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Friday, June 23, 2017

The UGliness Of Sycophancy

If you really want to see human specimens of why we have Donald Trump in the White House.

When a focus group member runs his mouth like a broken water main only to shut completely up when asked to differentiate Trump from Obama, I can not help but go here.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Frantz Lutz Speaks About Limbaugh And Is Secretly Recorded

Republican strategist and adviser Frank Lutz is the latest GOP talking head to be captured superstitious speaking frankly about conservative America. Lutz, while speaking to a group of students at the University of Pennsylvania clearly stated that Rush Limbaugh was a polarizing force in conservative America. Lutz spoke in the context of laying the nation's polarization to the EB Network demagogue.  He spoke frankly enough the word "problematic" in relation to Limbaugh was captured on a student's IPhone. 

Lutz is a well-documented and effective "word coach" for the GOP. He is often the basis for GOP mantra and verbal strategy; and, he has been effective.  Mother Jones parenthetically uses an example from the brain and mouth of Lutz that was clearly adopted by all GOP politicians, pundits and surrogates.   Lutz advised as follows, during deliberations and resistance to President Obama's healthcare reform initiative. 

"(In 2009, Luntz urged GOPers to decry President Barack Obama's health care reform proposal as a "government takeover" in order to defeat it.)"
How many times did you hear the mantra?  Yes, the GOP is not noted for its originality and maverick approaches to political. If you hear catchy phrases from the GOP chances are the phrases emanated from the mind of Frank Lutz.

While speaking about the prospect of loosing the House of Representative in the 2014 off year elections, Lutz was prodded into speaking in a manner very off-limits to anyone int he GOP.  He spoke about the extent to which Limbaugh  the GOP ideology leader, has affected US politics and to a greater extent promulgated a deleterious and polarizing aura among Americans.

Mother Jones posted video (that is really audio only and very low sound volume at that)

At one point, Luntz was asked about political polarization. He replied that he had something important to say on this matter but was apprehensive about speaking openly; doing so, he explained, could land him in trouble. Members of the audience groaned; some called out for Luntz to continue off the record. Luntz asked if anyone was recording the event, and Eric Kaplan, a reporter from the college paper, the Daily Pennsylvanian, indicated that he was. Luntz requested that he turn off his recording device. Kaplan did so and agreed that this part of Luntz's talk would remain off the record. But one of the students present, Aakash Abbi, a junior majoring in philosophy, politics, and economics, started to record Luntz on his iPhone (without letting Luntz know), and Abbi has provided that recording to Mother Jones. 
Believing he was speaking privately to the dozens of students present, Luntz proceeded to gripe about conservative talk radio and its impact on political polarization: 
And they get great ratings, and they drive the message, and it's really problematic. And this is not on the Democratic side. It's only on the Republican side…[inaudible]. [Democrats have] got every othersource of news on their side. And so that is a lot of what's driving it. If you take—Marco Rubio's getting his ass kicked. Who's my Rubio fan here? We talked about it. He's getting destroyed! By Mark Levin, by Rush Limbaugh, and a few others. He's trying to find a legitimate, long-term effective solution to immigration that isn't the traditional Republican approach, and talk radio is killing him. That's what's causing this thing underneath. And too many politicians in Washington are playing coy.
Why did Abbi decided to IPhone Lutz after the consultant asked for "no recording?"  The student basically did what many should consider when a person asks to speak without being recorded if the request is outside of issues related to (intellectual) property rights.  He recorded the comments.

I am reading comments that indicate some feel recording when asked not to record was "sleazy", "dicky (whatever that is)", and immoral. I ask, :...wait a minute, the guy is a paid consultant and has agreed to speak to a group in which I am a participant." What could he have to say that he wants to hide from the public domain?  Why does he want to speak without being on recorded? Is he going to tell a bunch of lies or is he going to speak frankly while hiding the truth behind anonymity.  There is something clean and wholesome about honesty.  If you ask me to turn-off recording devices and you are not seeking protecting from infringements of intellectual property, my mind goes to 'truth or untruth.'

Limbaugh?  As I complete this screed, Limbaugh is not worth additional words. Lutz spoke the truth. He will undoubtedly catch real hell for speaking truthfully, but he should feel cleansed via his honesty. He should also know that many in the GOP agree with his surreptitiously recorded comment  but they will not speak openly.  

The salient point is, why is Lutz willing to share the truth with anyone in a public setting (even with a request for no recording). He shows he is made of 'umph' not common to politicians in the GOP.