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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ben Carson Wants To "Tell You What To Do"

Ben Carson recently entertained the Fox & Friends "nutty" congregation audience with the following regarding the recent mass murder in Oregon. (35 seconds)

I have long posited, and will continue to take the position, Ben Carson has serious mental issues.

After much discussion and specific probing from friendly media (AKA Fox News), the zany GOP presidential campaign top echelon candidate, joined CBS this morning for more nuttiness. He states he wants to tell people what to do. Carson just cannot imagine, millions upon millions do not give a damn about his suggestion. His words are simply Fox News like machismo without regard for the reality of the environment in which a killer carefully planned his slaughter. 

Mediate has published a piece about this morning's CBS visit.  If you are like me regarding insulating your grey matter from conservative insanity, skip through the segment and focus on the low lights.


Carson Defends Shooting Comments: ‘I Want to Plant in People’s Minds What to Do’

by Alex Griswold | 9:26 am, October 7th, 2015
Ben Carson

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson defended his comments that he wouldn’t have just “stood there” during the Oregon shooting, saying on CBS’s This Morning that he was just trying to prevent future tragedies.

“What did you mean when you said “I would not just stand there?” asked CBS’ Norah O’Donnell.

“I want to plant in people’s minds what to do in a situation like this,” Carson said. “Because unfortunately, this is probably not going to be the last time this happens.”

Linked video here

“Do you believe the victims in Oregon just stood there?” she asked.

“From the indications that I got, they did not rush the shooter,” Carson responded. “The shooter can only shoot one person at a time, he cannot shoot a whole group of people. And so the idea is overwhelm him so not everybody gets killed.”

But O’Donnell pointed out that one victim Chris Mintz did rush the shooter, but only ended up shot seven times. “That is exactly what should be done,” Carson said. “If everybody does that, the likelihood of him killing as many people diminishes quite significantly.”

He denied that he was being insensitive to victims. “…We live in a culture now where people decide everything you say, we need to set up battle lines and we need to get on this side of it or that side of it, rather than collectively trying to figure out how we solve the problem. It’s sort of an immature attitude but it seems to be something that’s rampant in America today.”

Watch above, via CBS.

[Image via screengrab]

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Former Adviser Says Trump "....Is Losing A Grip On Reality"; Fox & Friends Confirms It

Losing his grip on reality?

Late last week Donald Trump hit another of his close advisers with "You're fired." Or so he claims. The former Adviser , Roger Stone, has a converse argument about his departure and slats his word with from the Trump camp with "losing a grip on reality."

Later in this piece we posted a few tweets that of Trump on Fox News Fox & Friends with confirmation of Stone's comments.

Roger Stone: I Wasn’t Fired, I Quit, Trump’s Losing Grip on Reality

PicMonkey Collage - Stone
Reports have emerged that Donald Trump has given the “you’re fired” treatment to his ally and adviser Roger Stone. However, Stone said that he was the one who called it quits with Trump, saying that his constant feuding is distracting from the core issues.

Trump told The Washington Post‘s Robert Costathat Stone would dispute how the split happened, and indeed, Stone said he was the one who called it quits. The real estate mogul insisted that the move was a result of Stone not being a serious contributor to his campaign, while also citing the publicity his statements have recently received.

A Trump spokesperson reportedly told MSNBC, “we have a tremendously successful campaign and Roger wanted to use the campaign for his own personal publicity.

POLITICO reported that they received word from friends of Stone that the former adviser sent in his resignation about an hour before Trump’s interview.

Stone’s friends also reportedly said that Stone had become increasingly fed-up with Trump’s controversies, his personality, and his confidence in uncertain poll numbers. Stone reportedly warned Trump not to go after Megan Kelly, but after he did so, his friends said he came to them with his frustration.

“He is losing his grip on reality,” Stone said. “He has these yes-men around him. And now he’s living in a parallel world.

Stone offered no direct comment, but a copy of the email was reportedly provided:

“I was proud to have played a role in the launch of your presidential campaign. Your message of ‘Make America Great Again’ harkened back to the Reagan era. Restoring national pride and bringing jobs back to America – your initial and still underlying message – is a solid conservative message. In fact, it catapulted you instantly into a commanding lead in the race…Unfortunately, the current controversies involving personalities and provocative media fights have reached such a high volume that it has distracted attention from your platform and overwhelmed your core message…With this current direction of the candidacy, I no longer can remain involved in your campaign.”
Stone has since offered two tweets regarding his departure:
Roger Stone @RogerJStoneJr
Very anxious to see the direction of the Trump campaign from here and the next round of credible polls. #StandBy
3:43 PM - 8 Aug 2015
Roger Stone @RogerJStoneJrVery anxious to see the direction of the Trump campaign from here and the next round of credible polls. #StandBy
3:43 PM - 8 Aug 2015

DATE — 08/08/15, 7:01 p.m. ET: Watch CNN’s interview with Stone below:

Roger stone I wasnt fired I quit Trumps losing grip on reality

[Image via Twitter]

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Losing touch with reality? After a mutual schmoozing session between Trump and Fox News's Roger Ailes, Trump appear on the zaniest news show on Cable TV: Fox & Friends.

Simply our tax code? Is that a policy item that actually helps
middle class and low income Americans?

.@realDonaldTrump: "We have to simplify our [tax] code. We have to bring down our taxes."
— FOX & Friends (@foxandfriends) August 11, 2015
What comes next should be viewed and heard along with warnings about comments that some will consider offensive. No the comments are not vulgar; they are comments that could only emanate fro a person who cannot have full control of his faculties.

Invade Iran, take and hold the oil?  
Does Trump not realize the level of jingoism and insanity inherent in such a remark? How about the prospect the only middle Eastern nation that would find such imperialism acceptable would be a temporary lapse in sanity via the Saudi Arabian monarch?  After a period of Saudi insanity, even that nation wouldn't find Trumps imperialist acts acceptable. How bout the extent to which such an act would ignite international terror? Are his advisers actually advising on such talk, or is the talk simply carnival barking for the seething Fox & Friends audience.  

In 2011, Trump stated how he would handle issues related to Iraq. The appearance on Fox & Friends foretold his comments of this morning.

Think Progress (April 2011)

I very simply said that Iran is going to takeover Iraq, and if that’s going to happen, we should just stay there and take the oil. They want the oil, and why should we? We de-neutered Iraq, Iran is going to walk in, take it over, take over the second largest oil fields in the world. That’s going to happen. That would mean that all of those soldiers that have died and been wounded and everything else would have died in vain– and I don’t want that to happen. I want their parents and their families to be proud.
Simplify the tax code?  
How would such a tax code change help people in the middle and lower income brackets in comparisons the benefit to high income earners?

Tax code changes that benefit the rich disproportionate the middle class isn't a surprise. The GOP has exist with such a policy for decades (hence Reaganomics)  attacking a Middle Eastern nation to take and hold their oil fields is literally insane.


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Facebook Basket: Conservative Media, Right-Wing Demagogues And A Seceded Country Called "Reagan"

Conservative America is seriously devolving into an abyss of insanity. Fox News most brainless show (Fox & Friends) takes the prize for mindless gibber-jabber. We find Chuck Todd seeming to work towards a job at Fox News. The man is auditioning like no other. Todd makes George Wills audition and Howard Kurtz's auditions look amateurish.

The top of the cake (the icing) is a conservative brain-child nut case espousing secession with the resultant nation called Reagan.  

Shut Off Water For Poor Residents

Fox News Baselessly Blames Calls For Minimum Wage Increase For Drop In McDonald's Profits

New York Times Columnist Apologizes For Attending Fundraiser For Anti-Gay Legal Group

Chuck Todd Explains The Meet The Press "Balancing Act" And How Diversity Is A "Front-Burner Issue"

O’Reilly Goes On 47 Percent Rant, Claims Democrats Only Vote Because They Want Things

When you do not agree with conservatives they often reach for a place that reads: You should not be allowed to vote. Isn't that a care foundation of authoritarian fascism?

Now, this one is archetypal GOP. I would love to see the US south "REAGAN" collect taxes from a tax base with scant industry, high levels of welfare recipients, chronic numbers of the under-educated, the highest levels of medical uninsured, and high levels of unemployment. Afraid "Reagan" (the country) would need an Army. How would Reagan's Army deal with funding?

Reagan aide: South should secede and create a new anti-gay country — called Reagan!

Post by Salon.

You GOP voters have frightfully shallow and brainless media darlings.  Fox New should be an insult to your intelligence. Yet, the network garners major support from a large audience. Does that mean the nation has gone insane?

Remember business is based on giving the consumer what the consumer wants.  That means Fox news reports to the lowest denominator because of your consistent viewing. 


Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fox News Feeds Its Sunday Morning Viewers Pure Red Meat.

Life is great when we live in a world where Fox News is a remote outlet for people who seriously need to check their states of mind (to keep it clean).  How can a sane person tune-in for daily and hourly barrages of what you area about to read? 

The Raw Story
‘Fox & Friends’ links Benghazi, missing Malaysia flight — and blames Obama for both (via Raw Story )
The hosts of Fox News’ morning show Fox & Friends on Sunday suggested President Barack Obama was to blame for both the 2012 terrorists attacks in Benghazi and missing Malaysian Flight 370 because he had failed to destroy al Qaeda. After the state…


Monday, November 25, 2013

Fox News Joins Latest GOP Talking-Point: Iran Nuclear Deal Is An ObamaCare Distraction

Re-post from the Raw Story.

Fox News host Steve Doocy

Steve Doocy: ‘Curious timing’ that Iran came ‘out of nowhere’ to distract from Obamacare (via Raw Story )
Fox News host Steve Doocy and the network’s “objective” news anchor Bret Baier agreed on Monday that President Barack Obama’s timing was questionable in announcing a deal with Iran that broke three decades of gridlock on preventing the country…


We find it truly amazing Fox News managers, editors and writers would turn such a Fox & Friends over to Doocy and "The Couch." The Iranian deal is reported to have been started very much in secret in 2012. We will follow this Fox & Friends segments to see if credible news media bothers to address the Fox News "red meat."

I am curious to see which MSNBC show hosts will address this morning's Fox New red meat.