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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

As Trump's World Turns: America...Kids In Cages

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The United States is a nation of immigrants back as far as the late 1400s. White immigrants invaded the land of native non-white people, eventually practiced a policy of Manifest Destiny (literal genocide accompanied by land grabbing for East to West), forced slave immigration of Africans, and all while promulgating a policy of modern-day colonialism through-out its history. 

During World War II the Federal government interned Japanese citizens who lived on the West Coast in internment camps.

Image result for japanese internment campsImage result for japanese internment camps

Approximately one month ago Jeff Sessions and Trump's chief Whtie House enforcer appeared publicly to speak about a new policy of separating refugee (immigrant if you prefer) Children for their parents. The practice is active and disgusting even as refugees present themselves on the southern border in accordance with current guidelines.  


Kelly on NPR

When asked about the policy and practice as cruel, Kelly responded well outside the realm of past American psyche and policy.
Excerpt (Business Insider)

"I wouldn't put it quite that way," Kelly said. "The children will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever. But the big point is they elected to come illegally into the United States and this is a technique that no one hopes will be used extensively or for very long."

In the interview, Kelly also acknowledged that most immigrants who cross the border illegally are neither criminals nor members of the MS-13 street gang. He added that he sympathized with their reasons for attempting to come to the US but that he believed they wouldn't "easily assimilate into the United States."
"They're overwhelmingly rural people," Kelly said. "In the countries they come from, fourth-, fifth-, sixth-grade educations are kind of the norm. They don't speak English — obviously that's a big thing. They don't speak English. They don't integrate well. They don't have skills."
When Trump chose John Keely, former four-star Marine General, as Chief of Staff, did you deceived yourself in it believing he would usher-in even modicum of decency to the White House. If you believed such, you was naive to the point of dagerous. Kelly would have to pass a litmus test (quite a few) and his inner core seems to well fit Trump's Paleozoic Era regressivism (and other associated "isms"). I will also suggest you have never served in the US military.

And that leads to this.... 

Image result for immigrant kids in cages Image result for immigrant kids in cages Related image
Image result for immigrant kids in cages Image result for immigrant kids in cages Image result for immigrant kids in cages

Waiting to be taken from their parents or take and caged like an animal.  

If you were aware of such images from a country in Europe which practices caging immgrants from a white nation, do you think you might find the practice abhorrent? I serioulsy hope your first thought was "yes, it is disguting". As I frequently state, if you do not find the pracitce abhrorrent and well outside waht we once knew as Americana consider clinking off this page.

Here is more from last night's MSNBC, ALL- IN With Chris Hayes.

Trump ad Trumpism is a major problem for humankind. we as a nation are already on a path to irreversible horrors (socially, economically and internationally), Humankind suffers when America suffers.

America is suffering like never before in US History.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

1500 Immigrant Children Unaccounted For; Blame Dems

It's not 'cruel' to separate families at the border — children will be 'put into foster care or whatever'

Image result for homeland security ICE

Allow this as a start to the perfect example of an American long gone and a future of horrors. Trump blames a sick and unfathomable immigration policy of Democrats.

Now the horror.

"....or whatever."

If you know US politics (Ideology and practice) you know conservatives and their GOP are vehement in their opposition to immigration. The US is comprised of over a hundred million people who oppose the very fabric (immigration the 18th century) which was a foundation of the so-called "New World." Immigration to escape horrific conditions in their native countries is actually more aptly called refugees. In fact, if the history offered to us as children is correct, (and we have evidence it was not always correct) many who joined the New World were a variant of refugees for a better life. The nation has roots in immigration and yes, some were refugees. Yet, to think such seems far from the historic paradigm of the GOP.

As the standard barrier for the GOP and conservative America, Trump certainly foretold his handling of issues related to Immigration while declaring an intent to run in 2016. Trump's formal announcement after his now infamous escalator charade. 

After one year we are hearing this based on the Trump Administration policy of separating immigrant children from their parents. Let's make certain the scene is clear/ We have ICE agents who have been ordered to take children from parents and facilitate housing the children in barracks?  As you will see and hear in the following video segment (and it runs 11 plus minutes for good reason) some of the children (1500) are unaccounted for (excuse the ending preposition). 

Trump's Chief of Staff recently responded to a question from an NPR host regarding the policy of using family separation as a means to an end.
On the administration's recently announced "zero tolerance" policy that calls for separating families who cross the border illegally and prosecuting them 
"Let me step back and tell you that the vast majority of the people that move illegally into the United States are not bad people. They're not criminals. They're not MS-13. ... But they're also not people that would easily assimilate into the United States, into our modern society. They're overwhelmingly rural people. In the countries they come from, fourth-, fifth-, sixth-grade educations are kind of the norm. They don't speak English; obviously that's a big thing. ... They don't integrate well; they don't have skills. They're not bad people. They're coming here for a reason. And I sympathize with the reason. But the laws are the laws. ... The big point is they elected to come illegally into the United States, and this is a technique that no one hopes will be used extensively or for very long."
Could Trump have found a more facilitating authoritarian who consistently exhibits bigoted rhetoric as an indicator of his personal ideology? I suggest not as Chief of Staff. Kelly facilitates as effectively as another well-known adviser to international leaders who governed in autocratic states. A dangerous reality.

Kelly sought to clarify his statement, but remarks following his initial comments fall in the same overfilled basket of: "Oh I was inarticulate." A basket with a rare exception for a couple of cases of Dems misspeaking (e.g. Harry Reid on Obama's race as a potential candidate) is a basket as filled with GOP statements as your childhood Easter basket.

The Boston Globe ran a piece regarding Kelly's background and it reveals what we have come to expect from conservative America: Do as I say, not as I live.

Again the MSNBC segment which follows is not a short segment it runs a full 11 minutes and slightly longer. however, if you fail to educate and inform yourself, you are as guilty of facilitating-acquiescence to Trump's draconian policy as those who crafted the policy. Yes, a group of people associated with Trump sat in meetings to devise a policy which has led to a most shameful of policies.

A day later and after a barrage of concern expressed via social media and with the full expectation of what will come after the Hayes interview, Trump took to friendly media with typical carnival barking. "M13, M13, M13........."  Trump has supported Kelly's statement via doubling down on references to immigration as a path for M13.  

Speaking of the horrors of a Los Angles originated gang in no way works at rationalizing the policy of separating children from parents.  Especially when the policy and practices lead to 1500 children someplace on Earth with no hope of a future...and possibly in the hands of abusive people. 

"....or whatever."

Image result for goebbels accuse your enemy


Thursday, May 17, 2018

State Sanctioned Bigotry and Racism Oozes To The Masses

"These aren't people, they are animals." 

Even if the statement was bundled in the context of illegal immigration and fissured towards "alleged illegal immigration ", The statement was as callous and dangerous as this:

Image may contain: 2 people, text
Let's take a quick look and listen to one of Trump's henchmen who seems to share Trump's racist and bigoted views.

John Kelly Trump's Chief of Staff has also offered yet another example of Trumpism's affinity for racism and bigotry. While speaking on NPR Kelly went here:
JOHN KELLY: But they're also not people that would easily assimilate into the United States into our modern society. They're overwhelmingly rural people. In the countries they come from, fourth,- fifth-, sixth-grade educations are kind of the norm. They don't speak English, obviously. That's a big thing. They don't speak English. They don't integrate well. They don't have skills.
Kelly also recently fired off another statement which can only stand as utter bigotry with a toe-touch into the realm of national racism. The Washington Post reported in February: 
 (Kelly) suggested that some young immigrants eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program failed to apply for the legal protections because they were too afraid — or “too lazy to get off their asses.”
"....lazy asses?" 

 " country."

Aaron Schlossbergmidtownracist51618.jpg

Apparently, the racist attacked two women who sat for lunch while speaking Spanish. The women were from Puerto Rico (part of the US) while the racist berated them for being from Guatemala.
One of the dinners was the wife of Edward Suazo. Mr. Suazo posted comments on his Facebook page.

Edward Suazo on Tuesday ·  
So my wife and her best friend Just experience what America is becoming !
They where on there lunch time and ordering there food and just because they where speaking in Spanish to the waiter this asshole jumps in and started to call the waiter and my wife and her best friend all types of names and threatened to call I.C.E on them and the employees !!!! 
What a big man talking down to couple of women and a helpless employee. I wish someone tells me I can’t speak in my native language ! First of all they wasn’t talking to you !! Asshole ! 
My country !! Haha 😆  
I love the way people are just throwing that world around lately !! If you love this country this much ! Why don’t you put on uniform and protect it !! 
If he was so offended because the waiter was speak in Spanish only because of a native person spoke to him in Spanish, why don’t he start waitering and he won’t have that issue and family stop getting Spanish nannies and stop getting Spanish people to farm and .........You know where I’m getting !! 
So please stop !! Because in the end you need them ! But what you need to do is stop trying to control us ! Slavery stopped a long time ago !! 
Deena Gonzalez Emily Serrano

Today we find the New York lawyer masking himself like an exposed KKK member as he avoids the press and inquiring passersby.  Linked.

We are also reading reports his landlord no longer wants him as a building resident. 

As I watched the video from My 15, I thought: well, what would the lawyer do if he heard people speaking French, Italian Russian, or for that matter Swahili?" What actions would he take?  While watching CNN this morning, my question was answered; he also profiles people.

The New York City racist apparently has a history of such unprovoked and mindless attacks. In October 2016 a pedestrian was walking down Fifth Avenue when the racist lawyer felt he had profiled a foreigner.  Wille Morris takes over in the linked YouTube video.

Of course, the racist lawyers is but one of a growing number of white people who feel emboldened by the rhetoric, politics, and practices of Trump and his inner circle advisers.

Do you recall this?

The racist in the previous video and the deranged New York lawyer are obvious manifestations of Trumpism.  We have law enforcement going after people who are deemed, illegal immigrants. Why is it OK for the common racist to attack and harass people based solely on the use of language?  The dangers should be obvious.

I am also guilty of attributing the behavior shown in the post to deranged conservatives. Allow a moment for a quick lesson in oozing nationalism with touches into bigoted comments from the Left.

After Trump stood on at the entry of Air Force with his smiling wife and three former prisoners of Kim Jong Un's prison system, I noticed an ugly reality from a few liberals. During a morning Facebook post and related thread, one person asked if the released (Asian) men were citizens why do they not speak English? Apparently, the three men did not speak English. The commenter did not make a reference to the ethnicity of the three men; I added that parenthetic qualifier. 

The question should come: "When will one of the deranged citizenship citizen police kill or injure someone?"

If you do not see the danger in ICE under Trump, you aren't one who learned lessons from our past.

ICE has a degree of internal corruption and we can only assume that corruption is there to comply with Trump policies.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trumpism: Tax Cuts Benefit Foreign Businesses, Women's Pay, And Waxing Bigot

Image result for trumpism

Trump policy and a devolving nation (under the leadership of a reality show celebrity who seems to want to be "leader for life." 

Leader for life, eh?  Let's take a quick look at Trumpism with the Brookings Institute as the foundation of the post.

The Trump/Ryan TCJA (Tax Cut and Jobs Act
Women compensation

Despite the white vote and the unexpected support from white women voters (couple with one-third of the voting population who did not vote), it appears women continue to lag well behind men with consideration of ear3end wages (compensation). 
Immigration And A Trump Henchman

Trump's henchman, John Kelly, has again shown why we should never assume attainment of rank in the US Military means the recipients of stellar character. Kelly as Chief of Staff (White House) consistently shows he has tendencies of a Paleozoic Era bigot who doesn't hesitate to tickle Trump's fancy via spew regressive jargon and "bigot speak." 

Early this past week, Kelly for some reason broke his pattern of lurking in the shadows via granting an interview with NPR’s “Morning Edition”.  A question about the Justice Department's policy of "zero tolerance" led to the following remarks. It should be noted in addition to other draconian measures, the policy calls for separation of children from parents deemed an illegal immigrant.
The vast majority of the people that move illegally into United States are not bad people. They're not criminals. They're not MS-13,” Kelly said in the interview. “But they're also not people that would easily assimilate into the United States, into our modern society. They're overwhelmingly rural people.” 
“In the countries they come from, fourth-, fifth-, sixth-grade educations are kind of the norm,” he continued. “They don't speak English; obviously that's a big thing. ... They don't integrate well, they don't have skills.”
He summed up his remarks with a false facade of empathy. His remarks about sympathizing with immigrant "reasoning" for wanting to come to the US..." the law as are the laws?"  To make the comments worse he spoke about the impossible without any regarding form the ages prover Murphy's Law.
Murphy's law is a popular adage that states that "things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance," or more commonly, "whatever can go wrong, will go wrong." A number of variants on the rule have been formulated, as have several corollaries.
 Kelly's said: (zero tolerance) “is a technique that no one hopes will be used extensively or for very long.”

One aspect of Kelly's remarks stand as words never before spoken publicly by a member of the White House Staff.  Yet, in this age of Trump, he felt most comfortable spewing insensitive and inaccurate remarks as if stand on a stage singing to Trump with a blaring karaoke machine. 
“In the countries they come from, fourth-, fifth-, sixth-grade educations are kind of the norm."
Brookings recently published the results of a study which addresses US immigration in a very detailed way.
Foreign-born immigrants from 2011-2015 have higher education levels than immigrants who entered the US prior to 2011.

Trumpism hands the wealthy and foreign investors a gold mine via the TCJA, women continue to lag regarding wages and a top henchman waxes bigot. 

Another Day in the Life!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Veteran Administration Shakeup? Justification In Question

Pro Publica

White House Chief of Staff Contradicts White House Claim on VA Shakeup

John Kelly told veterans groups last week that President Trump decided to remove VA secretary David Shulkin, despite the administration’s insistence that Shulkin resigned. The dispute could have legal implications for VA policies.

by Isaac Arnsdorf April 16, 11:30 a.m. EDT

Image result for david shulkin
 David Shulkin’s former Secretary of VeteranAffairsrs
 The 45th President and His Administration
White House chief of staff John Kelly contradicted the White House’s claims about David Shulkin’s departure as secretary of veterans affairs, a discrepancy that could lead to legal challenges of decisions made by Shulkin’s interim successor.

In a private meeting last week with major veterans groups, Kelly repeatedly said that the decision to remove Shulkin was President Donald Trump’s, according to several people who were present or briefed on the meeting. The White House has insisted that Shulkin resigned, disputing his assertion, in media appearances, that he was fired. (Whether voluntarily or not, his tenure as VA secretary ended on March 29.)

“Kelly said the president felt he needed to make a change with Secretary Shulkin and went ahead and made it to get the VA back on track,” said Dan Caldwell, the director of influential conservative group Concerned Veterans for America (also known as CVA), who attended the meeting.

A White House spokesman stood by the claim that Shulkin resigned.

The distinction isn’t just a matter of semantics. Under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act, the president can appoint an interim successor to succeed a cabinet secretary who dies, resigns or can’t perform his or her duties. But it doesn’t say what happens if the secretary is fired. It’s unsettled legal territory, but some scholars say it could open the door to challenging decisions made by the person Trump appointed as acting VA secretary, Robert Wilkie (an official in the Department of Defense). The argument would be that Wilkie lacked proper authority to make the decisions in question, the scholars say.

Opposition to Wilkie surfaced rapidly. Amvets, one of the largest veterans advocacy groups, called on Trump to remove Wilkie and instead elevate the VA’s deputy secretary, Tom Bowman. “This is what common sense, veterans and the law all require, and it needs to happen now,” Amvets national commander Marion Polk wrote in a letter to Trump on April 3. Bowman, a former senior Senate staffer, is popular with traditional veterans groups and on Capitol Hill. But, like Shulkin, he clashed with White House aides over legislation that would increase the use of private health care in the VA system.

Amvets and other major veterans groups recently had an introductory breakfast meeting with Wilkie. Amvets and other organizations were miffed that Caldwell from CVA was not only invited but given a prime seat. CVA, which is funded by the Koch brothers, has not attended such sessions in the past.

CVA and many veterans organizations are on different sides of the privatization debate. CVA advocates for a larger role for the private sector in veterans’ care. For their part, traditional veterans groups support a central role for the VA because the government-run health system remains popular with their members despite recent scandals. “I hope his legacy won’t be that he was the first to bring the Koch brothers into the VA,” Amvets executive director Joe Chenelly said of Wilkie.

Caldwell criticized veterans leaders for focusing on seating arrangements instead of policy. “The fact that there are people complaining about that shows you how misplaced their priorities are,” he said. “If there are leaders of veterans organizations who believe that placement at a table is going to determine priorities, then their competence to run those organizations should be questioned.”

Wilkie has already worried some veterans advocates. His first official public statement marked the anniversary of a massive scandal at the Phoenix VA four years ago. In the statement, he called on Congress to pass legislation that would increase the use of private care, which has been stalemated for months. In a rare alignment, veterans groups including Amvets and CVA endorsed a compromise that would have been attached to last month’s spending package, but House Democrats blocked it. At the recent meeting with Wilkie, the veterans groups generally agreed to proceed with that compromise.

But some were also unnerved by the presence of a colonel in uniform as an adviser to Wilkie. One participant described it as “DoD is running VA.” That idea is more sensitive than it might sound because the White House has floated the notion of merging the VA with the Pentagon’s health insurance system, known as Tricare. Some veterans groups warn that would increase privatization and out-of-pocket costs.

VA spokesman Curt Cashour said there is no plan to merge Tricare with the agency’s program for buying private care.

It’s unclear how long Wilkie might serve as acting VA secretary. Lawmakers have expressed reservations about Trump’s choice of a permanent successor, White House doctor Ronny Jackson, who has unknown policy positions and no major management experience. Johnny Isakson, chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, said he’d like to hold Jackson’s confirmation hearing on April 25 if the White House submits the required materials in time. But Jackson was not among 29 nominations formally sent to the Senate last week. A White House spokesman said the materials would be ready in time.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Crooks & Liars: White House Departures Maybe?

John Kelly Reportedly Discusses Jared, Ivanka Departing

Donald Trump's White House may no longer be a family-run business in the years ahead, if Chief of Staff John Kelly’s conversations with the president’s advisers reflect a possible foreshadowing of departures among the first family. The former secretary of national security—now tasked with heading Trump’s day-to-day operations in the West Wing—has discussed the possibility of…

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

John Kelly Is No Moderating Force

Pro Publica repost

'Both Sides' of Slavery Argument Latest Proof John Kelly Is No Moderating Force

"It's irresponsible & dangerous, especially when white supremacists feel emboldened, to make fighting to maintain slavery sound courageous."

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly appearing on Laura Ingraham's show on Fox News on Monday, October 30, 2017. (Photo: Fox News/Screengrab)
Those who have repeatedly tried to dispell the myth—popular in some circles—that White House chief of staff John Kelly is somehow a "moderating force" on President Donald Trump are being widely vindicated after his appearance Monday night on the show of right-wing firebrand Laura Ingraham in which the former U.S. Marine general argued that it was "lack of ability to compromise" that led to the Civil War as he praised Robert E. Lee as a "noble man" and offered a very Trumpian "both sides" argument about the conflict that erupted centrally over the nation's institution of slavery.

As the New York Times observed, reaction to the comments was "swift and unforgiving, with many commenters ridiculing Mr. Kelly for suggesting that slavery was an issue on which a compromise could or should have been reached."
Chief of Staff John 
@Kelly pushing white supremacist talking points around Confederate statues. 11:26 PM - Oct 30, 2017
For another example, a forthright and unapologetic Eleanor Sheehan put it for Splinter News, "Gen. John Kelly, President Trump's current chief of staff and onetime media hopeful to steer the sinking ship that is the White House, continues to suck."

Walter Shaub, who served as the director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics before resigning in protest this summer, wrote on Twitter that, "It appears John Kelly is going as a racist for Halloween. I suspect he's also going as one for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday..."

Bernice King, a minister and the youngest child of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., also spoke out:
Be A King
It’s irresponsible & dangerous, especially when white supremacists feel emboldened, to make fighting to maintain slavery sound courageous. …11:38 PM - Oct 30, 2017
The Intercept's Jon Schwarz, who wrote this scathing takedown of Kelly nearly two weeks ago, chimed in as well:

I'm glad I got ahead of the curve and wrote about what an ugly human being John Kelly is ten days ago


It Didn’t Just Start Now: John Kelly Has Always Been a Hard-Right Bully

In that piece, Schwarz observed that even as "Kelly may be personally far more palatable" than Trump, "there’s a reason these two men found each other."
Kelly, he wrote, is "proudly ignorant, he's a liar, and he's a shameless bully and demagogue."
And the president and his chief of staff, Schwarz concluded, "see the world in fundamentally the same way, and Kelly is going to help Trump do what he wants to it."