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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Confederate Flag: Nine Dead, Killer Got Burger King (W/Cheese) And GOP Upset About Downing The Flag

The NAACP, many Democrats, virtually all African-Americans and the vast majority of US progressives and independents have longed for a time when the US South and the GOP were forced to abandon the "Stick in the eye" manifest in brazen flying the flag of the US Confederacy.

The issue supersedes Jim Crow, State's Rights and the very successful GOP "Southern Strategy," and stands as a hallmark guidepost of US racism. bias and bigotry.  Watch as one spin off from a well publicizes tea party event visited the home of the nation's African-American president. An event at which Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee was as visible as a camera hogging ego maniac. 



No mater the rhetoric and outcry about misrepresentation of the flag of the Confederacy, all speakers know its history, they know its meaning and they are manipulating when they "feign" no harm meant, no harm done.

Another very well known advisor to Rand Paul carved a visual niche via use of the flag and without question garnered significant support for his "act."  Thus, he gained additional notoriety from Paul The Younger" whose father has a well documented history of racism and total intolerance regarding issues of race. 

Jack Hunter, The Southern Avenger, rode the wings of the flag like that of a splendid and proud Bald Eagle as a national moniker for America. Unlike some on the Right who continue to whine about nascent disenfranchisement of the flag, the Southern Avenger now sings.

 Image result for Dylann Roof’s manifesto.  
Excuse the image digression.

Jack Hunter, Former 'Southern Avenger', Repudiates Former Hateful Stance

When I first read former 'Southern Avenger' Jack Hunter's column in The Daily Beast, I was pretty skeptical. In the column, he claims to have repented of his racist ways and is ashamed of them now. I argued the Confederate flag wasn't about race. I believed it. Millions of well-meaning Southerners believe it too. I was…

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rand Paul's Racist Staffer And Adviser Leaves the "Camp"; On The Surface (ONLY)

On July 22, Joan Walsh reported on the resignation of Rand Paul's resident racist adviser Jack Hunter.



Paul's aide Jack Hunter says he’s leaving to protect his boss and clear his own name -- but there's plenty of reason not to buy it. 

Rand Paul's White Supremacy Double Game

Jack Hunter, the Rand Paul social media staffer who wrote columns attacking Abraham Lincoln and defending Southern secession under the name “Southern Avenger,” tells the Daily Caller that he’s leaving the senator’s staff and returning to punditry to clear his name and avoid dimming Paul’s rising star. Even though Paul defended Hunter when the Washington Free Beacon broke the news of his long career of neo-Confederate race-baiting, Hunter says he must leave the senator’s payroll “to avenge his own honor,” the right-wing site reports.

Did Hunter say "clear his name?" Whatever happened to avowed racist who proudly wore their mindset and beliefs as a "Red Badge of Courage?" Does Hunter think for one second that intelligent people believe he will not be active in Rand Paul's political aspirations between now and 2016. It is hard to get a barometer on a party and political ideology with denizens who will openly show their racism (e.g. Rick Santorum's BLAH PEOPLE) only to comeback a day later with inane qualifiers ,disclaimers or apologies. 

Rand Paul often shows a basic lack of sensibility (and street cred) regarding matter of race and ethnicity. We believe his beliefs are as clear a s picture of his father and the reality that "apples do not fall far from the tree." Yet, Paul cloaks himself, as does Hunter (above), only with an invisible icon of the confederacy and American racism. 

If Ron Paul frequently allowed himself to be photographed with white supremacist and members of the KKK, why for once second wouldn't people other than the insane not know Rand Paul's ilk?

He publicly shaves off an avowed racist adviser and staffer, only to move him into the shadows where racist work best. I learned early in life there is infection below that zit. Ridding one's elf of the zit does not always cleanse the infection. Rand Paul is infected to the core with the very same libertarian neo-conservatism which afflicts his father. Cloaking Hunter (in the background) like a Ku Klux Klan to shield his influence and cover his identity does not mean he is gone from the Rand Paul brain trust.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Rand Paul: The Devolving Image Of A Dangerous Racist.


The following relates to Rand Paul's developing exposure as a libertarian racist who through gift of the Koch Brothers via their tea party has been thrust on the public stage. Paul's ambitions in running for president is actually working to show the man for what he is: an avowed racist who will do nothing to refute his "telephone booth like comic character change " into the real being.

From Rachel Maddow's forced exposure Paul has slowly stumbled through self-revealing the real man.  Maddow's exposure of the previous cloaked Paul had to be comparable to Man of Steel kryptonite.

Part 1

Part 2

Paul deployed an ill-advised tactic often used by many well educated racist as he attempted to mask the real "Man of Racism" with words that eventually dissolved into a mumbling and incoherent wreck.   Paul has sworn off appearing on the Maddow Show again and he occasional takes distant swipes at Maddow like an angry neighborhood kid.  As I reviewed the video above yet another time, I do not see harm in the inquisitive probes of one who knows the real Paul. Let's face it, MSNBC is not FOX News, nor CNN.

Washington Post OPINIONS writer, Michael Gerson, has published a piece on the inimitable Paul and a close staffer/adviser/operative who refuses to cloak his racist paradigm.  Gerson also very appropriately commented on elements of libertarianism which poses serious concerns for social America. 

Meet Jack Hunter as he chooses to occasionally reveal his inner being.

Uncloaked and out of uniform

Gerson's piece adroitly depicts the dilemma Hunter poses for and Paul. He literally speaks to Paul's alter-ego.

Paul can traipse around the country offending black people with inane and condescending questions and comments about the African-American experience in the US.  He can also cast negative light on the Democratic Party and his 'false' perception and mantra of how it is not good from black people.  He cannot, however, hide his affinity for all things Confederate and his affinity for people and entities that associate with bigotry and racism.

And, Paul would be president!