Obama. The announcement of another diagnosis of EBOLA via a nurse in the Dallas area, McCain was allowed (if not encouraged) to attack from another realm.  

"We were told there would never be a case of Ebola in the United States."
— John McCain on Sunday, October 12th, 2014 in comments on CNN's "State of the Union"


Within hours Tampa Bay Times's Poltifiact found McCain's comments a common lie! While we have grown to expect McCain to take position directly opposite President Obama and whine like a spoiled baby (deprived of the US Presidency), CNN and Network News over-booking the erratic Senator is a bit over-the-top. If you need an example as evidence of his penchant for armed interventions, reflect on his crying about US Obama's handling of Putin's threats to Ukraine. Putin, this very week, withdrew Russian troops from the Russian/Ukraine border. The US spent few dollars, and we lost not one troop and received the same results McCain espoused with heavy reliance on bombs and armed threats.

If the networks so relish Obama Derangement John McCain on television every Sunday is a must. Sadly, McCain hasn't been right about one issues since well before is ill-fated 2008 presidential run...with Sarah Palin (a judgement issue in ad of itself).

I digress. Do you ever believe John McCain will get over his humiliating loss to Obama in 2008? End Digress.

MSNBC broadcast certain hosts who occupy moderate amounts of show time on EBOLA, but the network falls well shy of incessant piston-like questioning of guest after guest on "Can it go airborne?"

CNN and Fox at their finest and most frightening and well before Halloween.

CNN  "ESIN" (Excitement Single Issues News) fans the flames in a close race with Fox News.  In fact, Fox May lead with guest insanity. CNN actually wins with EBOLA saturation "Excitement News." Why "ESIN"? Do you recall coverage of Malaysia Airlines MH370 and MH17 airline tragedies? How about CNN on Bergdhal's release? And when such tragedies quiet down or the public moves away for CNN's incessant coverage, the network has its ready-at-the-draw Obama Derangement. 

Just before the midterms election a Tea party talking-head opens mouth and utters the "neo-midterm election strategy: EBOLA!

Let's revisit Fox News. It is statistically impossible to have so many Fox News show hosts display complete and utter derangement regarding EBOLA without corporate commitment to "FEAR." Of course, the disease is as dangerous as they come, but Fox News (and the "ESIN" GIANT, CNN) are promulgating a level of fear that boarders on "The sky is falling."

What we offer next is pure racist. But, racism become fashionable in the US.


Friday, August 29, 2014

Colbert: "It's Obama's Fault."

Eight minutes of Colbert and "It's Obama's Fault." 


Monday, June 30, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox And False Reporting On Obama Recess Appointments.

Repost from Tampa Bay Times Politifacts...  

Fox News never slows with doses of Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS).  We can hardly blame Fox; the real Tin Hat ridiculous is the scope of Fox  viewers sycophancy.  Without exception viewers who religiously tune-in know they are being entertained by creative writers and millionaire hosts with a singular mission: snipe away at President Obama.  In that vein, Chris Wallace and his production team know their broadcast segment is over-the-top and end to end runneth over with lies.  Yet, as with other Right-wing media, success is delivery of the message to the ravenous hordes. Truth in broadcasting isn't even a remote consideration. When compared to the importance of hour long anti-Obama feeding sessions, message veracity for Fox sycophants isn't a factor. 

Politifacts investigation of Fox News's    claims regarding the recent unanimous decision on Obama's recess appointments revealed yet another case of Fox News propaganda. 


The "9-0 decision last week was the 13th time the Supreme Court voted 9-0 that the president had exceeded his constitutional authority."

Bob Goodlatte on Sunday, June 29th, 2014 in comments on "Fox News Sunday"

GOP leader: Supreme Court has ruled 13 times that Obama exceeded his constitutional authority

President Barack Obama received a strong rebuke from the Supreme Court last week for his attempt to make appointments when Congress was still technically in session.
The 9-0 decision inNational Labor Relations Board vs. Noel Canningcame just as Speaker John Boehner announced plans to sue Obama for executive overreach.
Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., who defended Boehner’s lawsuit, said the Supreme Court’s ruling was emblematic of Obama’s term. Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, said the "9-0 decision last week was the 13th time the Supreme Court has voted 9-0 that the president has exceeded his constitutional authority."
Has Obama really had such a tough time with the high court? We decided to review the record.
Goodlatte isn’t the only person to make this argument. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, made a similar claim in a press release last week and it was also the subject of a column in the National Review, a conservative news website.
A spokeswoman for Goodlatte gave us a list of the 13 cases he referenced. We reviewed the evidence his office offeredenlisted the help of a few experts to help us parse through the legalese.
Goodlatte’s assertion doesn’t seem to hold water. Susan Bloch, a constitutional law professor at Georgetown University, said the NLRB case is very different than the rest of the cases on the list, in that the court actually was ruling on a separations of power issue and a presidential overreach.
"That’s a fair case of the president’s use of executive authority getting rejected," she said.
But the rest of the claim? "It’s a total overstatement," Bloch said.
For starters, in eight of the cases, the alleged overreach occurred under President George W. Bush, as did the court cases that challenged the administration (United States vs. Jones, Sackett vs. EPA, Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church & School vs. EEOC, Gabelli vs. SEC, Arkansas Fish & Game Commission v. United States, PPL Corp. vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Horne vs. USDA, and Bond vs. United States). Bush’s Justice Department handled the initial court proceedings in most instances.
Obama’s Justice Department in many of the cases handled the appellate process and ultimately defended the actions to the Supreme Court. But that’s commonplace, experts we spoke with said.
Goodlatte spokeswoman Jessica Collins contended that doesn't make the chairman's statement untrue. "Regardless of who started the policies that were overturned by the courts unanimously during the Obama administration, President Obama decided to continue those policies which were struck down," she said.
But that isn't really what Goodlatte claimed. He said Obama "exceeded his presidential authority," not that Obama defended executive overreach.
Additionally, in many of the cases, executive overreach wasn’t really even at issue. For example, in United States vs. Jones, the court was ruling on whether the FBI had the power to use a GPS to track a suspect and gather evidence.
Technically, the FBI is a federal department under the Justice Department, a department in the executive branch. But the court was not reeling in an administration that was abusing power. Rather, "it gave us some guidance about how new technology and the Fourth Amendment should interact," Bloch said. "It has nothing to do with presidential authority."
Another case on the list, Arizona vs. United States, surprised our experts. Why? Because many saw it as a partial victory for Obama.
This is the case surrounding Arizona’s tough immigration laws that many civil rights groups said amounted to racial profiling. In 2012, the Supreme Court released a complicated 5-3 ruling, in which the court actually sided with the Obama administration on three of four counts. On the fourth provision, which allowed Arizona authorities to check the immigration status of anyone suspected of being an undocumented immigrant, the court basically said it’s too soon to tell, and unanimously decided to send the issue down to the lower courts to monitor for further challenges.
"The Supreme Court struck down three of the four because they interfered with federal immigration enforcement, which was defended by the Obama administration to advocate for the laws passed by Congress," Stephen Wermiel, a constitutional law professor at American University.
Another case on the list was last week’s ruling in United States vs. Wurie, which was decided along with Riley vs. California. The court ruled that police could not search your cell phone without a warrant if you were arrested.
Wermiel said it was "absurd" to include the Wurie case on the list. It also originated prior to Obama taking office and was the result of a Boston police effort. Like the Jones case, it dealt with technology issues, not executive overreach.
Another case on the Goodlatte’s list and decided last week,McCullen vs. Coakley, dealt with state laws, particular whether a Massachusetts law that put no-protest zones around abortion clinics was constitutional. While the Obama administration filed a brief supporting the Massachusetts law, the issue decided had little to do with executive authority.
The last case included, Sekhar vs. United States, did originate under the Obama administration. It’s complicated, but basically the FBI sought extortion charges against a Massachusetts venture capitalist, who was accused of trying to force a legal adviser to the New York state comptroller to persuade the comptroller to invest in his company. The Supreme Court said the FBI couldn’t arrest him under federal extortion laws.
In all, how does Goodlatte’s assertion hold up? Not well, our experts said.
"This is a concocted statistic," said Tom Goldstein, publisher of the Supreme Court blog "It's just saying that the government lost cases unanimously. The government participates in roughly 60 cases a term. Every administration loses cases unanimously."
"It's true that the Obama Administration's views have been rejected repeatedly in the Supreme Court. But this way of putting it overreaches considerably."
Our ruling
Goodlatte said, the "9-0 decision last week was the 13th time the Supreme Court has voted 9-0 that the president has exceeded his constitutional authority." A thorough review of the 13 cases found many instances where presidential authority was not at issue. Further, most of the cases originated under and were first litigated by the Bush administration.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Media Serves As A Platform For The Right

Just after the 2010 mid-term elections, Ari Melber published a prophetic piece related to the extent to which reporters leveraged the 2010 "shellacking" into "the language of the midterms." Melber's focus was omission of the tea party from those reporting the landslide midterms vs the greater GOP, The GOP tea party infestation had not been sworn-in to the House and Senate, and reporters, within days of the election, set the stage for what has metastasized into a virtual GOP Sunday Morning news show monopoly. And, we sit and wonder why we hear and read reports of the prospect of the GOP gaining seats in the US Senate in 2014.  

Melber wrote for The Nation:
Elections have a way of setting agendas.

While the candidates elected last week will not actually wield power until January, the political world is already adopting the language of the midterms. 

That's especially true for political reporters, who frame the questions thrown at the White House's freshly shellacked podium. 

To get a snapshot of the new language, The Nation counted up the most frequent words that reporters used in their questions during three major post-election sessions. 

We used the day-after press conference with President Obama, a similar outing with press secretary Robert Gibbs, and a trio of Sunday talk shows—Meet The Press, State of the Unionand Fox News Sunday.
Below is a snapshot of the New Change created through the website Wordle.

Melbers work in now way related to what's to come in this piece, but retain the details of this cloud for a bit. 

It would be totally fascinating to see a cloud related to political appearances on the Sunday Morning news shows.   Steven Benen, MSNBC, has studied the predominance of the GOP on Sunday Mornings. The data reflects the essence of Melbers Wordle cloud a full three years later. Benen's data also reflects the very reason I have stopped watching the Sunday shows since well before President Obama's first election to the presidency.

Benen's review reflects the 2013 Sunday Morning winners. 

As indicated 10 of the top 13 Sunday Morning fixtures are Republican.

Read Benen's analysis and comment, here

It appears electronic media leverages public sentiments in developing news stories, booking guests and slanting stories. While MSNBC, sets on the Left of a political ideology spectrum, we find CNN and Fox News on the opposite point, "the proliferation of Sunday Ideology sharing." Of course, MSNBC doesn't present a Sunday Morning show comparable to those in the Benen reviews; NBC is a stand-in. The network serves as a stand-in for MSNBC with one major problem: David Gregory as Meet The Press host. Gregory is as conservative as any major news host and his broadcast also serves as a GOP ideology platform.

You recognize the danger, of course. Both Gallup and Pew Research published studies in 2013 showing people get their news from television.  Linked

If people get the preponderance of their Sunday morning news from television, and the major networks (via Meet The Press, Face The Nation and Sunday Morning, State of the Union, Ans Fox News Sunday) is their any wonder 47 % of the 60% of eligible US voters flocked to the voting booths and cast votes for Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan? How about the prospect of so Americans many finding fault with the Affordable Care Act on general principles well beyond website problems? If you think our absence of inertia on slowing climate change is due the fact no one really cares, think again. When was the last time you saw or heard a report on climate change from either of the networks delineated above? 


What do you think of the millions who actually believe the nation has a voter fraud issue? We fall for such because the networks occupy on-camera seats with people who are there to spread an agenda and to spread ideology. Heck, the only cases of fraud that made the media in 2012 from the right and which perpetrator was a white person.

If I may give another much more poignant example.  Let's visit the bayou bigots, Duck Dynasty, for a few minutes. The Arts and Entertainment Network (AKA A&E LIVS Network) [ LIVS Low Information Voters network], suspended Phil Robertson for bigoted anti-gay and insensitive (and inaccurately/indifferent) comments about the African American experience in the deep south.  

Robertson's GQ interview set the media ablaze and awakened the nation's Right comparable to the ACA and Benghazi.

First, Robertson is in his mid to latter 60s. I have read he grew to adulthood in the American South. How could he miss life as depicted to the right?

Robertson has also been reported via the Interent (NOT NEYTWORK NEWS) in the following manner.

Crooks and Liars reports that Robertson is no hypocrite as he was 18 years of age when he started  dating his current wife at age 14. 

As you know A&E (LIVS Network; Low Information Voters) network has reversed the Robertson suspension; he will be full-fledged head of the klan (excuse the pun) starting next week.  

We have commented on Robertson based on the absence of reporting character issues.  If I am not mistaken there are men in prison as you read this convicted of sex with under-aged girls. while there may be no scriptures related to sex with under-aged girls, we find it acutely disturbing Robertson platformed his comments with a version of the Bible in tow. Some, the networks have failed to report the 'full' Robertson story, we suspect many people who will 'thump' to church this weekend have no idea of his positing on guys getting them at age 15.  

Ultimately, the networks are failing the nation. We realize business is business and some networks are vying for viewership, we suspect others are like Fox News adopting and postulating political positions. The Benen data above illustrates the extent of right-wing monopoly of the Sunday News shows and networks like Fox and CNN are shaping our political paradigms. Their work on behalf of conservative America is as dangerous as it comes. 

When we consider the social mores and economic catastrophe of Republicanism, we have the right to feel media should take on a role of investigation and revelation. What we have today is promulgation of Right-wing punditry and demagoguery with network revenue commensurate with viewer ratings.  As we move farther and father to the Right!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) And Insurance Company Letters


Any rational American has to know Big Insurance was not enamored with the prospect of healthcare reform (Affordable Care Act - ACA).  Despite an appearance of acquiescence in working within the parameters of the ACA, the brilliant capitalist at Big Insurance have found a crack in reform. Low cost and 'lite' coverage post enactment of the ACA are subject to cancellation; they fall shy of mandatory levels of coverage.  Well, that is no problem for Big Insurance. ACA requirements actually force carriers to cancel policies if outside coverage parameters of the ACA; and you know the rest. The insurer cancels the 'lite' policy and offers a higher cost ACA compliant policy. Certainly nothing illegal, but advantageous to the maximum.  Also quite probably a dynamic that should have been anticipated by the administration and addressed as a development consideration. If the problem was beyond the scope of a fix before  implementation, issue communication and suggestion of a fix should have been available to major stakeholders like the Head of HHS and the president. A fix that goes beyond lower income federal government subsidies to offset expense to the insured. There really is no answer for people who wish to incur exorbitant medical expenses on the back side of low cost, high risk policies that only cover medical basics. But, now we are hindsight speculating, right?

All said problems exist in ACA enrollment. Some problems are being exacerbated for political reasons. Others are reacting and responding to the wishes and funding of uber wealthy plutocrats. Many complaints are legitimate complaints with legitimate answers. Answer that are easily addressed with it of research people will not accomplish research. Thus, media fills the void in 3 to 5 minute segments.   

Relying on media is particularly problematic.  Ratings drive media as surely as low prices drives Wal Mart. We reap the benefit of Wal Mart's low prices, but hidden behind those prices are unfair and unbalanced work environments.   Additionally, we are in some cases buying products made in foreign factories thus depriving our selves of jobs and healthy communities. Media for the most part is comparable.

When seeking ratings, the network actually seeks faces to view advertisements reflected via media research companies.  Attracting faces to news is most often accomplished only via news that excites, agitates, muck-rakes  or reveals titillating information.  News related to the ACA is coming to us in some cases without media probing their emotional (supposed) victims. Emotion is an effective way to attract viewers; so is misleading or incomplete broadcast information. Media seeks ratings and ratings come best with "muck."  We all know of one network with a primarily mission of delivering and feeding Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) to its viewers. CBS and NBC have broadcast "victim" segments that were (we assume) unintentionally misleading. We cannot write similarly about the such broadcast from Fox News.

Last night Chris Hayes, ALL IN, MSNBC ran a segment that embodies the minimum coverage dynamic as well as any I have witnessed. If you take a few minutes to view the segment, you will come away better informed of the, "my insurance cancel me and now I have to pay more" problem. And, yes there are quite a few other ACA issues that need focused intervention and fixes.

The segment was not a short segment. We offer a link to the LA Times piece written by the ALL IN guest. But, as we always often communicate on the TPI: " High information people find a way to take the time and expend the effort, thus nourishing the mind." 

The segment does not address possible recommendations to fix the problem. A fix is not a focus of the media.  However, the segment does a great job of showing how media misinforms and does so in a manner that a basic journalism student would find unacceptable.  A dynamic that causes our concern about intent and motive.

There is no TPI attempt to rationalize problems with the ACA.  A healthcare system that provides service potential for all is common among industrialized nations.  It is important to recognize there are reasons for some glitches, just as there are inexcusable flops (to date) with enrollment tools that involve use of the ACA website.

As a minimum poor project/contractor management was a problem inside HHS and from the White House. We are certain President Obama, in hindsight, feels he should have micromanaged the implementation of the ACA on a more hands-on basis. But, for a President of the United States how realistic is micromanaging of such a huge undertaking.

Misleading the public does little to help solve problems associated with law that will benefit millions.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fox Reported To Hire "Paid Bloggers" For Positive Comments! Why Not The GOP Did Same!

After then Senator Barack Obama declared his intent to run for the US presidency, Right-wing media operatives and "paid" internet dirty tricksters deluged cyber space with lies, false statements, satire aimed at character assassination and other dirty tricks beyond the scope of human decency. As candidate Obama moved closer to winning the nomination over Hillary Clinton, it became obvious the internet would become a battle-front.  It took little time to realize the everyday and all day AOL message boards were littered with people who worked 24/7 for someone. The screen names were on the boards all day every day. 

As issues become 'hot' on the campaign trial, we could literally see flocks of Right-wing message board regulars moving between articles to spew their garbage and vitriol. Each GOP "Paid" Blogger appeared to posses canned talking-points, along with reams of argument-point data, and they maintained a consistent air of bigotry and racism to make their points. Some of the Right-wing message board denizens appeared to use the same screen name while exhibiting various writing styles, uses of lexicon, and various colloquialisms. It is virtually impossible, unless one is an actor or comedian, to completely stay in lexicon and colloquialism character for hours. It was an observation that would have gone completely unnoticed except the changes in lexicon and writing styles would coincide with what appear to be rotating shifts. In different terms, the same screen name would exhibit completely different and varying communications styles over a one hour period.

The dynamic became a running joke among progressive message board denizens as we experienced increasingly  horrid vitriol increase as we drew closer to November 2012. Just after Barack Obama won the nomination the vitriol increased to the point of outright obscene, racist and socially indignant. We begin to recognize that the person arguing an hour ago under a certain screen names became an all-out different personality with associated vulgarity. Vulgarity missing from the argument 30 minutes prior.  I will never forget a comment during a heated exchange.  The comment was from a person who was not actively involved in a point-counter-point: "White people in America will never elect a nigger as president."  Within the previous hour someone with that same screen name had argued intelligently and almost effectively the salient points of the US Constitution relative to original construct vs evolutionary intent over the centuries. From deep visceral argument about the US Constitution, to (same screen name) use of the "N" word after what appeared a completely change in argument opponent! The paid bloggers reminded of the subterfuge out of times past via the GOP.

The GOP learned much from Richard Nixon's, Committee to Re-Elect The President-C.R.E.E.P. team. Dirty tricks and subterfuge works. It is particularly effectively when applied in an environment wrought with potential for social discord such as the election of the nation's first African-American president. The GOP learned much and has literally developed dirty-tricks to the point of effectiveness in restricting the vote via voter suppression. The party on the Right goes about its business and it seems the party's propaganda network may have adopted the internet "screen-name army"' methodology.

Fox News serves well as the broadcast voice of the GOP.  We have clear and repeated evidence of Fox New delivers quasi-political entertainment to sycophant viewers. The network has actually stepped-up the use of outright lies to deliver anti-administration propaganda and appears to one reporter to have established an elaborate internet account "army" to combat negative stories about Fox.

David Folkenflik, NPR reporter, has written about a similar "Internet account army" in his soon to be released book Murdoch's World. Folkenflik wrote about an elaborate system of dummy internet accounts to fill post comment boxes with positive comments. Either comments to promulgate a positive perception of the associated article or, and probably more prevalent, to counter negative comment from others.

In a chapter focusing on how Fox utilized its notoriously ruthless public relations department in the mid-to-late 00's, Folkenflik reports that Fox's PR staffers would "post pro-Fox rants" in the comments sections of "negative and even neutral" blog posts written about the network. According to Folkenflik, the staffers used various tactics to cover their tracks, including setting up wireless broadband connections that "could not be traced back" to the network.  
A former staffer told Folkenflik that they had personally used "one hundred" fake accounts to plant Fox-friendly commentary:
On the blogs, the fight was particularly fierce. Fox PR staffers were expected to counter not just negative and even neutral blog postings but the anti-Fox comments beneath them. One former staffer recalled using twenty different aliases to post pro-Fox rants. Another had one hundred. Several employees had to acquire a cell phone thumb drive to provide a wireless broadband connection that could not be traced back to a Fox News or News Corp account. Another used an AOL dial-up connection, even in the age of widespread broadband access, on the rationale it would be harder to pinpoint its origins. Old laptops were distributed for these cyber operations. Even blogs with minor followings were reviewed to ensure no claim went unchecked.  [Murdoch's World, pg. 67] 
Is there anything the American Right will not do to facilitate development of a an ultra-conservative plutocracy?

Do you watch Fox News?