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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fox News: O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly, and Pepper Spray Spin-Machine

November 22, 2011

Are They Serious? 

As the nation shudders from the video of a group of young students being point-blank pepper sprayed, Fox News Bill O’Reilly, Megyn Kelly (legal perspective), and Fox New producers do the unthinkable.

If you have not seen the video or any newscast of the brutality, welcome back from your hiatus.  Anatomy of a Pepper Spraying.  As a news geek, I can tell you that the brutality has received worldwide attention.  I have heard no U.S. media which finds the brutally  other than abhorrent.   If you viewed the link above, think or a moment about the aftermath of the brutality.  Does the school Chancellor now occupy and enviable positions (after having ordered the protest disperse)?  How about the three campus police who are on administrative leave (albeit paid)? Now think about the students.

It was a peaceful protest that did not appear have been disruptive to the greater campus.

Before, I move to the sickening public relations of Fox News, I must briefly address the campus Police commander’s comment about the “police were surrounded”.  I suppose that is an effort to portray an untenable and dangerous environment for the campus  police officers.  If you look closely at any video angle, you can clearly see dozens of campus police and one can assume that they are heavily armed.  American law  enforcement officers are not like the British bobby; they carry at least 5 to 8 ‘weapons of bodily destruction”.  The comment from the commander is nothing shy of misrepresentation of a non-volatile environment. She was following orders from  the Chancellor to clear the protest and she did what many police departments are doing against OWS protests: unrestrained brutality.  The Chancellors orders are even more chilling as the UCD protesters were not in an encampment nor were there any plans to occupy the spot of the protests for days.

Fox News does what it does best: delivers the unthinkable (3:56 minutes).

Someplace in the minds of Fox News producers there must have been a thought to ‘trot-out’ their top show host and their converted journalist/lawyer to address the brutality.  Fox probably should have allowed this case of brutality to pass.

Think back on the segment and linger for a moment on where Kelly ‘went‘ with her seemingly uncomfortable remarks.

O’Reilly: “..first this is pepper spray, that just burns your eyes right?

Kelly:      ”…right, it’s a food product essentially, a lot of experts are looking at that and it the real-deal or has it been diluted….”. “..that’s beside the point as it was obviosuly something that was abrasive (O’Reilly interrupts).

O’ReillyThey wanted them to get out of there.

Kelly: This was on the Chancellor orders. The Chancellors ordered them to go in, they wanted these students to disperse.  ….”and it is a crime, ten of them were charged”. “..unlawful assembly, and sit-ins, you know student protests”. “ can do that, it is very American but it also happens to break the law”.

The two Fox News personalities went on to talk about how the spray as preferred to hand contact.  Is that reverse rationalization for use of the spray directly to the face of the students?  If ten students were arrested, I can only assume the act of arresting resulted in handcuffing and physical movement of a person to the police van.  Why would O’Reilly attempt to justify the brutally via comments about, “not wanting to use their hands”?
Why, because Fox News plays to its hardcore base. Sometimes, a base which includes people who would applaud and boo at presidential candidate debates when mention of physical harm or death was brought-up.  They play to the same audience that witnessed endless Tea Party Rallies with people with guns clearly in view without any concerns for appropriateness.  They play to people who watched as tea party protesters hindered and crowded Democratic Representatives as they walked in solidarity to the  Capital Building. And, I wonder if Fox News even carried the clip of a tea party protester spitting on Representative Emanual Cleaver of Missouri.

Ruppert Murdoch should be as ashamed of the O’Reilly/Kelley segment as his continuing battles over phone hacking from his media outlets.

UPDATE: A Follow-up article will be posted related to the effects of Pepper Spray on the human being.

This follow-up piece is posted from website  


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Oakland Protester w/Camera Shot With Rubber Bullet

What is it about this video that reminds of Egypt, Libya, Syria?

I find it completely bewildering that authorities have not learned that violence does nothing but add fuel to the grievances of the protesters.

Watch.... Kent State Killings by Ohio National Guard

YouTube ....

In 1970, in response to Nixon's widening of the Vietnam War into Cambodia, students throughout the US protested. Nixon sent the National Guard to restore order to the Kent State campus. The resulting consequences changed the course of the war.

Watch.....Civil Rights protest violence by authorities

Watch...... Tahrir Square, Cairo Egypt

Violence against people who wish to protest just does not, in the long run win out.  Andrew Young has written about the Civil Rights Movement and the marches in Alabama and across sthe South. One resounding comment was, "we knew there would be violence perpetrated against us. It was the way to get the message to the greater public." (paraphrased).  It worked!

Need say no more!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Occupy Wall Street, MLK, Monument to Freedom, and a Tribute to Martyrs

Yesterday, I had an experience that ranks among those that I will never forget. I took a tour of the White House and within an hour visited the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Monument. Ahhh, the reasons for my visit to the nation's capital. Yet, based on what has to have been some sort of divine intervention, a for-fee limo driver entered a hotel lobby and wiffed-away a couple of people awaiting a taxi to the White House. I was one of those who joined the limo driver vs. the fared taxi. The driver of the limo as a young man, grew up in the very home town in which I currently reside. Mr. D. Smith took me to the Frederick Douglas Cherry Hill Home of the former slave and eventual U.S. Government employee. The experience was as good as it gets( for an avid history buff).

The day completed a two week period that will join the history of those who fought for freedoms withheld from millions in the United States.  A few words in recollection of those who fought against injustice and a tribute to the new who are fighting as you read this piece.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Wall Street: Conservative Reaction to OWS

October 8, 2011

ive reaction to Occupy Wall Street (OWS) does not fail. What is amazing is the scourge from the Right is only now just starting. Their party, elected leaders, and sycophants have been relatively quiet. The OWS is four weeks into their grass-roots protest. Negative comments this week have increased like a newly coined GOP talking point.

Did the Right think the protest would fade-away after a couple of weeks?  How about their amazement when word spread that the OWS is having success with forming groups, and conducting protests in other major U.S. cities? If you can place your mind in a Right-thinking sort of way, consider the heartburn caused as unions joined in the  New York protest. Heart palpitations must surely follow as Van Jones, Rebuild The Dream, movement is rumored to have interest in affiliation with the movement.

OK, enough is enough!