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Sunday, June 10, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: G7 Summit, Fox News, Trump "Dictator?"

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If we are to start with a cartoon about Trump's red caps and Fox News, let's roll right into something very Fox News like. The network is so void of competent professionals it is embarrassing. Fox News host, Abbey Huntsman, literally referred to Trump as a "dictator."

Twenty-six seconds of a major 2018 Freudian Slip.

Former MSNBC co-host and nascent Fox News addition later apologized for the "Freudian Slip/parapraxis.
The mind is a powerful human characteristic, it is of its own and often gets out ahead of one's consciousness. Huntsman's remarks were as poignant as I have heard this year.

A former Fox News middle has no remote idea of US History. World War II did not find the US and Germany in a "good relationship." It is critical to keep in mind, Heather Nauert is the State Department Spokesperson. She is either clueless while running her mouth, or she has grade school interns as writers.

MSNBC's Morning Joe host responds.  

The examples of FOXPEN hosts is an indication of what happens when a network hires almost solely on looks.

From Fox to Trump.

As I mentioned interns or (grade schoolers to be more specific above), take a look at another existential job requirement for a White House or congressional interns. Trumps recent White House lawn celebration day.

"Buckets of Interns"

During the same week, the phoniness continued. Trump and the National Anthem he is currently using to drive his social agenda. Well, why is the link noteworthy? He doesn't know the words to the anthem. 

While the dwindled to almost non-existent protest across some teams in the NFL, was virtually forgotten and rarely enacted by seasons' end, I suggest a much more serious issuea US President who can not mouth the words.

If you think Trump is only embarrassing the US within the confines of the Continental US, think again. His antics at the G7 Conference are historic an shameful beyond belief. We will report on other antics as the week develops, let's leave this post with Trump's total disregard and lack of respect for women's issues and Conference protocol.

Disrespect, lack of professionalism and outright shameful.
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America we have a Problem!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The ACA: Medicaid Expansion Benefits People; GOP Obstruction Benefits Political Activism; Obama Adjusts Employer Mandate

Conservative state governors and conservative legislatures continue to obstruct implementation of Medicaid Expansion, a key provision of the Affordable Care ACA, ObamaCare. As we consider GOP obstruction of Medicaid Expansion and  harm to citizens who will suffer due to the obstruction, one can only surmise the "hold-out" governors are continuing to march to the Mitch McConnell "One-Term" drum. More rational governors have moved forward with Medicaid Expansion for various reasons. The most significant reason relates to cash infusion (funding) from the Federal Treasury.

Another important in implementation of ObamaCare is employer requirements set for completion in 2013 (Implementation Timeline). Yesterday, the Obama Administration postponed employer requirements under the ACA for one year.   (See details below)

Medicaid Expansion
The Kaiser Family Foundation websites provides an informative infographic about Medicaid Expansion. The graphic is posted below, find the link piece here.

Visualizing Health Policy: Medicaid Expansion Under the Affordable Care Act (March 2013)

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Since the GOP cares nothing about the health concerns of millions, some of which are their constituents, maybe there is a flicker of concern about people who have risked their lives or devoted years of their lives protecting our way of life. Veterans will suffer under obtuse GOP obstructionism along with children, the poor, the elderly and disabled.  

Stateline Pew States Dot Org

The shame reaches all levels of constituents below the level of people have medical coverage, and people who can absorb the cost of medical care costs into  household budgets as conveniently as renting movies (online or the Red Box). As stated above  children, the disabled, the elderly ,poor women and some veterans are citizens compassionate politicians would never  forsake. 

Additional relevant information.
States with highest healthcare needs: linked. 
Red states/Blue states:linked. Now, compare to Veterans healthcare image above. 
Kaiser Family Foundation: Medicaid and Medicare impact on Women's Healthcare.

Employer Coverage Mandate

The Obama Administration has postponed provisions of ObamaCare which applied to employers with 50 or more employees. The US Treasury Department Blog piece delineates (with careful wording I will add) the postponement.  We are also posting a HUFF Post piece about the postponement. If you navigate to the HUFF Post piece, please disregard the video segment which includes the Fox News rant about how Obamacare is "dissolving." The same FoxPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) personalities did not mention one complementary word about the great the news regarding development of exchanges in certain states. Of particular note, is exchanges rates in 
the nations most populace state.

For perspective on the employer postponement as it relates to full deployment of ObamaCare we offer the following from JAMA, The Journal Of American Medical Association.

This month's Visualizing Health Policy provides a step-by-step guide through the options and requirements for health coverage under the Affordable Care Act beginning in 2014, including coverage through an employer, coverage through a health insurance exchange, and coverage through Medicaid. Linked Infographic
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I recall reading a few weeks back about a glaring unforeseen problem for employer mandated coverage. The president publicly stated such large endeavors never come to fruition without glitches.  It is personally gratifying to see the Administration do what progressives do: they realign with a focus on progressively solving problems vs. bull-headed forcing of policy without regard for people. 


Friday, June 14, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: FoxPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network)

But, you say this is not a GOP Ignominious?  Think again!


Fox News and its propaganda mongers show extreme disrespect for their viewers.    No one associated with the TPI spends even minutes watching Fox News.  The minutes of viewing Fox are spent on Shepard Smith's early evening show while avoiding the Chris Matthews Hardball (repeat) show on MSNBC.  

Why not CNN? Need I answer that questions? 

Watch Hannity with former Obama Administration economic team's Austan Goolsbee.  What you will see is the very reason Hannity and his network avoids interviewing people who know facts, are not subservient paid pundits, and you will see the truth trump propaganda.  

Now take a look at what can only be described as pure propaganda and the work of a propagandist network. Do not forget, Hannity does not write all of his propaganda. Also, remember these people continue to amaze as they earn millions as electronic propagandist (and entertainment).  One would think these people recognize electronic media leaves a permanent archive. An archive, which is immediately retrievable by anyone who suspects the host is lying.

Hannity and Fox at its most revealing, thanks to a YouTube video.


What do you think?  Imagine consistent and repeated soaking up Hannity's propaganda. No, you cannot imagine such, can you? Millions do just that.  I have to assume their social and political paradigm contributes to a need for nightly doses of propaganda.   The next logical deduction, if we go to paradigm-ed (habitual) viewing of a propagandist like Hannity, is addiction to Fox News lies, misrepresentations, disinformation and all associated garbage from Fox News (FoxPEN, Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network). 

Take a few minutes to see how another FoxPEN propagandist goes ballistic when his guest will not agree with him.  Think about the last time your child or grandchild threw a tantrum because the kid could not have her/his way.



Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Tucker Carlson Speaks The Talk Of Segregationist Via The Mouth of a "BLACK CONSERVATIVE CHICK"

           Fox News host Tucker Carlson  

FOX News P.C. Police segment. Jim Crow?
“Hispanics and blacks tend to not be as good swimmers as whites, and many more black Americans and Hispanics, actually those kids don’t know how to swim,” Wright concluded. “This is just putting — it’s not good.” (Crystal Wright, editor of
"Conservative Black Chick?" Now, does that website title not speak to my long posited "I am different than them" comments.  People who expend so much time and energy working to show themselves as outside of a specific ethnic demographic, do so for obvious personal gain. (See CPAC Image above). I wonder if a website titled, "Conservative Chick" would provide equal numbers of hits with potential "money-grabbing" opportunities?  You and I both know the answer.

What we have here? Yet a rerun of white producers and hosts on FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network) scheduling black mouthpieces to do the dirty talk of bigotry and racism.  If you read here regularly, you know of the classic example of "caucasian message, black speak". 

The TPI April 5, 2013.

Bill O'Reilly once used the politically confused Juan Williams for "Color" commentary regarding getting on a place and being "nervous" (about people who appear in Muslim garb) as "Muslims." Color commentary is most definitely a intended metaphor! Williams allowed himself to be used for backing Bill O'Reilly's overt racism and Williams paid the price of termination from NPR. All Muslims do not wear "Muslim Garb" and most airline suicide bombers have not worn traditional muslim garb. Factually, most European Muslims do not wear such garb. That sheds considerable light on Williams' racism.

The noble diversity efforts from the Phoenix Recreation Department garners a similar reaction from FOXPEN. Did you notice FOXPEN ran the segment in their cheesy and childlike P.C. Police Segment. FOXPEN feeds their sycophants disparaging characterizations of efforts to diversify.  How better to increase the participant and skills levels of people who do not historically attract to water sports and basic swimming than poolside role models?

The National Public Radio's audio linked below is a good four minute listen. We have also posted an excerpt from the audio transcript.

NPR Transcript excerpt...

In Phoenix, A New Quest For Diverse Public Pool Lifeguards

Originally published on Thu March 28, 2013 5:57 pm (AUDIO to follow Click to listen)


From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I'm Robert Siegel.  
And I'm Audie Cornish.  
It may not feel like spring yet in much of the country, but in Phoenix, it's practically swimming weather. And that means a new crop of teenagers training to be lifeguards. From member station KJZZ, Jude Joffe-Block reports the city is trying to add some diversity to that classic summer job.  
JUDE JOFFE-BLOCK, BYLINE: When 17-year-old Showna Wells goes to public pools to swim, she notices something about the lifeguards.  
SHOWNA WELLS: I've never really seen, like, somebody black like me.  
JOFFE-BLOCK: The city of Phoenix is trying to change that. This winter, city staff came to Wells' school, Alhambra High, to recruit new lifeguards. More than 90 percent of the students there are black, Latino or Asian. None of the teens who shows up to hear the pitch is on the school swim team because, like many under-resourced schools, Alhambra doesn't have one. The city's Melissa Boyle is aware of this. 
MELISSA BOYLE: As long as you can get from one end of the pool to the other with a tube and then without a tube, we'll work with you in your swimming abilities.
Read More 

"As long as you can get from one end of the pool to the other with a tube and then without a tube, we'll work with you in your swimming abilities."   
The comment gives a marked different message than "accepting people who cannot swim and making the personal a lifeguard. I read a shared arrangement If the applicant can swim in any way (one end of the pool without tube) the Phoenix recreation Department will provide training. 

Lifeguards require training regardless of race. How much of an open-minded leap is it to assume Phoenix will provide additional training for the minority lifeguards? 

Carlson and Wright have embody the essence of Right-wing resistance to all things 'fair and balanced'. Should young minority children have only whites to role model?  Would you find it acceptable if all heroes big, small, far and wide were black or Latino.  I strongly suspect not.  The two FOXPEN highly compensated mouthpieces speaking the very language of segregation and they do so with the most shallow examples of association. 

Let's end with more from Carlson and Wright and FOXPEN writers.

“This is the same rationale that propped up Jim Crow for 80 years, right?” Carlson opined. “You want to swim in a pool with people who look like you. You want to sit in the same bus or the same movie theater or use the same water fountain as people who look like you. It’s diversity.” 
“Segregation,” Wright agreed. “My parents grew up during segregation and they didn’t really like to be on the beach and at pools and seeing white people be able to use a different beach. Phoenix is making no sense, and they’re forcing some kind of segregation.”
Has FOXPEN become so obviously anti-diversity, it stoops to levels of Carlson and Wright's remarks? They no longer entertain their viewers with Anti-Obamaisms on a daily basis, they use regressivism much like conservative aversion to efforts for leveling the playing field in employment, housing, and public facilities.