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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Teachers And Guns (Video)

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What follows is a classic example of a supposed national leader who is so out of touch with reality and possibly consumed with NRA contributions he speaks publicly about arming classroom teachers. He offers up a workforce which via the majority of its workers have no desire to carry firearms in their classrooms.

And that tired worn out refrain from the NRA's LaPierre: "The best defense against a bad guy with a guy is a good guy with a gun."


As you may have heard, we have a classic example of the ridiculousness of Trump's proposal: A "good guy with a gun in a classroom.  The good guy barricaded himself in his classroom and commencing firearms his weapon.
Jesse Randall Davidson
Davidson 53-year of age has been charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct, carrying a weapon on school grounds, making terroristic threats, possession of a gun during the commission of a crime and disrupting public school. published a piece including revelations the school terrorist once attempted to confess to murder.

Reality again slams in the face of conservatives who purvey the virtues of "and of our guns."

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Connect The Dots USA: Guns, Guns, Guns..US Deaths

Repost from Connect The Dots USA

Here again, we see the staggering amount of gun violence casualties in America. In 2012, there were over 11,000 homicides and over 68,000 assaults involving a gun. And there were more than 21,000 suicides and another 4,000 attempted suicides with a gun. Unlike other less effective methods of suicide, tragically more than 80% of suicide attempts with a firearm are successful. You don’t get a second chance when you choose a gun.

Note: In 2015, firearm homicides rose to 12,979 and firearm suicides rose to 22,018.

In 2012, there were also 18,000 accidental gun injuries, with 500 of them resulting in death. Apparently, there are a lot of not-so-responsible gun owners out there. We hear story after story of people shooting themselves or a family member or friend because they forgot the one in the chamber when cleaning their gun, or they left it unlocked in the nightstand, under the pillow, or in a purse where a child had easy access to it.

Here are some updated charts and stats on gun violence:

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Monday, August 12, 2013

John Liming, American Liberal Times: Guns, Facts, And The Irrefutable!

Re post from the American Liberal Times Dot Com.

Guns only kill if the trigger is pulled, right?

Gun Facts For Those Who Really Need To Know:
Fact:  Gun sales have “exploded” over the past couple of decades and so have an unknown number of heads struck by flying bullets.
Fact:  In nations where there are more guns there is less crime and I can believe that because more guns equal more deaths and more deaths from guns means fewer people left to commit crimes.  Duhhh!
Fact:  Every single mass shooting that has occurred in The United States has been done by somebody with a gun.
Fact:  It has been reported that thousands of people have used a gun to protect themselves from sexual assaults but no one seems to have come up with a number representing the number of times a gun has been used to perp a sexual assault.
Fact:  It is reported in some places that unintended fatalities because of guns has declined by a significant percentage between a set number of years in our history but nobody seems to have come up with a number representing the number of “intended” fatalities that occurred during the same time frame.
Possible Fact:  Some Gunnies like to brag about how a lot of governments have disarmed their citizens and then went on killing sprees against their own citizens but none of those gun nuts have ever said much about some of the countries where nearly everyone including children barely able to walk have guns and their governments still slaughter them.
Probable Fact:  If all gun manufacturing and all gun sales were to suddenly stop completely and a situation developed where there were no guns to be found anywhere – - there would be a significant decrease in the number of gun-related fatalities.
Conjectural Fact:  If all the guns in the world were melted down and re-cast as plow shares – - like the Bible says – - there would still be a bunch of dumb asses somewhere who would get the bright idea that plowshares make incredibly efficient weapons if used properly.
Posted by John on 8/12/2013


Friday, April 19, 2013

James Hall And An Appeal To Sanity And Self-preservation

James Hall, co-founder and charter member of Obama for 2K12 Supporters posits.
Our African American kids are literally wiping out our future and our people in America. Is this why the GOP refuses to do anything about it? It's apparently working better than abortion, it seems to be working better than Eugenics, and it seems to be working even better Narcotics. 
Black Folks we need to wake up and take control of our house because the Government does not give a damn about this epidemic in our major cities. It's funny how when 9/11 happened we formed countless anti terrorism agencies and spared no expense to run two wars going after those who attacked us. We fight tooth and nail to keep guns and bombs out of the foreigners hands who could kill us. We wrote the Patriot Act and passed all types of legislation to spy on American's cellphones, follow suspects and installed cameras in all the major city centers to catch these folks on camera if it ever happens again. All this because since 1980 there's been 3,400 deaths due to terrorism.
The American GOP President at the time screamed "One American life lost to terrorism, is one to many." Which is true!! Here on American soil we have had over 900,000 gun deaths committed by american citizens against each other since 1980 and we cant even f**king pass a single bill that would require a background check for internet and gun show sales! On the internet those gun could be going to who the hell knows, because nobody would ever lie about who they are right? I guess here in America we'll do whatever it takes to keep the rest of the world from killing us because how dare them! Killing our own citizens is our job and we'll drone your ass for even thinking about it. What a pathetic system we have, when a few people with personal agendas and motives can ignore the will of 90% of the population who put them in office.

The following piece says it all and is both cogent and poignant in its message. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Obama To The GOP: Public Opinion, The Right-Thing Vs The N


I believe I will leave this one to Lawrence O'Donnell and the president!

MSNBC's The Last Word, Lawrence O'Donnell...a great segment!

The full Obama speech...

Twenty Seven minutes, but minutes well worthy of the expend time.

With 91% of survey respondents indicating a need for thorough background checks, we have republicans in Congress (most notably the Senate) obstructing for sake of the NRA (plain and simple).

The republicans in Congress use the Second Amendment as a basis for their obstruction. The crafters of the US Constitution would not avoid consideration of the will of the People. They would not ignore the will of "free men". The crafters would probably ignore the will of continental US women.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lady Rhiannon: Guns in America

Guns in America:

The Vital Importance of Strengthening Gun Control in the United States

by Lady Rhiannon

 Gun laws and gun controls are far too weak in the Unites States, and the federal government needs to instill and enforce federal regulations to make gun purchases and ownership safer.  Gun control is not a threat to our freedom, and no reasonable group is calling for guns to be taken away from sane, responsible citizens, but logical changes need to be made. The United States has the highest per capita rate and the highest sheer number of gun deaths and murders in the world, but better laws can change that (Violence Policy Center 2010).  I am sure many people are not aware of how weak gun control laws are in the United States. Over 60% of all murders in the Unites states are committed with firearms. Research shows that the implementation of stronger gun control laws leads to restricted availability to criminals and would-be criminals, and reduces the number of gun deaths, murders, and other felony use (National Criminal Justice Reference Service 1994).  Unfortunately, propaganda and misinformation has been presented to the public by the NRA and weapons manufactures, and their congressional lobbying keeps the pressure on politicians to avoid implementing new federal or state weapons restrictions and regulations (Marty and Sugarmann 2012).

From a global perspective our gun laws are extremely sparse and  loose. Finland has relatively relaxed gun laws in comparison with the rest of Europe; even a fifteen year old can get a gun with parental consent (Associated Press 2008). However, Unlike the United States, Finland has federal regulations requiring gun licensing for owners, as well as gun registration requirements. In Finland approximately 50% of households have guns, while in the United States in 2002, only 41% of household had guns. In spite of that, Finland’s per capita death rate (6.65 per 100,000 people) was less than half that of the country that came in first place for the highest gun death rate in the world with 13.47, which was the United States of America (Public Broadcasting Station 2002).

The United States of America has more guns than any other country in the world. Even though the percentage of known gun owners and households with guns has fallen by about ten percent in the last decade, many gun owners hoard and collect a huge number of guns. A 2004 National Firearms Survey study found that 20% of gun owners own about 65% of the nation's guns. Also, in 2007 the U.N's Office on Drugs and Crime found that the United States owns 50% of the world's guns, despite being only 5% of the world’s population (Brennan, 2012). So fewer people now own a greater number of guns.