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Friday, June 5, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Fox News's Megyn Kelly Has Issues With Release of Duggar Molestation Records

Click this link for more Kelly rationale, but Kurtz could not totally agree. Yet, Kurtz got his MSNBC dig in!

Fox News is not only circling the wagons around the Duggar family, its most prolific rationale "gunslinger" (excuse the weapon metaphor), Megyn Kelly, seems taken aback by the release of the Duggar scandal records. 

Megyn Kelly is an attorney by profession. One would think she and her production team would check Arkansas State law record Freedom on Information requests before airing segments with disdain for the Duggar's molestation cases.

Mediaite places the Kelly, Duggar and Fox News defense in proper perspective.

Ark. City Attorney Defends Legality of Releasing Duggar Police Report

There’s been a pretty big debate these past few weeks over the legality of the release of the 2006 police report invoking the multiple incidents where Josh Duggar molested young girls as a teenager, including his own sisters. A judge recently ordered the report to be destroyed, and Megyn Kelly––who interviewed the Duggars––said it was released illegally.
Well, tonight, the city attorney of Springdale, Arkansas released a statement defending the legality of the report’s release.
Here’s the statement in full:
On 5/20/15, in full compliance with Arkansas Law, the Springdale Police Department responded to a records request under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act. The requested record was not sealed or expunged, and at the time the report was filed, the person listed in the report was an adult. Any names of minors included in the report, as well as pronouns, were redacted from the report by the Springdale Police Department in compliance with Arkansas law prior to release.
In Touch, the magazine that broke the story in the first place, fired back today by also insisting the report’s release was legal.
[h/t NBC News]
[image via screengrab]

Does Fox News have a legal team? Corporate attorneys are masters at seeking answers via legal publications. Arkansas statutes are a matter of pubic record, Or, does the network focus more on the immediate message to the unsuspecting and the unknowing LIVS (low information viewers/voters) who patronize the network?


Saturday, October 18, 2014

"Hysterical," "Irresponsible" Ebola Coverage


The lone voice of reason and sanity at Fox News has again gone against the grain. Shepard Smith either has a production team comprised of mavericks or he has the blessing of Roger Ailes in standing opposite the networks more conservative "tin hat" and widely viewed hosts (eg. Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity).

Smiths segment embed below) is a fitting retort to insane mania that manifest and spans the full measure of the top three cable news networks. CNN, Fox news and more nascent and exhaustive coverage from MSNBC are the actual subject of Smith's comments. Of more significance, his remarks are also specifically focused on Fox News evening show hosts who have gone wild with anti-Obama Ebola (azi).

Media Matters

WATCH: Fox's Shepard Smith Blasts Media For "Hysterical," "Irresponsible" Ebola Coverage

Smith: "These Are The Facts -- We Do Not Have An Outbreak Of Ebola In The United States. Nowhere"

Media Matters the very next day ran a piece encapsulating Smith's against the grain reporting over on Fox News.

Smith as Fox News's voice of reason....
Smith's monologue comes after his Fox News colleagues Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingraham compared CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden to a propagandist, and after Fox's Sean Hannity said on his radio show that he would ignore the CDC press conference because he doesn't trust them. 
Smith has a long track record of bucking the trend of fear-mongering on Fox News. Here are 7 times Shep Smith was Fox's voice of reason:

Media Matters monitoring and reporting regarding Fox News is a breathe of fresh air in a world of "entertainment electronic media." 
Note: I include MSNBC in that 'mix' as the network seems to be floundering in an abyss of appealing to both conservative morning viewers and progressive evening viewers (in some cases appearing almost libertarian). A broadcast model that is doomed to fail and may contribute to the networks weakening ratings numbers.
We have come to expect and rely on MMFA's instant reporting, refuting and proving false many hours of Fox News broadcasting. The latest ratings 'cash cow' is the EBOLA Virus. EBOLA is providing an existential reality at Fox News that is not only uncommon it is precedent setting and quite surprising. MMFA has provided an opportunity to view another angle of EBOLA-Fox News style.  

Howard Kurtz, former media analyst CNN, joined Fox News after an unreliable set of reporting Reliable SourcesThe Sunday morning recap and analysis of "all things media" during the previous week. Circumstances that precipitated Kurtz's jump to Fox News are available via a standard Google search, so I will forego a re-hash. Suffice it to say, Kurtz abandoned opportunity for credible media analysis with a foray into social ideology and opine that seemed a good fit for Fox News.

Over the past year and a half, I have seen segments of Kurtz on Fox News fulfilling the role of a media validater of Fox News demagoguery demagogues and at times he appeared uncomfortable with his role. Of course, the latter is pure personal observation and personal opinion only.

Earlier today, Kurtz joined Shepard Smith in criticism of media EBOLA mania. By speaking out he also spoke against EBOLA-AZI at Fox News's. He certainly did not speak with reference to any specific network, but it doesn't take a news geek to realize his network has EBOLA'd like the EveryReady Battery Rabbit (tm) 

Let's see how media continues to report on the EBOLA cases that have come to the United States. 


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

John McCain Join Howard Kurtz On Fox and Earns A Jon Stewart Segment

This past Sunday John McCain found his Sunday morning news show perch on Fox News.  Each week McCain must focus on which Sunday news show he would join as surely a you and I contemplate our next great meal.  His worship of and longing for a Sunday News show seat has to compare to the deep libido surges of a very young alpha male who hasn't been close to (that  GOP loathsome act) of copulation in quite some time. His Sunday appearances must surely "make his day week."

While sitting with Howard Kurtz may not provide the same libido surge as an interview with Meet The Press's resident conservative, David Gregory, or the back and forth Bob Schieffer, nor the "safe" progressive interview with George Stephanopoulos, it is nonetheless a Sunday seat.  Gotta take what you can get!  

Since Kurtz is in no way even an alleged journalist, I wonder if McCain knew in advance his visit with include questions about Comedy Central's (The Daily Show) Jon Stewart.  If McCain was prepped for the interview with full disclosure of a "turn at Jon Stewart", McCain must not have consulted with his advisers. Heck, it appeared he didn't even consult with his wife Cindy on playing it safe via avoiding Kurtz's muckraking. Muckraking that could only lead to a Daily Show segment with Stewart at the helm. As Stewart so adroitly pointed-out in the following segment, one would think the last word McCain should use in public is "wrong." If you need an example here is a hint: "ALASKA."

And did Stewart come through!  The Daily Show host didn't even bring-up Sarah Palin as he responded to the Kurtz/McCain interview.  There wasn't an need to reach to McCain most noted mistake since hanging out with the Keating Five during the savings and Loan Scandal. Fortunately for McCain, Stewart held his response to slightly over two minutes.  However, we suspect Stewart is saving the "Good stuff" should McCain make the mistake of joining Stewart on The Daily Show. Or, the good stuff will be sprinkled among other opportunities Stewart will surely exercise with focused in the Keystone Cop existence of today's GOP.


Monday, April 28, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Hannity, Fox News, Bundy As Pioneer For Land-Grabbing Oligarhcs

Racism has become so mainstream it has (again) ensnared the political propaganda anti-Obama machine called Fox News.

While the issues surrounding Cliven Bundy's grazing tax evasion spans 20 years, it has apparently become a battleground objective for far-right libertarian oligarchs. Over the course of the past month, Fox News has rivaled CNN's  uninterrupted coverage of MH-370 via its coverage of BLM's efforts to assist in forcing Cliven Bundy to pay a million dollars in fines and back taxes. The rounding-up and corralling of Bundy cattle became a literal Cause Celebre for Fox News and certain GOP officials and one "wanna be president" opportunist (eg., Rand Paul).   

Media Matters developed the following graphic to illustrate the scope of Fox News coverage before his racist remarks. Notice the Hannity indicator to the far right of the graphic. 

Media Matters
Watch the last three minutes of a Fox News segment (a full 12:40 minutes) in which Fox News producers, writers and Hannity avoided deep discussion of Bundy's tax evasion.  Fox segment development appeared to use the first ten miutes of the segment as a lead into Hannity's closing remarks that embody the essence of Fox News Obama Derangement. Hannity via a camera shot developed for full impact of typical Hannity "I am DA Man" non-verbals spews, a list of Fox News issues with the Obama Administration; not one of the issues has proven to exist with any level of veracity. Yet, Hannity fed sycophants viewers who stay-up late to watch his brand of propaganda. 

The 10 minute setup is classic propaganda and craftily done, I will add.

As the week moved into Bundy's Saturday afternoon "press conference", the political landscape changed. Bundy's via discussion of his 'tax evasions' and status as a legitimate "taker", crossed the line into discussion of Latinos and African-American poor. People who live their lives with a mindset of 'privilege' over others cannot disguise their inner paradigms once the mouth opens. Bundy was no exception. Actually, Bundy appeared to have backing well beyond a simple phone call to militia for support in his tax evasion. The anti-US government (despite his frequent brandishing a US Flag) is a flaming racist who spoke about how black people may not have learned to pick cotton, thus their descendants don't know anything.

When a reporter gives and idiot a microphone idiocy cannot help but ensue. Idiocy when coupled with racism will surely lead to comments such as those from Bundy.  

Since Hannity served as "point position" in leading the Fox News Bundy campaign, the seditious talking-head host couldn't help, but state his position on Bundy's comments. He spoke of his contempt regarding Bundy's racist remarks, while continuing to exhort seditious sentiments for his audience. A more telling reality is the almost nil level of Fox News coverage of Bundy's avowed racism and associated remarks. 

A funny thing happened this past Sunday, on the way to a new week of Fox News anti-Administration broadcasts.  Someone in Fox News management must have decided to address the network's lack of coverage regarding Bundy's racist comments as it gave to Bundy as a Koch brothers functionary.  Howard (Mr. Credible... facetiously) Kurtz offered Fox News viewers criticism of his employer and their choice to shave Bundy coverage after his racially charged diarrhea.

We offer a Buzz Feed analysis of the extent to which Fox News completely avoided "reporting" on Bundy journey into his inner (racist) core.

As mentioned above, the Bundy matter has far deeper roots and fissures than a tax evading racist standing on camera with a dead calf. There are far greater issues beyond Bundy's indictment of MLK and Rosa Parks. In effort to deflect from his racist rants, the cattleman, actually suggested MLK 'is not doing his job" if "THOSE PEOPLE" cannot stand to be referred to as a "Negro."  

After a few days of Bundy as social engineer, we can rest assured the nation's top libertarian oligarchs would love to have him leave the purview of live cameras and probably would like to have the rancher simply shut-up and go away. Multiple media are reporting, Bundy may exist as the visible pimple of a Koch abscess percolating with a core nucleus of land-grabbing the US West.

Before turning the piece to American Against the Tea Party and Media Matters, I ask a question. When will the US populace grow weary of the Koch brothers and their obvious attempts to establish a US oligarchy in which they will sit as kings?


Koch Brothers Back Right-Wing Militia Terrorists in Nevada Land Dispute (via Americans Against The Tea Party)
Two affiliates of the Koch-backed group Americans for Prosperity are working overtime to promote the cause of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who has made violent threats against the federal government and garnered the support of insane militiamen from…


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Howard Kurtz Now On Fox News Fits The Mold Perfectly

Image via Awesome Screenshot
Did Howard Kurtz mention the word "standards" this morning?

Jason Collins, NBA basketball player, self-disclosed about his homosexuality in early 2013. Collins was lauded by many, including President Obama, and unfortunately ridiculed by some. One major face of criticism came from a supposed media reporter Howard Kurtz.

Kurtz purposefully stepped well outside of his standard fare on Reliable Sources to attack Jason Collin's past.  A past Collin has fully reported.  

We have linked a Buzz Feed video below. For sake of clarity we are a link to another Buzz Feed piece for fully disclosure. Full disclosure also points a more dire finger at the "unethical " Howard Kurtz.

Why are we going here today? Kurtz has responded to a Comedy Central spoof with typical Fox News attacks and silliness. Yes, Fox News. Within Weeks of Kurtz blowing out his credibility and character, he was hired by Fox News. Isn't it amazing how often Fox News "sops" the plate after media professional throw-up all over themselves. It is as if they have to become sufficiently soiled in some way to meet the Fox News litmus test.  [Note: the Juan Williams hire was another example of extreme sopping after O'Reilly moved Williams to a firing at NPR.]

Buzz Feeds Howard Kurtz; Sadness 

Buzz Feeds Dylan Byers, May 1, 2013. 

Howie Kurtz strikes again

From "Jason Collins' Other Hidden Secret," by Howie Kurtz (May 1, 2013):

One of the reasons that Jason Collins’ coming out packed such an emotional punch is that he appeared to be telling all. ... Except that he left one little part out. He was engaged. To be married. To a woman.

From Jason Collins' 
 Sports Illustrated article (Apr. 29, 2013):

When I was younger I dated women. I even got engaged.
Read more linked title above

We should note The Daily Beast apologized for the Kurtz column; linked above.

During a 15 minute CNN "mop-up" segment Kurtz spoke the following.

Oh, Kurtz's reputation and professional established recently reacted to the Comedy Central segment mentioned above.

The Raw Story
Fox host flips after Colbert mocks him: ‘Even fake news anchors should have standards’ (via Raw Story )
Fox News host and media critic Howard Kurtz on Sunday lashed out at Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert, who had recently mocked his report on Hillary Clinton’s age. “That’s right. Fox news is ready to project that in the 2016 presidential election…


Monday, January 27, 2014

Media Fed Diminution of Society via Oppression And Prurient Pursuits (All for Ratings) (VIDEO)

The Fabric of Oppression and media as a conduit.

On yesterday's Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter, presented a discussion based on new articles from two women who appropriately commented about treatment of women in media.  The issue doesn't surprise in any way. In fact, the issue takes me back to our often quoted poem/prose from MARTIN NIEMÖLLER: "FIRST THEY CAME FOR THE SOCIALISTS..."
First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--

Because I was not a Socialist. 
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out-- Because I was not a Trade Unionist. 
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- 

Because I was not a Jew. 
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.
The context of our reflection back to Niemoller will be delineated in a bit.

Reliable Sources - "Female reporters face internet abuse."

Hess and Wallace have nailed an issue that speaks to "oppression"; plain and simple.  While Stelter went out of his way to spread the the gender of the abusers beyond men, we firmly believe the majority of such behavior emanates from men.
Oppression in the US is irrefutable. If you do not acknowledge it; you enable it!
We have avoided deep discussion and reporting on the recent NFL Playoff victory episode involving Seattle Seahawk defensive back, Richard Sherman.  Our reason for avoiding the issue related to both time spent on other issues, and the fact abuse leveled at the (momentarily exuberant) football was not a surprise. I am long past surprise at exhibitions of racism, bigotry and sexism and homophobia. The nation has reverted to a time when white male dominance was not only a 'right' it was an expectation. Conservative and GOP regression has reached into every fabric of our society, and it continues to ooze around for voids to fill.

Allow just a moment for examples of Sherman's treatment after is "over-the-top" exuberance and frankly, his inexperience before a national audience. His inexperience exploded on the nation after personally stopping the reception of a pass that would surely have propelled the opponent San Francisco 49ers into the Super Bowl.

Sherman's Twitter "Bowl"

Deadspin captures an early round of abuse from people who will sit and watch a game that has more African-American players than white or Pacific Islander players. We are not redacting names since we are posting from Deadspin.

Lol don't mess with Richard Sherman, he will go bananas. Guys a fricken jungle monkey.— Zack Grenon(@g_g_g_grenon71) January 20, 2014 
Fuck u @RSherman_25 u fuckin monkey, can't wait till Peyton roasts u next week— Eddie Kaplan 
(@BruceWayne_II) January 20, 2014 Richard Sherman's an ignorant ape— GC (@TropicanaCEO_15) January 20, 2014
Someone put Richard Sherman in an animal hospital because he is a fucking gorilla #noracismintented— Michael Mortellito (@mmortellito) January 20, 2014
Richard Sherman= typical nigger#douchebag— Travis Ozegovich (@TravisOzegovich) January 20, 2014
Richard Sherman = cocky nigger. #SEAvsSF— Cody milliken (@cody_milliken) January 20, 2014
Richard Sherman is a nigger, fuck that.— Rob Falotico (@Robadob561) January 20, 2014
Fuck u richard sherman u high payed nigger!— Levi Henson (@Coondog_Henson) January 20, 2014
every italian 100% hates sherman just because of that interview after the game..typical gorilla nigger @RSherman_25— dominick santaniello (@domsantaniello) January 20, 2014 
I can't wait till manning and the rest of the broncos light Richard Sherman up# shut up you dumb nigger— Jarrett Galvin (@galv101) January 20, 2014
Richard Sherman deserves to get shot in the fucking head. Disrespectful nigger.— Adam Costello (@AdamCostello128) January 20, 2014
Richard Sherman is a straight irrogant nigger. Manning is going to rip him apart— Christian Parafati (@C_parafati_one3) January 20, 2014 
@RSherman_25 your coach sucks more dick than a porn star. Nigger your done next year!!!!! I will fuck every kid u ever have! Right in mouth— Larry (@larryss34) January 20, 2014 
Richard Sherman is a piece of shit nigger. #Peyton is going to embarras him in two weeks. #broncos— Zotan (@fuckxan) January 20, 2014 
Someone needs to introduce Richard Sherman to George Zimmerman.#ThugLifeOver— Brian Blackwell (@BrianHBlackwell) January 20, 2014 
One guy specifically created an account just to tweet horrible things at Sherman.@RSherman_25 no class nigger. Talking shit about Crabtree, don't care about the 49ers but fuck you for attacking a single player. Scum.— larry brown (@larrybr12776538) January 20, 2014
This last one is just confusing. What the hell does that even mean?Richard Sherman. What a role model for today's Taliban youth.— John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) January 20, 2014

"...shut up you dumb nigger," Richard Sherman is a Stanford University graduate.

"Richard Sherman deserves to get shot in the fucking head. Disrespectful nigger." Shot in the Head! "Disrespectful." So, when those players go on camera after a game and rail about how God was on their side (thus relegating the other side to the Lucifer or less), that is more "respectful?"

"every italian 100% hates sherman just because of that interview after the game..typical gorilla nigger." I will wager there are people of Italian ancestry who, factually do not hate Mr. Sherman.

Now that we have poked a few holes in the comment religious right webpage contributor and Fox News contributor, Sandy Rios's, comments that whites are not racist; they react only to angry blacks, let's move to far more serious underlying matters.

News reporters Hess and Wallace and responses to Richard Sherman's over-exuberance clearly show behavior that for many years was kept in closet spoken only over the phone, behind closed doors or across family quarters of homes with racist denizens. The Internet has provided unique and welcome opportunity for people to communicate in an inexpensive yet all encompassing way. Along with such access, comes the real prospect of overt or normally closet racist reaching out to strike others from a position of quasi-anonymity. 

The communication tool (the Internet) is not the critical issue surrounding growing abuse from people who have no control over their emotional states of mind? States of mind soiled by social and psychological deficiencies fed by their parents and revitalized (and nurtured) by politicians and media. People who act out against the Hess, Wallace, and Sherman are clearly societal undesirables akin to people who would boo an active military officer (In Iraq) who happen to be gay. They are no different than people who would give Governor Rick Perry a resounding applause after delivery of a braggadocios statement about executions in the his home state. As we consider the perpetrators of such acts it isn't hard to imagine a Tea Party laden House of OZ that has introduced 700 plus bills related to women's reproductive rights and not one viable jobs bill. How about people who would give Rick Santorum a perfunctory applause after this comment (watch the applause)? ...Linked.

If you ask why did I mention media in the last paragraph.  Over the past 20 years, US media has devolved into a ratings seeking skeleton of its past. talk radio has evolved into the domain of hardcore right wing lots and in one case has contributed to the nations first party leader who has never been elected to office: Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Coulter, Ingraham and others have paved a path for people who are feeble enough to exercise right-wing demagoguery as impetus to act out. Talk radio is one arena . A more dire example of  media setting the path for human behavior: Fox News.

Should it surprise Wallace someone would refer to her as a "whore", when the person knows her only via her writings?  

We are not going to passed innuendo about Fox News personalities (We do not call them journalist by any stretch), but we will continue to point-out what seems to be a carnal approach to news delivery. Gretchen Carlson recently commented on a Brian Kilmeade (Fox Host and radio host) radio show that Fox News prohibited women from wearing pants on the news sets. Did you notice Kilmeade's leering towards Carlsons lower extremities?

A bit more.....


 Petallides (Actually raised her thigh shot)

Unnamed reporter (Complied with no pants rule, but must have thought she was headed to the beach. Skirt didn't even facilitate a professional  leg cross)
Dhue (Image)
E.D. Hill (Image) Kooman (Image)

We realize there are some who visit the images and videos above and only grab the prurient aspects of the Fox News business model. The exhibitions are entertaining to say the very least, but also depict a complete disregard for professionalism that was formerly inherent in television journalism. Fox News has the largest viewing audience of any cable network. the network is a particularly attractive to males in the age demographic of 25 - 54 years of age. Both Pew Research and Gallup have recently reported we get our news predominantly from television media. 

I will restate, we are not casting characterization at women who are or have worked at Fox News. they worked for an employer who has a business model that attracts viewers. In addition to political and social playing to their audience, the network also entertains in other areas.

It is impossible to avoid suspicion that media that flaunts sexuality, also tends to demean sexuality.  If the viewer is without healthy social intellect or has serious issues with regard to race, sex and LGBT lifestyles, how much of a leap to believe their deficiencies work into how they act out.  

I will take it a step farther. We have also seen far too many instances where people who claim the social and political Right show propensity to actually act out. I am reminded of a recent segment on Morning Joe that included Joe Scarborough went maniacal on Steve Ratner.  we could list hundred such episodes of Right-wing angst manifesting in behavior unbecoming rational people. 

While we have not solved a problem in this screed, it is important to note, times are a hanging. As I view social interaction, I am finding far more angst and behavioural exhibition than past times. Such exhibitions seem to have come full-blown after the inauguration of Barack Obama as he 44th Presidents of the Untied States of America. 

If you have to ask, why the reference to the president, you should either re-read this screed or continue to find no harm in the circumstance of people like Hess, Wallace and Richard Sherman.  

One last point, if you have 3:47 minutes, take a look and listen at how one Fox News show reported on the Richard Sherman racists attacks. Howard Kurtz and co-host certainly reported in the attacks as over-the-top.  They also typical to conservative American reaches to lay blame for the attacks on the communication tool instead of squarely and straight-up addressing racism.  If the two even stated the word racism, I must have been out of the room.  Why report the matter, if news writers and producers look to sanitize that attacks vs. reporting such that perpetrators might think twice before reporting the attacks? Yet, the network will never blame the availability of guns (the tool) on mass killings; Fox News will lay blame to the perpetrator. 

If you reflect back on the start of the screed,we make a point about "....then they came for me." And, we ask a question. "Do you think the people who attacked Hess, Wallace and Sherman, are people who will vote with a mind towards democratic  (small "d") principles and tolerance of then that the white male?"

If you can find it in your brain to think anyone who has diverse social views would call Wallace a "whore" and Sherman a "nigger" (or thug), you have wasted about 15 minutes of your day reading this piece. You should also rest assured, "They will eventually come for you."

UPDATE:  Just you know Fox ix not alone in "strategic camera angles" or "The couch segments."  CNN this morning.  Watch how the camera agnel leveragers the far right seat and how often the low hanging angle is deployed.

Let's be thankful MSNBC, BBC and Al Jazeera have not developed such a news delivery model. while we are mindful fashion contributes to such exhibitions, we are also mindful of host attire choice, producers staging, and producer directed camera angels.