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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trump/GOP Voter Commission Witch Hunt (Video)

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Donald Trump lost the popular vote by 2.84 million votes once the final tally was closed as official. why we live in a nation where electors and cable news staff call elections with a mind for ending it all on election night (and, well before midnight), is far more serious than perplexing. Nonetheless, Trump was declared the winner of the electoral vote and he now sits in the Oval Office; albeit as precariously as we have even seen. 

Yet you are naive if you fail to recognize losing the popular vote via the mind of a carnival barking celebrity isn't personally troublesome, you probably cast a Trump vote. It bothers the man to the core. Hence, his wild-haired claim of 3 million illegal immigrant votes across the full span of the nation. How utterly preposterous? Yet, we are now expending millions from GDP to chase a false premise from the mind of a president who is showing clear signs of early stage dementia. A false premise from a showman who continues to entertain the nation's more prurient celebrity worshippers and chronically uninformed.

Image result for Vox voter ID fraudt

Trump didn't stop his insane claim of three (3) million illegal immigrant votes with common Trump oratory, he established a ridiculous commission to study voter fraud. A commission headed by a noted Kansas Attorney General is known for over-the-top regressive immigration policies and equally regressive voter ID policies. 

CNN's Joshua Douglas stated the extent of the Trump voter commission fraud as well as any I have read.  A sham.

To date 44 states have refused the request to provide vital voter information.  You Should ask yourself, why would Trump and his party actually want such data. Another critical question is the fact there is no way to full secure information data bases and another possibility: does Trump want to offer-up the data to Putin's hackers to facilitate a more effective 2018 and 2020 election tampering? Sound far fetched?  Well, so was Trump entertaining two high level Russian officials in the Oval Office while commenting about getting rid of FBI director Comey. Another issue worthy of laying out here. How easy would it be for a crafty Internet geek to data manipulate the first seven numbers of our Social Security numbers if they possess our names, military records, addresses and past voting records? 

Be cautious of Trump and his GOP seeking such information. 

Missouri is apparently one of the 6 states who are willing to comply with Trump's data quests. Chris CNN, CNN New Day cornered a smiling Missouri elections official who attempted to sit on camera ad spew right wing talking points and false reality from real data. Data which shows voter ID fraud or impersonation is as frequent as your being struck by lightning. 

While the graphic from VOX (above) is more up to date, it doesn't visually provide quick reviews of issues related to voter fraud and the fallacy of it all.

Voter Fraud Basics

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Myth: Electronic voting is smart / dangerous. Supporters and opponents of electronic voting tend to have strong feelings. One side thinks it can help eliminate voter fraud and the other thinks it simply facilitate voter fraud. The truth is both sides have merit. On one hand electronic voting and voter registration would help make the process of voting easier and more widespread, also (when done correctly) ensures that everyone casts one vote. However, an electronic system that is insecure in anyway could lead to manipulation of votes by a group (think the Diebold shenanigans). While electronic voting is certainly the future of voting, the road we take to get there could be a bumpy one. 
Myth: Voter ID prevents in-person voter fraudSome sources say voter ID laws don’t prevent turnout and stop potentially hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens from voting and stop people from casting more than one ballad. On the other hand almost all other sources say voter ID prevents those most likely to not be able to obtain valid ID (students, low income, seniors) are hurt and point to statistics like the fact that “Out of the 197 million votes cast for federal candidates between 2002 and 2005, only 40 voters were indicted for voter fraud. Only 26 of those cases, or about .00000013 percent of the votes cast, resulted in convictions or guilty pleas.” 
Both sides of the voter ID debate have merit. On one hand the average person believes in “one citizen, one vote”, but on the other hand basic logic will tell you that restrictive voting laws are going to decrease the number of the 55%(ish) of Americans who vote. We should be finding ways to ensure more people participate in a fair election, restrictive voter ID laws that make it impossible for students to vote are an example of an imperfect solution at best.
Be aware of the  GOP bringing "gifts."

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Voter ID, Voter Suppression and "YOUR GOP"

Are you a college student? Are you an African American who votes in state and federal elections and you live in a state did has no history of requiring a formal State issued ID to vote?  Are you an elderly person who has for many years used a form of Identification the GOP has deemed unacceptable as integral to its strategy to win elections? Let's add a bit of inertia to that last scenario. Are you a veteran who served in US wars prior to the Viet Nam War? If you are an elderly veteran the next critical question is: "Do you live in a state in which the GOP has a sitting governor and predominate GOP legislature. A state which the aforementioned political operatives  have enacted voter ID laws?"

The GOP and Koch brother's model governor presides over one such state: The State of Wisconsin.

Watch as MSNBC's Chris Hayes starts a segment with the Wisconsin governor laying out his state's voter suppression to the propagandist crew of Fox New's Fox & Friends. While the segment was a brief introduction to a more relevant segment from Hayes, I will wager no one sitting on the Fox News couch asked Walker about the fact voter fraud is almost as infrequent winning the lotto. 

Before the video, take in a quote from Wisconsin state Representative, Pocan:

"First, we need to accept the fact that in-person voter fraud by impersonation is virtually non-existent, with only 10 cases proven nationally out of 1 billion ballots cast since 2000," Pocan, who opposes Wisconsin’s newly reinstated photo ID law, wrote in the March 7, 2016 post.
"Let’s put it this way, more people are struck by lightning than commit in-person voter fraud."
Well, I prefer the lotto analogy.

Chris Hayes, All In, and an admission for a GOP political insider of the extent to which "YOUR GOP" is non-constitutional, manipulative and outright third-world in the manner in which it views the right to vote.

If you are secure in your conservatism, satisfied with a political party that would deny voting rights, and not a member of the voting blocs delineated in the lede paragraph above, you won't give a damn about the Politifact article linked here.

"More people are struck by lightning than commit in-person voter fraud" by impersonation.
— Mark Pocan on Thursday, April 7th, 2016 in a blog post

Of course, voter suppression may not stand as a barrier that deprives your of an American right; thus it is a lesser issue. Yes, and it will remain a lesser issue until a win in the Fall 2016 GOP General Election hands the GOP the US economy (and the US military).


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Chris Matthews Speaks Out Against Reince Priebus's Voter Suppression

Earlier this week, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Hardball, broadcast a show closing piece that is as timely and relevant as Republican obstruction against President Obama, and the nation, since January 2009. The "Let Me Finish" segment included a Matthews posit on an underlying operative behind GOP suppression of election votes: RNC Chair, Reince Priebus.

The less than two minute segment is a must view for any American who consider themselves serious about fair elections with regard to the US Constitution and the right to vote.


Cogent, poignant and relevant.

In February, Matthews  broadcast a segment about the RNC Chair and voter suppression.  As with all media hosts, the words "race based" election strategy isn't often leveled at Priebus and the GOP; it is an existential reality. Matthews is the single cable news host who doesn't hesitate to call out Priebus as he sees the RNC Chair. (the clip is eight plus minutes run time).  I skipped through to the more salient points and avoided a bit of the panel commentary. 

Just before the 2012 General Elections, Matthews (among a large set of guest) on The Morning Joe Show, turned the show a bit topsy-turvy as he launched into an emotion laden charge against Priebus and his leadership of the RNC.

If progressive and liberal media against; more direct about the obvious GOP strategy, the nation suffers over the long haul. Voter suppression against black voters, becomes suppression against Latino voters, and how often are we now hearing from noted right wing demagogues women should not have the right to vote (Limbaugh, Coulter and Fox News; Tantaros). You, of course, notice two of the delineated demagogues are women. 

I am record for criticism of Matthews for his hands-off tacit support for Rand Paul. When the MSNBC host steps up as he has consistently done regarding Priebus's leadership of the RNC, I tip my hat.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Ohio As A Battle Ground Against GOP Voter Suppression

Wiki Images
Wiki Images
Norman Rockwell's rendition of the struggle!
The following video segment is critical.  Ed Schultz ran the segment last night, and it should reverberate across the nation. Of course, it won't reverberate because so many have grown nonchalant about grow GOP strategy and efforts to deny the Constitutional right to vote to African-American, Latino, certain of the elderly and college students the right to vote. Did you notice anything commonly share among the stated demographics? They are historic Democratic voting blacks. When you add collective bargaining (and public service workers) you find the full measure of Americans who are targets of GOP efforts to stifle the vote. 

Regardless of your politics, regardless of your social views, and regardless of your position in life, you have to recognize the unfairness and indecency of restricting the votes as such. Regardless of how you feel about people depicted in the video, you cannot deny, efforts to deprive of a Constitutional right is disgusting.  Do you really want a party running the nation that would resort to such underhanded and UN-American tactics?

If you follow the news and current events, you know there are a few whacked-out conservative talking heads who have stated women should not have the right to vote.  A couple of those talking heads are women

Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Election 2012 Phenomena: GOP Voter Suppression And GOP Voter Fraud.

Cross posted from The Nation Dot Com...See The Nation link for details)

The American Right has adopted an all-out strategy of denying the vote to segments of the population.  They work to suppress the US vote, while their 'earthworm; minions literally practice voter fraud.  One GOP official in Nevada was literally caught and arrested for attempting to vote twice.  Do you for one second think she was a 'lone wolf'? 

Ready to Vote? Rampant Suppression Threatens Already Tight Race

We’re just four days away from Election Day, and voter suppression schemes continue to strike—as does the push back against them. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy may mark an additional, and unforeseen barrier to the vote. Meanwhile, everyday people will contribute to the way we understand this election than ever before.
As seen above, Video the Vote is empowering communities to document what happens Tuesday, from long lines to voter machine failures. Their new promo video encourages voters to sign up, monitor hot spots, and hashtag shared social media content with #VideoTheVote.
The Advancement Project has also released a short series of films, produced by Stanley Nelson, that focus on people whose right to vote was threatened this year. The inspirational films encourage people to get out and vote.
But the lead up to this election is still marred by attempts to keep certain people from casting ballots. Here are some of this week’s most important voting rights updates, including many from our community journalists in key states:
Read More...(Article sections headlines with details....)
  • Hurricane Sandy Affects Early Voting in Virginia
  • Are These Voting Machines Colorado’s ‘Hanging Chads’?
  • Georgia County Denies Backlog, Questions Immigrant Voters
  • Pennsylvania Accused of Continuing to Foment Voter ID Confusion
True th Vote Manual Features Transphobic Image
True the Vote guide
  • Nevada Poll Workers Hassle Voters
  • New Mexico Secretary of State Prohibits League of Women Voters’ Guide
  • The Power of the Native Vote in New Mexico
  • Riverside County Accused of Reversing Democratic Registrations
  • Southern California Edison Plans Outages on Election Day
  • ‘Dream Voters’ Make Pledges to Undocumented Youth
  • Community Journalist Encourages Voters not to Dissuade by Ballot Bullies
After that excursion into American conservatism and GOP malfeasance, take a quick read here.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Voter Suppression is Not As American As Apple Pie!

You hear it, I hear, all hear it. We all hear the shameful rationalization by the Right for their strategies regarding exchange voter registration processes and voter ID requirements. From stopping (virtually) phantom voter fraud to " is the right thing to do", they proclaim, they postulate and they defend.

At the root of all the rhetoric the GOP and conservative America know the 'prize' at the end of the strategy. They know fewer minorities, college students, the elderly and the physically challenged will get to the voting booths this fall.  They also know George W. Bush probably benefited from suppression (whether intentional of not intentional) in 2000 in a state for which Brother was governor: Florida. Voter Suppression worked and Bush walked off with the presidency by the thin margin of 537 votes. Of the 12,000 plus suppressed voters, some of the 12,000 plus non-votes might have led to a different result. The United States of America might have taken a completely different path; and millions might not have suffered life shattering loses (economic, family members, homes, jobs, etc).

If suppression helped with the 2000 election results, do you really think GOP strategist would not revert to such tactics in 2011/2012.  The party is the party of  'change nothing and hope for the best'. Of course, they would rerun voter suppression to 'ensure Obama is a one term president".

The State of Pennsylvania is the latest battle ground against GOP election 'trickery". The days of Watergate tactics and the days of overt use of the 'southern strategy' have waned.  The GOP has become a party of authoritarian actions focused on groups with no power to combat robbing of their a constitutional rights.  Of the groups delineated above, the elderly is a group with moderate support for republicanism. All other stated groups are demographic groups that historically vote democrat. Let's get back to Pennsylvania.

Monday, June 4, 2012

GOP Pundits have trouble defending voter suppression! Micheal Steele even denies it as a racist act.


If you wish to see just how a paid pundit works, we offer the perfect example.   The pundit is currently under contract with MSNBC, a mostly progressive media network.  The pundit has been the past Chair of the RNC and we can assume the pundit is well entrenched in GOP election strategy.   The Pundit is Michael Steele.

Steele is paid by MSNBC as a news show contributor; meaning he is paid to appear upon request, and it is safe to assume to provide GOP perspective on issues. The arrangement works well as the MSNBC Left-wing hosts and guest take turns running the GOP into the dirt. Of course, yo are saying, most things GOP are already in the dirt. Well, yes but Steele has to play the middle of the road, half sane, Jekyl and Hyde pundit.  Actually, he provides a necessary service because most republicans politicians, pundits and GOP operatives will never agree to appear on MSNBC.   Why would they when they can visit across the street in New York City and sit for the softest of interview imaginable? Steele fills a symbiotic relationship with MSNBC; both parties need each other to assist and entertain viewers.  Steel also provided a bit of sanity during the dark periods of NBC employment of Pat Buchanan.   

While providing more intellectual insight into the GOP perspective than Buchanan, it seems that Steele has far greater talents at sitting on national television with millions of viewers and almost straight faced lie.  

This Sunday Morning's Up/Chris Hayes show devoted significant time to lengthy discussion of  GOP Voter suppression.  If you locate  video of the show  you will see a stark contrast in Steele. He sat quietly while two authors thoroughly and very civilly dismantled modern conservatism as a national illness.  Steele did not utter one word as he listened to two people he must have considered learned and well able to unfavorably discuss his party.  As soon as the discussion moved to voter suppression, Steele appeared a bit uneasy, but unable to avoid his role on the panel: defend the GOP.  

The following link navigates to a Up/ Chris Hayes four minute segment of Steele and total lies as he claims the GOP is not perpetrating voter suppression as a form of racism towards Latinos and African-Americans. 


Monday, April 16, 2012

The Four Pillars of the GOP Achilles Heel (encapsulized)

The GOP since the 2010 election has really shown it's underbelly. Once exposed the true nature of the Circa 2000 GOP is not a pretty sight. Economic issues aside, I thought a quick flash of a categorized set of visuals seem to embody the party's Achilles Heel. 

Economic issues aside for good reason.  I know and you know that our suffering economy remains a lingering battle from eight years of greed based neglect. Despite the desire to lay all of our economic problems on President Obama, it really is clear where the fault lies. A perfect example are gas prices. 

The Right is all fired-up about a new campaign issue. I wrote in another forum this morning that GOP gas prices glee and commitment to use as a campaign mantra is disturbing. First, the GOP is not  shallow enough to use the gas prices spike if they were concerned about the spike dropping significantly.  In other words, I feel they are using the spike because the gas price spike has been given to the GOP as a campaign issue. Moneyed interest in oil and gas have every imaginable reason for a GOP president in the White House. 

Gas prices can shut-down our slow yet improving economy. An improved economy is not good for the GOP.  A basic syllogism will finish the formula.

Deductive Reasoning

 A typical form is “All A is C; all B is A; therefore all B is C.”
A. High gas prices is good for the GOP;  C. If prices remain high that benefits the GOP in the fall elections.
B. An improved economy is not good of the GOP; A. High gas prices must remain high GOP stands to bode better int he fall elections
B. An improved economy is not good of the GOP;  C. If prices remain high that benefits the GOP in
the fall elections.

It seems the GOP pundits and politicians are so committed to commenting about gas prices, a part of me feels the fix may be on.  They know prices will not deep back into respectable levels, in fact prices will increase when the industry changes over from winter to summer grades.

The party has a good mantra in gas prices. A good mantra if you believe the hype about Obama being responsible for the higher prices.   If you think he is responsible for the  higher prices, help me understand why the spike occurred in January of a General Election year.

I will leave the "Fifth Pillar" for now, and move to the Four Pillars via images and a short video.

Pillar I. Religion

Pillar II. Tax Rates

Pillar III. Women's rights or pushing back on obvious attacks from the Right.

Pillar IV.  Attack on public service jobs and voter suppression.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

For those of us who have watched American Politics over 40 years, we know all too well the ways of the nation's conservatives and the ways of the GOP. Since the election of President Obama the GOP has turned into something of a meandering authoritarian monster. 

The monster toots around one of these.....

2010 Elections unleashed the monster, look at what awaits in 2012 if we are not careful!

The people of Troy pulled the Trojan Horse into their lives. You know what came from its innards!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stand4Freedom Against Voter Suppression

December 10: Stand For Freedom March in NYC

This year, two-thirds of state legislatures have introduced laws that undermine the right to vote. Early voting and Sunday voting are under attack, photo ID requirements will introduce the first financial and document barrier to voting since the poll tax, and racially-motivated bans on ex-felons will wipe tens of thousands off the rolls.
This effort is unprecedented, it is coordinated, and it is targeted. African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, students, working women, seniors and immigrants of all colors will be disproportionately affected.

The right to vote is the heart of our democracy. Throughout our history Americans have been murdered for defending this basic human right. We will not let it be taken away from millions today.

Join us on Saturday, December 10th—The United Nations’ Human Rights Day—to proclaim to America and the world:

It’s time to Stand for Freedom. We must protect our right to vote.

Assembly and March Information

10:30 am to 11:30 am: assemble 61st St. and Madison Ave., the Koch brothers’ NYC office.

11:30 am: March from 61st St. and Madison Ave. to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at 47th St. and 2nd Ave.

12:30 pm: Rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza across from the United Nations.

**For additional details about the December 10 rally, please visit our Stand For Freedom Logistics page.

Voter Suppression is as much in the news as is the ridiculous charade of the Run-up to a GOP candidate for 2012.  the focused suppression of the right to vote is a topic that, frankly, should not be part of Americana.  for various reasons it is as active as it the  conservative attck on all democratic voting blocks.

One very notable reason for the success of the attacks on young, college students, Black, Hispanic, and elderly (predominately minority) voters, part of the blame is attributable to voters who did not take part in the 2010 elections.  They facilitated a Tea Party infested House or Representatives, Senate and most state  governments.   Progressive really cannot continue to nonchalantly accept the ‘slick’ and dogmatic efforts of the Right to move the nation to their beliefs, values and (lack ) of morals.

Prologue Can Lead to Future

Women's Suffrage

FBI photographs of Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney, and Michael Schwerner
 The Civil Rights Martyrs (a comprehensive list)

If we forget our past, we are doomed to relive it“. (paraphrased) Winston Churchill

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Voter Suppressor Found Guilty; Convicted for Attacking our Freedoms

“Hello. I’m calling to let everybody know that Governor O’Malley and President Obama have been successful,” the call said. “Our goals have been met. The polls were correct, and we took it back. We’re OK. Relax. Everything’s fine. The only thing left is to watch it on TV tonight. Congratulations, and thank you.”
Robert Ehrlich Maryland Paul Schurick Black Voter
Paul Schurick, second right, listens as his lawyers, Matthew Bennett, center, and A. Dwight Petit, left, talk to reporters after a jury was selected for Schurick’s trial Monday, Nov. 28, 2011 in Baltimore. Schurick, a longtime aide to former Gov. Robert Ehrlich, is on trial for his alleged role in using robocalls to suppress voter turnout in Ehrlich’s 2010 rematch against Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley. (AP Photo/Brian Witte)

Voter suppression

The United States of America has a governing constitution with amendments, and related law, which grants the nation’s legally authorized  citizens the right to exercise the  privilege  of ‘the vote’.  Can you think of any constitutional right that is more sacred, than the right to vote, and free speech?  If you have to think about that question you are not  aware of millions across the globe who do not the right to vote (or even express  their  thoughts about who should govern their nations).

The right to free uninhibited opportunity to vote is being suppressed by  focused and  dogmatic interest on the socio/political Right.  What segments of the population are affected and why”?, you ask.  Ethnic minorities, college students and in some cases the poor, are the unwitting victims of crafty and deceitful political maneuvering.    Those  victim segments joincollective  bargaining,  National Public Radio, ACORN, and Planned parenthood as either right-wing agenda-driven targets or they are  perceived  as part of Democratic Party voting blocks.