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Friday, November 22, 2013

James Hall Screeds In Tribute and In Support Of President Obama

Re-Blog from TPI special contributor, James Hall.

Never underestimate the power of Bigotry and Misinformation. 

From day one, before he ever stepped into office they have attempted to make him the boogey man and made it their number one goal to make him a one term President. Ask yourselves, "...are those the words of people who want to work together with you?" 

They've thrown everything they have at this man, but yet he is still standing. Their only got ya moment is technical issues with a the health care website not the actual program. Funny how all the problems don't seem to be happening in "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs." but in Red states?? 

The GOP has not created one job. The president has created millions (over seven million) without their support and reduced unemployment.

FRED: The St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank..through 2012  (Before and After Bush)

7.2 million jobs added in the last 40 months

It was the GOP platform and rally cry for 2010: "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs." Why haven't they been called to task and held accountable for their failure? All they've done is try to get rid of jobs by shutting down the federal; government which cost us $24 billion dollars over 16 weeks and accomplished nothing. Yet, they cut a $4 billion dollar SNAP program that feeds needy families and hungry kids lunch funding for a year.

I am proud to support our President and it is past time to remove those in the tea party and the GOP who have failed the people's trust that they were there to govern, not obstruct.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Obama Should Have Said More? James Hall," Poppycock!"

A response from James Hall with regard to people who say President Obama did not "go far enough"  the Martin Luther King 50th Anniversary Event this past week.

I'm sick of people and the their so called expectations Of President Obama. Saying "he didn't go far enough"! Lets get something straight!! He is the President of the United States and his job is to look out for all people in this country, no matter what their skin color is without favoritism. This was a commemorative event to celebrate Dr. Marin Luther King Jr. and his legacy, not a political grand stand moment for the president to give his plan for the plight of black people. I believe his message was on point and fit the occasion. If the President wants to go further into black social issues, then it needs to be done in a forum where he is the focus. 

The President is not a civil rights leader or a so-called black leader. He is far from that, and people need to stop treating him as such! When are people going to realize the people perpetrating this the most are right wing propaganda artists trying to get you silly people to think otherwise, to feel he is failing the black community. He cannot fix the problems of the black and Latino communities from the Oval Office. 

The President does not write laws, nor has a vote to pass them. Some of you need to learn the political process. What he has done with the assistance of his fellow democrats is introduce legislation that has helped us immensely going into the future and working on legislation to stave off the GOP's attack on every social issue we have accomplished over the past 80 years. 

Fixing our problems is on us! We have to stand up and make change as a whole and collectively. We have to be involved and Vote! Every single one of us should be voting. If not, you are a failure and disgrace to those who fought and died to give you that right, because it's guaranteed. 

If you continue to stay on the side lines, voting may very well be taken away from you also. 

Let me close in saying this... 

If you were looking for fiery speeches and looking for people who are working on the solutions, you should have been in DC on the 24th for the March, not sitting in your armchair criticizing the President on the 28th. If your only solution is talking points behind a computer screen telling people what they should be doing, and you're not in the game with boots on the ground, then you are the problem, not the solution.

There are events going on all around this country to correct the horrible things affecting you in your communities where they are literally changing the landscape, because people aren't paying attention. Get up, get involved and be the change you want to see or you will be destined to live by the standards of those who seek to place you under their boot and have no problem doing so if you let them.

James Hall...Guest Writer

Friday, April 19, 2013

James Hall And An Appeal To Sanity And Self-preservation

James Hall, co-founder and charter member of Obama for 2K12 Supporters posits.
Our African American kids are literally wiping out our future and our people in America. Is this why the GOP refuses to do anything about it? It's apparently working better than abortion, it seems to be working better than Eugenics, and it seems to be working even better Narcotics. 
Black Folks we need to wake up and take control of our house because the Government does not give a damn about this epidemic in our major cities. It's funny how when 9/11 happened we formed countless anti terrorism agencies and spared no expense to run two wars going after those who attacked us. We fight tooth and nail to keep guns and bombs out of the foreigners hands who could kill us. We wrote the Patriot Act and passed all types of legislation to spy on American's cellphones, follow suspects and installed cameras in all the major city centers to catch these folks on camera if it ever happens again. All this because since 1980 there's been 3,400 deaths due to terrorism.
The American GOP President at the time screamed "One American life lost to terrorism, is one to many." Which is true!! Here on American soil we have had over 900,000 gun deaths committed by american citizens against each other since 1980 and we cant even f**king pass a single bill that would require a background check for internet and gun show sales! On the internet those gun could be going to who the hell knows, because nobody would ever lie about who they are right? I guess here in America we'll do whatever it takes to keep the rest of the world from killing us because how dare them! Killing our own citizens is our job and we'll drone your ass for even thinking about it. What a pathetic system we have, when a few people with personal agendas and motives can ignore the will of 90% of the population who put them in office.

The following piece says it all and is both cogent and poignant in its message. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

We The People (Black People And Progressive Americans) And Voting Rights

From friend of the The Progressive Influence: James Hall, Writer, Activist, Developer and Chapter Member of the 2K12 Consortium  
(Invitation only progressive Facebook gathering place)
  • James Hall
    When are we African-Americans in this country going to get our SHIT straight and come together?
     The time is now! It is time to cut the Booty shanking, "hoe" chasing, drug game and any other thing that has plagued our communities the hell out.  It's time for "us to be responsible for us."   You have been duped into believing our people have the same rights as others and that when the constitution was written it included us. Get it in your heads. Hell No!!!  We must stop being dependent on the govt to safe guard our rights and trusting those who merely want our vote, but do nothing but dangle carrots and give nothing in return but speeches.  How can you even begin to think you are nothing but a second class citizen when the few rights we have are Acts that can be taken away at any given moment?  If you do not learn from the lessons of the past you are destined to repeat it.  Just so we are straight here's a little history lesson for you. 
    Wake the hell up:
    Joseph P. Bradley Associate Justice of the
    United States Supreme Court
    On 15 October 1883 Justice Joseph Bradley wrote the majority opinion of the Supreme Court, which held that the Civil Rights Act of 1875 was unconstitutional. The Thirteenth Amendment, according to eight of the nine justices, did not give Congress the broad authority claimed by the U.S. government. Private discrimination was neither slavery nor involuntary servitude. “It would be running the slavery argument into the ground to make it apply to every act of discrimination. When a man has emerged from slavery, there must be some stage in the progress of his elevation when he takes the rank of a mere citizen, and ceases to be the special favorite of the laws.” Bradley clearly thought that this stage had been reached. In addition the Fourteenth Amendment prohibited state actions of a certain character — for example, depriving citizens of the right to vote or serve on juries or hold property. The kinds of discrimination banned by the Civil Rights Act, Bradley said, could not be touched by congressional action because they dealt with individual businesses.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"Yes We Can" Despite GOP Obstructionism - An Optimistic View

Latest Job Openings Level:
3,762,000(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Job Openings Rate:
2.7%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Hires Rate:
3.3%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Turnover Rate:
3.2%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Quits Rate:
1.6%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data
Latest Layoffs/Discharges Rate:
1.4%(p) in Jun 2012Historical Data

Symbols LInked to BLS web Pages

James Hall (Guest writer)
The Bureau of Labor Statistics link was posted by an associate. The associate is very much in tune with Washington and the economy. You should look at the stats don't just take our word. 
I just took a look at the BLS website numbers. So far, through last month, we added 4,040,000 jobs. However, according to the BLS, we had started off with a loss of 4,620,000 that resulted from the ongoing bleeding that actually started 8 months before the financial collapse of Sept. 2008.

This means we need to add an average of 97,000 jobs over the next 6 months to have added back the jobs that were lost during the Obama administration; which both parties and virtually all economists agree had nothing to do with his policies.

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