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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

'The Fox Effect' As Dangerous As Any External National Threats

On a daily basis, my Internet meandering and scrouging around sometimes leads to interaction with someone who obviously spends a great part of their day watching Fox News. Without exception the interactions seem to yield poor souls who grab Fox &; Friends before work and rejoins the network in the evening for major doses of Fox News "tin foil hat-theria." (e.g. O'Reilly, Kelly, Hannity and Van Sustren). Oh, the thought is horrifying. 

Even more dire are interactions with Fox viewers who do not work and have a full day of Fox viewing. These viewers seem to occupy mid-day away from Fox News with mega doses of Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, or their favorite AM talk show host. 

As a great philosopher once promulgated as mantra "... I pity the poor fool (s)!

Fox News personalities have a penchant for referring to their employer as "The powerful Fox News Network." Fox viewers have a 360 degree mutually flagellating (symbiotic) relationship that is shared by all successful businesses: The service provider gives the customer (viewer) what they want.   

And, here is what the viewers apparently want according to Politifact.

Spring 2015 Fox File statement analysis.

  •  True 15 (11%)          

  •  Most ly True 16 (11%)    

  •  Half True 27 (19%)

  •  Mostly False 29 (21%)    

  •  False 40 (29%)        

  •  Pants on Fire 13  (9%) 
    January 27th 2015, linked.

    Fox viewers are one consideration and a major impetus for Fox News entertainment and its ability to return a profit to Murdoch's empire. A sis the case with all tings politics in the US, Fox has an even more critical role as purveyor or Right Wing dogma. As a non Fox News viewer, you already know the aforementioned. "Well, did you know the network has a effect on the US Congress?"

    A conservative operative who worked for Ronald Reagan and Ron Paul as well as George H.W. Bush asserts the US Congress has been literally moved to the poli/social Right via the effect Fox News.  Talking Points Memo is reporting Bruce Bartlett  cites a series of studies with findings that are (to put it mildly) disturbing.

    As you follow the TPM piece, retain a bit of contemplation regarding the Politifact data (above).

    “Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”


    In a paper published last week, conservative economist Bruce Bartlett made the case that Fox News has had a significant effect on the political process and electoral outcomes in America, yet another contribution to the study of "The Fox Effect." 
    Since Fox founder and chairman Roger Ailes opened shop in 1996, the effects of the powerhouse conservative channel on the media landscape have been widely noted. Bartlett, a onetime advisor to Rep. Ron Paul and President Ronald Reagan and official in the administration George H.W. Bush, cites several studies showing how Fox broke into an untapped market for a single conservative news source after years of FCC regulations which required equal time for political debate (the so-called "fairness doctrine" ended in 1987 under President Reagan.) 
    But Barlett also surfaced studies which show that that the Fox Effect changed not only Americans' media diet, but their political behavior as well — boosting turnout for the GOP and pushing both Republicans and Democrats rightward in Congress. 
    A 2007 study in the Quarterly Journal of Economics found that the arrival of Fox had a "significant effect" on the presidential elections from 1996 to 2000: Republican candidates gained 0.4 to 0.7 percentage points in towns that broadcast the channel. (The research also credited Fox with GOP gains in the Senate.

    If Fox News has actually moved the US legislative to the Right. it would be hard to argue the Executive Branch hasn't also moved Right

    There are other dynamics related to the Fox News Effect on our nation. In 2011, CBS News hired a longtime Fox News executive to run its News division.  David Rhodes joined the CBS team and foe my money the networks news division hasn't been to same since. Rhodes started his television career at Fox News out of college and in 1996 (the year of Fox News's inception). Rhodes grew to professional competence and political inclination along the lines of the very network for which he worked anf with all corporate mission, vision and values. Do you recall 2013 Lara Logan "Benghazi" segment developed around an outright liar who claimed to have been at the site of the embassy and consulate killings? You know the outcome; complete fabrication via a full twenty plus minutes on the CBS flagship news magazine. The story was so Fox News it reeked of Sean Hannity and company.

    When the Fox News Effect advances to a national mindset, when the Fox News model with all associated data advances via corporate ratings grabs to network media. From national mindset the "effect" moves to paradigm. Paradigm in turn becomes reality.

    Now, one final degree of contemplation: revisit the Politifact data (above). 

    And, there-in lies great danger!