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Friday, November 3, 2017

Quick Hit: How To Handled The Trump Presstitute (Video)

Former Pence spokesperson gets interrupted in his goal of Gish Galloping through an interview segment on MSNBCs Deadline White House with Nicole Wallace.  

The video shows the classic and time-proven technique frequently deployed by conservative talking heads paid to appear on TV New shows equipped with talking points and mind-twisting garbage from the White House and the RNC.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Humana Attempts To Rip-off The Insured Before October 1 (VIDEO)

The company's second-quarter net income rose to $420 million, or $2.63 per share, diluted, from $$356 million, or $2.16 per share, a year earlier. Revenue rose to $9.7 billion from $9.17 billion a year ago.

We do not often start our pieces with a video. Today we break that model.  We are presenting a quick excerpt segment from Hardball, Chris Matthews, in which a GOP surrogate mentioned ".....they are getting letters about their premiums going up dramatically."  As I heard the surrogate, I wondered what letters when I am reading about ACA exchanges trending lower. The surrogate was probably speaking about rates for the current insured, his comments struck an inquisitive nerve. Something was in congruent.

Give the segment a quick view.  Watch the GOP surrogate to the left of the screen.  We will revisit the Hardball for another quick segment in a bit.

Letters? The GOP surrogate said people are getting letters about their premiums going up dramatically? 
The map as of September 17, 2013 shows the State of Kentucky as "leaning towards participating."

Where the States Stand
Via: The Advisory Board Company

Mystery comment solved..... The letters actually exist in Kentucky. The letters exist, and the letters are drawing attention of state authorities. Kentucky Dot Com is reporting fines levied against Humana for disseminating "misleading" information about their options under the Affordable Care Act. I wonder if the letters also include the prospect of a rate hike via the normal course of business.The mystery may be solved, and the mystery may be based impropriety.
Read more here:

On September 5, USA Today reported on the Human investigation and included mention of an investigation of Anthem Blue Cross.

State Department of Insurance officials described the letters that Humana sent to policyholders as "misleading."

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- The letter Ray Brundige received from Humana spelled out two options — keep his health insurance policy for one more year for a $279 monthly premium or choose a new one that complies with the Affordable Care Act and pay a whopping $619 a month.
But the letter also said he had to make a choice by Sept. 20, before the Oct. 1 start of Kentucky's health benefit exchange, a program designed to let him and other Kentuckians shop for less-expensive insurance that complies with the health care law, often called Obamacare, and possibly qualify for government subsidies to help pay for it.
State Department of Insurance officials described Brundige's letter and 6,500 like it that Humana sent to Kentucky policyholders as "misleading," and they say they are investigating the matter. State officials are also reviewing a letter by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield asking people to "call now" to lock in "today's affordable rates."

If you do not feel Humana was playing the manipulation game, you are possibly politically gullible.
We promised a second visit to the Hardball segment. Do you enjoy watching a babbling idiot, speaking to idiots? Neil Cavuto ranks right up with Lou Dobbs in my opinion. Even Cavuto appeared to be dumbfounded and a bit robotic at the scope and extent of Palin's ignorance. 
Here you go.