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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fox News War: Bill O'Reilly Attacks George Will (May The Worse Man Win) VIDEO

A few weeks back Bill O'Reilly published a fact less book, Killing Reagan. Apparently George Will took very belated exception to O'Reilly's book (which should probably have been labeled a novel). He keyboarded a column piece that has Bill O'Reilly aflame and generated another O'Reilly on-air tirade.

The interaction was captured and reported by many social media sources. We are borrowing a piece from If You Only News.  The segment offers insight into the very reason I refuse to run out and spend money on books which are becoming common easy earnings items for celebrities. Of course, I wouldn't spend one-half of a penny on any book written by a conservative, but I also refuse to patronage books written by progressives. In any cases, the two conservatives sat for a 'hen fight."

You will notice from the moment the segment starts O'Reilly jumps to the attack mode regarding Will's alleged failure to "call me" about the column piece. The veracity of O'Reilly's writings appeared very much a secondary issue. The interchange reminded me of a couple of additional *in the news* cases.  First O'Reilly's Abe Lincoln book was so full of inaccuracies it was, for a time, not sold in the Ford Theater bookstore in Washington DC.  It was sold in a third party bookstore on a theater floor up and away from the main bookstore, but it didn't make the grade for direct sales in the main bookstore.  The next item that came to mind as I watched the O'Reilly attack on fellow Fox News employee George Will: the current Ben Carson cover-up the lies with attacks against the "liberal media." Don't seriously address the inaccuracy or lack of veracity, attack the medium.


O’Reilly has gotten criticism from others as well who were close to Reagan, and he has gone to great length to paint them as simply haters who don’t want “the truth” to be known. George Will, being one of these critics, had referred to O’Reilly’s book as a “no facts zone”.
O’Reilly had already responded to Will’s comment on a previous night, but that was not good enough for him. He invited Will on the show the following night and a hilariously huge slug-fest ensued.
Right out of the gate, O’Reilly accused Will of libel, and said Will was supposed to call O’Reilly before commenting on the book, and he never did. Bill, libel is something you write about a person that is untrue. A printed defamation, as it were. Libel is not a negative review of your sophomoric book.
Will shot back saying he had no responsibility or agreement to do this, and this book wouldn’t be the first time Bill had gotten something wrong.
O’Reilly shifted to Will taking issue with his use of a memo by a Reagan aide, that was already disowned by its own author. O’Reilly said he only disowned it after he was put “under heavy pressure” to which Will laughed in his face.
Bill then tried to say that his book was actually praising Reagan. Will responded to that by saying not only is Bill’s book untrue but by writing it he is actively doing the work of “the left” to discredit Reagan.
O’Reilly finally yelled back “You’re a hack! You’re in with a cabal of Reagan loyalists who don’t want the truth to be told!”
Watch the epic double temper tantrum of Bill O’Reilly and George Will, fighting it out live on Fox News, below:


Sunday, June 7, 2015

George Will's Wife Works For A GOP Presidential Aspirant?

Demagogue with connections!
Another example of people with mind altering message potential and propaganda opportunity for Fox News and the American Right.

George Will is a baseline demagogue for all things conservative. He is also another who is unapologetic for past support of conservatism en masse as it just about took the nation to nothingness under Cheney/Bush Bush/Cheney.

Crooks & Liars...

George Will's Wife Works For Scott Walker

Eddie Scarry at The Washington Examiner is reporting that George Will's wife is working for Scott Walker: Washington Post conservative columnist George Will has a special connection to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who may seek the Republican presidential nomination. Will disclosed that his wife works for Walker at the bottom of his Post column on Wednesday.…

Monday, April 6, 2015

Reagan's One Million Jobs Report Via George Will

Image via Media Matters
An hour ago I published this piece regarding Jeb Bush's 2009 completion of a voter registration application and checking his ethnicity as "hispanic."  Problem!

The piece also includes comment regarding the increasing and ever-present "political lie" and the GOP's inclination to taken the of the lie well over the top.   

There is no need to delve deeper into the Bush lie beyond reminders of the extent to which his brother (DUBYA) dupe the nation and the world.

What follows is another example of my point regarding the "Lie" As policy and practice.  George Will, since joining Fox News has developed a penchant for over the top lying and hyperbolic Obama derangement that rivals the combined "veracity" essence of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly bundled like a cable TV package.  

Will jumped on the march jobs report (126,000 jobs; 5.5% unemployment rate) with heightened fever. The Fox News demagogue was inordinately quite as the following data contributed to the this illustration.

The Daily Kos reports on the jobs "slowdown"

We at the TPI do not pretend not to see and acknowledge the lower jobs numbers for March 2015. We are also mindful of slowed manufacturing production to date in 2015. However. Will's virtual silence on the administration jobs performance prior to this past Sunday is both telling and manipulative. If Will spoke on jobs reports over the past few months, he probably focused on that popular anti-good jobs report mantra: The US Employment Participation Rate.

Let's take The Daily Kos chart and add a bit of "George Will."  

What we have is unbalanced viewer driven demagoguery, common to Fox News hosts and paid talk heads. Will rolled out a false and very manipulative Reagan monthly jobs number ("one million jobs in a month") that was actually 650,000 jobs with he a preponderance of that number due to telephone employees returning from a national strike. And, there-in lies the essence of will. He knows factors that contributed to the number, yet he went hyperbolic with "one million" jobs in a month.

The rhetoric is not only a willful false representation, Will insults the intellect of people who I refer to as "HIVS" (high Information Voters)

Media Matters

George Will Revives Tired Canard That Reagan.....

Yes, George Will fits the Fox News business model liek an expensive leather glove.

Politifact on Will's demagoguery:    Pants on Fire!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

George Will's Validated As A Koch Stooge!

George Will
The hired demagogue has ethics issues

Anyone who follows politics knows Right and Left wing punditry and paid obiter dictum is big business. The talent for drawing an audience or Pied Pipering readers (or listeners) is a lucrative gift. A gift that harbors danger for those who are not intellectually inclined to question nor enact deep thinking. As I consider that last statement, a gift most dangerous for the 50% of US voters who vote from conservative their socially nourished and regressive paradigm. Unfortunately, the social and political Right has a dominate share of opinion mongers and a equally dominate position of social and mind-altering influence over segments of the nation.

We all know of the more zany and over-the-top Right wing talking-heads: Beck, Limbaugh, Coulter, Ingraham. If you are one who skips church (if church service is an inclination) to view Sunday morning news shows, you are familiar with the McCain, Graham, Krauthammer, Kristol, and Noonan. Yet, there is another conservative demagogue who stands as a deliverer of sophism and conservative dogma without equal. Along with his recent employment at Fox News, George Will has elevated his rhetoric to that caliber common to talking-heads on Murdoch's flagship network.

Media Matters has again scored a major exposition related to Will's pandering with far-right conservative Americans for Prosperity and its money-brokers: Charles and David Koch. The Media Matters piece is partially embed and linked below. But, as I often compliment embed screeds with a bit of historical flavor, I will follow my model with George Will.
Will on President Obama and Atty. General Holder as "Race Baiters."
While no surprise for those of us who follow and know right-wing demagoguery, George Will's nascent appearance at a Koch brothers sponsored event is validation of the fallacy of his punditry. His appearance also speaks volumes about his marketability as a purveyor of anti-progressive, anti-Obama Derangement and mind-shaping, or reinforcing far-right dogma.

Washington Post columnist George Will deepened his ethically challenged connections to big-money conservative groups by participating in an Americans for Prosperity summit where prominent Republican presidential hopefuls made their pitch to major donors. 
Will's attendance at the Koch-backed group's annual convention comes after he spent months promoting Koch-backed candidates for public offices and advancing Koch-backed policy issues in his syndicated column. 
On August 31, Politico reported that Will was part of an "exclusive group of major donors and VIPs" who "dined privately" at AFP's eighth annual Defending the American Dream summit. According toPolitico, the summit "has become an increasingly important stop for aspiring GOP presidential candidates." In previous years, Will has also spoken at the summit and been given AFP's highest honor, the George Washington Award. 
Will's cozy relationship with AFP has not been disclosed in any of his recent columns promoting key Republican candidates for Congress or governorships, who have benefited from AFP's ad spending. Using his platform at The Washington Post, Will has promoted Michigan Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land, suggesting that she is "the GOP's best answer to the so-called war on women" and contrasting her with Sandra Fluke, whom he smeared as "a professional victim and virtuoso whiner." Will argued that by electing Land, Michigan voters would be able "to show what they think of 'war on women' hysterics as a substitute for thought." Like Will, AFP supports Land and, as Will noted, has already spent $5 million on her behalf. Will did not note his connections to the group. 
Will has similarly promoted North Carolina Republican Thom Tillis' candidacy for the Senate, parroting his anti-Obamacare campaign advertisements in a May 30 column. Will defended Tillis against charges that he is an "establishment" moderate by praising his conservative credentials: "Tillis has been an enthusiastic enactor and implementer of the conservatism that North Carolinians voted for." Will noted that AFP has spent $8 million on advertising attacking Tillis' opponent, Democrat Kay Hagan. Charles Koch and his family have also maxed out their contributions to Tillis, and he received a $5,000 donation from the Koch Industries PAC. 
Will has profiled Republican Bruce Rauner, who is running to be governor of Illinois, framing the election as a choice between Rauner's push for term limits and his "vows to change the state's fundamental affliction --its political culture" and "the acceleration of stagnation" under the Democratic incumbent, Pat Quinn. AFP has spent at least $120,000 attacking Quinn.
Read much more 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

George Will Speaks To Bigotry Against The LGBT From His New Fox News Platform

Image via Media Matters

If you need any additional reasons for George Will taking his bigotry and racism to Fox News, the Raw Story has captured it all.

Will exemplifies life in America that some call "white privilege." He cannot accept LGBT people as human beings, just as Western Hemisphere capitalist gave no quarter to consideration of Africans as human beings (as human chattel became an industry). He reminds of the anti-human rights initiatives from Andrew Johnson immediately upon the death of Abe Lincoln. Existentially, Will comes across as southern (Democratic) segregationist. The "Democratic segregationist" in there to ward-off the silly and shallow argument about how the Republicans saved the day for US Slaves and the Democrats fought for segregation.
The GOP is not the party of Abe Lincoln and the Democrats are damned well not the party of 1950/60s southern governors and legislators.

George Will should accept criticism as that of a major US bigot "Par Excellence" and Will, on the other and, should be commended for fulfilling his newly anointed role on the network for the racist and bigoted Right. 

The Raw Story.....

George Will: It’s ‘not neighborly’ for LGBT people to ask for equal rights (via Raw Story )
Fox News contributor George Will on Sunday said that LGBT people deserved equal treatment from businesses, but they were “not neighborly” and “not nice” for fighting for those rights. During a panel discussion on Fox News Sunday, host Chris…


Monday, January 6, 2014

Peggy Noonan Deflects From Income Inequity to ObamaCare! WOW!

"....did you know that the average CEO's pay is 1,039 times more generous than that of the average worker? 


Morgan is the editor of Co.Exist.

The conservative joins other conservatives in "WE DO NOT CARE."
After a while conservative pundit resistance to matters important to the nation becomes an indication of various cognitive abnormality and extreme insensitivity mixed with over-the-top short-shortsightedness. 

Highly compensated pundits appear of the network and cable Sunday morning news talk shows as reliably as the 24 hour clock. A better analogy would be the likeness and reliability of conservative pundits (on Sunday morning) and their unyielding support for protecting the current tax structure; thus protecting the earnings power of the nation's Top 20 percent income earners. Earning power that contributed one such pundit' active  deflection this past Sunday.

Pundits like Peggy Noonan (in all of her splendid self-aggrandizing elitism), George Will (Fox News's newest propagandist) and Charles Krauthammer (Pulitzer-Prize winning demagogue), are contracted for appearances Sunday, after Sunday.
 They offer constant feed for people who thrive on anti-Democratic/anti-Obama rhetoric and they do so with the most acute examples of stubbornness and zaniness imaginable. Their harm to the nation and efforts to provide a better life for allow Americans is suppressed only be the ridiculousness of networks who have the demagogues contracted each Seventh Day.

Media Matters published a detailed review of guest on the Sunday Morning shows. The review reflected results that shouldn't surprise.  Not only do certain networks book a preponderance of conservative guest, they almost exclusive book white males. The Media Matters review spanned the first three quarters  of 2013 (illustrated as September = Q3). Pay particular attention to the graphic illustration of Q3. 

It is obvious the major networks booked pundits and surrogates to leverage viewership incited by the implementation of the "Affordable Care Act (ACA). The October 1, 2013 open enrollment date and complete and utter failure from the HHS (and the Administration) via providing a website tool to facilitate enrollment, was a literal gold mine for the graphed networks. How best to garner viewers, book guest who are dogmatic in their opposition to  the ACA?   

Those same networks become booking bastions for white males in the very same manner the GOP reflects a 92% white membership. The Libertarian Party reflects similar racial demographics. 
Both parties/political ideology are also as male dominant as conservative and GOP ideology and practice as exemplified by the ongoing GOP War on Women. A War on women that focuses almost exclusively on unmarried, younger (than aged 50) women. We shudder to think of why married older women march in "lock-step" with their husbands in obvious indifference to equal rights for women (i.e., equal pay, health services for the child bearing women, unemployment payments etc.). We actually know why the dynamics exists, but do not care to pursue our opine in this screed.

We Digress! The real danger in Network facilitation of right-wing ideology strikes at teh core of out future. 

Over this past weekend CBS occupied a seat with one of the most pompous right-wing pundits alive: Peggy Noonan. CBS broke the predominance of white males, but got the very same twisted right-wing dogma as that spewed by dominate party white males.  It is important to note, Noonan earns a hefty paycheck from the Ruppert Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal. Therefore, we should expect no less than delivery of extreme Right dogma for the CBS audience. 

We offer one additional fact, before moving to the inimitable Noonan. Since, Noonan posited about income disparity/inequity (an Obama 2014 focus and a sure State of the Union Speech item) as a strategy to take the nation away from the failures of "ObamaCare."

Noonan spews "hopeful" Right-wing anti-ACA talking points embodied in one (without any credible basis) statement.

While we certainly cannot assume the ACA( AKA ObamaCare) will not suffer reality setbacks in 2014. We posit the Administration has dealt effectively with setback since October 1, 2013, and we assume any glitches will be address similarly).  How can pundits like Noonan secure air-time to spew pure hopeful rhetoric without counter probing for details vs. GOP "playbook" Mantra? Why can't host ask about the nine million (reported) benefactors of the law? Why can't a host try this, "What happens to the medical coverage fore nine million reported ACA benefactors?" Now, how hard was that? Put them on the spot vs. providing a ideology platform that cannot help, but influence minds.

Media Matters...
Noonan responded to host Bob Schieffer's question about why Democrats were focusing on income inequality and increasing the minimum wage by claiming that they "need to change the subject" away from Obamacare:

NOONAN: [Obama] does not want to talk about Obamacare. It is widely assumed that in 2014 the bad news of Obamacare, the dislocations, the lost coverage, the price hikes, the premium hikes, et cetera, et cetera, that all of this will continue. It's not the website. The website is the old story. It is the program. It will unveil over the next two years and it's going to be problematic. The president does not want to talk about it. The Democrats do not want to talk about it. Therefore,  income equality, minimum wage, et cetera, et cetera. They need to change the subject.

Linked video; CLICK and scroll-down

Noonan also dropped a bomb via labeling newly elected Mayor of New York a Sandanista. While, she quickly attempted to rephrase the remark, I have little doubt the mission was accomplished. You can rest assured her words will surface in right-wings memes, websites and probably some host of Fox will share the B/S.

We should not expect better from Noonan regarding incommode inequity. she served in the Reagan Administrations, we we suspect remains dogmatic about "trickle-down" economics.

Maybe, Noonan,s lack of regard for the less economically privileged has deep conservative roots. the real question is how can CBS continue to pay her a hefty paycheck to show-up on Sundays with GOP 'playbook"; B/S that literally makes no sense at all. On top of her flawed punditry, viewers are forced to tolerate her over-the-top pompous non-verbal demeanor.

Reagan's "Trickle-down"...did not trickle! Noonan was there!

Noonan was there!

How crass to deflect from income inequity at a time when her party is denying unemployment payments to millions?

Income inequity...

CNN 2010 segment 1:00 minute: Linked

RT Network 2010 segment 5:26 minutes: Linked

We linked the two links above due solely to the timing of the broadcast. Obama has only just begun to speak about income inequity. We suggest the two links and Noonan's inane deflection (to OBamaCare) reflects the shallowness of counter progressive arguments from the Right.

Surely Noonan is aware of The Stanford Center for the Study of Poverty and Inequality study. The following infographic--by Kristy Tillman for Objects in Repeat--explains 15 different facts about American inequality that might tweak your worldview a little. 

Larger Version: Linked (CLICK again image after large version)

CBS should seriously consider re-formatting its revenue model to include credible sources of information and credible pundits (or more balanced pundits) for sharing information critical to the nation's economic and social health. Simply booking guest to spew GOP ideology or guest to refute the GOP demagogues may garner revenue, but falls well shy of journalistic social responsibility. 

We would not expect Noonan in any way to agree to intelligently discuss income inequity (Or for that matter national healthcare), but we should expect surface efforts to deflect from a critical issue would be mitigated.  Bob Schieffer's responses to Noonan were proper journalistic probing and retort, but even he pulled-up shy of fully challenging the propagandist. If challenged with demeanor and comment denoting pundit lunacy, these people will restrict their insanity to Fox News, and the new CNN.


Monday, August 26, 2013

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Republican Racism On Front Street and Overt!

Bobby Jindal within the past year. Stand by for Bobby Jindal today!

How can we expect different from the sycophants who support these people and who go to the polls and vote them to public office? Of course, George Will is not a politician. He is however, a most esteemed and supposedly learned conservative. His comments in the following clip places my use of the word "esteem" in question. His comments are comparable to looking up to a street gutter. George Will stands along side the far less intellectual yet equally guttural Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter, and Maulkin.

MSNBC's The Ed Show is BACK..and hitting on all Cylinders.  Watch conservative racism and propaganda and analysis that places it all in perspective.

  Ed's "Pretenders." 

If the overwhelmingly racist Colorado legislator possessed a modicum of intellect and knowledge, she would recognize the danger in laying "Sickle Cell anemia" and other disease endemic to the black community of diet influenced DNA.

She might recognize that far more white people eat fried chicken and Bar-B-Que then her mind comprehends.

She might also recognize that she speaks as the classic " white supremacist" and one who exercises white privilege without batting an eye.

Racism is alive and very healthy in the GOP! 

.....And The Band Plays On......

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

George Will takes on the "Trump' Card"

They really do deserve each other! 

Mitt Romney is about securing as many endorsers as possible is an effort to secure the nation's vote in November 2012. Well, of course, so is the President of the United States; with one exception. He does not need public endorsements to the level of his opponent; the benefit of incumbency.

All is fair in politics and war, correct? Well, sort of correct anyway. How many times during the 2008 Election did candidate McCain distance himself from Evangelical preachers? Obama also placed ground between himself and the Conservative 'trumped' up Rev. Jeremiah Wright. Wright was not an endorser of candidate Obama, but their past certainly became an item for a short period of time. Let me correct last. Their past church pastor/congregation member, continues to be an item for some on the Right, who earn money via efforts to defeat the president or from the true whack jobs like Sarah Palin. Of course, Palin feeds opportunity to earn money via her remarks and she also qualifies as a political whack-job.

Mitt Romney has a dual problem with endorsements: he needs popular (with his base) faces and he needs money for his campaign hoppers. Donald Trump endorsed Romney towards the middle of 2011. Now, it is time for Trumps endorsement to convert to cash dollars ,first, and fan votes second. After the Obama George Clooney home affair and the resultant $16 million dollars haul, Romney is within his right mind to seek similar opportunity. If fact, he would be of unsound mind to pass-on an opportunity to use celebrity for fund raising.