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Sunday, July 21, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: Rally Chant (Abhorrent and Shameful)

Donald Trump choke
That Presidential Look?
The chief purveyor of Trump's racism and white nationalism, Steve Miller visited the Trump media outlet, Fox News, and spent 10:00 minutes spewing and responding to questions about nascent Trumpism. When Chris Wallace asked Miller about Trump's past criticism of the US government, the Trump operative went here:

"......upholding the “principles of Western civilization.”

Allow a quick back reach regarding the common white nationalism vernacular for Right-wing politicals. 

"Western civilization"

A definition:

Western culture, sometimes equated with Western civilizationWestern lifestyle or European civilization, is a term used very broadly to refer to a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or ... 
Western culture - ScienceDaily
Well, that definition is a bIt white, to state it mildly. It is, the exact, sentiment and message communication operatives like Miller would deploy to advance GOP racism and right-wing white supremacy.

The 2016 night of the Republican National Convention; noted International racists Iowa's Steve King.

A startling yet unsurprising comment for the kin (excuse the pun) of white nationalism among many in conservative America. While seeking a definition of white nationalism, the phrase "white supremacist" also sat clearly on my monitor. As I followed the definition of white supremacy, guess what popped-up. The link: Merriam-Webster.

And the matter of white nationalism and Trump's attack on four non-white rookie members of the US House of representatives who happened to be women, Miller was unable to shake the ugliness his boss has put upon the world. 

While in a very diverse district in North Carolina, Trump's virtually all-white audience erupted into Trump's new slogan of "Send her back" ( a derivative of ...go back to where they came from).   

As you view what follows, know one of Trump's lies this week was his lack of fondness for this chant. He also, in another forum, called the chanters patriots. 

Another perspective on rally chants which represents the reality of Trump's choreographed ooziest chants.

No matter the spin from Miller, Trump's racist politicizing is abhorrent and shameful. 

Post-Script (considering I used the word shameful above).


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

As Trump's World Turns: A Non-working Schedule, Indictments, Guilty Pleas, Roger Stone, And True US Terrorism

Yes, you watched and listened to Trump rail his way through 2015 and 2016 lying with every breath while leveraging the gullible state of millions across the nation. What was one of his most pronounced lies, after we move past "Mexico will pay for the wall?"

Newsweek and other media are running an Axios story of a leaked document with reports of Trump's sparse leadership of the Executive Branch of the US government.

An Axios analysis of leaked documents revealed how the president spent each day for the past three months, according to his private daily schedule. Trump's schedule shows he has spent a solid majority of his time, 60 percent, engaged in unstructured, unbothered and very private "Executive Time." 

Does the report mean the likes of Steve Miler, Jared Kushner, John Boulton, and the Trump communications (trumpette) team are in charge?

Well, let's take a look at people who Trump has in the past represented, and currently serve the lazy Republican.

No photo description available.

Image may contain: 13 people, text

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As I look across the collaged embed above. I see one Wilbur Ross: Commerce Secretary. Ross joined others in Trump's cabal with his brand of contempt for the 800,000 federal workers affected by Trump's recent shutdown.
“Well, I know they are, and I don’t really quite understand why,” he said. “The obligations that they would undertake, say borrowing from a bank or a credit union, are, in effect, federally guaranteed. So the 30 days of pay that some people will be out ... there’s no real reason why they shouldn’t be able to get a loan against it.”
Ross's callousness and subservience to Trump is no surprise. The surprise exists on behalf of the millions of (figurative) MAGA hat Trump supporters who without question found an American negatively affected by Trump's shutdown.

Since we jumped back to the embedded image, let's not forget the ever smiling Roger Stone, who is via indictment a possible agent associated with a foreign adversary.

First, allow a definition of an organization which is emboldened by the election of  Donald Trump.

DescriptionThe Proud Boys is a far-right neo-fascist organization that admits only men as members and promotes political violence. The group takes its name from the song "Proud of Your Boy", which was cut from the Disney film Aladdin, in which the title character apologizes to his mother. Wikipedia

Proud Boys


The Proud Boys is a far-right neo-fascist organization that admits only men as members and promotes political violence. The group takes its name from the song "Proud of Your Boy", which was cut from the Disney film Aladdin, in which the title character apologizes to his mother. Wikipedia
Named after"Proud of Your Boy"
Type of businessFar-right men's organization that promotes political violence
Image result for proud boys Related image

Image result for proud boys 

In February 2018, Roger Stone visited Salem Oregon and apparently shared rounds of beer with the Proud Boys while all lashed white ower hand gestures. 

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Image result for white power sign

Image result for white power sign

Stone affiliates with white supremacists, but seems to have a need to deploy the often deployed by Right-wing politicians orange-face aura of Mitt Romney (Campaign 2012) and Trump.

Orange is good; brown, black and yellow not so good?

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses, text that says 'Sky Palma @DeadStateTweets It looks like Roger Stone and Donald Trump get their makeup done at the same funeral home. 1/29/19 8:54 AM'

Let's close with a reminder and a question.  Is it actually possible for a president to exist diametrically opposite the character of those who surround him?  The question is rhetorical.

Well, we would be remiss if we didn't end the piece with a reminder related to our earlier foray into Trump's wall. The real threat to this nation isn't brown people seeking a life away from their homeland.

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