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Friday, November 9, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: Media As Base Feed (VIDEO)

Earlier today MSNBC's Andrew Mitchell hosted a segment in which to guest and the host discussed Trump's comments to staff just before entering the room of the now famous press conference. He is reported to have commented: "this will be fun."
President Trump: "I think I am a great moral leader and I love our country."

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What follows is ugly and well outside the boundaries of acceptable behavior form an occupant of the Oval Office.

A planned attack on a CNN and NBC reporters.

From another angle, watch the Trump microphone henchwoman attempt to yank the mic for Jim Acosta.
Another look... 

The White House used a version of the interaction from of all sources INFO Wars, to support their yanking the press pass firm Jim Acosta. This is the same White House which denied US media an opportunity to capture the Trump meeting with Russian officials and Russian media in which he gave them military secrets the US received from Israel.
And how is the White House dealing with the aftermath of their use of doctored video? Well, with a former Fox News Executive on staff and in charge of White House communications, does what follows.  

INFO Wars !!!  

Here is the INFO Wars guy Alex Jones, during a late October Ted Cruz rally. Jones entertained the cameras with a metaphorical representation of Cruz's opponent, Beto O'Rouke. Jones's metaphorical target: a pile of horse manure. Linked

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Trump also reminded the world of how he deals with issues in which he consistently places himself and his administration. From CNN and the media to call on a black reporter who he may have suspected would ask about his recent claim of "a nationalist." Trump knows full-well about assertions of white nationalism from his claim.
From deflective charges of racism to clear racist thoughts accompanied by presidential dialogue. A Japanese reporter received a full blast of GP racism.
While this piece was developed yesterday and went unpublished, know that Trump opened his day with yet another example of word and temperament towards reporters of color via the use of the word "dumb or "stupid": linked

Media earlier today captured this as Trump offered up his daily dose of racism for his base. 

CNN's Abby Phillip asked Trump a question and this ensued.

Granted Trump did say the question was "stupid." But do not fail to underestimate the power of such words with Trump supporters. In many cases people who seek to have their beliefs reinforced via their leader.

Is it actually possible Trump believes the black women reports are of less intelligence than he and his family? Or, and probably more to the point, is Trump practicing overt racism which feeds his base. I offer the latter based on my belief Trump is an over the top racist.

He couldn't assume the reporter is less intelligent based on her academic background. She attended Harvard University and finished with a Journalism Degree.  

All said I am certain you know of Trumps former attorney's comments about Trump's use of the word "stupid" with regard to African-Americans.


Michael Cohen: Trump said 'black people are too stupid to vote for me'

If one didn't know better, one could assume trump has total disdain for non-supporter and properly inquisitive or investigative media.

One final perspective. CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks out against Trump's obvious disdain for black women reporters.


Monday, April 2, 2018

Sinclair Broadcasting OAN, and Trump

Please scroll down and disengage IBT's auto audio of Trump

Trump to CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a 2017 press briefing.

What follows is ugly and it reminds of a time in world history when a future dictator plowed his path via mind-shaping communications, utter propaganda, press and speeches.

Sinclair Broadcasting is boiling over with dissent, malcontent and in some cases the prospect of news anchors and hosts contemplating leaving the Trump communications propaganda network. If you can not see nor imagine the danger in state-run or state directed media, you truly do not recall Hitler's Joseph Goebbels nor Putin's Russia Today (RT).

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".....on which the government can play."

Why are we at the TPI not surprised at the expanding propaganda outlets for Trumpism? Fox News is and will always remain Trump's flagship propaganda outlet and personal opinion consultant for daily issues from the Oval Office; a proven reality. Yet there is much more. Fox is joined and very effectively so with other television networks: OAN and Sinclair Broadcasting. While Fox News has a dedicated viewer-base of people who tune-in to the network each day and night the propaganda utility of Sinclair Broadcasting wouldn't go unnoticed and called out.

CNN is calling out Sinclair and with good cause.

An early morning segment via CNN. (Via Mediaite)

If you think CNN and other social media are overreacting to Sinclair's over-the-top scripting for Trump, take a Google Seach look at a few search headlines. Most of the pieces delineated on the first page of the search are links to soucrces of Trup support for Sinclair. Google.
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We mentioned "others"

How about another nascent partner of Ttrumpism. Herring Broadcasting Company a San Diego based OAN Network is working little beavers in a flood pond to rival Fox News?