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Friday, August 11, 2017

Trump's Jeffrey Lord Fired From CNN; "Seig Heii?"

And Receives White House Support

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If you need any additional validation of Trump's regime as a neo-manifestation of Hitler's Third Reich, read the following Mediate piece. 

Noted CNN talking head (bat crazy) Jeffrey Lord has been terminated from his employment at CNN for comments made in a Twitter point-counterpoint argument. The Trump rationalizer and apologist has offered his last set of praise for Trump on CNN based on the use of Hitler's 'Seig Heil."

Yet, the essence of the story of Lord's firing is of little importance when compared to a reaction of Trump's chief White House strategist and adviser. Apparently, Steve Bannon very offered support for Lord thus validating his affinity for all things Hitlerian.

Before the Mediate piece, we offer a couple of examples of a Trump rationalizer at work.  First,  Trump as a from of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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The second example is equally insane Lord compared Jared Kushner to Robert Kennedy's service to his brother President John F. Kennedy. Recall Kushner proposed setting-up (with a Russian Tip diplomat/spy recruiter) a communications channel with Putin in the Washington DC Russian embassy. Mediaite link: 

Jeffrey Lord: 'Jared Kushner Is the Robert Kennedy of the Trump ...

Jeffrey Lord Is Finally Fired From CNN


Hours After Being Fired Jeffrey Lord Got a Phone Call — From Steve Bannon

Just hours after Jeffrey Lord — President Donald Trump’s most dedicated cable news apologist — was fired from his gig as a CNN commentator, he got a call from White House strategist Steve Bannon.
According to a report in Penn Live, Bannon was one of the first people to call Lord following his firing, who said the controversial White House staffer called to voice support for his “no apology tour.”
There Were ‘a Lot of Expletives,’: Video Shows Steve Bannon in Heated Oval Office Conversation

Lord was canned after he tweeted “Sieg Heil!” to Media Matters president Angelo Carusone. The two had been engaged in a spat over a post Lord had penned for The American Spectator in which he derided the website as “Media Matters Fascists.”
After the Nazi salute tweet sparked something of a Twitter storm, the former CNN commentator followed up by arguing that it was intended to mock “liberal fascists.”
“Nazi salutes are indefensible,” a CNN spokesperson said in a statement. “Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network.”
Penn Live reported that Lord was in his Camp Hill living room when he received the call from Bannon, which was “one of numerous calls Thursday night.” Reporter Candy Woodall wrote that “Lord was noticeably more confident after he said the White House adviser encouraged him to keep fighting.”
While Lord did not reveal exactly what the two discussed, Woodall wrote that he “gave a quick series of answers to Bannon, ultimately noting there was a reporter in the house and he needed some time to consider his options before strategizing.”

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trump Surrogate Exposed

After a few days of home computer failures. I thought decided come back for a bit with a 20-minute video segment that will go down in US History. 

After Donald Trump's conference call a few days ago, it has become obvious he plans to utilize mindless money grabbing surrogates to advance his personal brand to rally white people towards a GOP vote in 2016.

The backdrop of what follows is Trumps recent comments about the ancestry of a noted California federal judge. A judge charged with presiding over Donald Trump's Trump University legal cases. Trump, as you know boldly referred to the judge as impartial based on his "Mexican" ancestry.

Trump's second most ridiculous national surrogate behind the totally dimiwtted and shady character, Karitne Pierson, attempted to tow the line with the new strategy: double down on the judge without regard to Trump's over-the-top racism. In more simple terms, do not buckle under in the mess he made, joined him (for money) in degrading the good name of the United States of America via advancing his racist rhetoric. 

Twenty minutes is a long segment. Trust me, this one moves along as fast as any twenty minutes you have experienced If you want to see the perfect example of what this nations does not need within a thousand miles of the White House, give it a viewing.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Trumpism Places Surrogates On A Precipice Of A Racists Abyss

Over the past few days, and after Donald Trump's insane and illegal statements about banning Muslim travel into the United States, cable media news shows have been set ablaze with heated point-counter point segments.   A morning screen moniker on MSNBC read " Trump's rhetoric makes waves overseas."  International reaction is an item for another piece, let's check-in on three news segments from the past 24 hours, all thankfully captured and published via Mediaite.

SE CUPP Vs. Katrina Pierson (Texas Tea Party operative with a history of a brush with the law). The callousness and flippant demeanor of the bi-racial tea party talking head is both shameful and indicative of what I perceive as the typical Trump supporter.
“You know what? So what? They’re Muslim!”

As American as "Apple Pie?"

SE CUPP also sat for an earlier segment with CNN host John Berman and a panel with another Trump party official.  During the discussion linked below Cupp stated:
“Most Republicans find what Donald Trump said to be repulsive,” she said. “It’s repulsive morally. It’s repulsive if you cherish the Constitution. It’s repulsive if you’re a good conservative. It’s repulsive if you like freedom of religion. It’s repulsive on so many levels.”
“Frankly, I don’t know how Trump surrogates like [Lou Gargiulo] can sleep at night peddling this unconstitutional, un-conservative and un-American garbage for a guy who — let’s face it — will never be president.

The following segment starts with a CNN reporter posing a question to a Trump supporter regarding Trump's proposals to ban Muslims from entry to the US.  "I don't want em here," was a response.  One wonders how Trumps supporters feel about these terrorists.

White supremacists
White supremacists
White supremacists
Cliven Bundy militia taking aim at US Law enforcement officers 
The Trump horde and their leader have spoken out against home-grown white terrorists who the FBI have labelled the number one threat to our nation.  

John Berman and panel

CNN's Ashleigh Banfield also battled with yet another Trump operative who has a history in the Reagan Administration: Jeffrey Lord.
"If you supplant the word Jew....?"
Lord's response to Banfield was nothing she of a "butt-pucker" with a severe congestion in his gray matter that lead to a non-sense answer.  He challenged Banfield with a shallow response (that lacked foresight and intuition) about what he labelled questions about Jews perpetrating terror.  The talking head should have known the host was backed up with data, probably garnered via research from CNN Staff. A competent pundit would have immediately recognized the question from Banfield was a 'landmine" waiting for a fumbling pundit.  He did not, and walked right into his obvious 'butt-pucker."  

This is what happens when one's boss has placed his campaign on a mantel along with white supremacists and bigots, and the pundit doesn't possess the competence to deal with the predicament from his boss's rhetoric.

Donald Trump is a US nightmare from which the nation must awaken and kills the bad dream.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

CNN Hired Who?

Jeffrey Lord
We know MSNBC has folded its tent under the pressure of poor executive decisions. Phil Griffin came to MSNBC and placed a stamp on the network that totally flopped. His opinion news model replete with talking head panels plus the networks liberal "lean" failed. The network is retrenching comparable to the retreat of Iraqi soldiers under the pressure of General Schwarzkopf's flanking ground strategy

If you for one second thought "Well I will just run-over to CNN' for 24/7 news coverage," you now face Zucker's clone Fox New strategy without the ugly far-right edge. You have run right into the spider's web, as CNN is far from politically and socially neutral.  In fact, CNN one advertised its neutral zone status between Fox News and MSNBC. Have you notice the word neutral is no longer in the CNN broadcast vernacular?

Actually the network is moving much farther to the political and social Right.  If you need evidence, try this on for size.

"This is CNN"

CNN just hired a man who calls for Obama to be impeached, says the KKK is a "leftist group," warns marriage equality...Posted by Media Matters for America on Tuesday, August 11, 2015
If you need more evidence spend a day watching CNN and count the number of conservative guests.