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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Limbaugh "Great Recession" Denier!

Rush Limbaugh has earned well over three quarters of a billion dollars off the psyches are relish, "low information" and who soak-up demagoguery like a sea sponge.  People who sit each day for three hours and listen absorb unsubstantiated rant after rant with just enough racism, sexism, homophobia and other "isms" to tickle their fancy.  The man is a marketing genius, racist to the max and an over-the-top (hyperbolic) demagogue.  He is well compensated, his audience feeds off his rhetoric and his network owners rake-in the revenue. Is there a more productive business relationship in the nation?  Fox News runs a close second, but Limbaugh has ranted his way to that of GOP Ideology leader. He is an existential leader of the GOP with more power than the nerdy Reince Preibus, McConnell, Boehner and Cantor combined. Limbaugh wields a bigger stick than the fading Grover Norquist.  

Media Matters has published the latest example of Limbaugh propaganda that will equal any works for Joseph Geobbels. He denies the US economy was trashed by the GOP (Bush/Cheney et al.) and Obama inherited a slippery slope of a Great Depression Abyss.  

Media Matters

LIMBAUGH: Now, I don't know about the economy shrinking by an annual rate of more than 8 percent. That, that, folks we wouldn't be talking recession if that were happening. If that had been happening, I mean that, there's no way. Annual rate of more than 8 percent? That, my gosh we'd have had soup kitchens, soup lines, there's just no way.
The salient point of the Media Matters piece? Limbaugh knows damned well the economic conditions of the nation in late 2008 and early 2009.  He so disrespects professional ethics (the truth) and his listeners as he feeds them "rotten" red meat.  

You or me could journey to the nearest homeless camp and get fine details about the state of the economy as Bush left office. 

By now you should recognize the ultimate point of this piece; the state of mind of people who tune-in to Limbaugh. His rhetoric and his drawing poor (among non-thinkers and the easily led) is exactly why some non-elected noted republicans will speak-out against Limbaugh.

There is another point, we should thank the heavens that we are of sound-mind enough to avoid the flaming unethical rhetoric of Right-wing demagogues.