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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Fox News: Why Cancel An Anti-Nazi Ad?

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Let's start with a bit of deductive reasoning.

Image result for deductive reasoning I haven't developed a Syllogism, but nonetheless, follow my posit.
Donald Trump spends a good bit of his day absorbing Fox News entertainment.  
Fox News is the network of far-right conservatives and the viewing preference for Americans who embrace Trumpism as if it is a religion.  
Fox News is an entertainment network which purports to the moniker and promulgates all things Apple pie with network hosts who often use the word patriot while feeding viewers utter propaganda.
Wouldn't a credible news source welcome an opportunity for its viewers and the US President to see and hear an ad with an anti-Nazi message?
The answer is a deductive, "no." 

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While many articles have been written about Fox News and its seeming disdain for coverage issues of race from a neutral perspective and Bill O'Reilly (when employed at Fox) was over-the-top with his brand of racism, I offer a very basic example of Fox News's commitment for fostering white nationalism.

I offer the first 33 seconds of this video and former Fox News prime time host Megyn Kelly whitesplaining Santa Clause for some phantom set of child viewers.

For perspective here is a shorter version.

After a few days off and a return to the set on the following Monday, Kelly approached her on-air racism like only a Fox entertainment host would return. She followed what seemed a well planned and shoddily crafted response. A response which included mention of kids watching her show.  What Santa aged kids would be sitting in front of a TV set on a school night at 10:00PM EST watching he Kelly File? She mentioned tongue and cheek with a clear emphasis on "joked."  And she ended her five-minute response with a clear declaration of Fox as "...the powerful Fox News."  

Enough of our example of over-the-top racism followed by a spineless effort to cloak the Fox FUBAR with pure malarkey. Let's move to a much more recent example of Fox News as a conduit to social regression. 

Fox News management actually refused to air an anti-Nazi advertisement slated to run on Hannity's nightly Trump-feeding show. After the 30 second viewing, think about why such an ad would be banned from Fox. And then think about the psyche of its audience and the core of its mission.


Thursday, December 13, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Trump's Wife Join Hannity And Flops (Video)

During an interview with Donald Trump's chief media operative, Sean Hannity, Trump's wife responded to a softball ad seemingly pre-arranged question. Hannity asked her what was the hardest thing to deal with as a denizen of the White House. Well, Trump's wife validated my suspicion, she is of an alternate reality while performing for the camera (as expected).

"I would say the opportunists who are using my name or my family name to advance themselves, from comedians to journalists to performers, book writers," Trump told Fox News' Sean Hannity on Wednesday when asked what has been the hardest thing about being first lady.
"Does it hurt?" Hannity asked.
"It doesn't hurt. The problem is they're writing the history and it's not correct," Trump responded.

"They like to focus on the gossip and I would like to ... focus on the substance, and what we do, not just about nonsense," Trump said.
CNN piece linked here
If that failed to show the level of delirium inherent in Trump's wife, maybe this segment will help.

Trump's wife has every right to think as she lees. However, in reality, she is married to a person whose first thought is to lie. Thus, he is a pathological liar and may very well strain to actually tell the truth (which he doesn't see to do often). Mrs. Trump as well as the entire Trump family, as she proclaimed, has to know the family patriarch is a liar of the first order.

While I have asserted her role in speaking with Hannity was probably that of a case of branding and personal defense to Hannity's viewers (and Fox New viewers et al), she accepted a credibility-shattering television segment. Despite the false degree, plagiarizing speeches, and utter shame of her role in Trump's birtherism against President Obama, one would think she would recognize this.....

The reality is, Trump is the embodiment of all that his wives hold in contempt. Herewith are a few headlined links which address Donald Trump's veracity.

All False statements involving Donald Trump | PolitiFact
Donald Trump's file | PolitiFact 
Anderson Cooper Tracks President Trump, Sarah Sanders Lies About ... 
President Trump has made more than 5000 false or ... - Washington Post 
Update: Since September Trump's Iies have blown-up like a gas balloon. 
President Trump has made 6420 false or ... - Washington Post

Melania Trump will one day regret her life with Donald Trump. As a nation, we should hope she doesn't succumb to the growing evidence of her husband as something of a mob-boss.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Trump GOP Scandal List And Trump's Economy

When a president's own party develops a list of potential scandal investigation from the opposition party and does so as an election strategy, you know the President perceived as an Anvil.  A weighty anchor on the future which cannot be excised due to the GOP's rabid base. Ninety percent of Republicans support Trump. They support Trump as his Disapproval rating has reached 60 percent. A historic level of "disapproval", while the nation's conservatives lock-step supports a man who is obviously guilty of 360-degree levels and types of scandal, he is unethical, a pathological liar, and frankly something of a white nationalist.

When the GOP develops a list!

And how does Trump's number one outside of the White House adviser responding to the list? He offers his viewers a bundle of Ayn Rand oratory without once addressing the reality of Trump's part as an impetus for the list.

Hannity feeds Trump's base.

While on the topic of propaganda. lies and misrepresentations accompanied by deflection for Fox News, how about a shot of fresh air regarding Trump's and his jobs claims.

Let's start with an excerpt from Trump's pre-golf day Twitter account.
Trump continues to feed America malarkey about his "great economy". The US economy is doing well and has been for the past decade after the Bush Great Recession.  The lie works for those who believe the US economy is at it is currently performing without regard for the Obama years and the Obama stimulus. The Trump economy with all associated lies about minority employment is mere celebrations Trump has not yet crash the Obama economy and its month to month jobs performance.

The lie is but another component of the Trump propaganda campaign. The words serve as nourishment for people who clamor for more and more entertainment for a literal carnival barker and his circus of an administration.

For those of you who didn't view the video.  Mike Wallace and Trump's 
Budget Director Mick Mulvaney on "a Trump spike in jobs."
“3.4 million jobs have been added during the first 19 months of the Trump administration, but 3.7 million jobs were added during the last 19 months of the Obama administration,” Wallace said. “More jobs. So, in fact, there hasn’t been a spike in jobs created under this president.” 
“Keep in mind that when you’re coming back from a recession, it’s actually easier to do that,” Mulvaney said. “It’s easier to do what President Obama had done.” 
Wallace closes out the lie 
“The recession was in 2008. We’re talking about 2015 and ’16. Seven, eight years into the Obama presidency, versus the first 19 months of the Trump presidency.”
Visuals count...

Image result for obama vs trump black unemployment rate

Black unemployment always travels the same data path as white unemployment. for Trump and his talking heads to grab black unemployment as a political tool, is yet another example of Trump propaganda.

And the Trump economy?

 Image result for trump vs obama jobs created 19 months

Image result for trump vs obama jobs created 19 months

Image result for trump vs obama jobs created 19 months

Mike Wallace was noble in challenging Mulvany's Trump jobs lies.  For a moment Wallace joined Fox News host Shepard Smith in standing alone among a sea of Trump Fox News promulgators.  As I think of the network, I think of a Media Matters segment of notable Americans who have spoken openly about the dangers of Fox News.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

The Fox News Anti-demagogue Shep Smith (VIDEO)

Little Need For Commentary

Speaking of Fox News.  Watch and listen as Shepard Smith takes down sean Hannity's broadcast lies.


Sunday, July 15, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Trump Delivers Pathetic Behavior In Britain

During Trump's disastrous trip to Britain his disdain for news networks which call him out (accurate reporting) and refuse to buy into his lied laden agenda. On an international forum, he attacked CNN's Jim Acosta as working for a network which purveys "fake news." he did so while bantering a network which actually doesn't serve the public as a new network. Fox News's number one demagogue and Trump adviser Sean Hannity has admitted he doesn't offer news.

Hannity via Twitter:
I'm not a journalist jackass. I'm a talk host.

I also feel it is safe to assume Trump's favored morning TV viewing, Fox & Friends isn't a news delivery platform. Actually, through the broadcast day, I suspect it is hard to find real news broadcast by Fox.  

Of course, we should have expected Trump's planned indictment of CNN if for no other reason his recent hire of a former Fox News executive pretty much sanctions fox as Trump's perception of US state TV.
CNN is fake news,” the president declared. “I don’t take questions from CNN.” He then pointed at the raised hand of John Roberts, the White House correspondent for Fox News, saying, “Let’s go to a real network.”

The report from Fox News, John Roberts, later spoke about Trump's efforts to silence media. While Roberts spoke about the Trump Lugenressee, he really should have sent a message to Trump and posed the very same question as Acosta had planned to ask. 

I mentioned the disastrous trip to Britain. In addition to a 30-minute rambling interview with British tabloid replete with racist and pro Brexit dogma, Trump forced a 92-year-old Queen of the British Monarch to stand to wait or him for 15 full minutes.

The British monarch Queen consults her watch.

View image on Twitter

While I personally wouldn't have constructed a meme with the "douchenozzle" vernacular, the following graphic speaks volumes about a lost soul (who sees in the US Oval Office.

Image may contain: 2 people, text


Thursday, June 28, 2018

This Month's Shooter Kills Five

Milo Yiannopoulos

As Sean Hannity goes about blaming the Maryland shooter and killer of five, on recent comments from Congresswoman Maxine Waters, I find it more than ironic the timing of the shooting in relation to the following comment.

“I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight,” Yiannopoulos said.

UPDATE: I start with Hannity. Watch and listen as he blames an active shooter on congresswoman Maxine Waters. 

The Fox News demagogue attacks as such after we have seen people go after members of the press; people who are Trump supporters.

Hannity is fully aware of Trump's constant drumbeat against US media. He is also focused on his role of propaganda from the Right and he has no regard for decency and the tragedy of today's deaths.

Let's see if he even mention the comments for the well known white nationalist far right celebrity Yiannopoulos.

Trump's reaction to the shooting was via a spokesperson and it echoed the common repsense form Right-wing politicians. There was a comment along the line of no excuse for such killings, so we give them a bit of credit. But we would be totally remiss if we did not also show how Trump dealt with the press earlier int he week.

Image may contain: 1 person, text


As Trump's World Turns: Fox News As A National Communications Beacon

  Warning: Hannity's list of social and political undesirables from Fox News.

No automatic alt text available.

I suspect you are a person who has little to no affinity for American conservatism. After all, you are visiting the site of a liberal opinion writer; a writer who only rarely reaches to Fox News for video and a writer who has followed the utter propagandizing of Fox News's Sean Hannity for many years. 

Hannity has admitted to more doctored video and misrepresented video on his show than anyone in the current event, business or the who serves as a top-level propagandist. Yes, he is the propagandist in chief on FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda And Entertainment Network) and he is a daily adviser to Trump.  An adviser who offers advice to a president who is without question on the wrong side of the history of humankind.  A president who is as humane as any hardcore conservative and a president who is utterly gullible regarding matters of international affairs.  While Trump is busying himself loving-up to the likes of Kim Jong Un and Putin, take a look at how Hannity is attacking the young woman in New York who defeated a ten-term Democrat party leader.  

I do not recommend viewing the full four-minute video as it could tend to leave traces of utter right-wing propaganda in your gray matter. The video is embedded for a reason. My major interest in posting the video is the background graphic Hannity used to attack Ms. Cortez.  His attacks will grow much viler as we approach the fall midterm elections, but for now, take-in the list of attack items.  You have two options. Either watch the video to the 40-second mark or skip through the clip tot he 40-second mark.  I was forced to view the first 40 seconds as a preview and frankly, I must consider a (morning) nap to cleanse my brain of 40 seconds of Hannity's propaganda. 

How about that graphic?

The real contempt related to the likes of Trump and Hannity lies in the fact so many Americans actually hold them incredible adoration.  It is no surprise the two men stand as Statues of Disgust and Beacons of Regression for the GOP; they offer what any business of service-oriented organization hold most dear.
Give the customer (viewer/supporter) what they want.
Conservatives and Fox News viewers thrive on the daily social regression of Trump and his communication talking heads.

While on the topic of Fox News as a conduit for Trumpism, consider this:

Trump has announced his choice for a Communications Director to replace his former model protege` who left her post after sitting for an interview with Bob Mueller's investigators. Trump will have a former top executive at Fox News in charge of White House communications. If you think Spicer and Sarah Huckabee Sanders has offered lies and misrepresentations in support of Trump, give it awhile and watch Shine ....shine. Link...The New York Times.

Trump's affinity for guidance form Fox News is well documented.  And here is a clear example of what we elected in 2016 and how the election is ...say Making American Great Again?

Former Fox News personality and current State Department Spokesperson Nauert. One minute and seventeen seconds of utter disbelief and chronic ignorance.

It is important to restate: State Department Spokesperson. 

I would be very remiss if I didn't offer another example of the state of conservative American and Fox News's Number two demagogue.

If you care to view the full segment from Ingraham, I offer it here. Consider the same warning offered regarding a Hannity's segment above: Watch the full segment at your personal risk... 
possible gray matter/cognitive soiling, the risk of temporary psyche damage, exposure to lies, incoming waves of propaganda.  

Fox News and American History.......

UPDATE: I start with Hannity. Watch and listen as he blames an active shooter on congresswoman Maxine Waters. 

The Fox News demagogue attacks as such after we have seen people go after members of the press; people who are Trump supporters.


Friday, May 4, 2018

Trump Speaks To Reporters: We Didn't Expect Much...We Got Less

Trump started his public day with an obviously planned set of brief appearances to address the last few days of Trumpocracy. From Rudy Giuliani through the Special Counsel investigation he peppered reporters with incoherent, inaccurate and phony utterances. 

Once very bold shot of Trump lying was his cover for Giuliani.  He actually insulted the intelligence of a majority of Americans by stating his loose canon attorney had just started in the White House the day before his remarks to Fox News's Trump frontman: Hannity. Giuliani just started yesterday? How about two weeks ago.
"Happy to meet with Mueller, would love to....."?  Well, his lawyers know he cannot tell the truth, thus he will lie. Doesn't he realize the reality of why his lawyers tell him no to a sit down with Mueller?
"Go look at what I said....." OK, we live in an age of video capture. Let's go look. It should be noted the very same reporter who posed the question Air Force One, asked today's question.
Another blurp of Trumpism came as he responded to a question about sitting for an investigation interview with Special Counsel Mueller.
Trump's comments continued as he approached Air Force One to fly over to Texas for a visit with a major campaign contributor: The NRA.  

It is becoming increasingly difficult to sit for cable news shows due to 24/7 minute to minute coverage of Trump's traveling reality TV show.  The throughout-the-day segments wouldn't be as hard to stomach if the nation's 45th President wasn't such a pathological liar.  He has peppered us with so many lies, I am unabashed in stating I now view the man the same as the fabled Chicken Little.  For me, his aura and tendencies to lie surpassed Pinocchio as he approached his electoral win in the fall of 2016. Thr lying hs grown to the level of an expectation. and therein lies the danger.

Trump's tendency to lie as a first thought can only be described as a pathological condition. Trump's pathological lying is the very reason his lawyers are abhorrent regarding his speaking with special Counsel Mueller. Of course, Trump may be lying about his wish to sit with Mueller.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Giuliani Alert: Hannity Paths Giuliani (Seemed To Fail) VIDEO

Follow The Circus 

Giuliani October 2016:
"We got a couple of surprises left," Giuliani said on FOX & Friends. "I call them surprises in the way that we’re going to campaign to get our message out there. Maybe in a little bit of a different way and you’ll see and I think it will be enormously effective. And I do think that all of these revelations about Hillary Clinton finally are beginning to have an impact."
Rudy Giuliani just before the 2016 General elections. It appeared The Trump surrogate and confidant possessed inside information regarding leaks and the FBI. Isn't it amazing how the former New York prosecutors went on Fox News and gloated like a kid with the largest marble stogy in the neighborhood? He seemed to relish in running his mouth while tickling the innards for Fox & Friends number one fan: Donald Trump.

As Trump finds himself sinking ever so deeply into an abyss created over the course of his life, his recent decision to appoint Rudy Giuliani to his legal team could prove the catalyst for dropping over the precipice. Giuliani visited Fox News's number one Trump propagandist for a lengthy interview. While being guided through a series of questions carefully crafted by Hannity (and his team) it seems the interview went off the rails.

We located a few great interview tidbits on the Twitter page of the prolific political poster and writer Aaron Rupar.
 19 hours ago19 hours agoMoreGiuliani on Trump being interview by Mueller: "Are they objective? A lot of things point in the direction that they think James Comey is telling the truth and not the president." Argues Trump was justified in firing Comey because he wouldn't say Trump wasn't a target.
 19 hours ago19 hours agoMoreGiuliani argues that the Mueller investigation is "totally tainted" because Comey "seems to be the core of their investigation" and he's "a disgraceful liar."
 19 hours ago19 hours agoMoreGiuliani is all in on discrediting James Comey, who he calls a "pathological liar." "I have the indignity of having hired him for his first big job and I'm embarrassed that I hired him him," he says.

 19 hours ago19 hours agoMoreGiuliani calls for Hillary Clinton to be imprisoned: "I'm sorry, Hillary, I know you're very disappointed you didn't win. But you're a criminal. Equal justice would mean you should go to jail. I do not know why the justice department is not investigating."
— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 3, 2018

If you didn't follow broadcast related to Giuliani; visit to Hannity, here is a comprehensive accounting via the Aaron Rupar Twitter thread. Linked here. I scroll down through the past 17 hours to reach the point at which I secured the excerpts.