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Friday, September 7, 2012

"Welfare" as GOP/Romney "Southern Strategy"

Nixon’s Southern Strategy:  The Democrat-Lie Keeping Their Control Over the Black Community

I have written so much about GOP use of code as part of their consistent and dedicated use of Lee Atwater's "Southern Strategy", I am going to forgo lots of dialogue in the post.

Rachel Maddow in the midst of  DNC Convention Day Three.

The shameful Mormon Mitt Romney resorts to his lifelong teachings and settles-in to spew divisive mantra and political sloganeering.  The strategy, attempts to grab as much of the white vote as they can manipulate from those who are not already in the fold. For those in the fold, 'feed them'; they thrive on matters of division and their social paradigms blinds them to facts, reality and GOP shame.  He rails about 'welfare' when the president simply gave the GOP and the nationsomething requested over the past few years: state rights regarding certain Human Services programs.

As you view the segment, Note Al Sharpton's handling of the GOP surrogate when he attempts to deflect GOP race -baiting, dog whistling, and flout out racism.

Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton, Steve Schmidt, Melissa Harris-Perry, Chris Hayes, Ed Schultz

And, many of you vote with these people. No, you may not believe in their social agenda. You may not even be a bigot.   Of course, you are not a racist or you would not read The Progressive Influence TPI).  Yet, you surely must know that when you purchase an old jalopy, you get all of its innards, and it is yours.  The bumpers, tires, engine and steering wheel are all yours.  Some place in that old GOP jalopy there exist "Code", bigotry, and hatred. When you vote along with them, you have bought the compete jalopy. You share in its existence.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Romney's Use of Southern-Strategy Code is Telling And Sad!

Arrange the letters from Genesis 26:5–10 in a 33 column grid and you get a word search with "Bible" and "code". Myriad other arrangements can yield other words.
GOP Southern Strategy Code.....Romney and his son have used it.
After Mitt Romney chose to "go there", joke of no joke, his comments about a decent campaign, and a high road campaign, leveled to that of Donald Trumps seething lies about a birth certificate. I know you saw it and heard it, but for sake of a complete screed, I am re posting Romney remarks.

As the GOP candidate spoke the remarks my thoughts spread across a cognitive spectrum.  First, his attempt at humor was indicative of how humor rolls from the mouths of wealthy people (non-comedians). It just seems to fail to work.  Actually, allow me to be more specific, how humor rolls off the lips of wealthy conservatives.

I offer as an example the Rick Santorum 'rich guy supporter who quipped about contraception 'in his day': Aspirin between the knees.  The conservative wealthy as so far removed from life and challenges of everyday life, they fall to have connection to sensitivity (and basic common sense). They do not need common sense from an Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  perspective as they have no need to foster productive relationships with everyday people.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Drawbridge Republicans"

"Drawbridge Republicans"

Would you like to spend less than 10:00 minutes (exactly 7:16 minutes) viewing the difference between a 'learned' professional and a misplaced and rather amateurish interviewer? Before I go one I should clarify, the video below is from an afternoon MSNBC show (to be introduced in a moment) . 

There is another difference in the two on camera personalities I reference.  One is an experienced journalist who has a strong degree of compassion for the nation's middle class and for people who are less fortunate that the nations top 20 per centers.  The other, is the conservative host of  the Cycle, an MSNBC afternoon current events show, that may soon need serious tweaking as to staffing.  As I have stated on many occasion, the Cycle's SE Cupp adds little credible punditry and positing to the cast of four.  Watch Matt Miller address Cupp's effort to rationalize Romney/Ryan (ism). Apparently, Miller has coined a phrase he calls "Drawbridge Republicans".  

Obviously, Miller is a guest who would be hard to overrun from the host's chair. However, Cupp provides no fodder to put the guest on his heels in thought.  As the interview comes to an end, It seems Cupp resigns herself to the reality that she has been educated and her feeble counter points have failed.  I also encourage you to watch the on-camera eye contact "reaches" form another co-host: Toure'.  He reaches for eye contact with Steve Kornacki and it you can read human non-verbal behavior, you should be able to read Toure's unspoken non-verbals.  As Cupp is the only conservative on the panel, Toure' could have reacted to Miller's painting Cupp into a corner.  On another hand, Toure's non-verbals 'eye reaching" could be a sign that there is a dynamic brewing among the hosts.   While Kornacki's return gaze is not view able, Toure's eye movement is telling.

 Let see how it flows and get a better understanding of  "Drawbridge Republicans".

Drawbridge Republicans

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Romney with Bush as "Man in the Mirror' and a Stumbling Ryan


The Romney Campaign: a campaign that begs for the return of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Tenet/Rice.....and the horrors of 2001 - 2008.

Watch the newly selected Romney VP choice "tough guy" Paul Ryan. Ryan was misguided and manipulated in 2002 n the Run-up Charge of the Bush Brigade into Iraq. He is misguided and ill-informed now. Now, however, he could be in a position to show a penchant for misguided at the expense of you and me.

The Romney campaigns doubles-down on the misguided Ryan, they assign a noted Right-wing propaganda mouthpiece as his chief adviser. Ryan has been turned over to Dan Senor.

  Join the piece after the break just below....

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Romney, Ryan and the Lie Machine

As I wrote a few days back, media host and their associated back-office and production staff provide valuable opportunity for information seekers. Information seekers are the information backbone that provide stability for the voting public opportunity for parsing through ever-present tsunamis of manipulations from political operatives. Fortunately, MSNBC steps outside the box.

The perfect example is the recent re-emergence of, and attacks from, the Special Operations Education Fund Inc. (OPSEC). The tea party funded and tea party anti-Obama group that is airing the tea party 'acted' "Dishonorable Disclosure". While the group  posted the video under the premise of alleged White House leaks, the video clearly focuses on President Obama's rightful claim that he is ultimately responsible for the elimination of Osama bin Laden. While this screed is not  primarily focused of specific political treachery from OPSEC, I am posting a piece we published yesterday.

The OPSEC is without question about political agenda. 

 This week, two groups announced plans to air ads and video critical of Obama's handling of national security, the war on terrorism and intelligence leaks within his administration. One of the groups avows political neutrality, but is run by a former Republican candidate for office. The other group is run by an avowed "birther," who falsely questioned Obama's place of origin in an interview with Foreign Policy .
We posit the OPSEC is nothing more than another example of how the GOP and Conservatives go about politicking for office.  Their time-proven lies, manipulations, fraudulent elections and character assassinations are well-known and ever present.  The OPSEC works to deny President Obama the rightful recognition for foreign policy accomplishments and irrefutable successes.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

ACA, "Shock and Awe", or "War on Women" ....Revisited

As we witness yet another day of GOP "Shock and Awe" against Women, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow (and her production team) broadcast a comprehensive review of the Affordable Care Act (ACA.  The Democratic sponsored legislation took effect in 2010; two years ago to the day. Since, well before the critical legislation took effect the, GOP practiced legislative sabotage, and political malfeasance in effort to deny President Obama a signature piece of legislation. The course of their actions, more importantly, would have denied millions across our nation far more than a political victory; it provided life (In some cases while facing the prospect of death).

As is almost always the case with the republicans in Congress, they continue to rail against an 'empty box'.  Mitch McConnell spoke about repealing the ACA yet yesterday, while standing on the floor of the Senate; I will admit looking quite ignorant and obtuse. 


Friday, July 27, 2012

Romney Imitates Sarah Palin!

romney july26 p.jpg
Mitt Romney meets with U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron (Reuters)

It takes  great deal of lack of preparedness, lack of mental nuances necessary for the Oval Office, and lack of impromptu communication skills to start one's presidential overseas tour as has Mitt Romney.  It is extraordinarily shocking to see the GOP's top presidential candidate has not moved one iota from the very same political and governing platform (beliefs, policies, and incompetent economic acumen)  as George W. Bush.    

We understand the basic definition of conservative includes a disdain for change and death-hold grip on the past.  The GOP is astonishing in its refusal to 'step outside of the box' for thought that could avoid another economic catastrophe. Mitt Romney is sitting proudly and stating (stumbling through) the same agenda as Bush promulgated in 2000 - 2008.  

We are offering two glaring examples the extent of Romney's  deficiencies on the world stage (Internationally)  preparedness mark is candidate Romney.  You will hear and see a reoccurring thought in these segments. His campaign team and advisers must hold advance tickets to Olympic events and are already in their seats.  He seems to have lost the facade his uses in American to pull the wool over the eyes of conservatives.  

Is he truly the best the party has to offer? 

His attempts to appear presidential  with the Brits have proven embarrassing. Well, allow me to be more in the realm of the quest for the presidency; he is failing miserably

Romney has offended the British regarding preparation for the Olympics. Of course, a shortage of security this close to the opening of games was not a thing of pride, but the Brits quickly summonsed military security to augment their security contract.  He forget the name of a top official in British politics.  He amateurishly mentioned a meeting with Mi-6.  Apparently, that was a serious "no-no". As I have asked all week and, frankly, since early May, "Where is the competence in his advisers and his campaign team.   Romney hasn't even left the safe confines of the nations major ally.  

Both videos below are from tonight's MSNBC evening news shows: the Rachel Maddow show and the Last Word.  Yes, they are a few minutes long, but each segment is full of revealing information, detail, thought and commentary you will not find on CNN and Fox News. 

Informed voters 'can' make good decision. Uninformed voters always make bad decisions.

Not as President, Sir.  But, your party would love to have you back. It seems Mitt Romney is appearing as a Keystone Cop.

Segment I
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
Former Governor Dean may not feel that British analogy to Sarah Palin is fare, based on obvious admiration for Romney's intellect. We Krystal. Ball, simply nailed the Palin image across the Romney facade, and did so with a great deal of acumen.  Romney is answering questions on his European trip  comparable to Palin's, " I'll get back to you".
Segment II We have to remember and I often state, "The very people who are working with Romney will become the core of his White House inner circle." We must remember the Bush White House replete with Cheney, Rove, and Scooter Libby.  Where did that get us?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MSNBC ....Pro Publica ...Thank You for Digging Deep (Romney, Adelson, GOP)

                                         Money Buys privilege!

Many people do not bother to immerse themselves into the daily 'drudgery' of cable network news.  A much small number immerse on a daily basis. They do so for various reasons, but one underlying reason is for information.   

Information is critical in the lives of people who live in all societies. It is particularly critical in industrial societies, based on the availability of information and the high level of information 'influencers', mind manipulators, and people who advance their financial well-being and power outside of the purview of prying eyes. Today's politics is so influenced by the moneyed powerful, we sometimes may not realize how far down the path to plutocracy we have traveled.   While I am no political scientist and certainly not a PhD in political history, I can say without question there are catastrophic disasters further down that path.  Even with an unqualified eye one can see evidence of people working diligently and at great expense to place 'indebted' stooges into political positions for sake of personal gain.

MSNBC broadcast three evening shows with segments directly relevant to my point. The Ed Show, Rachel Maddow Show and The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell broadcast segments that you really should consider viewing.  We are positing here two segments that have direct relevance to the 2012 election. 

The Maddow segment is a bit long, but typically Maddow she starts with a basic level of laying out her premise and works the viewer to the  segment 'message crescendo'. The crescendo  sends the viewer away thinking, "I will be back for another segment", or "Wow, I did not know that", or  "No that is  a damned shame, how do we allow stuff like that to happen", or "STOP IT, NOW". I am going to embed a segment from each show.  After the Maddow segment, I am posting the Pro Publica article in its entirety. Yes, I know it is a bit long, but if you are old enough to remember Watergate, yo know the value of investigative reporting. Pro Publica's piece is Pulitzer Prize winning investigatory journalism, at the highest level.

Remember, the informed (figuratively) rarely bite on the 'worm' leads to the dead fish.  

O'Donnell on Romney's continued 'destruction' of his political campaign.

Sheldon Adelson (GOP moneyman) Maddow, MSNBC and Pro Publica
Rachel Maddow reports on an investigation of one of the GOP's top money men: Sheldon Adelson. I almost lost myself in the early segment details of the Maddow report as I could not see where it was headed. I should have learned by now the host was 'being heady' in delineating the basics before she hit her audience wit the "BIG GUN".  
While backed up by an expert from Propublica Dot Org, the  video segment unfolded like a pre-printed tri-fold fact sheet. Adelsen may have cause for his overwhelming and insane contributions to GOP candidates. He has indicated in the past, his GOP support is due to Obama's lack of support for Israel.  Maddow reports cast serious doubt on the veracity of that statement.  Adelson may have much to hide related to his casino operations and dealings in Macau.  John McCain himself said that he has concerns about Adelson's political contributions that were earned via casino operations in China. Do not give-up on this story. If you have not seen it previous to now, it is 18 minutes long, but worth every second once. 
Maddow moves away from the Obama basketball entry into the segment fairly quickly.
Could it be, Adelson wants a new and much more 'donor' friendly administration in Washington DC?  Maybe, he wants an Administration with a much more laizee faire Justice Department; the direct opposite of the tenaciously effective Eric Holder's Justice Department.   
You watched Maddow, now an opportunity to read about the developing story is worth the time. 
The Pro Publica Image (below) seriously reminds of segments  the movie, 'The Hunger Game'. 
Matt Isaacs, Lowell Bergman and Stephen Engelberg
, ProPublica.

by Matt Isaacs, Lowell Bergman and Stephen Engelberg, Yesterday, 11:30 a.m. 
A decade ago gambling magnate and leading Republican donor Sheldon Adelson looked at a desolate spit of land in Macau and imagined a glittering strip of casinos, hotels and malls.
Where competitors saw obstacles, including Macau's hostility to outsiders and historic links to Chinese organized crime, Adelson envisaged a chance to make billions.
Adelson pushed his chips to the center of the table, keeping his nerve even as his company teetered on the brink of bankruptcy in late 2008.
The Macau bet paid off, propelling Adelson into the ranks of the mega-rich and underwriting his role as the largest Republican donor in the 2012 campaign, providing tens of millions of dollars to Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and other GOP causes.
Now, some of the methods Adelson used in Macau to save his company and help build a personal fortune estimated at $25 billion have come under expanding scrutiny by federal and Nevada investigators, according to people familiar with both inquiries.
Internal email and company documents, disclosed here for the first time, show that Adelson instructed a top executive to pay about $700,000 in legal fees to Leonel Alves, a Macau legislator whose firm was serving as an outside counsel to Las Vegas Sands.
The company's general counsel and an outside law firm warned that the arrangement could violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. It is unknown whether Adelson was aware of these warnings. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act bars American companies from paying foreign officials to "affect or influence any act or decision" for business gain.
Federal investigators are looking at whether the payments violate the statute because of Alves' government and political roles in Macau, people familiar with the inquiry said. Investigators were also said to be separately examining whether the company made any other payments to officials. An email by Alves to a senior company official, disclosed by the Wall Street Journal, quotes him as saying "someone high ranking in Beijing" had offered to resolve two vexing issues — a lawsuit by a Taiwanese businessman and Las Vegas Sands' request for permission to sell luxury apartments in Macau. Another email from Alves said the problems could be solved for a payment of $300 million. There is no evidence the offer was accepted. Both issues remain unresolved.
See Next Page 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Romney, Bain, Credibility

Not for the squeamish or for those who suffer from attention impatience

Rachel Maddow broadcast probably the most poignant segment on Romney's five network (safe Interview) blitz available as of this writing. Of course, other electronic media will not address Romney's strategy and punitive actions against MSNBC. They got the visual of Romney sitting with their hosts while spewing the exact same words on a per network basis.

While thew entire segment is completely on-point about Romney's lack of veracity (AKA serial liar), she makes a point that is virtually irrefutable.  If Romney has sat with Maddow, he would have deployed the same interview response tactic deployed by Mike Coffman of Colorado. Follow along for a few minutes.

The video is 15 minutes long, but it is detailed to the point of comprehensively relevant.

Tea Party Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Colorado) employed the following after obviously being severely beaten u-up by his party for 'getting caught' speaking birtherisms to yet another "tell me what I want to hear" audience
"I don't know whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America. I don't know that," Coffman told donors. "But I do know this, that in his heart, he's not an American. He's just not an American."
Coffman had no defense for getting caught so he was forced to drag his ego, pride and reputation throw the dark passages of embarrassment and "eating-crow". 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Robert's Court, conservative America, ACA and the uninsured

The Robert's Court..... and GOP governors have no interest in the Medicaid provisions of ACA i (See map above)

This screed is about the US Supreme Court and its recent decision on the Affordable Care Act Mandate.   Our primary for revisiting the issue today is the business of what appears as strategic leaks from the conservative wing of the Court. Leaks perpetrated as strategy in an effort to move Chief Justice Roberts back to his alleged (reported) original vote.  The actions of the conservative Justices, their clerks or anyone who involved themselves in leaking to conservatives in Congress or the media should be banished from the Supreme Court Building (for life).  Accusations of Judicial activism have long been focused on the Rehnquist and Roberts Courts. 

The alleged leaks, if true,  provide unequivocal evidence of judicial activism.  When Justices lobby for majority votes, that is within the purview and acceptable practices/norms of the Court. When Justices reach outside the sanctity of the Court (and its clerks) via leaks for purpose of exerting pressure to sway a vote, we have nothing shy of juridical activism. In a moment, we will link to a Huffington Post article related to the alleged leaks .

First, allow a brief digression into the callousness of the GOP and conservative America. Both entities seem to 'rule' (excuse the pun) the conservative wing of the Court.  That very 'rule' may have led to a form of subterfuge that sprinkles salt into to wounds of a severely unpopular and soiled Court. If the leaks are true, the Court has Justices or staff who are confirmed judicial activist, thus placing them in the spotlight as people who may be susceptible to pandering for their vote.  Their role in federal governance has moved to a much more ideologue and legislative role.

Second, we know that at least two Justice routinely hob-nob with conservative power mongers and far-right ideologues.  Three Justices have been observed at Right-wing conferences and events; two of which were honored guest.  Honored guest (or honored speaking guest) at political events could constitute an infraction of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges (Canon 5).

Exhibit I. Alito

Exhibit II. Scalia and Thomas

Exhibit III.  Scalia and Thomas attend a Koch Brothers event. (The Kochs are unyielding an brazen in their quest to model America in their socio/political model. They are reported to be libertarian)

The majority of Americans know the GOP has no interest in human services programs that benefit the nation's citizens. While I will not rehash, in this piece, the GOP's obvious and overwhelming legislative affinity for big business and defense supersedes all other matters of governance. I will add their obvious commitment to unseating President Obama and their unfathomable obstructionism since 2009, is both remarkable and embarrassingly dangerous.

The party cares nothing about millions who have no way of acquiring treatment for illness nor benefiting from preventive measures to ward off illness. It appears not one remember of the GOP and few American conservative care about the plight of people who are forced to seek free medical treatments via the commitment of those who care. The Rural American Medical Program ( webpage) is one such organization, and MSNBC has broadcast segments related to free medical (temporary) clinics in certain major cities over the past two years.

RAMUSA (CBS 60 Minutes)

RAM on 60 Minutes: "Lifeline" from Ray Thompson on Vimeo.


Monday, June 4, 2012

Up with Chris Hayes Broadcast Mann and Orstein: Congressional Scholars

Media Matters For America

Media Matters has reported on an MSNBC segment that drew my attention yesterday morning. Chris Hayes (Up with Chris Hayes Show)  landed a key set of guest for his Sunday Morning show. Two well known and highly regarded Congressional scholars have penned  a book,"Its Even Worse Than It Looks, How the American Constitutional Collided with the Politics of Extremeism"  and are now hitting the 'book hawking' circuit.  Mann and Orstein also wrote an April 29 Washington Post OP-ED referenced in this piece. 
It is no surprise these gentlemen would start their quest with MSNBC because their message is not one that bodes well for the legacy of the 2009 - 2012 Republicans in Congress. Hayes introduced Mann and Orstein as follows....

...."long-awaited, controversial first appearance on a national Sunday news program" to discuss their Washington Post op-ed and new book detailing the causes of political gridlock in Washington. 

As The Washington Post's Greg Sargent and others have noted, Mann and Ornstein have been shut out of the Sunday morning talk shows since their April 29 op-ed. Moreover, as Media Matters' has reported, the top five national newspapers failed to mention Mann and Ornstein's recent observations about the dysfunction in Congress even though they regularly quoted the pair in past news articles.    

How about sitting for  few minutes and watching the segment. You will notice a completely quiet (normally verbose) Michael Steele, former RNC Chair and noted MSNBC GOP 'defender'.



Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ed Schultz...destroys GOP talking points...AGAIN (VIDEO)

I know you have heard it before. 

know you are tired of hearing it. 

know you are frustrated with the options in 2012.  

I do not know, why you think, any GOP candidate will administer our economy any differently from the last GOP president.

The Ed Show hits another home-run.  If you will, notice the GOP pundit about midway through the video.  Talking points anyone?

Tonight's 'ED Show' chart: Private sector job growth


"Governor Romney only wants you to look at unemployment in the days right after the president took office,” said Ed.  “That's before his stimulus package was even passed."

will wager that the GOP hates Steve Benen!  

Romney says, "Jobs " (a GOP aversion since 2009)

1x1.trans Romney’s Campaign: Clean Energy Isn’t Creating Jobs climate progress u.s republica mitt romney jobs green jobs false campaign . politics
Yesterday, Mitt Romney continues on his 'false information' political campaign by going after President Obama on jobs.  One would think no one in the GOP would go there, but of course, my mind is probably thinking in terms of a rational GOP.  A rational GOP that would actually take real positions on real issues, while leaving false mantra as a tired old strategy. And, yes, the Earth was once inhabited by dinosaurs. 

Mitt Romney is guilty of the very same tunnel-vision that has infested his party since Ronald Reagan.  The party fails to allow any thinking, strategy or planning outside their tightly scripted box they call "conservatism".

Despite well documented and long-standing evidence of job growth within weeks of Obama taking office the GOP (via Romney) trots out false-rhetoric that literally verges on demagoguery. Even beyond demagoguery, the messages are outright lies, and some of the lies are so insultingly egregious it is hard to avoid perceptions of the 'comical'.

Romney claimed this past Monday that President Obama did not know how to create jobs.  Well, no president knows how to create jobs; Obama at least knew how to save million of jobs via his support for our automobile industry.  Romney went on to state Obama had created only government jobs.  His implication was clear, the president was about 'big government' with no effective strategy nor inclination towards private sector jobs.

A quick Google search on Public Sector jobs lost yielded the following headline and graph from ThinkProgress. The article and graph dates back to July 2011.  Is it possible the Obama Administration has completely reversed the graph trend-line since last July?  A rhetorical question that needs no answer! Let's take a look.

CHART: Over 500,000 Government Jobs Lost Since Obama’s Inauguration By Matthew Yglesias on Jul 8, 2011

Ed Schultz, MSNBC the Ed Show, on Tuesday of this week, addressed Romney's lies, and exposed more about how the GOP plans to win the November Election.  They are deploying the very same tricks, lies and subterfuge used to place George W. Bush in office (FOR TWO TERMS).  While not part of this screed,  the Right is funneling enough money into beating President Obama, they could fund total hungry relief worldwide for many years.

The following was taken from MSNBC's Ed Show Blog.  (includes video)

How can any political party so underestimate the intellect of the majority of US voters?  If the base will buy into Romney's rhetoric, so-be-it, but what has them (GOP, Romney) thinking the majority of American voters are not aware of the jobs lies.  

The information provided by Ed Schultz completely refutes Romney's political jobs lie. Ed facetiously asked if Romney does not understand the numbers or is Romney being politically expedient (AKA lying)? I vote (pun intended) that Romney and his campaign are, first, appealing to and leveraging the uninformed.  Second, they are speaking to an undereducated base that has no regard for the good of the nation as a whole vs. their self-centered paradigms. Paradigms regarding "The Other" president, a devotion to business at any cost, and a those who desire life as it was prior to 1948 America.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Collin Powell: America Hero and Centrist Republican (a relic)

Collin Powell has hit the book hawker's trail on behalf of this new book, It Worked for Me: In Life and Leadership.  

Collin Powell has recently spoken about his insider perspective on the Iraq War. His comments to various news media host, "the Iraq War was never debated," is no surprise as we move away from Bush/Cheney fabricated war. Yet, it is intriguing to see the approach Powell takes as an insert to his book.  Powell joined George Tenet, and his own Chief of Staff to the Secretary of State, Lawrence Wilkerson, in speaking factually about the horrors of Bush/Cheney. Tenet wrote that the War, to him seemed, destined from day one on the Bush Administration. Wilkerson has spoken very frankly about how the Bush/Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tenet team 'duped' his former boss. Wilkerson, I believe, even spoke about Bush's indifference to intelligence reports regarding foreign nationals and jet aircraft, just three weeks prior to the attack.   Powell has taken much longer to comment, but comment he has in the newly released book.

But, today's media must consider details in Powell's book old new. There are much more processing issues. Politics of the day will not be pushed aside for strict discussion of a new book.  

Over the past week Powell has been asked about Gay marriage, Romney false-jingoism against an imaginary enemy (Russia), and he sat with the Fox News propaganda specialist Hannity.  Hannity attempted to pull his patented, "let me lead you" interview technique (so necessary for those of small brains and practiced responses like Sarah Palin). 

First let's watch Powell on CNN with Host Wolf Blitzer: Gay Marriage. 

Now for the 2012 Butt-Pucker of the Year: Hannity and his failed attempt to feed a response (and that is what he does best from his guest).


Friday, May 11, 2012

GOP arrogance does not play well on all media..... (Must see VIDEO)

Readers place note that the site was hacked to place an obvious Right-wing message over the original picture placed just below. I have re inserted the picture of Tamron Hall. I am going to leave this fake warning here for your viewing for one simple reason. This is how the Right-Wing works.  It is comparable to the Rights Principles developed to drown-out fee and open town hall communication in the lead up to the healthcare Affordable care Act Legislation.

Tamron Hall, MSNBC Host

As I sat installing a wireless addition this afternoon, my television in the room was set to MSNBC and the very capable news host Tamron Hall, News Nation.  The broadcast studio included the customary progressive and conservative guest so common to MSNBC daytime broadcast.  Ms. Hall joined by Jimmy Williams and Washington Examiner's Tim Carney started the segment with a picture associated with recently revealed high school abuse and bullying of a young man by Mitt Romney and a mob of jock friends.  The episode has been reported by actual mob participants as over-the-top abusive and a seminal moment still registering on the minds of today's commenters. After etch-a-sketching about the incident for a few hours, Romney delivered a most insincere and arrogant comment some refer to as an apology. An apology for an incident he said he did not remember.  Could he have followed his tendency to lie first, an etch-a-sketch to the truth in short-order?  

Regardless of Romney's anti-social tendencies and obvious psychological make-up verging on an ancient cast-system with millions holding lower echelon positions below the castle, GOP talking heads are busy attempting to move the dialog in other directions.  Frankly, the dialog should focus in another direction, but ignoring sins of the past via GOP aspirants to the White House yielded some, to put it mildly, unsavory characters. Richard Nixon's flaws clearly showed during his attempts to secure the GOP nomination. Ronald Reagan's successes at convincing America of his conservatism yielded a 'feel good' president who started the climb to the nation's current deficits and raised taxes.  George W. Bush is the perfect example of an ineffective vetting process and he was elected twice. I should say elected for a second term, he was 'selected' for his first term.  His story and legacy have already settled on US History. Of particular note was the close call with Sarah Palin as vice president under an elderly John McCain.  Yes, the talking heads are aware of topics they will discuss on shows for on-camera appearances, yet they proceed to work on polishing the tarnished Mitt Romney. Carney visited Hall's News Nation with that very mission.