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Friday, May 29, 2015

Federal Indictment: Dennis Hastert; Unwanted Scrutiny And Future Revelations!

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As the news of a federal indictment against Former Illinois Congressman and long-term Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dennis Hastert, settles on those who follow the news, details related to the indictment is causing a tsunami of questions and even a bit of innuendo.

What is known of the indictment is allegations Hastert lied to FBI Investigators regarding large sums of cash (hush money) withdrawn from bank accounts. Federal indictment reads as follows: linked.

The indictment is written such that it lends to all sorts of speculation and speculation is something no pubic official should relish.

This morning CNN published a "Five Questions" piece regarding eh indictment. The questions will provide a journalistic probes foundation for news sources.


The seven page indictment will stand as a legal document that will spurn questions like a nuclear reactor spinning-off Isotopes. Here are CNN's five questions. For details navigate to the linked page.
1. What is the alleged "past misconduct"? 
2. Who is "Individual A"? 
3. When did the misconduct happen? 
4. Why did it take so long to come out? 
5. Was Hastert a victim of blackmail?
    Oh the speculation!. Can you imagine the amount of journalist ferreting currently underway for the reveal scope on "Individual A?" Think about the bounty available for the individual once all goes public and cable news networks open their guest hoppers.

    If you want to see and hear a really quick segment of what I mean by speculation, consider the following Talking Points Memo piece.

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