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Friday, September 28, 2018

#Resistance: Jeff Flake, Democrats, And Ana Maria Archila

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Ana Maria Archila, co-executive director of the nonprofit Center for Popular Democracy Action

You know American History. You probably have heard the name, Frederick Douglass. If you recognize the name, you know Douglass escape slavery (via the help of sympathetic Americans). He was self-taught on reading and writing the English language and he became the first former slave (Black American) to achieve elected Office in Washington DC.

He was an activist. 

The following minutes of a 30-minute video is currently part of a visit to what some called the Frederick Douglass House in Washington DC. The video is part of daily tours and it does a decent job of encapsulating Douglass and his life replete with tragedies of which he never recovered.

As I watched the movie during a visit to the House a few years back the following ending of the movie is forever emblazoned in my mind and psyche. Linked here.

"Agitate, Agitate, Agitate........ "

If people do not stand up to what seems growing tyranny, the nation will fold under the pressure of money, greedy and conservative "I got mine" selfishness.

Think about today's political arena and spectacles in the US Senate.  If you witnessed the spectacle you saw a Republican party wholly committed to placing a man on the SCOTUS who may, and seeming does have, issues which should preclude his consideration.  Of all the video of the day, we offer an example of Douglass's advice to the young man as the fellow considered shaping his life after Douglass.  

These two women have a place in US history generally unattainable via everyday life int he nation. Their place is set via the election of Donald Trump and provided a path to archiving via Trump's obvious desire to place a "get out of jail": Justice on the Court.

Judge Kavanaugh has been accused of a past of alleged abuse of young girls while he grew through his teenage and college years. He also has a past which apparently includes "beer" well beyond the level most people consume as they grow through their mid-developmental years.  

While we are hearing the US Senator, Jeff Flake R-AZ, who entered the elevator wasn't necessarily swayed in his decision to seek a delay in an early morning vote, I find it 8impiossible to ignore the level of 'Agitation and Resistance' from the two women.

What follows is a snippet of the full video.

CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed one of the women.
Imagine life in Jim Crow America. Imagine young Emmett Till being tortured and thrown into a river after death, based on a false accusation of a white woman who has now admitted she lied on the young visitor to her hometown in Mississippi. Imagine the life of Native Original North Americans as American Manifest Destiny led to tribal genocide unparalleled in US history.  Imagine the extensive list of women who have come forth with stories of sexual abuse and raping via Bill Cosby. How about the on-going story of Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood. 

Imagine no one caring no one speaking out, no one 'agitating."

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Fourteen Year Old Exonerated After 70 Years; US SCOTUS grants broader Cop Authrority

An American tragedy indicative of Jim Crow America and a reminder of the depth of disparity in the US Justice System for some Americans. 

George Stinney Jr.
[image by South Carolina Police]
  • George Stinney
  • 14 years of age 
  • Convicted ad executed three months after being tried for raping two white girls
  • Convicted by a 12 man (all white) jury after;deliberating a mere ten minutes
  • Home State: South Carolina
  • Conviction overturned 70 years after death by South Carolina Judge Carmen Mullins 
Read the full story, here.

Let's take a few minutes and listen to a communications master and progressive commentator as he offers a unique perspective on the Stinney murder. Lawrence O'Donnell,  The Last Word adds additional details to a story so horrific only a minority of American could fathom such a reality.

The Stinney officially comes to a fitting end 70 years after a gross miscarriage of justice. Nestled-in the week Judge Mullins vacated the conviction, we were exposed to yet another police official who holds the justice system up as fair and balanced. Ari Melber, MSNBC's All In, with a Cleveland Police Association official.

" what we say and if we are wrong the courts will sort it out." (paraphrased)

Full segment 8:22 minutes..... A must watch if you want to see pure authoritarianism develop in he US. 


If by any stretch you feel my characterization of growing cop militarism and cops only friendly courts does not indicate growing storm-trooper like authoritarianism checkout the latest sanction of such via the SCOTUS. 

Stinney's legacy has gone down in US History at a time when law enforcement and our courts are reaching lower and lower into the depths. It seems law enforcement and associate justice departments are appearing more totalitarian in enforcement of the law common to major.

The Third Reich existed in part based on similar carte blanching from a subservient court system. George W. Bush used  select and handpicked Justice Department facilitators to perpetrate nation sanctioned torture. And the US SCOTUS gives cops the authority to search your automobile without proper cause. Do you think for one second the SCOTUS hasn't granted police forces more authority to persecute and oppress in the name of the law?

The freed spirit of young George Stinney would probably have great suspicion.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Martyrs: Never Shall We Forget!



Fifty years ago this weekend, three young men went missing. One was a local African-American (then referred as a Negro) the other two Jewish college students. The students joined thousands of other college students in flocking to the US South in the kid 1960s to educate local African-Americans about their civil rights and to perform voter registration.  

The young students worked a better America for all, by working against oppression, discrimination and racism against the nations largest minority group. They fought for civil rights as abolitionist and many Quakers fought against slavery centuries earlier. And, they made a difference!

Never has so few sacrificed so much, while others languish in their lives of freedom, indifference, and all while feigning "no knowledge." Oh, they knew and they languished as it was happening "way over there" and did not reach into their "Leave it to Beaver" or their "Brandy Bunch" living rooms and dens. 

Do you recall the ultimate when people avoid noticing? It did not reach them? They knew, they watched them leave, they smelled it, they sensed it and they ignored it.


Bergen Belsen

America has its horrors. Well, shy if 11 million murdered, but also know. After looking back on genocide against First Nation People of North America, one cannot avoid consideration of slavery and its centuries long Jim Crow aftermath. Jim crow blanketed and span the nation like a blanket. While pockets of some degree of human rights existed in the North East, it should be noted lynchings took place across the nation.  Two of the most horrific lynching took place in Minnesota   and Washington State.
How Americans attended lynchings like a family event is a sorrowful sight. How the United States people tolerated lynching of African Americans and was accepted as the norm is beyond comprehension. An embarrassing time for Americans in history.
Of all horrors inherent in Jim Crow America, the stifling reality of suppression of the black vote was as profound as deprivation of any form of book learning or writing to slaves. 
Some Americans fought for the rights of all Americans, and they some gave the ultimate their lives.  
Freedom Summer is a remembrance for all who recognize our past and are determined to avoid reliving it.
The Martyrs.....
The FBI distributed this poster in June 1964 announcing the disappearance of Goodman, Chaney and Schwerner. Their murders galvanized the civil rights movement.
Melissa Harris-Perry on Freedom Summer

Freedom Summer 2014 

 President, National Action Network
People often equate summer with inaction; a time to kick back and do as little as possible. Well in 2014, we must do the opposite -- this must be a freedom summer. Everything from voting rights, minimum wage, women's rights, fair pay, health care, LGBT rights, protection of unemployment insurance/other programs and so much more is on the table in 2014. This Election Day, many of the things that we value as a nation are up for a vote either directly or indirectly. In short, who we elect will determine what direction we go as a country. And make no mistake about it: because there is so much on the line, we are witnessing renewed attacks on our right to vote. Fifty years after the Civil Rights Act was signed into law, there are modern schemes to try and take away your vote. Well we at National Action Network (NAN) will not sit by idly and watch as the fundamental rights so many fought and died for are being eliminated -- and neither should you.
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