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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Rosa Parks: 381 Day Boycott To End Jim Crow Laws

Jon S. Randal's photo.
Jon S. Randal

Some say it all started on this day, Dec. 1, 1955. When she was asked to give up her seat, she remembered when she was going to elementary school in Alabama, when the buses would pass her up each day because buses took white kids to the new school, but black kids had to walk to their school. She would later say, "The bus was among the first ways I realized there was a black world and a white world.”

This time, however, Rosa Parks was just too tired to give in. She refused to give up her seat. She had just gotten off from a long day at work, she had taken her seat in the designated "colored section" in the back of the bus, and now the bus driver was asking her to give up her seat because the bus was now full and a white man needed her seat.

So, she refused. She was arrested and jailed for violating the city's racial segregation laws, known as “Jim Crow laws.” Mrs. Parks appealed her conviction and thus formally challenged the legality of segregation. Local civil rights activists initiated a boycott of the Montgomery bus system.

Two other women had been previously arrested on buses before Parks, but black leaders did not feel the women could receive enough white support to challenge the law. When the well-respected Rosa Parks had been arrested, one Montgomery African American woman exclaimed, “They’ve messed with the wrong one now.”

The group which organized the boycott decided to choose a young Baptist minister who was new to Montgomery to lead them. His name was Martin Luther King, Jr.

The boycott lasted 381 days. Finally, on December 1956, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the segregation law was unconstitutional and the Montgomery buses had to be integrated. It was the beginning of the civil rights era in the United States. All because one woman, Rosa Parks, decided this time around she was not going to let that bus win and take her seat away.

End Jon S. Randal

History that we certainly will not relinquish.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shepard Smith Simply Nails Kim Davis's Bigotry

The current kerfuffle regarding conservative bigotry against LGBT marriage (as manifest with the Kim Davis circus show and support by political candidates desperate for campaign ratings), is nothing she of the oppressed life of people living under Jim Crow Laws. 

Before we visit a recent video segment of Fox News Shepard Smith's point-on critique of the Davis/Huckabee/Cruz and followers bigotry, let's remind ourselves of the national oppression associated with living under Jim Crow. The following is a long list, but we feel it is important to post the list as is, vs a simple like that most people do not follow.

The Jackson Sun (Jackson Tennessee)

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