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Friday, May 24, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Doctored Video As A Right-wing Weapon

The Washington Post and other non-Fox News media are reporting on a clear case of right-wing anti-Nancy Pelosi Internet video subterfuge. Following a trump attack on Pelosi earlier in the week, someone or a team of criminals took it upon themselves to doctored (or edited) a video of the Democrat Party Speaker of the House of Representatives. The dirty trick is a short video of Pelosi appearing senile, and, or drunken.  

The Washington Post, linked here.

Former Federal attorney and former mayor of New York City, and now Trump stooge, Rudy Giuliani joined in on promulgating the edited video.  His re-tweet included the following words.  First, keep in mind, Giuliani has to know the video is fake, but how can one serve as the perfect stooge million if one allows the truth to dilute his subservience to Trump. 

Giuliani words tweet: "What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? Her speech pattern is bizarre."

Talking Points Memo's reports on the edited video are noteworthy.  

As we consider the success of the edited video and the boosting from Fox News Business and Giuliani, it is important to note the following video did not receive like scrutiny from the Right. What follows is an obvious "mess".

The video as a weapon?  In January of this year, CNN's Jake Tapper broadcast a segment regarding the Congressional testimony of National Security Director Coates.  While the first 1:12 seconds of the video relates to international adversaries, the following portions of the video have proven to be point-on. 

Doctored 'deep fake' videos posing threat to elections, security

Remember Republicans don't win elections via straight campaigning, dirty tricks and election subterfuge (including voter suppression) are key weapons of the party on the right.  And how does the high information voter avoid becoming a victim of the GOP's election black hole?  

If you think this is a strategy and political weaponry misreported via CNN, think again. Fox News's Laura Ingraham also went video attack during a broadcast within the past 24 hours.  Watch the video Ingrahan weaponry, here (Media Matters). 

Don't accept the Right as an entity which has an inner core of honesty and fair administration of matters of politics.  

Live suspiciously and seek information.  


Thursday, August 23, 2018

If impeached..."I think everybody would be very poor."

In the friendly confines of a Fox News reporter at the White House, Trump answered a series of questions which led to validation he really isn't of sane mind.

When asked about pardoning Manafort he ramble-talked into a response regarding possible impeachment.
"If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash. I think everybody would be very poor," the president said in a Fox News interview that aired Thursday.

"Because without this thinking, you would see numbers that you wouldn't believe in reverse," Trump said, pointing at his head. "I got rid of regulations. The tax cut was a tremendous thing."
Trump to Fox News: 'If I ever got impeached, I think the market would crash' from CNBC.

We have long posited Trump's impact on the markets is in two realms. Deregulation and his wealthy American's tax cuts have buoyed the market while providing an impetus for continued growth. Basically an energized expansion of the Obama economy. 

Informed Americans shouldn't forget the Bush Great Recession and an economic influence on the 2007 collapse: GOP deregulation. It is also important to recall Bill Clinton passed a vibrant economy over to Bush along with a poison pill (albeit unbeknownst to Clinton) in the killing of Glass Steigler (banking) legislation.

We offer a perspective on Trump's market threat from MSNBC's Ali Velshi. 
Trump actually said this: "I think everybody would be very poor...."

Trump's media pundit actually believes America would revolt if Trump were impeached.  Do these people actually believe the alternate state in which they live? Linked Sky News.


Before departing, check out another moment of Trump and Fox.

America, the carnival barking has become increasingly childish and very much zany.


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Giuliani Alert: Hannity Paths Giuliani (Seemed To Fail) VIDEO

Follow The Circus 

Giuliani October 2016:
"We got a couple of surprises left," Giuliani said on FOX & Friends. "I call them surprises in the way that we’re going to campaign to get our message out there. Maybe in a little bit of a different way and you’ll see and I think it will be enormously effective. And I do think that all of these revelations about Hillary Clinton finally are beginning to have an impact."
Rudy Giuliani just before the 2016 General elections. It appeared The Trump surrogate and confidant possessed inside information regarding leaks and the FBI. Isn't it amazing how the former New York prosecutors went on Fox News and gloated like a kid with the largest marble stogy in the neighborhood? He seemed to relish in running his mouth while tickling the innards for Fox & Friends number one fan: Donald Trump.

As Trump finds himself sinking ever so deeply into an abyss created over the course of his life, his recent decision to appoint Rudy Giuliani to his legal team could prove the catalyst for dropping over the precipice. Giuliani visited Fox News's number one Trump propagandist for a lengthy interview. While being guided through a series of questions carefully crafted by Hannity (and his team) it seems the interview went off the rails.

We located a few great interview tidbits on the Twitter page of the prolific political poster and writer Aaron Rupar.
 19 hours ago19 hours agoMoreGiuliani on Trump being interview by Mueller: "Are they objective? A lot of things point in the direction that they think James Comey is telling the truth and not the president." Argues Trump was justified in firing Comey because he wouldn't say Trump wasn't a target.
 19 hours ago19 hours agoMoreGiuliani argues that the Mueller investigation is "totally tainted" because Comey "seems to be the core of their investigation" and he's "a disgraceful liar."
 19 hours ago19 hours agoMoreGiuliani is all in on discrediting James Comey, who he calls a "pathological liar." "I have the indignity of having hired him for his first big job and I'm embarrassed that I hired him him," he says.

 19 hours ago19 hours agoMoreGiuliani calls for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned: "I'm sorry, Hillary, I know you're very disappointed you didn't win. But you're a criminal. Equal justice would mean you should go to jail. I do not know why the justice department is not investigating."
— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 3, 2018

If you didn't follow broadcast related to Giuliani; visit to Hannity, here is a comprehensive accounting via the Aaron Rupar Twitter thread. Linked here. I scroll down through the past 17 hours to reach the point at which I secured the excerpts. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Rudy Giuliani

There are times when bloggers can make cogent points with little support material. Such is not often the case, but today on ABC News's Sunday Morning show, Rudy Giuliani offered my opportunity to make it a short day.

The former New York Mayor is an obvious misogynist with chronic infestation of sexism.

After watching one of Trumps closest advisers, enjoy your Sunday.


Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump's Lies Lead To Surrogate Embarassment

Remember....Campaign surrogates become White House Staff!

Do you have a few minutes for an update on the most historic flim-flam game and con America has witnessed? The current 2016 political campaign  has delivered circus(try) comparable to a WWE elimination series. Yes, we seek cheap entertainment and, through quirks in our psyche, turn reality tv into our personal reality. We live in a nation which has literally turned our society into a giggling and chuckling mass of reality show viewers. And, like the TV reality show, we are moving towards a general election with the likeness of flim-flam reality TV star garnering support of millions. A reality that is hard to fathom, Yet palatable if we consider one very short video with Donald Trump in a leading role. What you are about to see isn't in the realm of Ronald Reagan's white cowboy hat cowboy movies. What you are about to see is ridiculous low intellect entertainment for reality TV lovers who loathe human activity that drives cognitive thought. 

Donald Trump at ringside.  (The hair didn't move out of position)

If the 14 seconds video wasn't enough to throw your Trump worship into a state of dissonance, check out a 4:00-minute segment. Entertainment is just that, entertainment.  But, a question arises.  What happens with the low intellect viewers of such shows offer the opportunity to place such entertainers in the White House?

In order to facilitate such an election result, we must accept the reality of having devolved into a non-thinking populace with giggles, oohs and aahs as critical to daily personal gratification. We also must accept we have probably lowered ourselves to a level of thinking which facilitates salting with lies, manipulation and the manifestation of a false reality. What follows covers aspects of, but let's first take a quick look and listen to our carnival barking GOP candidate as he sits with David Letterman in a discussion of producing his apparel products in reign manufacturing facilities. 

We often hear Donald Trump railing about moving jobs overseas. Is there anyone on Earth who doesn't realize Trump produces products overseas via foreign workers?  He doesn't produce one product in foreign facilities he couldn't produce in the US.


October 2012

Donald Trump claims Obama mishandled the Iraq war via pulling out our troops in 2011.  

Trump 2007 Trump 2016

Once we accept Trump has what seems increasing evidence of a mental imbalance, let's visit with the world he provides his surrogates. Former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was hired by CNN within days of his embarrassing "You're Fired" at Trump Tower. Lewandowski is only one of Trump's circus (or carnival) facilitators who agree to visits with cable network news shows and sheepishly working to craft and deliver lies within the script handed to the via the Trump campaign. They are asked to facilitate what amounts to a bridge too far. 



The New York Co-chair say trickle down economics worked!

"Trickle-down economics" aside, lets the outright lies promulgated via Trump's top surrogates.  In order to the lock-step marching orders of his talking heads, one has to understand his Fuehrer's positions. One very obvious lie from Trump is his current alleged sarcasm regarding President Obama and Hillary Clinton as the 'founders' of ISIS. It is important for the less than intellectually gifted who may read this piece and understand, "founders" in Trump's context means those who literally started the terror group and who manages it existence.

Now, imagine being a forced for the sake of money, position,  and responsibility to follow that act? How about one of Trumps most idiotic surrogates who has the title of national spokesperson? Katrina Peirson will without question follow Trump into the Whtie House should America fail to awaken from their over-the-top carnal affinity for the NYC carnival barker.

Who took American into Afghanisatan?

BLACKWELL: “You’re saying Barack Obama took the country into Afghanistan post-2009. Is that what you’re saying?” 
PIERSON: “Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton — that was Obama’s war, yes.”

“We weren’t even in Afghanistan by this time. Barack Obama went into Afghanistan, creating another problem.”
Off camera view and a few days later, the ill-fated and totally uninformed talking head took to Trump's favorite media" Twitter.

Here is how the carnival barker facilitator was forced to cover her incompetence:

Katrina Pierson 
For the record, audio disruptions and echos should be fixed immediately. Especially when you say it out loud on the air.@CNN
While all of the Trump surrogates pictured above are what I call "presstitutes", Pierson tops the list of incompetent and zany. 

Yet there is another who should be all means give up the campaign trail. In fact, the Trump campaign should force Rudy Guiliani into campaign retirement.  

What is that old adage: " The fool who keeps his mouth closed maybe never be discovered to be a fool."

Who was the Mayor of New York as the supreme radical Islamist attack the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon? Guiliani the "geriatric presstitute."
One final look another we crafted "presstitute".   The surrogate in the following CNN video is a classic example of pay me and I will stoop to any level of disgust.  We offer the alleged law student who embraces the Confederate Flag.

First, a reminder:

Confederate Flag Designer Said It Is A Symbol Of White Supremacy – Not Southern Heritage

Yes, you witnessed it all. These are people Donald Trump would employ in his cabinet and his press corp. They represent a set of talking heads who obviously have no regard for veracity. 

One more exhibit  from a talking head pictured above.

Trump's use of data from a fringe website

The nascent GOP party leaders is a pathological liar. We shouldn't be surprised he forces his roving talking heads into public exhibitions which often end in embarrassment. An expectation of veracity following and regarding a lie is a false expectation. 

Let's end with a political advertisement a Clinton PAC will air starting next week. The ad starts with young kids quoting people who have left indelible stamps on humankind (and on America). Towards the middle of the ad, we find kids working to quote the GOP's nascent part leader. 

Video Player

The kids won't make good surrogates.
How about more honest Trump well prior to his current effort to run game on America?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Palin Gets Another Shot Via The Viewer Hungry Sportsman's Channel.

And this is supposed to be cool?
Guess if Don King can do it, so can
the like showboating Palin.

We are lucky our mindset is to avoid Chronic Palin Syndrome.  You and I know Palin is a false reality and a bundle of idiocy handed to the nation by a stumbling and erratic John McCain (and GOP/RNC). It isn't her fault she has been handed an opportunity to earn millions off the psyche of people who have infectious American conservative derangement. Yes, a state of mind that leads to this stuff.....

Rachel Maddow:Giuliani fawns over Putin's 'leadership'

Republicans & FOX News LOVE Vladimir PUTIN?

And being with the mental acuity to craft one;s own quips, and not playing a professional staff to provide beyond "quippy" remarks.

Well, it looks like there is enough derangement and  "Duck Dynasty" types who will sit and watch intellectual deficient entertainment for sake of a few chuckles.   

We offer a 30 second trailer of what's to come from the new Palin television show: Amazing  America with Sarah Palin.

Once the producers move through all of the gun-totting, killing animals, knifing fantasies and green screen projection of a glitzy American Flag, wonder if the show will include any minorities, LGBT and "binders of women?" One has to wonder how soon are the opening show will it take for a appearance by Ted Nugent. 

Rest assured, if President Obama took a stage with a super-imposed flag, Palin would throw a Fox News fit.