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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Fox News, Perpetual Mendacity And 45

 Fox is slipping towards reality along with a presidential perpetual state of mendacity.

The Hill published a 39-second snippet video about Trump's nascent aversion to Fox News. Linked here.

 A new diversion phenomenon!  Is it possible the network is waning in the face of Trump's increasingly erratic and unstable behavior?  After all, the network has served for years as Trump's cable news propaganda outlet, What should a needy president do when he feels deep in-congruence regarding Fox?  

Diversion yes but also a tactical effort to shape the broadcast of THE news outlet of his minion supporters. And therein lies a problem. 

Mediaite's Josh Feldman Fox News Shepard Smith on "NOT TRUE." Linked, here.

DNC Communicators director interviewed. Now what follows must have pushed Trump to a stage of a volcanic eruption.

Has the Washington Post published an update on the number of lies told since Trump took office on January 21, 2017?  The last count, we had 12,000.  Surely we have surpassed 13,000 over the past 2.5 weeks.

How does Trump's new press secretary, Stephanie Grisham,  speak of his lies?
“I don't think they're lies. I think the President communicates in a way that some people aren't espeically comfortable with...."
Let's digress a second.  
Twelve thousand (12,000 ) plus lies in less than three years?  I offer Trump's trumpeter is accurate about our comfort level. 
"...A lot of times thy take Jim so literally  I know people will roll their eye if I say he was just kidding or was speaking hypotheticals, but sometimes he is."
Let's digress again.

Image result for eye roll gif
"...What I've learned about him is that he loves this country and he's not going to lie to this country."
Well, let's check that with a video segment linked here. The segment runs a few minutes beyond the lie on which we focus. You can end your viewing around the 5:38 mark.

Now let's read the statement from Trump's White House Presser again. 


Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Fox News Carlson Goes Rabid And A Current Events Smorgasbord

And the Right Metastasizes

How about a smorgasbord of current events in racist America?

The diminution of white supremacy via Fox News

Let's start with classic Fox News deflection and denial of the human state of mind which has led to genocide all across the globe. While I am not asserting white supremacy is or was at the root of most mass genocide, I am positing supremacy differentiation is common among the killings.  Rwanda, Cambodia, Germany (no linked necessary), Native Original people of North America (no link necessary).

Tucker Carlson fulfills his role on "Trump TV" while literally making a fool of himself with non-Fox News viewers.

Now imagine millions across the US who absorbed and assimilated each word of Carlson's oratory. 

Charlottesville, VA (2018) (WASPO link)

Charlottesville, VA (2018) "Jews won't replace us."

"Jews won't replace us."

Douglasville, GA.

Well, understand Carlson has a role to play and he is handsomely compensated to feed Fox News viewers. And so was this degenerate deplorable.

Image result for joseph goebbels

Speaking of which...


On the mater of the common refrain: "This is not who we are." Wrong this IS what we are; it isn't what we should be but conservative America as metastasized into...."what we are."

Take a few minutes.., watch and listen

Eddie Glaude Jr.

The full four-minute video with host opening.
Guns Guns, and More Guns

Take a look at an ammo clip from the recent killings in Dayton, Ohio. 
No photo description available.

Before you thin in terms of who sold the killers such an item, and will the seller be prosecuted as a facilitator of the Ohio killings, consider legislation enacted almost immediately upon Trump's taking office  2017. Would you agree it would take a person with a major mental problem to go out and purchase the ammo clip as shown above? 

Frank Talk ON Fox News


Sunday, August 4, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: An Absence Of Leadership (Gun Mass Terror)

When Leadership Fails To Lift and Improve Society, It All Erodes

 Leadership matters.

Image may contain: 1 person, text
And, where does the failure to lead take the nation?  Correction, actually Trump is leading. He is leading a party and a national mindset which embraces racism and bigotry.

Indifference matters.  How many times have we heard: 
"...this will never happen again?" 
"...this will not define us.
" Now is not the tie ....."
" ...we need prayers"
While the US leads the world in mass killings via white nationalist (white supremacists), we are seeing irrefutable evidence national leadership remains indifferent. Trump's leadership clearly fuels US white supremacy while weaponizing the minds of Americans who may not even realize they harbor racists inclinations.  

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently published a piece which offers a timeline of White House (Trump and cabal) indifference to white supremacy and growing overt manifestations.  July 2019...Linked here. Hardly a piece with examples of critical national leadership.

But leadership isn't just the domain of the White House.  The US congress is an even more critical facilitator of gun violence via its concrete and never yielding defense of the NRA; facilitation is 99.98% via the GOP and cash contributions.  In 2018 The Business Insider published a list of then-current politicians who accepted a political contribution from the NRA.   You may ask, "why pick-on the NRA?"

Let's use a basic literary device called the syllogism (deductive reasoning) to show why we "pick on the NRA." 
Major premise (A): The NRA has a mission of gun proliferation. Minor premise (B): Mass killers use guns (specifically rapid-fire military-style rifles)
Conclusion (C): Politicians who support the NRA are mass killing facilitators.
    If you viewed the Business Insider list of NRA friendly politicians, you couldn't have avoided a mental image of the GOP as the penultimate facilitator of our weekly mass killings.

    It looks like this...

    Image result for What is an example of syllogism?

    • Major premise (A):  NRA almost exclusively fulfills  its mission via donations to Republicans 
    • Minor premise (B): Money helps to win elections and paid individual pockets
    • Conclusion (C): GOP politicians help fulfill the NRA mission
    Now take the NRA information and blend the information with growing white supremacy (unchecked by national leadership) and we get more of the message from the meme below.

    First, consider watching the first two minutes of the following CNN segment (aired this morning).

    Here is another angle from the Right. Why consider the impact of military-style weapons when a party can continue to point to mental illness.  Mass killings are virtually impossible without military-style rifles.

    It should be noted the Texas Lt. Governor declined t appear on CNN while scrambling to appear on Trump TV (Fox).

    The aforementioned meme.
    Image may contain: 1 person, text

    A contrast in law enforcement; Eric Garner strangled to death while yelling: "I can't breathe" and the El Paso white supremacist terrorist while being arrest seeming to offer order for a burger with fries. 


    We will revisit this issue as information comes forth.


    Friday, May 24, 2019

    As Trump's World Turns: Doctored Video As A Right-wing Weapon

    The Washington Post and other non-Fox News media are reporting on a clear case of right-wing anti-Nancy Pelosi Internet video subterfuge. Following a trump attack on Pelosi earlier in the week, someone or a team of criminals took it upon themselves to doctored (or edited) a video of the Democrat Party Speaker of the House of Representatives. The dirty trick is a short video of Pelosi appearing senile, and, or drunken.  

    The Washington Post, linked here.

    Former Federal attorney and former mayor of New York City, and now Trump stooge, Rudy Giuliani joined in on promulgating the edited video.  His re-tweet included the following words.  First, keep in mind, Giuliani has to know the video is fake, but how can one serve as the perfect stooge million if one allows the truth to dilute his subservience to Trump. 

    Giuliani words tweet: "What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Her speech pattern is bizarre."

    Talking Points Memo's reports on the edited video are noteworthy.  

    As we consider the success of the edited video and the boosting from Fox News Business and Giuliani, it is important to note the following video did not receive like scrutiny from the Right. What follows is an obvious "mess".

    The video as a weapon?  In January of this year, CNN's Jake Tapper broadcast a segment regarding the Congressional testimony of National Security Director Coates.  While the first 1:12 seconds of the video relates to international adversaries, the following portions of the video have proven to be point-on. 

    Doctored 'deep fake' videos posing threat to elections, security

    Remember Republicans don't win elections via straight campaigning, dirty tricks and election subterfuge (including voter suppression) are key weapons of the party on the right.  And how does the high information voter avoid becoming a victim of the GOP's election black hole?  

    If you think this is a strategy and political weaponry misreported via CNN, think again. Fox News's Laura Ingraham also went video attack during a broadcast within the past 24 hours.  Watch the video Ingrahan weaponry, here (Media Matters). 

    Don't accept the Right as an entity which has an inner core of honesty and fair administration of matters of politics.  

    Live suspiciously and seek information.  


    Sunday, March 31, 2019

    As Trump's World Turns: Cage Immigrants And Cut Aid While Fox Runs Interference

    Check out the cheapest and most inhumane of Trump's people cages.

    The embed above mentions El Salvador. recently Trump and his cabal cut aid to three Central American nations: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.  The idiocy of the policy is beyond comprehension since aid to the three nations may well work to avoid more human beings seeking to enter the United States for humanitarian reasons.  Nonetheless, Trump policy as such serves to feed the twisted psyches of his supporters as well as ay well offer Trump a form of authoritarian euphoria while massages the minds and values of his advisers.

    Policy is a component of governance, and leadership, which proliferates with communicates to those who support the leader. Trump's supporters probably don't need policy communications to facilitate acceptance of the policy. Nonetheless, Trump's number one cable news network, Fox News, is johnny-on-the-spot with broadcast only idiots could absorb.

    First, pay close attention to this map.

    Image result for mexico and central america map Focus your view south of Mecixo. 

    If you fail to see the coming point, or if you know the coming point but feel others need a visual reminder, view this annotated map.

    And, a little humor.

    Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

    With each map neatly tucked into your gray matter, watch and listen to Fox News feed its viewers, what can only be described as racist generalizations.  When I mentioned the word watch, I reference the graphic at the lower portion of the screen in the Fox News image. It should be noted, Fox & Friends is Trump's early morning news related viewing.

    You might ask, why the harsh statement regarding racist generalizations.  Clearly, the policy relates to three nations which sit geographically south of the country of Mexico. Let's consider a few items. We should start with the reality the graphic wasn't created by a set intern.
    A. Think of the mindset which would lead Fox to show producers to allow hosts to lump all brown people into a "Mexico" bundle if they are people from south of the US border. 
    B Each of the three hosts in the video knows full-well Trump cut aid to three nations south of Mexico.  
    C.  Think of the psyche (and possibly the intellect) of many Fox News viewers who feel the bundling is fine and well within the realm of acceptable racist generalizations.  In fairness, I should also allow for Fox viewers who do not know the distinction between Mexico and Central America.  
    D. Think of Fox hosts and producers entertaining their number one Washington DC viewer. What better way to feed Trump's bigot button? Feed it via the use of the and Trump mantra: "Mexico". 
    In any and call cases pathetic while lacing with pure racism. But, keep one major consideration in mind. Successful businesses thrive off giving their customers (viewers) what they want.

    After sitting through the Fox New segment, how easy for viewers to reinforce their support for caging human beings while satisfying their innate need for personal feeding their bigotry. do you think for one second Fox News viewers, and for that matter, the citizenry of this nation would stand for watching white immigrants caged and treated as such.

    Recall this? Ellis Island and European Immigrants.
    Image result for white immigrants to the US ellis island Related image

    Related image Image result for white immigrants to the US ellis island

    As the nation moved towards World War II, immigrants of Jewish refugees escaping sure death in Europe also found one case which ended in tragedy.

    Image result for US refused german immigrants returned to germany

    Wonder how many of the returned refugees died in concentration camps?

    UPDATE: It appears Fox News has "apologized" for the graphic. Is the apology comparable to a judge telling the jury they can't consider evidence which could clearly indicate guilt but for some reason is inadmissible to the proceedings? The message with all impact was delivered ad cognitively absorbed.  Give the customer what they want.


    Friday, March 15, 2019

    New Zealand Shooting Gets A Reaction From The Right

    Yesterday yet another white supremacist (nationalist) took up arms against unarmed citizens in New Zealand.


    Fox News coverage...

    And, who does the GOP's number two racist and nationalist feel about the matter?

    Alas, the ugliness of conservatism.

    We will report on this killing and reaction from the Right over the next few days.


    Tuesday, March 12, 2019

    Fox News, Tucker Carlson Via Stephen Colbert

    Yesterday we published a piece regarding Trump and Fox News vitriol. Linked here.

    There was nothing in the piece which should have surprised anyone, nonetheless, Fox News and Trump continue to wash the nation are disgusting rhetoric and dangerous demagoguery.

    Trump's weekend comments about the Democrat Party hating Jews lead the ooze of insanity over the past few days. His strong Fox News supporting hosts joined in feeding their viewers dogma which Fox News appears to find acceptable. 

    Stephen Colbert recently devoted four minutes of his show to Tucker Carlson comments.

    Isn't it amazing that Fox News has such a huge viewer base?  What does that reality say about the inner core values of our nation?

    A former employee perspective on Fox News and how it feeds its ravenous viewers.  

    Show me a Fox News viewer and you have shown me a US bigot who could be a full-fledged racist.


    Monday, March 11, 2019

    As Trumps World Turns: Dems Hate Jews? Fox News Demagoguery

    Also on Fox News; another case of vile mouth from a host. It is important to keep in mind; Fox News has huge viewership. The network obviously gives, viewers, what they want. Is that hard to imagine?

    Listen and know this set of remarks has drawn scorn from Fox News management.

    Before we move into Trump's heinous remarks about Democrats hating Jews uttered (and oozed) from his mouth at Mar-A-Lagog this past weekend, take a quick look at what follows.  The Jewish Virtual Library table regarding historical national votes form Jewish voters.

    Over the weekend Trump went here: "The Democrats hate Jewish people.”  Vanity Fair is reporting on a series of what I call questionable but not surprising remarks from Trump's weekend among the wealthy and behind the curtain supporters.

    Vanity Fair
    Some of his remarks raised eyebrows.

    1. Referring to the recent anti-Semitism controversies with Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, Trump told the donors: "The Democrats hate Jewish people." 
    Trump said he didn't understand how any Jew could vote for a Democrat these days. Trump talked about how much he'd done for Israel, noting his historic decision to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. 
    Trump said if he could run to be prime minister of Israel, he'd be at 98% in the polls, according to three sources who were there.
    Read more liked above

    And how does the White House respond?  You know that was a rhetorical question.
    And for that rarely used sports analogy on the TPI: When all else fails to drop back and punt.

    Are Trump's remarks really another different than Romney's now famous 47% voter's remarks at the home of Pap John Pizza chain owner? 

    Thursday, February 14, 2019

    Fox News: Why Cancel An Anti-Nazi Ad?

    Image result for fox news meme

    Let's start with a bit of deductive reasoning.

    Image result for deductive reasoning I haven't developed a Syllogism, but nonetheless, follow my posit.
    Donald Trump spends a good bit of his day absorbing Fox News entertainment.  
    Fox News is the network of far-right conservatives and the viewing preference for Americans who embrace Trumpism as if it is a religion.  
    Fox News is an entertainment network which purports to the moniker and promulgates all things Apple pie with network hosts who often use the word patriot while feeding viewers utter propaganda.
    Wouldn't a credible news source welcome an opportunity for its viewers and the US President to see and hear an ad with an anti-Nazi message?
    The answer is a deductive, "no." 

    Image result for fox news toilet heads

    While many articles have been written about Fox News and its seeming disdain for coverage issues of race from a neutral perspective and Bill O'Reilly (when employed at Fox) was over-the-top with his brand of racism, I offer a very basic example of Fox News's commitment for fostering white nationalism.

    I offer the first 33 seconds of this video and former Fox News prime time host Megyn Kelly whitesplaining Santa Clause for some phantom set of child viewers.

    For perspective here is a shorter version.

    After a few days off and a return to the set on the following Monday, Kelly approached her on-air racism like only a Fox entertainment host would return. She followed what seemed a well planned and shoddily crafted response. A response which included mention of kids watching her show.  What Santa aged kids would be sitting in front of a TV set on a school night at 10:00PM EST watching he Kelly File? She mentioned tongue and cheek with a clear emphasis on "joked."  And she ended her five-minute response with a clear declaration of Fox as "...the powerful Fox News."  

    Enough of our example of over-the-top racism followed by a spineless effort to cloak the Fox FUBAR with pure malarkey. Let's move to a much more recent example of Fox News as a conduit to social regression. 

    Fox News management actually refused to air an anti-Nazi advertisement slated to run on Hannity's nightly Trump-feeding show. After the 30 second viewing, think about why such an ad would be banned from Fox. And then think about the psyche of its audience and the core of its mission.