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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Hannity Exposed?

A few years ago, Ted Koppel and Fox News' Sean Hannity sat for an interview. The interview was conducted on CBS Sunday Morning and was developed for discussion of Hannity's "brand".

While the full interview as a post would be a major waste of your viewing time, I do feel it necessary to post a version of the interview which runs slightly over two minutes. Linked here.

" you think I am bad for America?"

During a hearing regarding the seizure of items from Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the world received a revelation which really shouldn't have surprised anyone. Cohen petitioned the New State Court to force an opportunity to review items taken from Cohen during the search and seizure of his home apartment and cell phone and he requested the review prior to FBI review of the items. Cohen and his personal lawyer filed the court case; it ended without complete and final resolution of the matter, but Cohen did not receive the requested full review. The Cohen legal team and the trump "fixer" did not win the right to take the items for review prior to federal scrutiny and review.

Alas, the legal setback for Cohen and team wasn't the most headline garnering item from the court appearance. While I am certain you already know when asked by the judge about his law practice, Cohen fest-up to a three client portfolio which includes Fox News number one Democrat (and liberal) hating demagogue: Sean Hannity, it is absolutely critical we understand the full measure of the revelation and how it came about.

Last night's The Rachel Maddow Show "A" Block segment was a long view, but as is frequently the case the runtime includes details critical for broadcast delivery of the segment. I often recommend skipping through long segments while extracting or viewing that which the reader finds most interesting. I strongly recommend a full viewing of the Maddow "A" Block.

Hannity long ago assumed the role of protector and rationalizer of all things conservative. His year of anti-Obama rhetoric along with Bill O'Reilly helped to move Fox News to the Number One cable news (and I used that word very lightly) network in America. Hannity's numerous on camera correction of misleading information (in some cases misleading edited video) proved to be nothing more than far-right misinformation and lies, never once registered with Hannity's, and Fox News viewers. After all his viewers recognize Hannity as an undereducated non-news far-right entertainer as stated in the Koppel interview.

Hannity is far more than a far-right demagogue; he is a key member of the Trump and GOP propaganda pool. Not only has Hannity joined Trump at the Mar-A-Lago resort, Trump has a history of carnival barking on behalf of the Fox News host. 

It seems Hannity is much intimate in the  Trump reality than it appears via Fox News.  Yesterday's revelation pales the Fox News host as integral to Trump communications machine than anyone Trump employs in the White House. Hannity has a business relationship with Trump's "fixer."  Is there any wonder Hannity since the Cohen seizure has spoken so directly and frequently about the raid?

While Fox News and its owner have a role in GOP politics, it isn't a far stretched to think in term of why Fox is allowed to broadcast under the umbrella of FCC guidelines regarding News coverage?

Actually shouldn't Fox terminate its relationship with Hannity?  Hannity is in fact, bad for America.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fox News Runs Interference; Trump Directs Twitter Followers

Image result for trump carnival barker and hannity

Yes, Donald J. Trump. world class carnival barker who cannot live a moment with a lie.   But as the old saying goes: "There is a sucker born every minute." Without the suckers, Trump wouldn't have fertile ground.

Image result for trump carnival barker and hannity

Much of the bad blood with Russia is caused by the Fake & Corrupt Russia Investigation, headed up by the all Democrat loyalists, or people that worked for Obama. Mueller is most conflicted of all (except Rosenstein who signed FISA & Comey letter). No Collusion, so they go crazy!
Watch as MSNBC's Nicole Wallace dismantles the lie.

Noted conservative Washington DC Attorney Jonathan Turley has also posited: "no collusion." Another MSNBC show host who happens to be an attorney dissected the matter. Basically, as I watched the segment, my thoughts so fact "no collusions" hopefuls and information propagandist. 

When possible direct them to Fox News.

"No collusion?"  Take another 2:50 minutes of MSNBC programming for insight into Trump and his propagandist (lawyers). Allen Dershowitz and another Fox News talking head Trump sycophant lawyers spoke on Hannity's daily Trump show. Of particular note is the manner in which Trump directed his 54 million Twitter followers to view the Hannity segment. If you can absorb the first 2:48 seconds of the segment and come away with continued thoughts of Fox News as a new source, you should probably avoid visiting this webpage. You are absorbed in dangerous sycophancy and a threat to humankind.

One more embed. CNN this morning and a guest (contributor) reaction to Trump and Hannity propaganda.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

As Trump's World Turns II (Swamp abusers, Video & The Shame)

 As Trump’s World Turns
Your reality TV
“Yesterday Tillerson supported Theresa May in her ‘highly likely’ Russian accusation. And Trump immediately fired him. Trump is ours!” - Olga Skabeeva on the Russian equivalent of 60 minutes.

Is Trump a Manchurian Candidate?

Manchurian Candidate or not, Trump certainly has issues with staffing his administration for national leadership. Rachel Maddow's "departure" wall/list is growing exponentially as the weeks pass. I believe Trump's turnover to date is approaching 43 percent. High turnover is a sign of a sick organization and chronically poor leadership.
We suspect the Maddow list will increase over the next few months. Apparently, enterprising journalists have uncovered more flight time abuse via another member of Trump's inner circle. it seems Scott Pruitt is as guilty of "airplane: abuse as Tin Price. Intriguing as it seems, this "swamp" abuse may include KellyAnne (Alternative Facts ) Conway.

Image result for scott pruitt military aircraft
Price Gone.....Pruitt next?
Media Matters

A timeline of scandals and ethical shortfalls at Scott Pruitt's EPA

The Trump presidency has been called the most unethical in modern history, with its scandals continuously dominating the news cycle. And the questionable ethical behavior extends far beyond the White House to cabinet members and the departments and agencies they oversee, including the Environmental Protection Agency. 
Journalists covering the EPA have unearthed a litany of scandals, conflicts of interest, extravagant expenditures, and ethically dubious actions involving administrator Scott Pruitt and other politically appointed officials. Here is an overview of the reporting on ethical scandals at Pruitt’s EPA, starting a week after he was sworn in and including half a dozen controversies reported in the past month alone: 
February 24, 2017, KOKH: Pruitt lied to senators about his use of a private email account. An investigation by Oklahoma City Fox affiliate KOKH revealed that Pruitt lied during his Senate confirmation hearing when he said he did not use a private email account to conduct official business while he was attorney general of Oklahoma, a finding later confirmed by the office of the attorney general. The Oklahoma Bar Association subsequently opened an investigation into the matter, which could lead to Pruitt being disbarred in the state of Oklahoma.
Read more, here

As Trump's World Turns would be incomplete without the daily reminder of just how underachieving and devalued is Trumpism. How about a former Fox News dink to replace the guy who was fired for not following the Trump party line of his firing of Tillerson via twitter?
Now this from Think Progress.

NEW from the WH:

"The following individual to be Acting Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy: Heather Nauert Norby of New York."
She replaces Steve Goldstein, who was fired today for breaking from the official line on when Rex Tillerson found out he'd been axed.

Trump moving fast at State: Spokeswoman Heather Nauert named acting undersecretary for public diplomacy, replacing Steve Goldstein

Speaking of Fox News, how about a run at the networks Chief Trump ideologue: Sean Hannity.

If you are like me, you know people who tune-in to Hannity on a daily basis. 

After last night's Democrat Party win of Pennsylvania special election in a district Trump won by 20 plus points in the 2016 general election, Fox trotted this mess out for Trumps early morning viewing. In addition to feeding Trump daily talking points, Fox also has a revenue obligation to feed for Fox and Friends early morning tin-heads. What follows is truly unbelievable.

The truly unbelievable aspect of the segment?  Fox News viewers soak up Fox News bullcrap (e.g., propaganda, lies and nefarious misinformation) like expensive Hoover vacuum cleaner.

Wonder how it feels to walk through life a literal Fox News robot with an image of Hannity emblazoned on the forehead?

Image result for fox news toilet heads


Friday, January 26, 2018

Trump Says " Fake news, folks,”

“Fake news, folks,” Mr. Trump said. “Fake news. A typical New York Times fake story.”
Image result for sean hannity
The face of the demagogue

Trump's response to New York Times reporting on his apparently ordered the firing of the Special Counsel Bob Mueller, last summer. The Times reports the order was countered by the White House Attorney, McGahn, who as the US government is structured works for the nation, not Trump.

Of course, Right Wing propagandists circled the wagons around Trump and promulgated a far-fetched "secret society" story based on missing text messages and a non-verified Times piece. 

While McGahn dismissed the story with a "no comment" (an actual admission), the story reached key Trump information purveyors such as Wisconsin's Ron Johnson and, yes, Fox News (in a big way).

Fox News's number one Trump trumpeter, Sean Hannity, took his position against the story and as is often the case with Hannity was forced to back off his on-camera lies during a broadcast. Watch Hannity's face at the 33-second mark of the 46-second video. The face is a person caught with a lie back-firing within a matter minutes.

The New York Times, Michael Schmidt's, piece is worth a quick read.  As you read through the piece, ask yourself: "When will the carnival end?"  Isn't it obvious the ticket you purchase for the Trump tent is filled with false reality?


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trump-O-Nomics (Fools Gold; Windfall For The Wealthy)

Trump-O-Nomics ......Reaganomics for the absolute ignorant 

Watch 37 seconds of Donald Trump's interview with softball interview impresario Sean Hannity.

Now spend a few minutes with an intellectual gifted financial mind who works as a show host on MSNBC. Ali Velshi dissects Trump's lie with the skill of a master craftsman.

Well, only one question remains. Are you one of the 32% of potential voters who cling to hope Trump is a credible and viable US President? 

Honesty is a key trait in any leadership position. It is without question a top line requirement in the Oval Office. 

This past June the New York Times set precedent with a direct affront to Trump's pathological lying via a well researched and crafted piece:   President Trump's Lies, the Definitive List - The New York Times.

The lie is a core component of the Trump tax plan. Whether you support Trump or do to support Trump, your Congressional representative will soon have the unenviable task of shaping Trumponomics into law. They will approach their work for to very basic lie platforms.

September 2017 (Quartz dot com)

White House tax debate has started with two outright—no other word for it—lies: wealthy don’t get a tax cut and cuts will pay for themselves
 Trumponomics is nothing more than Reaganomics on steroids.  


Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Right-wing Media Demagogues Shill Against Gun Control (Vegas Hotel Room VIDEO)

No automatic alt text available.

The US has experienced yet another example of mass killing terror via a US terrorist.  He took the lives of more Americans and injured more Americans than any US terrorist, and we are now exposed to droning anti-gun control rhetoric from top right-wing media demagogues.  

The killer's choice of weapons included semi-automatic rifles and handguns, some of which were modified for a machine gun like firepower. He also took his killer's perch with explosives and cameras to alert him of coming security forces.  Reports are the homegrown terrorist carted 10 pieces of luggage to his two-room white with as many as 23 various forms of guns. Reports also have been broadcast another nineteen guns and explosives were found at his Nevada home. 

A photo of Paddock’s room that shows a hammer along with bullet casings, a magazine and an assault rifle fixed with a scope and bipod. A second photo showed a long assault rifle with a magazine.

The stage is set; let's visit with a few conservative demagogues.

Dana Loesch Retweeted Dan Diamond
Right after we ban pools, cars, cigarettes, alcohol, hands feet & fists. Lives lost due to these constitute an epidemic.
Now give a minute to the nascent Fox News demagogue who is the replace right-wing spewer of pure garbage to Fox News viewers.

Hannity is a multi-millionaire far-right shill who earns his millions via feeding the brains and psyches of Americans who allow his insemination of insane rhetoric.

The Raw Story also published a piece regarding insanity for Senator Thune.

Let's run with one more deep case of right-wing media insanity: Alex Jones.

The sad beauty of such remarks from right-wing demagogues is their rhetoric speaks for itself as full-blown and obvious social insanity while appealing to the NRA.

UPDATE: If you want to have a peep and read of quite probably why Right-wing media and politicians are averse to any mention of gun control the Washington Post offers opportunity


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Tragic Death, A GOP Money Broker, A Fake News Host, And Another 45 Scandal

Hiding From Russian Connections continued....

It probably doesn't surprise you to know Trump's White House conspired with Fox News in developing and broadcasting of a false story. for sake of clarity, the story was run over the course of days broadcast then archived; Fox mgmt. followed and reported on the false story as if it were a course from the Judeo-Christian Bible. And yes, the nation (correction Fox News viewers) followed the story as closely as one should pay attention to a pastor each Sunday. The reason for the concocted story, while not surprising, stretches the shame meter of conservative media and Trump's Campaign and mind-shaper operatives.

As you read through this piece and view the posted video, think deep about the quality of life inherent in entities who deploy levels of lies, misinformation and who practice outright manipulation of media. If you don't think of the likes of Hitler's Communications Minister, Joseph Goebbels, you are probably not well school in the history of humankind.

Rod Wheeler Fox News
The backstory via Variety.  (key figures via Variety)
Image result for hannity fox
Fox News host Sean Hannity speaks during the Conservative Political Action Conference in 2016. Rod Wheeler, a longtime paid commentator for Fox News, appeared on Hannity's show to discuss Seth Rich's death. A week after the appearance, Fox retracted the story, saying the reporting process failed to live up to its standards. 

Image result for ed butowsky
The lawsuit alleges that Ed Butowsky, a wealthy Trump supporter from Texas, played a significant role in weaving a false story about Rich's death. LM Otero/AP
Does it surprise to find Hannity at the core of the fake news?  Let's not forget Hannity was also at the White House this past week along with another Fox News personality. Remember, the meeting which so allegedly riled the then White House Chief of Staff.
If you prefer a more in-depth read, try NPR's account.
Ok, so the White House indicates Trump wasn't personally involved in the fake news scandal. A scandal nonetheless which settles awful close to Trump.
Media Matters version of the story.

CNN's Brooke Baldwin delved into the latest social maneuvering and political subterfuge from Trump and his cable news propaganda department.

It appears America has gone to sleep with dreams of a better day. The problem is....the Sandman delivered Donald Trump. And, that America is a major problem.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Fox Goes Rightwing Hate After Deranged Trump Hater Baseball Practice Attack

After this week's suicide by cop of the Republican congressional baseball team practice shooter, some on the right (very public figures) have embarked on what seems a case (or cause) for violence. The more visible of the lot happen to work at FOXPEN (Fox Propaganda and Entertainment Network). 

We really do not expect rational and nationally cohesive programming  from FOXPEN as the network isn't a news network; it has a business model which focuses on specific demographics (on the white male age 35 to death and in many cases his wife of significant other) while serving as the communication go to place for the Republican Party and America's conservatives. As is the case with all business mission and goals, its major focus is giving the customer (viewer) what they want: a basic requirement of all for-profit businesses. A model which leads to frequent far-right rhetoric, unabashed demagoguery and a consistent aura of anti-minority broadcasting. 

We are now speaking about the need to find common cause in Washington DC. Well, trust us, total cohesiveness will never take place as such doesn't fit the political stratagems of the GOP. What would the party be without that dedicated southern block of states which are an will remain red throughout our lifetime? What would the GOP be if it did not have a solid lock on far western states with an exception for California Oregon and Washington State? How would the party (consistently) win elections if it wasn't successful via pitting certain white voting blocs against African-American and Latinos? The 1970s "Southern Strategy" is as real and critical to the GOP as its white male oriented aura and over-the-top claims of Christian purity. All with over-the-top exhortations to violence throughout the Trump campaign. 

Take a look at a meme with images of people who were reported to have followed Trump's orders to hate on the press, hate on perceived non-supporter and people who were Trump supporters in general.

We readily admit cases of anti-Trump supporters harassing Trump supporters, yet we truly believe that cases are fewer and with much less violence. We will avoid capturing cases of Trump su[orters harassing non Fox News media for sake of time and web space.

We opened with comments about Fox News's mission regarding all things Trump, all things conservative and other related matters.  We offer a set of Facebook or Twitter posts with video and comment from Fox News demagogues as well as comment from the ever-present and totally irresponsible Newt Gingrich.

No liberal ideology isn't at the root of all things bad in our society. 

A quick consideration regarding Gingrich. He seems to have found cause to reverse his position on former FBI Director Mueller as Special Counsel in the Trump/Russia investigation.

Robert Mueller is superb choice to be special counsel. His reputation is impeccable for honesty and integrity. Media should now calm down

Just over one month later!

Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring.check fec reports. Time to rethink.

Excuse the Gingrich exhibition. He is as credible as any Fox News host.
Fox News (as bad as it is) host Melissa Franics took on camera exception to Gingrich's demagogery.

So ugly, so dangerous and so divisive yet no surprise.

Fortunately, there are counter-voices in media. a few words from a true professional and a person grounded in rational thought and no FOXPEN contract.