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Friday, October 11, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: "I don't know,Giuliani's Buddies, Dulles International Arrests

Well, yet another news day. As the web of Trump falls lie a spider web in a hurricane we are witnessing daily Cat 5's of mind-boggling reports fitting a revisit to the Godfather movie series. All media except Fox News and probably Sinclair local channel news staff is reporting on the arrest of two citizens with birthrights and ties to the former Soviet Union (e.g., Ukraine.),

According to a federal indictment linked below the two operatives are alleged to have violated political campaign finance laws. If the reality of a $350,000 plus contribution to a Trump campaign PAC isn't enough, note the relationship the two have with Trump's consigliere: Rudy Giuliani.

This kind of guy.....

Detroit Mafia'S Consigliere Tony Pal
Take a couple of minutes for a CNN segment regarding the arrests and the start of Trump's denial of any knowledge of the operatives.

CNN published an early report regarding the arrests: linked, here

If you are a legal Beagle, Axios published the indictment against the two Giuliani partners. 

As issues surrounding Trump's attempts to bully the newly elected president of Ukraine follows its course to an inevitable pigpen, how do you think GOP elected officials are answering probing questions. During the era of Trump, yes or no questions are avoided similar to avoidance of any serious discussion of firearm control.

The question is applying pressure to secure an upper hand on a political candidate. Is it an acceptable practice or not? The only real answer in a normal world is: "no."

A matter of yes or no?

Colorado's Cory Gardner

Iowa's Ernst

Here we have a case of a VP caught between Trump's pigpen and an empty horse trough. 

And what does a president do when faced with the reality of a soiled and exposed dirty skirt? (Note: skip to the second Aaron Rupar tweet below)

" I know nothing; I didn't even get up today....?  Ask Rudy. 

Really? The first four minutes of this CNN segment seems to place Trump's remarks into that growing number of 12,500 plus lies in less than thee ears if office. 



"I don't know....."