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Friday, July 20, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Conservative Support, Love Of Russia And Closing In On Butina

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On the nonverbal weakness

The common thread among what follows is a sad and unsurprising reality. The GOP and millions in the nation have actually moved their existential affiliation quality of life (associations) to the backyard and potential dog chain of Putin and his Kleptocrat state: Russia.

Here is one example of the extent to which American's conservatives have aligned with a historic and ongoing enemy of the states. Putin and his enemy state are not friends of the US. Take a look at the horror of a mind laden with Republicanism and oozing with a love of Putin

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor and text
If you feel the image above is a one-off happenstance, think again. I suspect there are millions more in conservative America who display a US Flag while harboring sweet drippy thoughts of Putin and his world.

The Facebook Page Lab Pro Lib posted a graphic from Axios's Lazaro Gamio compiled a recent Survey Monkey poll of slightly over 2000respondents.

SurveyMonkey online poll conducted July 16-17, 2018 among a total sample of 2,100 adults living in the United States. Margin of error of ±3 percentage points; Poll methodology.

The US can repel any invading force or nation when the prospect of invasion is military action. But, when one-third of the nation (considering the 2016 vote spit) is offering itself up as a fertile filled for the nation killing authoritarianism of the likes of Putin, even the US has a shaky third leg.

 The third leg of 63 million Americans came in third in the numbers which mattered in the 2016 General Elections.  Putin's fertile field.  Also notice the number which sits atop the count: the uncommitted, non-interested, non-voting, and foolishly gullible who may have fallen for Russian operatives. Operatives working in Russian Internet rooms ad Russians which are in the US as unequivocally as was clearly shown via the seven-year run of the FX TV series, The Americans.

If we combine thought of the images which we used to start his piece and the reality of the unfolding story of Russian operative Butina, the reality is dire and the danger to the nation is real. Following conservatives and their political party will prove a challenging going forward.

Now, let's take a look at an unfolding picture of a nation which millions in the nation find palatable. Our look at that nation is only possible via the gullible minds, sexual proclivities, and the reality of an American gun culture.  

Before we embark on another detailed and relevant segment from the Rachel Maddow Show, we will remind what flows has the GOP and America conservatives at its targeted subjects.


The Maddow segment was, as expected, detailed and informative. If you did not view the MSNBC segment or prefer the visuals of an infographic on the matter, what follows may better suit your information absorption. The Infographic includes names delineated int he Maddow segment. 

Talking Points Memo

The common thread, guns, the GOP, conservatives, and Russians.

We also offer a quick look at another aspect of probable Russian influence on GOP politics and decisions from the current US President.

At the 5:07-minute mark of the following video Steve Schmidt, former GOP strategist and campaign adviser to John McCain's 2008 campaign, spoke on a Hardball panel about the danger inherent in Trump's love of Putin.  Schmidt speaks for a little over a minute and a half.

We most definitely have a problem in American conservatism.  


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Constitutional Crisis VS. A King and His Court

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I am hearing mention of "A Constitutional Crisis." What the hell is that is layman's terms? 

 Well, my wonderment of exactly what the phrase means may have been answered on a segment of The Rachel Maddow Show.

Personally, I do not feel a GOP as subservient and kneeling to Trump as we have today would ever pursue any such actions.

I implore you to watch the following Hardball video from the 5:06-minute mark to its end.  

No, not one of those lost souls would dare pursue any congressional actions against their "king." 


Friday, September 29, 2017

Trump Lies: I Have The Votes To Repeal Obamacare

Image result for what is it when people don't mind someone lying to them

My normal practice is to not post MSNBC segments from Hardball, Chris Matthews. Well, as is commonly the case these days, Donald Trump has forced a change in my behavior as the nation witnesses the daily meandering incompetence of a president who lies more than he consumes his favorite drink (Coca-Cola).

During yesterday's Hardball show Matthews straight-up dealt with trump lies and for the first time Matthews spoke openly about the obvious: Trump has issues which should have precluded his inauguration to the US Presidency

The first segment is a bit long, but recognize we are dealing with US history never before experienced. If we are not diligent in pursuing the truth and recognizing Trump for what he is we run the risk of following the man into world oblivion.

MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews

No rational American should be at all alarmed by the graphic which follows. Trump is a pathological liar whose first thought seems to be to lie. Politifact performs running analysis of Trump statements. The man lied over 381 times from a total of 455 statements.

If you want details regarding the Politifact Trump file, here is the site link. The link is highly recommended viewing.

When a person lies as much as trump, it is, without question, a sign he disrespects any potential listener.  Imagine foreign leaders and citizens of other countries who listen to his manifest lies and misrepresentations. 

Are you one of the millions across the nation who doesn't mind being lied to on a daily basis?


Friday, December 4, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumpism Spreads

"Well, this is Trump's trump card. It is his ethnic taunt to the worst of the Obama haters. It is his willingness to argue that the President isn't really one of us...... Chris Matthews, MSNBC, Hardball. '

Matthews ended his show last night with a "Let Me Finish" segment related to Donald Trumps address to a Jewish group. Tutrmp joined most GOP primary hopefuls in addressing the group with Trump nd Carson's remarks coming in as the most unfathomable.

"Let Me Finish" Via The Daily Kos
If you need any additional validation of Trump as (for some) a titillating form of entertainment, you might want to follow the embed post that follows. As you view the item, think in terms of appropriateness and decency at the presidential level. One glance that article piece will suffice.
This is possibly the Trumpiest Trump campaign photo of all Trump time
— Mother Jones (@MotherJones) December 3, 2015

If the unpresidential act of accepting the request to autograph just above a left breast isn't enough to induce questioning Trump's lack of decency, I offer the following.  Do you recall the exuberant Latino woman who joined Trump on the campaign stage in Law Vegas a few weeks back? Trump rewarded her animation with a smooch to the top of the head and ample waistline rubs (gropes).  It is impossible throughout US History to find a presidential candidate who seems to attract more prurient exhibitions.

From questionable touching to Trump's latest strategy to abscond a few million dollars related to his "celebrity." Trump's statements about CNN earning revenue off of his appearance and a related request to pay him $5 million dollars to appear on the next debate didn't succeed in increasing his net worth.

After CNN's President Fred Zucker resounding rejected Trumps's silliness or his efforts to manipulate the gullible, Trump reflected on his ploy.

Five million USD to appear on the CNN Debate next week?
Isn' that proof of Trump as a traveling clown show?
Mediaite published a piece that further exemplifies Trump's penchant for playing all or any angles to feed his narcissism. 
On another front, during the recent address to the group of Jewish Republicans Trump used his stage time  to spew Jewish stereotypes and put-downs (For non-conservative Jewish People). We can only assume conservative Jews in attendance did not object to the bigoted Trump performance. 
Finally, another US media outlet published an opinion on Trump's bigotry and racism: The Washington Post

The shame of it all! 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ben Carson' Pyramids As Grain SIlos: MSNBC's Chris Matthews, Hardball (VIDEO)

We will commence eight minutes of MSNBC, Hardball, video regarding Ben Carson with a reminder of the extent to which his mind clearly doesn't deliver a sane message to his mouth.

Let's take a The Guardian UK wild ride on his 1998 commencement speech (eg. Egyptian Pyramids and grain storage).

 Chris Matthews, Hardball

Matthews ended the November 5th segment as follows.

We have long posited our deep belief that Carson has something going on in his brain. Cognitive activity if observed by a mental professional will surely lead to repeat visits and more couch time.

UPDATE: It doesn't take much to refute the tadpole pool shallowness of one Ben Carson: Forbes


Friday, July 10, 2015

Obama Accomplishments As Past Fodder For MSNBC Hardball's Ratings

Obama will be no one's Lame Duck. And, for Mr. Chris Matthews, Obama has led!

In October 2014, I was sitting in front of the LCD monitoring watching MSNBC's Hardball, Chris Matthews, My viewing of the cable network was to a much lesser degree than in past years for a few reasons.

First, Phil griffins order to "de-Left winging" his network was to put it mildly disconcerting and extremely disappointing. despite the apparent business case for moving Right or moderating its left Lean, the decision was one of great heartburn What has come of the network has validated the indigestion and led to far less viewing MSNBC.

In compliance with the "de-lefting," evening show (flagship) hosts are to the person broadcasting segments that are as akin to reality TV silliness. From Sharpton's frequent music entertainment segments, through O'Donnell's way too lengthy laments about "The Simpson's  staffing issues. Yet, nothing in the de-lefting equals Chris Matthews obvious sucking to moderate, blue-dog, and conservative viewers.

Matthew's obvious affinity for Rand Paul was the first sign of "need to stop watching" for me.  If you doubt my chagrin with Matthews, why would Breitbart News run a segment in which Matthews jumps to the defense of Paul?  Also of note, why is Matthews the only MSNBC host with whom Paul will share a camera and questions? During Paul's revelations of plagiarism and serials copying of speech text and written word of others, Matthews was noticeably absent in criticism. As Matthews finished an interview with Paul, I distinctly recall words to the effect their thought process were like to the point of scary (paraphrased).  It is impossible for the MSNBC host not have full knowledge of Paul's background regarding civil rights legislation, his serial plagiarism, and his admission of using "Mis-information" for personal gain. Paul is vying for the GO nomination isn't it possible he would frequently adorn what I call Paul "The Chamelon" act?

Image used to denote changing position to suit the listen. Not intended to denote looks or psychical similarity.
To solidify my point, I recall a news headline during at least one period of Nielsen ratings, that read Hardball ranked higher than The Rachel Maddow Show. Of course, the period ranking was a flash ranking, but a true indication of how Matthews's appeal to conservatives can carry a degree of corporate value.

Note: Matthews as he played to his pseudo liberal, Libertarian and moderately conservative audience.
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Do you think Obama is ready to change in his last two years and become a real chief executive, not just a really good speech giver, or an inspirational leader, but actually accept the job of running the U.S. government? Is he ready to take that job on every day, 24/7, I'm the guy running this place? Is he ready to do that?
When Matthews clones conservative short term thinking and to think with regard to flighty ratings based reporting, he falls to the level of zero credibility.   

The transcript of the linked segment did not include Matthews's giggling through a question of "Is anything going right for this administration." The short answer should have been, "we are not fighting ISIS with boots on the ground and we are far from suffering through a recession." Alas, no panelist spoke-out, but then they were not programmed to speak as such.

Matthews was obviously playing to conservatives among his viewers. He may have also taken a slap at POTUS based on his obvious contempt for Obama's lack of showing (what Matthews considers) force against ISIS. He occasionally performs on air protestations that surely warmed the hearts of conservative viewers. Warming the heart of conservatives without question helps Hardball's ratings, but leads to watchful and suspicious eye targeted on Matthews.

As a supposed journalist that I would refer to as a television news personality (pundit) who from time to time writes sales focused books. I am reticent to use the words historian regarding Matthew's books, as I am not certain the works contain sufficient historic passages for archiving as pieces of history.

While the quasi-progressive Matthews offers direct hits against US conservatism from time to time he should carefully review the president's full terms in office before chuckling through a segment that was so conservative focused Reince Priebus must have blessed the script. 

A few months after the slam Obama segment the state of the Union provided a direct affront to Matthew's pandering to the Right. Obama's 'go-foward' agenda was clearly delineated and the president has follow-through on just about all points and initiatives.

How can one consider Matthews pandering to the Right any differently than pandering if the person considers the Obama 2015 SOTU Address?

Business Insider published an intriguing graphic that delineates the craftiness and focus of the resident.

Well, little wonder the Congressional members on the Right rarely stood for applause!  If Matthews was of a state of mind to support more robust waging of war against ISIS, including boots on the ground, he may have left the SOTU less than excited. In fairness, I actually recall Matthews commenting about the robust scope of the 2015 SOTU.

If you did not clink the link above and sit through the full address with enhanced charts, the following CNN SOTU Address points are relevant showing we cannot expect a (golfing) lame duck president over the course of Obama's remaining months and years. 

2015 SOTU Key Points
2015 State Of The Union Points

Implementation of a minimum tax for 
multinational companies, which would 
fund additional tax breaks for companies 
that create jobs in or move them to the 
United States. Even bigger breaks for 
high-tech companies, and financing help 
for manufacturers locating in economically 
hard-hit areas.
• The creation of a China task force to 
monitor trade violations. Aggressive 
inspections to intercept "counterfeit or 
unsafe goods" from foreign countries.
• Support for partnerships between 
companies and community colleges to 
train workers for new careers, all coordinated 
through a single government program.
• Rewards for effective schools, coupled
with encouragement to follow their own
curricula and methods. State laws that
require students to stay in school until
graduation or age 18. Extend college tuition
tax credit and double the number of work-study
jobs over the next five years.
• Beefed-up border protection, combined
with a law to create a path for undocumented
immigrant students to become legal U.S. citizens.

• Support for partnerships between 
companies and community colleges to 
train workers for new careers, all coordinated 
through a single government program.
• Reduction of red tape that delays or 
halts infrastructure construction projects,
funded by money no longer being spent 
on wars
• Support for a mortgage refinancing program 
for all "responsible" homeowners, funded by 
"a small fee" on large financial institutions.
• Establishment of a financial crimes unit of 
investigators to crack down on large-scale 
fraud and protect investors, and a second 
unit to investigate abusive lending practices 
and institutional gambling on risky mortgages.
• Establishment of a financial crimes unit of 
investigators to crack down on large-scale 
fraud and protect investors, and a second 
unit to investigate abusive lending practices 
and institutional gambling on risky mortgages.
• A ban on "insider training" by members 
of Congress, and limits on elected officials' 
investments in companies they regulate. 
Lobby reform. Simple majority vote within 
90 days on judicial and public service 
• Reform of the tax code that includes the 
so-called Buffett rule, a minimum 30% tax 
rate for individuals whose income exceeds 
$1 million. No tax increases for anyone 
earning less than $250,000.
• A request for authority to streamline
the federal executive branch.

• Continuing international pressure on 
Iran to scrap its nuclear weapons program.

• Maintenance of a strong military while 
cutting the budget by nearly $500 billion. 
Legislation to protect against cyber-terrorism.

• Passage of tax credits for companies that 
hire veterans. Creation of a Veterans Jobs 
Corps to help cities hire former military personnel.

Since taking office in 2008, the president's record in accomplishing SOTU initiatives and proposals is good.  The Wall Street Journal archives a report card of progress towards SOTU speech proposals. The graphic is linked here and is a great quick view item. 

While we do not yet have a report card of Obama;s progress form his 2015 SOTU. We should also keep in mind Obama has worked thorough an impressive list of accomplishments without any degree of assistance, support or legislative practice from the GOP and Blue Dog Democrats.

Our work on this screed was not per se to attack or disparage Chris Matthews. The MSNBC host is a committed progressive and often tackles tough issues with full frontal attacks (on conservative pundits and politicians). He, however, sees to broadcast segments with intent that seems counter productive to all things liberal or progressive. The segment linked and embed above is a perfect example of our point. We knwo that Phil Griffin, has ordered a "de-Lefting" of his cable news network. 

Since we understand business, and the fact conservatives and Independents spend far more time soaking-up cable network entertainers cloaked as journalist, we understand the need for Griffin to seek more lucrative revenue opportunities. We simply ask for Griffin and others to stand tall from their yachts and private jets to accept responsibility when via their corporate edicts help to hand the nation back to the the GOP in 2016.


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Obama Derangement To The Max (Video)

Earlier in the week President Obama ended his comments at the Easter Prayer Breakfast.  As is always the case any utterance from the President becomes fodder for far right dogma and feed for Fox News sycophant viewers.  The Prayer Breakfast was no exception.  

I have posted  (below) the ending statements from the address from the White House Dot Gov website. Wouldn't you know embedded in the closing comments, the Right found the fodder they seek each and every day. I highlighted (in green) the specific words that are nourishing this week's Obama derangement. 

The Easter Prayer Breakfast (partial remarks)
That’s the spirit we feel in the example of His Holiness, Pope Francis, who encourages us to seek peace, to serve the marginalized, and be good stewards of God’s creation. Like millions of Americans, I’m honored that we will be welcoming him to our country later this year.

I want to quote him. He says that we should strive “to see the Lord in every excluded person who is thirsty, hungry, naked; to see the Lord present even in those who have lost their faith… imprisoned, sick, unemployed, persecuted; to see the Lord in the leper -- whether in body or soul -- who encounters discrimination.” 
Isn’t that how Jesus lived? Isn't that how He loved? Embracing those who were different; serving the marginalized; humbling Himself to the last. This is the example that we are called to follow -- to love Him with all our hearts and mind and soul, and to love our neighbors -- all of our neighbors -- as ourselves. As it says in the first letter of John, “Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.” 
On Easter, I do reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I am supposed to love. And I have to say that sometimes when I listen to less than loving expressions by Christians, I get concerned. But that's a topic for another day. (Laughter and applause.)

Where there is injustice -- I was about to veer off. (Laughter.) I'm pulling it back. Where there is injustice we defend the oppressed. Where there is disagreement, we treat each other with compassion and respect. Where there are differences, we find strength in our common humanity, knowing that we are all children of God.                                                                                                                                                                                
So today, we celebrate the magnificent glory of our risen Savior.  I pray that we will live up to His example.  I pray that I will live up to His example.  I fall short so often.  Every day I try to do better.  I pray that we will be strengthened by His eternal love.  I pray that we will be worthy of His many blessings.

Now for a bit of classic Fox News Derangement from the networks official Obama hater and chief derangement director: Sean Hannity.


Crooks & Liars published the video above along with a retelling of the Hannity and his guests disparaging comments. Linked here.

Two to there points on the Reverend Wright portion of Hannity video. First, I deplore all things associated Wright's words in the video (recorded and probably sold by Wright himself). Sunday sermons that certain around politics is yet another reason for my aversion to mingling church and state. I believe there were others with similar concerns as the US Constitution was under development. 

If Pastors were not inclined to place cameras in their church halls and video tape sermons, I suspect Wright and others would avoid such sermons. Revenue for pastors is disturbing reality. Next, candidate Obama thoroughly repudiated Wright's remarks and subsequently delivered the nations most eloquent speech on race in record US History. The presidential candidate also stated he was an infrequent attendee at Wright's church and was not in the congregation during that sermon.

Questioning the President's religious inclinations is a tool during period when issues of the US economy is not available for manipulation. We would be remiss and you naive, if you do not recognize Right-wing babbling in bigotry and racism isn't at the root of Hannity's propaganda.

If President Obama is a "questionable": christian and in fact a cloaked Muslim, the Islamic Faith would pose a problem for Obama's "faking" life as a Christian. 

In 2011, Patheos'  published a piece about Presidents and religion (church attendance specifically).

Last Sunday, the Obamas held hands to cross Lafayette Park and attended the 11 a.m. worship service at St. John’s, a small Episcopal church that is famous for hosting Presidents. It was just their third visit to a local church this year, and one of a handful of church services they’ve attended in Washington since moving into the White House. More often, Obama and his family have followed the lead of the Bush family, joining the congregation at Camp David when they spend the weekend at the presidential retreat in Maryland, but staying home on Sunday mornings when in Washington….
In January of this year, Joshua DuBois offered an even more revealing set of imagery regarding the Obama's and the presidents without question devotion to Christianity. "Keeping Tabs on Obama’s Church Attendance Is No Way to Gauge His Faith."

All distractions aside three things stand as fact when the Right goes after the president regarding religion. As state above, the president's race (and his father's social background) leads to conservative race baiting to other conservatives and Obama hating independents.  

It is impossible to avoid the perception of "white privilege" immersed in Hannity's propaganda. Granted, no other US president was inseminated by a father who was reported to have been a believer in the Islamic faith, but we cannot lose the fact no other president has been of any ethnicity other than white. Thus, Hannity and others practice a particularly vile form of racism when they reach to attack Obama simply based on factual and appropriate remarks at a Prayer Breakfast. Also we must remind, Obama had no relationship with his father and actually only meet his father twice and one such meeting was in an airport in what appeared a fleeting moment.

Allow me to close this farcical attack on the president with a video of the Right's dogma regarding Obama "The Other."

MSNBC, Hardball

Derangement is ugly, hatred is heinous, and the political Right seems consumed with both. Your conservative vote, unfortunately fuels all of the above. Facilitating more Republican political losses, the only way to return the nation to any level of decency. More losses will also stem the tide of politicians and media who so obviously derive some form of benefit from wealthy Americans and foreign interests.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

US Media's Complicity In Growing US Devolution To The Right

Andrew Rei, Friend of the TPI, non-affiliated voter (NAV), avowed anti-Fascist and political screed developer has keyboarded a piece that nails the growing move of MSNBC away and other television media from entities that report news to facilitators of Right-ring dogma. Why MSNBC? Because over the past decade the network stood as the sole purveyor of progressive news and current events coverage. As the nation has moved through six years of the Obama Administration, even MSNBC has moved to a business model that in many ways supports American conservatism. 

NBC's President, Phil Griffin, believes MSNBC offers an effective business model. We understand Phil Griffin's affinity for network's model. He has carefully developed a broadcast model with his former exclusive morning conservative fare opposite his former evening progressive broadcasts. Chuck Todd's promotion to Meet The Press seriously dampened the morning segments conservative lean and the conservative leaning Hardball has worked to dampen the progressive lean of the networks evening programming. Griffin support of Todd for the Meet The Press host also signaled a concerted effort to move Right, and will prove to be a short-lived decision. 

In January of 2014, Griffin responded to questions regarding an MSNBC "ideology" from The Daily Beast's, Lloyd Grove.

An ideology is a single thought across all programs,” he said. “We’ve never had that.” However, Griffin asserted, MSNBC instead has “a progressive sensibility,” which he claimed is not the same as an ideology. “Obviously, I hire people who fit the sensibility” because “we do stay true to facts. You have to build your argument. That's why I call it a sensibility.”
He continued by saying:
If you’re a Democrat in trouble, we’re not a place where we’re going to rehabilitate you. You’re not going to get a free ride if you did wrong.

I think [the people at Fox News] do have an ideology because every Republican who’s in trouble goes on that network to be taken care of.

Nevertheless, Griffin praised his network's competition by stating that it's “owned by News Corp., which is Rupert Murdoch. Roger Ailes runs it, and he comes out of the Republican Party.”

“That’s fine,” he continued. “They’ve done an incredible job over there. They’ve been very successful. They drive a lot of the conversation.”
Read more 

In October 2014, Griffin sat for an interview with the with Bill Carter of the New York Times. He responded to continued MSNBC ratings slippage (both liberal and conservative shows) while speaking in oral anticipation of moving away from a sole "Washington beat" network.

Griffin has most assuredly injected measures to slow the ratings bleeding, but I question measures that appeal to conservative viewers. Many of the networks liberal shows have become entertainment critique show with solely focused on entertainment segments. From critiquing movies, to New England Patriots "deflatgate" (and opening segment for Chris Hayes a week ago) to Maddow's sometimes inordinately long lead-ins to segments, and the obvious strategy of the Hardball crew to move at attracting more right-wig viewers. Why else would Chris Matthews and his New Years holiday segments book Michael Steele, former RNC Chair, and GOP shill, as guest host?

Andrew Rei's piece far exceeds concern for a changing MSNBC. The piece also doesn't reach the depths of personal criticism I have of Chris Matthews. The Hardball host has successfully evolve to a schmooze master for the periphery of the US political Right and periphery conservatives who retain a vestige of sanity. Rei's piece very effectively captures the essence of the diminution of American media; its focus and intent. 

Andrew Rei.....

Chris Matthews and the rest of the MSM, listen up!

As those who've watched MSNBC know, Chris Matthews hosts a show on the channel called "Hardball", which is an offshoot to his book of the same name.

Conservatives consider Matthews and his show a part of the "Mainstream Media" (MSM)....

Last year, during the first Hardball where Matthews answered tweets live on the air, I tweeted a question and the producer included it at the end of the segment....

Matthews prefaced my question with this statement, "this question packs quite a punch". My question regarded as to why don't we simply call the Republicans Fascists, as they adhere to each and every one of the 14 defining characteristics (now 15 as I added one last September) of it. 

Matthews' answer was very "unHardball-like". He employed two things that the MSM and GOP Progressives/Moderates do constantly. First, he mentioned that we could call the Democrats "Socialists", which is version of "false equivalency". And, besides, even if the Demos were Socialists, since when did Fascism become a better governmental system than Socialism?!? If you ask any Socialist if the Demos are Socialists, they'll laugh in your face. Democrats actually believe in a governmental system known as a "Social Democracy", which is half-Socialism, half-democracy. It's the only governmental system that's ever worked in this country. 

Next, Matthews admitted that he thinks that some of the GOP's policies are "Authoritarian", an argument which is a version of cognitive dissonance. As we know, cognitive dissonance is a situation where, if one is faced with the truth and it conflicts with their view, the person either "digs in deeper" and denies the truth or simply "shuts down". Republican politicians are's a fact. Were it not for the GOP continuing to act like Fascists at every turn, I'd not be able to correctly call them Fascists. 

In another note I wrote called, "Why are we letting a loud, wrong and INSANE minority control politics?", I detail how the FRWNJ (Fascist Reich-Wing Nut Job) "media" (Fox "News", Limbaugh, Beck, Michael Savage, The Daily Caller, The Drudge Report, Breitbart, etc.) actually cater to a very small number of people, in comparison to the country's population. For instance, Rush Limbaugh makes the dubious claim that he has 15 million "distinct" listeners per week. If you ask me, it's the same 3 million listeners five days a week (hence, the 15 million figure). Fox "News" averages 2.5 million viewers during "prime time" hours (8-11pm Eastern). The FRWNJ "media" are simply propaganda arms of the Fascist Republicans, so don't expect them to tell you the truth, ever. And, thanks to Conservative icon/hero Ronald Reagan, they don't HAVE to tell the truth. In 1987, Reagan obliterated the "Fairness Doctrine" by executive order. It required that all media give "equal time" to both sides of an issue, which usually meant that the media would "officiate" the issues by reporting the truth. Now, not so much. The abolition of the Fairness Doctrine is the reason we have FRWNJ media now. 

So, let's take Limbaugh at his word and say, for the sake of argument, that he does have 15 million distinct listeners. About 315 million people live in this country. That means, for every listener Limbaugh SAYS he has, there are 20 people who don't listen to him, meaning that he caters to less than 5% of the population. If you knock that down to 3 million listeners, that's one person in 105 that listen to the man. So, how do the Fascist and psychopathic Conservatives control the media (despite their bogus claim that Liberals do)? 

That's where the MSM come in. I'm talking about ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, etc. They usually do one of two things that helps out the Republican Party in amassing and keeping the power they have. The first is the aforementioned false equivalency, which is also the favorite argument of the political "Kissin' Cousins" of the GOP, the Libertarians (I call them, "Firebaggers"). "Both parties [GOP and Demo] are the same"...blah, blah, blah...this Non-Affiliated voter has already debunked that BS so many times that I've lost count. Even worse, however, is the other thing the MSM do, which is inherently more dangerous to us and a severe breach of responsibility of the media: they simply ignore the Fascism, corruption, greed, bigotry, hypocrisy, elitism, arrogance, incompetence, insanity and unintentional comedy of the GOP. 

Because the MS p;do this, many people are not aware of the sad truth of the Republican and Libertarian Parties. The MSM caters to a majority of the voters in this country. But, since they don't do what they're supposed to be doing, getting at and exposing the truth, many GOP Progressives and Moderates think there's nothing wrong with their party and happily vote for Republicans when they should vote for Democrats, because, the Democrats truly represent them now. 

My message to Matthews and the rest of the MSM: DO YOUR JOBS!  Stop suborning the evil and Fascist Republican Party! We don't expect the FRWNJ media to do anything except spread propaganda, Fascist Republican your jobs and tell the truth, FFS! :( ssmdh

Update: since writing and releasing the note above, several of my FB friends have mentioned something else that makes the situation worse: the corporate executives, most of whom are greedy, Fascist and psychopathic Conservatives, hold the "purse strings" of the mainstream media through advertising dollars. That's why this is a "vicious cycle" or "Catch-22". Remember, back in the middle 90's, when CBS/60 Minutes started investigating Big Tobacco and then quickly shut down the investigation after the first few news reports/60 minutes segments? That was because Big Tobacco used their wealth and influence to get the bigwigs at the Eye Network to shut it down. So, lest you think corporations helping the Cons control  the media is a recent development....

Listen up, people, especially if you're one of those Cons: one of the major problems Fascist regimes like the GOP have regards the population of the country they rule...they can't have TOO many people because larger populations are harder to "control". Remember that about 315 million people live in this country. If enough of them discover what I and others have and start doing something about it, you Cons are going to be in trouble. Allow me to, again, point something out: before the French Revolution in the late 18th century (1789-1790, believe), the French monarchy and elites did EXACTLY what you're doing now: upwardly redistributing wealth and power....when those elite/monarchy types had upwardly redistributed nearly all of the wealth and power, the peasants/middle class were left with just one thing: REVOLUTION. 

Before you Cons get your panties in a bunch, I am NOT, repeat, NOT advocating for a violent revolution...far from it. What I am advocating is an "Icelandic" style revolution...about four years ago, the "monied interests" and corrupt politicians in Iceland were doing what you're doing now. There was a revolution whereby the wealthy and their political stooges were arrested and tried for crimes against the citizens of the country. The Icelandic Constitution was changed to bar the monied interests from ever having that much political power and barred politicians from taking campaign donations from said greedy and Fascist bastards. To date, everyone one of those who were arrested and have been found guilty and have begun serving very long prison sentences. it is that kind of revolution for which I'm advocating...there are already laws on the books to do the exact same thing to you greedy and Fascist bastards, but the USAG and Justice Department have no interest in holding you accountable for it. 

I'm afraid, however, that, if a revolution does occur, it's not going to be one that's similar to the one in Iceland...I will continue to advocate for the Icelandic-style revolt, but my suspicion is that I'll be in the minority of opinion and you'll be subject to something similar to what happened in France. So, you might want to start treading a lot more lightly. After all, wasn't the old saying, "keeping your head while others are losing theirs" begun during the French Revolution???!???  

Americans get the preponderance of their news via television.


Poll Position (2012)

Your source for political news?

There is good news for television, not so much for newspapers and a rising trend for the internet when it comes to where Americans get their political news. In a Poll Position national scientific telephone survey we asked where you get most of your political news, the internet, newspapers, television or somewhere else? Here are the results:
Television was the number one choice in all categories except one. The Internet was the choice for Americans in the 30-44 year old age group with 35% choosing the internet, 32% said television was their source for most political news, 18% said somewhere else and 14% picked newspapers. 
Poll Position’s scientific telephone survey of 1,113 registered voters nationwide was conducted January 24, 2012 and has a margin of error of ±3%. Poll results are weighted to be a representative sampling of all American adults.
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When television networks (national and cable) devolve to streaming media for US conservatism, the nation follows, is it any wonder the US has moved well right of center socially and politically?

Have you noticed internet based websites are the only media that reports on dark money contributions to US politicians (e.g. Open Secrets, GOV Track)? MSNBC, may on occasion foray into money driven politics, but even NBC's quasi progressive business unit avoids deep exploration of the US politics. Our legislators and legislatures state and federal are magnets for the nation's powerful and greedy. How would the networks report honestly? The networks are singularly focused on revenue garnering ratings based on viewers moved to the right by its own managers, producers, writers and hosts.

Some would refer to the symbiotic relationship as a "cluster ...." I will leave the state of US media as Andrew Rei's colloquial and effective screed: callous to the point of deleterious.