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Monday, March 14, 2016

From "Punch Him In The Face" To Cemetary Grave Descreration

Watch two minutes of "Your GOP"

Once again for effect.

Before we move on, allow 35 seconds to review security's reaction to the suckered punched protester.

This happened tonight in NC. Instead of HELPING the innocent victim, Trump's security jumps him and does NOTHING to the violent aggressor.Video by Occupy Democrats

North Carolina and local security as Trump Brow Shirts

When challenged this past weekend by Fox News's Chris Wallace Trump declares his right to incite: If You Only News.

In January 2016, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow broadcast a point on segment regarding similarity Trump's campaign and the campaign of noted super racist 1960s former governor fo Alabama, George Wallace.  


Donald Trump clones Alabama racist Governor George Wallace. Rachel Maddow January 2016.  The segment is a bit long, but in this year of critical politics, time well spent. 

 George Wallace And Donald Trump

Uncanny?  I suggest not. The similarities are common because the ideology is the same. While cloaking its bigoted foundation deep in its core, the GOP has promulgated and nurtured what has to be a metastasized condition born in strategy.

Trump has declared his supporters have a right to freedom to assemble and worship him (my words).  But, does his events and his supporters have the right to trample on the rights of others? Over the weekend Trump events not only garnered multiple acts of violence among attendees (and protesters), we also found a pepper-spraying of a group of protesters in Kansas City, Missouri and of all horrors desecration of a graveyard.

If You Only News 

Chris Stokes was in the crowd when the KCPD decided to use pepper spray on the crowd.

As you can see, we were far from what happened and were not involved but he in walked up spraying us
You can see the protesters lined up on the sidewalk, milling around but being peaceful. Stokes toldBuzzFeed News that they had been staying on the sidewalk all day. He stated that, at this point, a small group of protesters was encouraging people to lock arms and walk into the street. As this was happening, Stokes says the police just started shooting pepper spray into the crowd with no warning. You can see the police line up and, at 1:58 in the video below, open fire. And that pepper spray is like a fire hose.
Video by Agnus Dei 
After the dousing, everything “went back to peaceful really fast,” Stokes said. 
Basically the overall vibe from everybody I talked to afterward was, ‘I can’t believe that just happened.’  
Of course, the KCPD tells a different story. They said that they had to spray the crowd to avoid a riot. Yeah, because those people looked like they were going to riot any second. Apparently, the KCPD can’t tell the difference between people exercising their rights and a riot.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t see any time in which pepper spray needed to be used. “Had to” must mean something else to the KCPD. They did thank the “majority” for exercising their right “peacefully.”


Desecration of a graveyard!

Incredibly, some motorists apparently were driving over graves at East Lawn Cemetery in Bloomington this morning to have a parking place for the Donald Trump rally at the nearby airport.
Trumpism is literally unbelievable in its comprehensive disgust.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!!!

Montgomery, AL
Inaugural address 

George Wallace's inauguration proclamation appears to serve as an anthem for a growing number of Republicans. Despite Wallace's membership in the Democratic Party, his social views seem to permeate a growing number of today's young conservative whites (and a couple of GOP ideology leaders who use electronic media to spread their highly compensated message).  The most vocal long for times well past simple alleged fear of being pushed into a social state (a lower strata of deprivation and persecution) apparently reserved for others.  And, they do so without one obvious reflecting on how the nation's past impacted African-Americans, Native Americans, Asians and Latinos. Alas, because they do not care. The Circa  2012 segregationist are also quite vocal of their wish to return to their desired state: white supremacy. 
"Diversity is not a strength," (Matthew) Heimbach told the Baltimore Sun, adding, "We're being displaced from our own country," in reference to immigration. He also told The Blaze that the issue of "forced segregation" should be left to the states.


CPAC Tea Party event.  Avowed racist Matthew Heimbach and slavery rationalist Scott Terry attend with clear plans to disrupt the black conservative speaker.

This years CPAC event topped last years event, which topped the previous years event related to outright affection for and exhibitions of racism. A tea party organization hosted a CPAC break-out session focused of helping people deflect charges of racism: "Trump the Race Card." The session organizer hired well know "money-grabber" K. Carl Smith, Frederick Douglass Republican  to host the session. The rest is history and well known by anyone who watches MSNBC.  I know that Fox News did not carry the interchange between he racist Scott and the 'money-grabber" Smith. I also suspect CNN gave the interchange limited broadcast if at all. 

Huffington Post published a good recap of the racist resistance to African-Americans at CPAC and resistance to African-Americans in the GOP.  

While Reince Priebus and others are traveling across the country claiming to throw (bad) money at outreach to minorities, the future of the GOP and a specific wing of the party, is seething with racial animus, hatred, and paranoia.  

Yet another example from the mind of young Matthew Heimbach.

Priebus as RNC Chair can speak false mantra as  much as required to advance the GOP fallacy based and superstitious efforts to allegedly attract minorities, the realty speaks differently and the reality speaks to the core of the party. 

Mediaite also published a piece to accompany the longer version video posted above.  The Mediaite piece shows yet another perspective of the interchange between Scott and Katy Jordan a documentary filmmaker.  Despite the more widely broadcast version of  the K. Carl Smith video (with some in the audience showing obvious signs of dismay at Scott's racist tirade) Jordan published a different perspective of the interaction. Kim Brown, who was seated near Heimbach and Terry she was shouted down by members of the CPAC audience.

The Blaze published an expose` on Townson University White Student Union (WSU)  founder, Heimbach.  The Blaze piece includes a link to the WSU Blog.  Of course, my inquisitive mind facilitated a click of the link.  Two articles standout as noteworthy.  One article title refers to Heimbach as "Commander."  The other noteworthy piece was a march 4th, post related to WSU's plans to attend a Ron Paul speech at George Washington University.

Both Rand and Ron Paul have documented expositions and archived information related to their anti-Civil Rights beliefs and positions, their angst about EEOC Title VII Fair Employment legislation and their Libertarian lust for states rights. "States Rights" is a euphemistic idyllic state of libertarian and racist Land of OZ.

The Atlantic Wire's March 15, piece revealed yet more about the "Trump the Race Card" session. 

Before we move to a short video Thom Hartmann interview with Matthew Heimbach, let's finish on the very vocal Scott Terry.  

On March, 16, CBS News writer Jake Miller published a piece related to the segregationist in the CPAC session. 
After the panel, the blog reported that Terry asked, "Why can't we just have segregation?"
Terry, who was sporting a Rick Santorum sticker and claimed to be a direct descendant of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, told Think Progress he'd "be fine with" a society in which African-Americans were permanently subservient to white people. He also said African-Americans "should be allowed to vote in Africa." 
At one point, when challenged on the heritage of the GOP by a female onlooker, Terry responded, "I didn't know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public."
Also note these mean espouse segregation even within their political party.  "Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever!!!"

Thom Hartmann and Matthew Heimbach.

The Atlantic Wire link above has telling remarks about the extent to which Heimbach longs for a time when black people were overshadowed and oppressive under Jim Crow Laws.

Even more revealing than the words of the two white supremacists is their affinity for all things "PAUL."  I offer the GOP's CPAC "straw dumpling" winner is an apple that fell not far from the trunk of his fathers tree.

And there-in lies the very reasons minorities and informed women will shun the GOP. We hope they party continues to shoot itself in the foot as we approach the 2014 Congressional Elections.  We fully expect the party to stumbled farther into the abyss of regressivism and shame as we look forward tot eh 2016 presidential election.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry on the GOP Convention and Clint Eastwood (VIDEO)

I often use video as an adjunct to screeds on the web page. As you know, video add spice to information-variety and like graphs and charts facilitate expeditious understanding ideas, thoughts and opinions.  The following includes far more videos than in most of my work.  All videos are necessary based on the comprehensive scope of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show this morning.  Visuals is the very best way to illustrative just how lost a soul can be when consumed with attainment of, and worship of, wealth and position; watch the young conservative on the panel.   

I also will admit to an infrequent reference to the ethnic background of one of Harris-Perry's guest.  I reference her ethnicity first because the young woman mentioned her ethnicity. Second, because her ancestry includes roots in an nation of upper crust wealth with millions and millions (in the population)  who live in overwhelming poverty and daily strife. The young conservative is so far removed from her roots and the knowledge of what it is like to live as most in her nation live, she seems distant, uncaring, indoctrinated  callous and well, flip quite frankly.