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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hannity Exposed?

A few years ago, Ted Koppel and Fox News' Sean Hannity sat for an interview. The interview was conducted on CBS Sunday Morning and was developed for discussion of Hannity's "brand".

While the full interview as a post would be a major waste of your viewing time, I do feel it necessary to post a version of the interview which runs slightly over two minutes. Linked here.

" you think I am bad for America?"

During a hearing regarding the seizure of items from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the world received a revelation which really shouldn't have surprised anyone. Cohen petitioned the New State Court to force an opportunity to review items taken from Cohen during the search and seizure of his home apartment and cell phone and he requested the review prior to FBI review of the items. Cohen and his personal lawyer filed the court case; it ended without complete and final resolution of the matter, but Cohen did not receive the requested full review. The Cohen legal team and the trump "fixer" did not win the right to take the items for review prior to federal scrutiny and review.

Alas, the legal setback for Cohen and team wasn't the most headline garnering item from the court appearance. While I am certain you already know when asked by the judge about his law practice, Cohen fest-up to a three client portfolio which includes Fox News number one Democrat (and liberal) hating demagogue: Sean Hannity, it is absolutely critical we understand the full measure of the revelation and how it came about.

Last night's The Rachel Maddow Show "A" Block segment was a long view, but as is frequently the case the runtime includes details critical for broadcast delivery of the segment. I often recommend skipping through long segments while extracting or viewing that which the reader finds most interesting. I strongly recommend a full viewing of the Maddow "A" Block.

Hannity long ago assumed the role of protector and rationalizer of all things conservative. His year of anti-Obama rhetoric along with Bill O'Reilly helped to move Fox News to the Number One cable news (and I used that word very lightly) network in America. Hannity's numerous on camera correction of misleading information (in some cases misleading edited video) proved to be nothing more than far-right misinformation and lies, never once registered with Hannity's, and Fox News viewers. After all his viewers recognize Hannity as an undereducated non-news far-right entertainer as stated in the Koppel interview.

Hannity is far more than a far-right demagogue; he is a key member of the Trump and GOP propaganda pool. Not only has Hannity joined Trump at the Mar-A-Lago resort, Trump has a history of carnival barking on behalf of the Fox News host. 

It seems Hannity is much intimate in the  Trump reality than it appears via Fox News.  Yesterday's revelation pales the Fox News host as integral to Trump communications machine than anyone Trump employs in the White House. Hannity has a business relationship with Trump's "fixer."  Is there any wonder Hannity since the Cohen seizure has spoken so directly and frequently about the raid?

While Fox News and its owner have a role in GOP politics, it isn't a far stretched to think in term of why Fox is allowed to broadcast under the umbrella of FCC guidelines regarding News coverage?

Actually shouldn't Fox terminate its relationship with Hannity?  Hannity is in fact, bad for America.