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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh, Father Of Modern American Conservatism, "What Have We Done? We Have A Problem!"

A few days back MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell explored Donald Trump's inner psyche via the accommodating Chuck Todd's Meet The Press. O'Donnell also aired a, but of expert opinion of Trumps deep and obvious narcissism.  

MSNBC (8/18/2015)
Lawrence is joined by Joe Burgo, a clinical psychologist, and Jeffrey Kluger, editor-at-large for TIME, to discuss the behavior and impact of Donald Trump and the idea that much of his behavior is fueled by narcissism.

Rachel Maddow recently broadcast a piece regarding the ongoing fight between Donald Trump and Fox News. A fight that is the tip of the iceberg of that in our society born of conservative politics, conservative media and star worshiping sycophants who will stand in line for hours for a peep at a reality show entertainer. Maddow's production team uses a fabled Godzilla to illustrate the relationship between the nation's GOP news outlet and the ego-manical Trump.  We very much prefer analogy to the also fabled Frankenstein Monster as we feel it better represents the embodiment of the GOP's creation. It should be noted, Maddow late in the segment used our long stated and preferred analogy.

MSNBC Via Media Matters
The Rachel Maddow Show explains why Fox has no one to blame but themselves for Trump: "They created this thing—which they are now fighting."Posted by Media Matters for America on Wednesday, August 26, 2015
And, the fight reignites with Trump sitting at a personal computing device and tweeting like a fiendish teenager. When a candidate for the US Presidency stoops a level of indecency via use of the word "bimbo: on social media the GOP has to know their monster is devouring any chance of winning in 2016; he is in effect killing his creator

As is always the case with monsters and the environment in which they exists, they attract the more unsavory among us.  

Trump's clear message of white nationalism and anti-(illegal) immigrant rhetoric is resonating among the nation's racists (white nationalist if you prefer). The  media re-cycling of Pat Buchanan is clear evidence of why someone at Trump's oozfest last week yelled "White Power." Buchanan on Meet the Press in late July. Did the noted racist almost say "Russia?"

If Trump's and Buchanan's "red herring" white nationalism isn't proof positive of a GOP that has metastasized into an American social cancer, have a visit with more celebrated racist.
Trump campaign: White supremacists want to Make America Great Again,' too!Posted by Talking Points Memo on Monday, August 24, 2015