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Thursday, July 5, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: A Smorgasbord Of Social Regression

Image may contain: text Reality... and a potential nation killer.

While there are many times when I would prefer Rachel Maddow's "A" Block segment would run a few minutes less in length, we must appreciate the scope and breadth of information from her research team and her personal acumen at pacing the final "GO" presentation details to her work/broadcast.

In late May, Maddow broadcast segment with former INTEL chief JIM Clapper on Russia's interference in the 2016 elections. Interference which swung an election win to Trump. Yes, many Americans bit on the anti- Hillary campaign from the RNC and Russia.

Clapper and Maddow (9:35 minutes- Skip through maybe)

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Before we move on, take a peep at the meme we used to open this piece.   Ugly and sad, eh?

OK, so what did we elect.  In addition to total incompetence across the full breadth of his administration the most noted aspect of Trumpism is lying and political malfeasance.

Jim Jordan, noted conservative "GOP agenda nasty man" attempts to attack the much more intellectually gifted and professional Rob Rosenstein in his role in the Mueller investigation on head learns to avoid absence of fact" information from Sean Hannity.

"An absence of Facts" quick fact check on the nation's number one suffer from Lack-of-fact-itis (AKA Chronic Liar's Disease).

And a smorgasbord topping: Racism.

Republicans have long leveraged racial politics via their well known and effective Southern Strategy. A strategy which dates back to Richard Nixon and Kevin Phillips and made popular via Ronald Reagan and Lee Atwater. 

While we are finding many instances of overt racism in the era of Trump, we will end this smorgasbord piece with a few instances of whites gone mad with racism.

June 30th in Rockland County, New York.

Racist white woman attacks a car of a family with origins in Mexico. You will move a voice from the car emanates with the sound of very good English.

Police called on ‘suspicious’ Black family enjoying meal at Subway

Racist steps in front of an Arab family and tells them to "go back to their country."

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Quick HIt: Jim Jordan Offers Personal Angst; Steps On A Landmine

Image result for Rosenstein and jordan

Watch Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein out intellect one of the GOP's top Trump facilitators, Ohio's Jim Jordan, during a morning House committee hearing. Jordan was ill-equipped for tangling with a hearing witness with the legal mind and (rare used) tenacity of Rosenstein
Here is a longer version if you want. It is interesting to see and hear Jordan stand for his alleged staffers when he is operating from a Trump facilitating platform based on a lie. He banters the media and jumps to staffers.


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Congressman Has Never Heard Trump Lie (Video)

Image result for jim jordanYesterday CNN's Anderson Cooper sat in-studio for a remote segment with the GOP's Number One pit bull,  all-things conservative facilitator, and lunatic, Jim Jordan, R-OH. 

The segment was actually unremarkable and proceeded as one would expect with Jordan standing in the Capitol Building.  Yet, one thing Jordan said stood out; and it speaks to his personal credibility. 

As the segment progressed through discussion of former FBI Director James Comey, while touching on the Russian collusion probe, Cooper point-black asked Jordan if he had ever heard the president lie. The following video segment was cut at the point of Cooper's specific question. Linked, here. The full segment is posted below if you have an interest in listening to Jordan for seven minutes.

Full version

Jim Jordan hesitated ever so slightly and lied.  

The New York Times (June 2017)

Opinion | President Trump's Lies, the Definitive List - The New York ...

The Tampa Bay Times (Politifact)

The Washington Post

It is statistically impossible for Jim Jordan to have never heard a lie from Donald Trump. The Ohio representative's willingness to state his own lie on international television speaks volumes about his veracity and credibility.

If you have interest in how the segment closed Newsweek offers opportunity

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TrumpCare Operative Ohio's Jim Jordan Tangles with AlI Velshi (Bad Move)

Consider eight minutes of what it will take to make American Sane Again. MSNBC's Ali Velshi has against taken a GOP facilitator to task for lying and advancing an agenda solely guided by money and GOP Ayn Randism. 

A few hours ago Velshi took on well-known ACA hater Jim Jordan of Ohio. My personal thought. Jordan embodies every assertion I have posited about GOP social terrorism. Warch and listen.

A few days ago, we caught Velshi taking another well know GOP talking head to task.  MUST SEE TV.