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Friday, March 13, 2015

MSNBC Caught "Playing" To Conservative Viewers

How can the exhibition of the horrid side of Americana lead to the following from the Morning Joe (and minions) Show? You will notice Morning Joe Show producers booked one of America's most regressive conservatives to partake in what can only be described as "deflection." Why not book a more middle-of-the-road conservative for an important and sorely needed critique of an exhibition of Americana the from nation's most privileged and elitist example of white privilege.  Better yet, why not produce a show that simply laid bare the horrid racism and insensitivity to people who may have lost a loved one to lynching? 

The words from Kristol:
“Popular culture becomes a cesspool, a lot corporations profit off of it, and then people are surprised that some drunk 19-year-old kids repeat what they’ve been hearing,” said Bill Kristol. He added that Tipper Gore “tried to raise this issue, and was widely ridiculed,” referring to the parental advisory labels the future V-FLOTUS enacted after her daughter purchased Purple Rain thirty years ago.

“The kids that are buying hip hop or gangster rap, it’s a white audience, and they hear this over and over again,” Joe Scarborough said. “So do they hear this at home? Well, chances are good, no, they heard a lot of this from guys like this who are now acting shocked.”
The video.... 

According to Mediaite.... "UPDATE — 4:15 p.m. ET: Mika Brzezinski addressed her comments, with Al Sharpton beside her, on MSNBC’s The Cycle Wednesday afternoon. " Read more and watch the video clip here.
Crooks and Liars also ran the clip from the Cycle. My thoughts? The clip is nothing more than MSNBC working to cleanup a mess from Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. Frankly, Al Sharpton was noticeable cautious regarding his employers "Stack-ed deck" interview with Ari Melber. Melber did not in any pursue an interview; he merely fulfilled a role from his employer to facilitate Mika's rambling almost Sarah Palin like comments.

Crooks and Liars...


At the end of it all, the only relevant point is why did Joe Scarborough and his co-host even go to HiP Hop/Rap music when the focus should have been on a bus of America's young practicing racism witnessed since the fall of Jim Crow?

The answer is in accordance with Phil Griffin's, NBC President's, edict to un-liberalize the network.


Thursday, January 16, 2014

NY Times And The Messy Nessy Chic Takes Us Back

  1. priv·i·lege
    1. 1.
      a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group of people.
      "education is a right, not a privilege"

    1. 1.
      grant a privilege or privileges to.
      "English inheritance law privileged the eldest son"
 "Takes Us Back" memories you do not know, and probably cannot fathom
We are reminded of why some died "Saying no more." 
We are reminded of why some fought and served time, only to die after being set free. 
We are reminded of just how callous and elitist a people can be towards another people.
We are reminded of lessons taught of German settlers, Quakers and others who knew the wrongs of slavery and fought via the Underground railroad. 
We are reminded of Jewish lawyers who joined how fight in the 1950s to rid a nation of what you are about to see. (Oh no worries, you are not about to see the worse). 
We are reminded of southern raised Phil Robertson's (Duck Dynasty) remarks about never seeing a black person mistreated nor had he heard any comments along that line. Ye,s Of course, Phil, people probably did not tell you for obvious reason.
And of course we are reminded of the Martyrs.
If you wonder why some ....
want restitution (we find this abhorrent, frankly) 
see you as an enemy 
The discovered colored photos may help you understand.

If you really need to see and feel why some have fallen to a Stockholm Syndrome-like state of envy and 'hopeful assimilation,' and if you understand human mind, the images may provide an epiphany. You may actually see why a few black people actually grew via DNA, family upbringing, and other psychological phenomenon, to so wish for the better things in life they grew to hate their blackness (African-American Heritage). They are a sad lot. Even worse they do not recognize their malady.

Alas, if your life has never included being yanked away from a "Whites Only" water fountain and hastily carried out of a SS Kresges by a frightened mother, then you cannot know the following images.  

If you have never been told by a squadron officer that you and other black Airman could not attend the Squadron Christmas Party because the owners of the establishment (In the deepest of the US South) prohibited blacks on the property, then you cannot know the following images. You have to know suspicion was, and still is, the order of segregation from the 'whites only' Christmas Party came from orders high in the command and NOT from the off-base establishment owner. 

Actually, we expect most will view the images and suffer no feelings whatsoever.  

We at the TPI are not about the business of "guilt."  We do not expect 'guilt", so we also do not accept, "Guilt;" it is factually not at all important to us

We are mindful of societal slippage into states of mind that allowed life as you are about to see it.  We are watchful of everyday occurrences of acts, words, and perception of contempt that had to accompany life for these people every breathing minute of their lives. Yes, we notice the majority are not adhering to "Never again." The majority is quiet, as they do not know or do not care that "isms" travel in bunches. My "ism" today could very well be your "ism" tomorrow. 

Imagine the grandmother or housekeeper (we do not know which) below showing a restarting embrace on the little girl who seems to have openly wished for "One like that." 

And, there is beauty below. 

Beauty in seeing that black sedan and recalling, Dad owned one exactly like it. Those trips from the deep south to Detroit Michigan, standing just behind Dad on the transmission hump until sleep overtook and collapsed you into the back seat. The beauty of the 'across the tracks' Mom an Pop store with benches out front for moments out of the sun while you consumed that  (Grape) Popsicle.

Stark color photos of segregation-era U.S. thought lost, rediscovered in photographer’s storage [10 pics]

In 1956, photographer Gordon Parks was hired by Life Magazine to follow and document the everyday life of a southern Black family. Twenty of these photos were published in Life’s September issue that year with an article titled The Restraints: Open and Hidden.”

Gordon Park's Segregation Series-8

Of course, Parks snapped many more photos than actually made it to print, but these were thought to be lost. However, in early 2012 the Gordon Parks Foundation was going through several storage boxes and came upon a taped-up paper package labeled, “Segregation Series.” In it they found 70 more color photographs from Parks’ 1956 work.

Here are just a few of the pics, both the published and the rediscovered…
Gordon Park's Segregation Series-2
Gordon Park's Segregation Series-9
Gordon Park's Segregation Series-1
Gordon Park's Segregation Series-10
Gordon Park's Segregation Series-4
Gordon Park's Segregation Series-6
Gordon Park's Segregation Series-5
Gordon Park's Segregation Series-7
Gordon Park's Segregation Series-3
More Images (via NY TimesMessy Nessy Chic)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Values Voters Summit: Delusional Politicians, Convenient Religious Dogma, Feeding Over-The-Top Red Meat

No Ted Cruz, you and the GOP are not winning!

Albert Einstein 

The three main criteria for a belief to be considered delusional in his 1913 book General Psychopathology.
These criteria are:
1. certainty (held with absolute conviction)
2. incorrigibility (not changeable by compelling counterargument or proof to the contrary)
3. impossibility or falsity of content (implausible, bizarre or patently untrue)

As I contemplate those quotes, I cannot help but think of a republican anarchist: Ted Cruz.

Cruz spoke at the 2013 Values Voter Summit along with a veritable zoo of Right-wing zealots and political "I wanna belongers (Tim Scott (R) SC)." 

Cruz thinks, "he is winning", while dismissing recent polling results indicating the GOP is not winning.

"Everybody is crazy but me."

The Values Voters Summit is as whacky a gathering as their annual GOP CPAC orgy. Yet, there is one difference. The Values Voters Summit is supposed to center around religions and conservative values.  

As I develop this post, I am thinking about the values exhibited by Paul Ryan during the 2012 General Election campaign. You may remember, Ryan and his family accompanied by video and digital camera crews along with with a group of political handlers, invaded a soup pantry for a photo shoot. The vice presidential candidate was not invited to the pantry, according tot he manager of the facility. Ryan and his family were photographed and video taped appearing busy washing pots and pans. Do you remember the punchline? The soup pantry manager indicate each utensil touched by the Ryan's were previously cleaned utensils. Family values from the guy who also lied about having completed a marathon in record time. What values did the photo shoot offer the Ryan children? The following MSNBC clips are shortened sub-clips for emphasis on messages that places Cruz and his Values Voters crowd in perspective. I will add the clips also address Cruz's assertion "we are winning."
MSNBC, The Ed Show,  Ed Shcultz (Sub-clip)

Al Sharpton, Politics Nation (Sub-clip) A

Al Sharpton, Politics Nation (Sub-clip) B

Al Sharpton, Politics Nation (Sub-clip) C 

Photo: Dr. Ben Carson said Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to America since slavery [via Global Grind News]
Points made on Mr. Cruz. I am going to post another (one minute) video and offer a few final words regarding the Voters Summit and a recurring theme throughout GOP since Barack Obama was inaugurated in 2009. Ben Carson Fox News's most recent hire (and a very socially deprived person) delivered remarks that can be attributable only to a man on a mission.  His remarks about slavery should be left to known GOP bigots like Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Pat Buchanan Bill Bennet and any number of white conservative mouth pieces, along with the confirmed mental case: Alan West.


Ben Carson has a very public bigoted history that has led to his removal from key positions at one of the nation's leading educational hospital systems: John Hopkins. His views on LGBT  people are abhorrent and typically Republican.  It is now obvious his views on the African-American experience are also abhorrent and very much Rush Limbaugh-like.

As a person who is African-American, Carson's oratory is jaded by his inertia for appealing to a 92% white GOP.

Carson is indoctrinated to GOPism and conservatism, he refuses to accept the overwhelming strife and oppression of African-Americans from the ante-bellum South through Jim Crow and subsequent  struggles of the Civil Rights movement.  He also ignores loss of life for many who fought for a modicum of civil rights freedom (e.g., MLK, Medgar Evers, white and black civil rights fighters, four young bombing victims and 5,000 plus documented lynchings of black men, women and boys). The physician demagogue ignores the Women's Suffrage Movement. He obviously cares nothing about US wars and he must have no regard for the horrors of the WTC and 9/11. He reached deep to please the Values Voters Summit audience without regard for the totality of US History. Why slavery, Ben Carson?  

He like others (mostly whites) in the GOP reached back to one of the nation's most horrific realities for a worse case reference. The ACA is a far cry from forced human bondage. What is the GOP affinity for slavery? Why do we not hear comparable or similar remarks from progressives and liberals? Could liberals have a deeper regard for the national shame that accompanies reaching back over 200 years for current analogies? Why would the opportunist physicians "go analogous" (as such) for an audience that probably has less concern with a past that includes human bondage. A party that is synonymous with for too many and regularly occurring exhibits of overt racism. Racism that goes unchallenged by party leaders. Ben Carson is going to occupy a high mantel position at Fox News.  He also adds to the fallacy of the Value Voters Summit As an event truly representative of American Values.  

Frankly, as one who appears to be of African descent, Carson should consider avoiding entertaining his predominately white audience without references to the black people. He should at his intellect level recognize the fallacy of such references.  As a physician Carson should exhibit a much more palatable argument against Obamacare, if he genuinely cares nothing about millions who suffer from no prospect of seeing a doctor or a dentist.  In fact, Carson often appears in a state of dazed and confused, and a person who exercises extremely poor judgment, despite his background as a surgeon.  He actually reminds of two GOP/libertarian physicians: Ron and Rand Paul. 

Maybe he is absorbed with the prospect of earnings millions while by giving them what they want: low information rhetoric.

The Values Voters Summit video clips broadcast on MSNBC seem to indicate an underlying theme of low information rhetoric for low information Pies Pipers.

Who votes for these people?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"Playing With Fire":... Racism Is Infectious And We Are All Potential Victims! (VIDEO)

Do you want to view additional validation of why I chose MSNBC News and current event coverage over Fox News (not even an issue) and CNN?  Rachel Maddow broadcast a segment yesterday which provides a view of a cancer growing and metastasizing in our society: Racism. The segment is heavily influenced by stellar reporting at the British Broadcast Corp. (BBC) and the Wall Street Journal.  

Allow me to state a critical trait I incorporated while growing to adulthood.  A belief system and trait which have paid-off  in many ways.  
A person can think whatever they wish. They can harbor all sorts of beliefs, they can even think in harmful ways towards others; that is their prerogative and their right. When the person acts out to harm others from the deep recessions of their belief system, behavior manifest ,which is unacceptable.  
Another critical lesson in life.  If we as bystanders and observers do not perform acts to extinguish wrongful acts, we are effectively enablers.  If someone whispers the "N" Word, whispers the "F" Word, whispers the "B" (bitch) Word, whispers the "S" Word (derogatory for Spanish in origin)  to you and you are even neutral to their actions you have factually enabled the person to take the vile act forward. Unless you agree, how hard is it to say, "I don't go there," " I don't care for that word," or "Please do say such to me!" I call the responses "extinguishing responses."  If extinguishing responses are not fed back to perpetrators of racism, they feed off your unspoken affirmation and they grow.

Of course, we know bigotry and racism are not passed on through generations via DNA. They are learned psychological states and they are deleterious to anyone who grows from early childhood to adulthood with the burden of such a mindset.

While millions harbor such beliefs, most do not act on that which was (or is) handed to them via parents and family and reinforced via social interactions (schools, friends, loved ones). I recall a few examples of people who have intimated they worked in concerted manner to "check", place in perspective and work to rid themselves of bigotry and racism. Those people were proud of their journey and did not hesitate to speak their epiphany. 

Obviously,  there are millions upon millions who have grown to avoid the stifling effects of being taught to hate based on race, sexual orientation, religion and a forms of bigotry. We are a richer world because of those who have traveled the journey to "tolerance, diversity and inclusivity." Yet, we are increasingly reminded of the scope and depths of pure racism.

There was a time 40 to 50 years ago when overt acts of racism were so frowned-upon. Perpetrators would dare not go public with their exhibitions, whispers among friends, condemnation within the confines of the family home, and covert racism in the workplace. All such acts were for the most part hidden and viewed as unacceptable. Since the early 1980s the US has gone full circle from a place with successful experimentation in tolerance, and shunning our Jim Crow past, to a society of a re-birth of life before the late 1960s.  

From the birth insemination Harry Shuler Dent, Sr.'s,  Republican Southern Strategist (for Strum Thurman, Barry Goldwater and Richard Nixon), to Richard Nixon's Kevin Phillips and nurturing to full blown political doctrine via Ronald Reagan's Lee Atwater, we now have fully developed overt racism in every facet of life in the United States.  

Architects of a strategy gone wild and framed with overt racism: The GOP Southern Strategy.
Harry S. Dent, Sr.
Kevin Phillips


We at the TPI have devoted many hours and much web-space to GOP strategy and its core constituency our Southern States and Plains States. There are professionals who through tedious work, diligent research, and competent journalism that when bundled is fair and open reporting. There work often show how the roots of modern racism have led to unbelievably horrific cases of racism gone mad.  Roots of modern racism with undeniable fissures into GOP politics, GOP influencing minds and GOP elections strategy.

Rachel Maddow's August 6th, 2013 segment. The segment is a full 15 minutes long, but if you have an interest in information with a strong message stick with the piece. CNN was once noted for such segments; well before politics and their quest to upend Fox News became a business model.  

"Playing With Fire"

Do you see how the web of hatred spreads? 

From a senseless racist killing in the 1990s to the very killers who planted bombs at the Boston Marathon.  Ah,  you may not be black, but you night have sat innocently close to the very bomb the LEGAL Immigrant bomber planted.     

The cancer is far more inbred than you realize.  

People of questionable intellect and nefarious motives may have reached back into our past and touched America at the Boston Marathon. 


The mother may have via her work assisted in her son reaching back into our horrific past for similar acts. And, the seeds of racism reached form a 1990s military and resulted in death at a Sikh Temple.