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Monday, November 17, 2014

GOP And Conservative America Watch

Keeping an eye on the GOP
From time to time I relish sharing a few posts I run across in social media. While the number that pique my interest number in the thousands I save the good ones to share with the readers. Of course, you know the "good ones" relate to the GOP, conservatives and the mindless existence of Koch brothers stooges.

As an un-elected party leader Limbaugh lays the path for his elected followers to pursue yet another $24 to $28 billion hit to GDP.  

Post by Media Matters for America.

How about a peep at social inequality born of 1980s Reaganomics and fostered throughout the existence of all things GOP. 
Mitt Romney saber rattles with our kids while his klan clan is insulted from service int he US military. Typical elitist Top1% ers. In 2012, Ann Romney felt one of her boys going-off to serve as a missionary in South American qualified in comparison to our kids bearing way weapons. Didn't Mitt do the same to avoid Viet Nam?  
A bit more for war hawks on the Right.
Stand-by for the next barrage of GOPism.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A GOP Sojourn You Should Consider! "VOTE BLUE in 2014"

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As we move through the early parts of the week, how about gamut run through American conservatism and GOPism. Time actually does not permit much beyond working to inform people of the dangers of returning the US to the GOP. So, I am going traipse through a few areas of GOP governance that can be called nothing shy of pathetic and ridiculous.

We have critical mid-term election a few weeks, and we have a nation killing general election in 2016. The rational person should be energized to avoid a past upon which the Republicans simply do not wish to reflect.  Yet, it is a safe bet the GOP will garner from 47 to 54 percent of the vote.  A safe bet despite all past data indicating that pathetic extent of GOP federal governance. 

Any reflective journey of the GOP must include recent GOP Senatorial actions to block a vote on the Paycheck Fairness Act.  Yes, let's revisit the gender pay gap. 
The pay gap has lessened, but in reality there should be no pay gap. Can you imagine a world with men universally earning less than women? Now let's add a condiment to that picture. Men earning less with full support from the American congress and top corporate executives (Boards of Directors and corporate shareholders)! Before we move to another area of GOPism and unbelievable voter support across geographic regions, let's think a little deeper. Not only do the aforementioned power brokers members of congress and corporate elitist have history of supporting pay inequality, you and I play a key role.  How many years has the disparity between pay to men and women for the same or similar jobs been an issue?

From income disparity as a non-issue for the GOP, to the overwhelming pathetic state of Red state voters. People who vote GOP as a matter of paradigm as sure as they yell "USA, USA, USA" with any push back on GOP dogma. 

After the following brief Twitter embeds, take a look at a Huff Post piece with nine (9) maps that should cause voter consternation in the GOP heartland or should I say GOP 'homeland.' 

First off, poverty rates are a lot higher in the South.
poverty map
Source: USDA
In fact, as many as one in four Southern kids lives in poverty, compared to the national average of one in five.
And minimum wages are much lower.
minimum wage
This map shows how much money the 19 states that rejected Medicaid expansion will lose by 2022 as a result of doing so (assuming all other states participate).
This is particularly troubling because the South has several health crises on its hands. Like obesity.
Source: CDC

The existential influence of the GOP Southern Strategy has literally led to a veritable Stockholm Syndrome among Red State voters.

Now, let's take a stroll through GOP elected official corruption. Yes of course, Former Illinois Governor a Rod Blagojevich and former Illinois Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. are serving sentences in the federal prisons system. But, the amount and scope of GOP corruption as as many fissures as a Merkat colony tunnel system. While former Virginia Governor Bob MacDonald currently wears the GOP King of Corruption crown, others in his party share the court as if competing for the thrown vacated by MacDonald.  

One such example.....

Post by Americans United Against T-Bagging John Birch Society Shit Talkers.
Let's detour for a few minutes to the utter ridiculous!
Would you like to see a Texas Republican who is noted for his anti-Obama Derangement and following the GOP 2013 Summer Recess "Impeachment em"Town hall mantra? Check this guy out. Also not one of the ladies is a minor!

A party leaders disparages the unemployed, yet he did nothing over the past six years to assist people who may have lost jobs due to his parties economic malfeasance.

by Occupy Democrats.

Be afraid of the GOP! If you feel your vote in November has no value or if you have benefited from the Affordable Care Act, be afraid. From, the 6:04 minute mark to the end of the segment, Paul Ryan clearly declares doom for the ACA. His comments translates to your healthcare future should the GOP win a majority in 2016. He mentions "fundamentally flawed," he mentioned "patient centered" and he mentions "taxes." He never mentioned care for those who did not have care or those who required additional benefits for life saving medical benefits. He does not mention rebates based on insured premiums. He cares nothing about 24 million Americans who have in some way benefited from the law.

Ryan knows the dated information (below) related to healthcare CEO compensation.

The 2011 figures seem exorbitant, but there is more. My experience in corporate compensation and salary administration reminds me, CEO pay at the levels shown in the image hit company profit and lost statements along with aggregate top management team compensation. How can a political party so obviously run interference for such opulently compensated corporate elitist while turning their backs on people how need medical and dental care? Let's look from another perspective.

While the ACA legislates primarily in the realm of insurance coverage, take a look at an image related to compensation for four top St. Louis area hospital system CEOs. It is important to remind readers, St. Louis is not a Major metro area on a comparative basis.
One medium to small US Metro area!
What happened to the prospect of medical care serving for the good of the people?

Paul Ryan makes it clear the GOP will return to healthcare pre-2010.

Let there be little doubt, any sojourn through the GOP should send the rational person running to "VOTE BLUE."

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fiscal Malfeasance (AKA Fiscal Cliff)

For those out there who dare to think the democrats have even remote responsibility for the nation's financial mess, Ali Velshi thinks not.  Velshi does not straight-up state my case, but if you look, listen and think about the following video my point is clear.

CNN Reports

MSNBC The Ed show, 
W/Michael Eric Dyson,  PhD and Professor David Cole  

One more segment from Michael Eric Dyson

We can disagree, we can rail, we can speak profanely about our political preferences (beliefs, ideology and votes), but facts show you cannot support the GOP based on fiscal acumen including fiscal conservatism.  Republicans are not fiscal conservative!

I relish in the fact the GOP will never receive consideration of my vote. It is sad that 47% of American voters do not see the fallacy of GOP.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"NO" Todd Akin, You Are Not Forgiven!

Stupid and too much GOP ideology..

So, he stands in a commercial with his wife and asks for forgiveness.  A commercial that was produced overnight.  He asked to be forgiven.

No, Akin  you are not forgiven. The nation has ignored you long enough.

You did not ask for forgiveness when you gestured (with hands around the front of your neck) and commented about Democrats being lynched at town hall meetings as the nation deliberated health care reform.

You did not ask for forgiveness as you sat with the same interviewer (reporter) in the same session and commented that " is time to rethink Civil Rights and Voting Rights legislation".  Does that add credence to  current GOP voter suppression? The question was rhetorical.

You did not ask for forgiveness when you clearly spoke out against the 17th Amendment of the US Constitution.

You did not ask for forgiveness when you stated the government should get out of the school lunch programs.

Yet, here you are.......

Akin, you are the perfect example of the head of a 'boil' that is about to burst. You are the visible part of "GOPISM", that is killing itself with its authoritarianism,  and that authoritarianism appears to be moving towards totalitarianism.

You are the visible manifestation of GOP Policy gone way too far. You are not an aberration, you are an 'OOOOPS". YOU spoke from the heart and that is why the GOP has loved yo for so long.

The GOP has enabled you, and frankly, we have enabled you by not coming down on your antics well before you dug-up centuries old folklore about rape!

You are a General in GOP "Shock and Awe"  against women.   There is no GOP "War on Women", as war takes two to perpetrate. Women have done nothing to deserve the serious "Shock and Awe" your party has signaled is to come.