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Monday, October 21, 2013

Billionaires’ Carbon Bomb..... "Building Keystone XL Pipeline Will Mean $100 Billion in Profits for the Koch Brothers"

$100 million dollar windfall!

When you think of your net worth and your earnings power, do you ever imagine a figure at what point you might feel satiated, and maybe sit back with the thought, "Now, that could be enough money for me, my family, for maintaining business operations for generations and any philanthropy (should you have that inclination)?"

A thought wasted on these plutocrats corporatist.

How about the prospect of being two of the wealthiest people on Earth with an opportunity to earn an additional $100 billion via approval of a pipeline?  A pipeline that travels from Canada across the health of the Midwest (and tornado alley) with fissures across the Mississippi River with end terminals on or near the Gulf of Mexico. The Keystone XL Pipeline offers that opportunity to the Koch brothers. International Forum on Globalization (IFG), A progressive think tank, has completed and published a report that may explain over-the-top GOP support and dogma for the pipeline.

Koch Cash Dot Org published the October 2013 report in pdf form. We are posting a (must read) link to press page with the Google map embed below. 
Below is our Google map showing all the Koch Assets in the tar sands as well as interests all along the proposed pipeline itself. Or if you prefer to see it the whole page itself, click here.

View Koch Assets Map in a larger map
one piece key
Wealth is a state of being that has grown to a common expectation and standard in the United States. According to Huffington Post, October 17th 2013, America blows away the rest of world when considering individual wealth.  

The U.S. Blows Everyone Else Out Of The Water In 1 Key WayThe Huffington Post  |  By Posted:   |  Updated: 10/17/2013 11:38 pm EDT

That one way? We're really, really good at creating really, really rich people -- like, $50 million-plus rich. Just ignore the fact that our 400 wealthiest people are worth more than the entire bottom half of the country combined. And now, the chart:
rich people

Wealth in the US is such that the people who comprise our upper  (uber wealthy) crust 20% have carved a special niche comparable to a caste system. Caste systems exist in environments where in aggregate people accept their plight and scrap among themselves for trappings of the good life. 

The US caste systems differs via the very nature of its uber wealthy obscenely opulent button pushers: the Koch brothers. The Kochs are biblical "temple money brokers" who, if you are follower and believer of scripture, Jesus extricated from the Money Changer Temple." 

When do we say, "enough is enough?"  Since first mention of an expanded XL version of existing Keystone Pipeline (beyond the current Keystone Pipeline), conservatives, politicians, and even a few noted quasi-Democrats (e.g.,Harold Ford) have spoken frequently and loudly about approval of the project. Outright lies about potential jobs and to decreasing US energy dependence, have peppered Pipeline-friendly media and barraged the Obama Administration.

Studies have documented the fallacy of thousands of jobs from the project and the US will soon overtake Saudi Arabia as the leading energy producer on Earth.  Additionally, the Keystone XL Pipeline will deliver fossil fuel derivatives to overseas market in Asia (China). Before, we move on, it should be noted the Canadian Province of Alberta has denied approval of  a western pipeline (to the Pacific Ocean) based on inadequate safety measures from tar sands oil producers.

Why should the United States stand-in as a conduit for pushing the Kochs to the top of  the international uber wealthy?  What should the heartland of the United States become the next potential major oil spill? While we dread the thought, what if that spill deposits tar sand sludge into the nation's busiest commercial thorough fare? Catastrophe in either scenario would lead to armies of Koch Lawyers combating corporate responsibility much like that of British Petroleum and the Gulf Oil Spill.

From another perspective, why should the US pave a path for uber wealthy people who have serious social shortcomings probably handed to them by the John Birch Society co-founder Fred Koch.
 DNA that today manifest in attempts to re-segregate a school system in North Carolina. The brothers are Ayn Rand like Libertarians who suffer from innate contempt for people who are less fortunate regarding. financial wherewithal, jobs, medical coverage and who are simply unfortunate as denizens of the middle class or poor.

We can find no rational justification for spending $200 million to combat the ACA, when neither the Koch's nor their families have need for medical insurance.  If we place the $200 million in perspective,  there should be little doubt why the House of Oz voted 45 times to repeal or defund the ACA (at a cost of over $65 million). Can you imagine a  GOP Government shutdown, without approval via the party's major "Money-Brokers?"  The shutdown cost the nation $24 billion tangible dollars and untold international ramifications.

Now we find the Kochs will benefit at the tine of $100 billion with full development of the tar sands fields in Canada.

Al Shaprton, Politics Nation provides a poignant segment on people who would rule our nation without regard for common people. 

It is important to know, if you are reading this piece, you are probably one of America's common people. When you go to the voting booths and vote GOP, know that you are handing the Koch's another $100 billion dollars! You are also voting to elect Koch approved candidates who will work to advance Koch plutocracy detrimental to the well being of the nation.