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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Trump (Less Visible) Talking Head Who Fails In Interviews

Image result for GorkaAs part of this week's Trump reality TV show and following the Emmy Award Winning performance by Trump's elder son, Junior, we are watching a tidal wave of Trump presstitutes struggle through interviews with credible media. The following episode of Trumpism starts one Sebastian Gorka vs. CNN host Anderson Cooper. If you want to real about a character who totally befits what the US elected to the White House, google Sebastian Gorka and do a bit of reading.

The segment is slightly over nine minutes long, but recognize Gorka is Trump's twist em up expert.  You will notice when Gorka fails to twist the wily Anderson Cooper, he resorted to classic deflection. 

"I stand by what the president and his son said," Gorka stated. "We are impressed by Don Jr.'s transparency and the fact that he published these emails."
Junior's so-called transparency was accomplished within mere minutes of a New York Times stated intention to release. A notification given to the White House was alerted two hours earlier. 

"Transparency?" As transparent as Donald Trump the elder is honest.  

He makes Kelly Anne Conway seem amateurish.