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Sunday, September 27, 2015

GOP 2016: Video Quick Hit Jeb Bush (False Prophet)

Jeb Bush habitually speaks about "being his own man" regarding comparison to his brother George W. Bush, the 43 President of the United States, A president who set back humankind for decades to come. The one thing Jeb Bush is not is a departure from his brother and other leadership foibles that seem innate to the Bush Family.

Jeb Bush has cloned his brother's ideology and policy since day one of his campaign for the GOP nomination. Hopefully we can avoid Dubya's practice while serving eight years in the Oval Office. 

Bush received a resounding applause when he uttered those words at the recent GOP Debate. What does a desperate candidate do when he stumbles upon a possible "catch em" leverage for high-end bay boomers? He repeats his he false prophecy (see video below).

Of course, you recall Jeb Bush's comments to Fox News's Megyn Kelly that he would (based on what we know now) follow his brother's disastrous charge into Iraq.  

"Meet the new boss, same as the old boss?"

If you have any doubt about the questions above, visit with Fox News's Mike Wallace and Jeb Bush in 12 minutes of George Bush reincarnate. Jeb speaks of international leaders at the end of a week that has anointed President Obama as the consummate international states person of our time. Validation of such exudes, from Pope Francis's visit remarks, through China's Xi and his major international agreements to Putin's request to meet with Obama next week while in New York City to attend UN assembly meetings. 

Before the Fox News interview, think for a moment about the following. Think about the timing of Pope Francis's visit as significant to the outcomes of long term behind the scenes diplomacy with China? How about reports of Putin's request to meet with Obama during this US visit? Moreover his setting with Charlie Rose for a 60 Minutes segment just before traveling to the US, was hardly coincidental. As Rose probed the Russian leader for comment about Republicans, referring to Obama as weak, he asked Putin for his thoughts on Obama as a weak leader. Putin responded "No, not at all."  Pope Francis delivered a week of progressive ideology unparalleled in US history. Yet, Bush has only "false prophecy" (as per John Boehner's post resignation announcement remarks) to potential voters and his Fox New host. False Prophecy that failed throughout Wallace's twelve minute interview.

The Interview

Transcript Wallace pinpointing Bush on his Tax Plan via Politicususa

After we work pass the common GOP mantra of Obama as a failed international leader, we are faced with the reality of Bush's brand of Reaganomics via his tax plan.

The GOP field for 2016 is a miserable lot despite RNC Chair Rience Priebus's, claims of a "group of fine candidates."   As time passes, it seems Bush may exist as one of the worse of the lot for the 2016 GOP Primaries.