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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thousands show-up for free healthcare screenings in Los Angeles.


A series of questions before the video.

I.  Does Congress have health care coverage they includes out of pocket expenses are is their care on you  and me?

II. How many times have we heard Republicans in Congress speak about repealing the Affordable Care Act?

III. How many times over the past two weeks have heard Mitt Romney flip-flop on how he would deal with the ACA if elected?  Did he once mention a plan for the ACA on his first day in office (God forbid!).

IV. If Mitch McConnell is all about 'ensuring President Obama is a one-term President".  How do you feel the thousands who sought free medical screenings feel about GOP Obstructionism?

Let's take a two minute look and listen.

Just have to wonder!

I once read a very spiritual person said something like the following.

" Father , forgive them for they know not what they do".

Yes, the people you wish to have your vote does not care anything about these people.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Yes We Can" Despite GOP Obstructionism - An Optimistic View

Latest Job Openings Level:
3,762,000(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Job Openings Rate:
2.7%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Hires Rate:
3.3%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Turnover Rate:
3.2%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Quits Rate:
1.6%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Layoffs/Discharges Rate:
1.4%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data

Symbols LInked to BLS web Pages

James Hall (Guest writer)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics link was posted by an associate. The associate is very much in tune with Washington and the economy. You should look at the stats don't just take our word. 
I just took a look at the BLS website numbers. So far, through last month, we added 4,040,000 jobs. However, according to the BLS, we had started off with a loss of 4,620,000 that resulted from the ongoing bleeding that actually started 8 months before the financial collapse of Sept. 2008.

This means we need to add an average of 97,000 jobs over the next 6 months to have added back the jobs that were lost during the Obama administration; which both parties and virtually all economists agree had nothing to do with his policies.

Read more after the break....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tea Party anyone? The House of OZ leaders gone mad!

If anyone has any remaining thoughts the House of Representatives of 112th Congress represents citizens of the United States vs. special interest, you truly are brainwashed. 

There are times when video tells stories that words cannot best convey.
Boehner's response to a question about millionaire taxes.