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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

CNN Broadcast Their Chief Racist (No Host Intervention)

CNN has again entertained their conservative viewers with the most racists media contributor allowed on US airways. Harry Houck, former NYC cop, has well surpassed Pat Buchanan is an overt racist who should be denied opportunity to spew unqualified data to support his racism. We have captured and posted the CNN segment below. As you listen to Houck, try to retain the thought he quotes data which may have been influenced by "Stop and Frisk" policies which target blacks and Latinos. 


A non-bound show host would have requested more about the data Houck spewed. A real journalist (VS a host from a popular and elitists NYC family)  would have asked not only about the genesis of the data, they would have referenced the data with "stop & frisk" as a dark cloud over NYC police enforcement. By default and due to a lack of journalistic acumen Chris Cuomo facilitated Houck's racism.

“In New York City alone, blacks are 23 percent [of the population],” he said. “They make up 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, 60 percent of all violent crimes. White only 3 percent. That is why there are more blacks in jail than there are whites.” 
After some back and forth, CNN commentator and former HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill weighed in, “Harry just went on national TV and said black people are prone to criminality.” 
“Well, they are.” Houck said. 
“You think black people are prone to criminality?” Hill asked. “You don’t mean to say that. I’m going to give you a chance to correct [yourself]. You don’t mean that black people are prone to criminality.” 
“The statistics here show this,” Houck fired back, pointing at his sheet of statistics. “What does this say?”

Houck has a history with CNN that seems to unfold when CNN needs an arch conservative (apparent racist) for comment.  In October 2015, we published this piece with Houck rationalizing cop abuse.  CNN found another opportunity to expose its conservative audience to Houck in December 2015. In February of this year, Houck was again booked on a CNN segment as the lone voice of that portion of the white America which feeds off social regressivism: Beyonce tour

Crooks & Liars also published a piece with a bit more detail with a closing remark which is the bottom-line on Houck. He should be closed out of US media. He is without question a racist and he is the product of a corrupt law enforce community which for decades abused minorities. Houck was again allowed on CNN to spew data without any qualifying of the data as being that of a police dept. which target black and Latino men.

CNN's Harry Houck Claims Black People Are 'Prone To Criminality'

CNN started the day with a feverish argument, thanks largely to their guest, the inflammatory ex-police officer, Harry Houck. Marc LaMont Hill, a regular pundit, a professor at Moorhouse College and reasonable person whenever Houck appears on CNN, first clarifies the problem. HILL: I think we have to reject the ninety-nine percent of cops are good…

Thursday, November 26, 2015

CNN's Hiring Of Killer Cop Rationalizers

One year ago a Chicago cop shot a 17-year-old petty criminal.  You might think about the phrase petty criminal.  Apparently, cops received a report of someone using a knife to slash tires. The knife was a three a half inch flip open knife. Hardly a weapon that could not be neutralized via a taser! After the medical examiner finished his or her work, the killing also included information the downed teen could have had PCP in his system, it is important to note the medical examiner report was filed within 24 hours of the killing. Thus, the killer cop had no knowledge of the possible chemically altered mental state of his victim.

Of course, you know by now, the teenager was shot 16 times with 15 shots administered while the kid lay on the pavement.  Reports have it, the cop/judge/jury summary killer executioner was reloading his nine-millimeter weapon when he was stopped by other cops.  

Yoy know of the killing and the video, right?

We have decided to report on the matter from another perspective.  Let's start with a question that really deserves an answer. why does CNN employ so many far right (blood-thirsty) bad cop rationalizers?

The first and most obvious example "Kill em, we have your back", is the alleged former Navy Seal so-called criminal analyst Jonathan Gilliam. The man seems to be the perfect example of what you would see if you visited a militia camp. I have grown to expect little discernible dialog when CNN host's offer the guy questions.  Yet, even I didn't expect to run upon a segment in which he posited the killing of the teen (with 16 shots, two in the back) was a justified act from a cop.  As you view the segment, try to visualize my imagery as this common CNN talking head.  He seems to the be kind of former military right-wing fanatic who could find war zone memories in bodily waste left in a toilet.

Absolutely shameful.

If that particular video segment doesn't; speak to the absolute nuttiness of the "former Navy Seal', allow another version.
“Just because you shoot a person doesn’t mean they’re going to fall,” Gilliam told the panel. “I talked to somebody last night who was in Fallujah — I know this isn’t Chicago, but was in Fallujah — who shot an insurgent 13 times as he charged him and the guy didn’t fall until he got right in front of him.”
“But Jonathan, this young man was on the ground. There were multiple shots fired in quick succession,” Costello interjected.
“The point is, even though he’s on the ground, he never dropped the knife and he continued to move,” said Gilliam. “The reason we have these policies is because officers have been killed after they shot somebody.”
He never dropped the knife. I wonder if this former Navy Seal has ever come upon a war zone dead body with a weapon frozen in hands with eyes locked open due to sudden death.  How pathetic?

We moved to another CNN demagogue who sits on camera and seems to literally concoct killer cop rationalizing as other guests are espousing opposite views.  Harry Houck is without question on CNN sets for a reason. He offers consistent and ridiculous post-killing rationalization in all cases of cops killings.

Houck's message was a one the course of the evening was a bit discombobulated. Earlier in the day the former New York (cop) detective condemned the acts of the killer cop, but once on set with his common partner in CNN ratings pairing he sung a different song. Houck responded to another CNN guest and former prosecutor, Sonny Hostin's, comments about increasing numbers of such killings he went here: the killings are not epidemic based on millions and millions of police interactions tat do not end in violence. 

The mind of the rationalizer is no difference than that of a hired 'hitman.' In fact, I strongly suspect CNN show producers guide Houck's insane remarks.

The interaction ended in the following manner.
Houck told Hostin, “You gotta let me talk here.” 
Hostin shot back, “You can’t just talk nonsense on national television.” 
Houck said, “You do!” 


Friday, May 29, 2015

Body Cameras and Video Continue to Expose..... US "Copism"

".......And obvious white privilege!"

How about a case for cop body cameras? 

More important yet another validation of cop abuse that is virtually impossible to write-off as not having some level of inertia in race.  

I have posted two CNN videos.  If you after watching the segments actually feel the cop who arrested the pregnant woman was completely fair and void of heavy-handedness, please leave a comment.  Before you leave the comment, consider the possibility that in a different world, the pregnant woman could be your daughter, sister, mother, aunt or friend.

CNN Live

It should be noted a subsequent episode of AC360 included a two guests for on-air discussion of the arrest.  While I haven't been successful in location a video segment of the AC360's discussion, the segment included CNN's (nascent) highly compensated and contracted "The cops do nothing wrong" former cop: Harry Houck.

The former cop has become CNN's go to guy when the network promulgates segments that led to dissecting for ratings garnering disagreement. He also is famous for his "If the cops go to arrest you, quietly comply." Well, one would think after the many and the increasing number of case of clear cop abuse a television pundit would cutback on a bit of "Do whatever the cops tells you to do."  His comments leave the impression there are no bad or heavy-handed cops. He certainly cares nothing or the prospect the "BLOND" woman in the segment received a major gift of "white privilege." (3:02 minute version) (3:28 Minute version captioned)

Did you notice the "blond" privilege laden woman mentioned the arrested woman allegedly mentioned calling the police first. How naive of the pregnant woman to believe she would get a fair shake after calling cops. Yes, you are correct other CNN show host are using the body cam video for on air discussion...with no real purpose.  Don Lemon also hosted a segment with a an African-American Attorney and a former cop (expert) who, of course, espouses a position on the arrest diametrically opposite the attorney.  


Don Lemon Battles Ex-Cop over Racial Bias in Law Enforcement: ‘That’s a Bunch of Crap!’

Newly-released footage of California police officers wrestling a pregnant woman to the ground after she refused to show identification has sparked another round of outrage over racial bias in law enforcement. Things got a bit heated Thursday evening when the story was debated by CNN’s Don Lemon and an ex-cop.

The backstory: A Barstow, Calif., officer’sbody cam video shows him and a fellow cop taking down Charlena Michelle Cooks, eight months pregnant, after they arrived at the scene to deal with a complaint about her parking lot driving. The complainant told officers that Cooks had been driving erratically and punched her window during a dispute. The cops openly said there was no evidence of a crime, but proceeded to ask for Cooks’ identification — something which the ACLU says she can openly refuse to do in California. Shortly after she declined, the officers pounced. The resulting charges for “resisting arrest” were later dropped.
So how does the story have a racial element? Cooks is black, while her complainant is white. The officers did not ask the white woman to identify herself. And the local ACLU recently settled a case against the same police department for arresting two black men in a similar fashion.
For the CNN Tonight discussion, host Don Lemon was joined by attorney Areva Martin and former NYPD officer Bill Stanton.
“When speaking with the white woman, the officer actually tells her, ‘I don’t see a crime that has been committed here,’ so why even ask the black woman for her ID?” Lemon asked the former law enforcement official.
Stanton’s response: “Alright, let me tell you what’s disturbing to me, Don, first of all, labels: ‘White woman, black woman.’ By my metric, by my eyes, as a former South Bronx cop, and what I saw here, nothing to do with color.”
“Okay, that’s a bunch of crap,” Lemon fired back, “because I’ve been in similar situations where I have called police and the police go over to the white person and say, ‘What do you want,’ and the person says, ‘Oh, he called police,’ and, like, their whole world gets confused.”
“So, Don, your experience is indicative of every police interaction in America?” the officer asked.
“No, no, it’s not indicative, but yes, there’s some credence to that,” the host fired back, “Many times they will walk up to a scene and, depending on how they look, will act differently.”
Towards the end of the discussion, Lemon revealed how he would act if he were in Cooks’ situation: “Listen, I agree you should comply with the police officer, but if the law is you don’t have to, I’m not so sure I would want to, as well.”
Watch the full segment below, via CNN:
[h/t CNN Commentary]
[Image via CNN/screengrab]

While I was unable to locate the AC360 segment with Harry Houck "hawking" for the cop, Think about a few points. How many video segments have you seen showing cop over reaction to scenarios? Some end in death of the innocent (not yet proven guilty of a crime), battered (as per the woman beaten on LA Highway), and the rare 'raped' by a cop or by someone feigning cop credentials. Houck's comments about do whatever you are told to do, is a problem in an of itself.  

Total obedient subservience when accosted by a cop doesn't lead to the same reality for all Americans. Former Cops like Houck and others who frequent the airways of CNN, are to the person indoctrinated to: "Cops can do no wrong."

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Toure"s "Proper Negro Fatigue", Fox Guest Says Trayvon Martin had "Street Attitude"


I am going to make this a quick hit.  As you can imagine, I have very strong opinions regarding America as an non-evolving society. In fact, much of the social advances in our nation have been rolled back (like a Wal Mart special) since insemination by none other than Ronald Reagan.

In addition to administering the most corrupt administration in US History, Reagan gave birth to a couple of very significant current manifestations in our society.  The spreading income disparity among the middle class and the wealthy started in 1980.  Reagan and Lee Atwater's "Southern Strategy" has yielded millions who do not believe in equal rights, human rights, educational rights and no rights related life accompanied by humanity.  Millions who will flock to the polls to vote for candidates as flawed as Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan; two of the most dishonest people I have observed in my years on Earth.   

We live in a world where guests will actually go on Fox News and rail about how Trayvon Martin would be alive if he did not "have a street attitude."

Wonder if the Fox News guest, Harry Houck, thinks these people heads "Street attitude". 

You think that is not a fair question? Hey, the guy has his cap on backwards! They both have guns and they attended Columbine High School in Colorado.

Watch the former New York City Cop speak on Fox News. You must keep in mind the New York City Police Chief recently came to the defense of a precinct officer who ordered his officers to target black and Latino males.

Former NYPD detective Harry Houck on Tuesday told Fox News that Florida teen Trayvon Martin was responsible for his own death because he had a "street attitude."

Toure`s MSNBC, The Cycle  comments about "proper Negro Fatigue."   

The business of a Fox News guest and "street attitude."

May I ask for a contrast between the two people involved in Trayvon Martin's murder?

Martin: 17 year old high school student, football team player and probably influenced by all that is supposedly cool by some high school students. After watching the first half of a professional basketball game, journeyed to a nearby (walking distance) store for what could be called munchies. He probably felt he could return for the second half of the basketball game. He had no idea the walk would be witnessed, summarily labeled trouble, and accosted by a literal 'vulture." A vulture with a gun mind you! The gun probably gave Zimmerman a sense of security and bravado he probably knew the teenager could not match. The vulture followed the prey and lurched despite admonitions from a police officer to ceased following Zimmerman's tried and convicted ("Trouble, they always get away") criminal. Unless the possession of canned tea and a bag of Skittles was reason for Martin to "get away." Tea and Skittles while black and wearing a hoodie! Of course a death sentence for the vulture.

Zimmermann: Self anointed "Neighborhood Watch "vulture". A vulture fully equipped with gun via Conceal Carry and supported by Jeb Bush's ever-dangerous "Stand Your Ground" License to kill. The Vulture was a walking man-hunter with all the requisite mindset generalizations and social paradigms that would ensure a career as a New a York City Cop (from a precinct ordered to stop and frisk minorities). He also appeared to have possessed a Wyatt Earp mentality replete with a willingness to confront the teenager despite being told to hold off. 

Does the Fox News guest have any viable reason for labeling young Martin as having "Street Attitude?"  Did Zimmerman have any idea of Martins marijuana use, occasional bling wearing and an alleged gun owner? No, Zimmerman had no sense of the white Fox News guest "Street Attitude" characterization. Have you ever heard of "driving while black?" Have you ever been profiled?  The former cop has illustrated exactly why 99% of video taped police brutality is perpetrated by criminal minded cops who hold black people and Latinos in stereotypical contempt.  

The former cop illustrates Toure`s brief dissertation in a most timely manner (within hours).  

Zimmermann is the classic example of Toure`s point.   Of course, you know how the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman interaction ended.